The Dallas School Girls Pt. 01: Introduction



The Dallas School Girls, Introduction

When my wife first mentioned what she called, The Dallas School Girls, I thought of them as simply a clique of women, and one gay man, all in their 60s who had stayed close friends since middle school. I met most of them at parties or dinners. They were all smart, successful, and quite beautiful.

It wasn’t until after my wife passed away that I learned the real secret of the Dallas School Girls. Several of the women realized they had reached their 20s, yet still had never had a satisfying sexual encounter with a man, it was my wife who suggested they “practice” with one another in preparation for dating. But my wife being who she was, even at the tender age of 21, did not stop at kissing or petting. To hear the story, it seemed like she could not wait to taste a woman’s pussy.

Her first was her best friend, Janice, who returned to their dorm room after a date, sobbing that “men” had no idea what they were doing when it came to pleasing a woman, and her date that night had blamed her, calling her frigid and stating, as if it were fact, that she would never find a man to love her. escort gaziantep bayanlar My wife tenderly asked if she could try to make her friend feel good. Jan willingly submitted to having her breasts licked and her clit sucked. By all reports, my wife was a natural, bringing Jan to one orgasm after another, always finishing by swallowing her friend’s cum.

When it was Jan’s turn to eat her friend, my wife gave specific instructions for how to follow her instincts, to listen to her partner, and do whatever she would want done to her. My wife’s orgasm was explosive.

Having discovered, what they realized was the secret pleasure of life, they set about sharing it with their girlfriends, sometimes one at a time, or at private group parties to minimize R.A. interference. If a woman was nervous about what to expect, a more experienced one would dip her fingers into either her own, or one of the other women’s pussies to share the flavor with the newcomer.

This sapphic sharing continued as they grew older, graduated, dated men, fell in love and moved apart. Yet whenever two eskort bayan gaziantep or more of them met up, whether it was in a fine dining establishment, a PTA meeting, or an out-of-town hotel, they would find a way to share the secret of their pussy juice on their fingers.

As I said, I did not learn of this wonderful arrangement until after my wife passed away. It started when Jan asked me to pick her up from the airport in Los Angeles. No sooner had I deposited her in her hotel room, than we were licking, fingering, sucking, and fucking in every way possible. It was the joy and intimacy we both had been missing since my wife passed.

At one point, after I had been licking Jan for some time and through several orgasms, she lifted her legs off my shoulders and sighed, “I knew it. I just knew it.”

I gave her my most self-satisfied smile. “What did you know?”

“You are, your wife’s husband.” She watched me for a moment, then decided to tell me the story of their youth. “It was the ’70s,” she said as if that explained everything. “If you weren’t openly sexual, if you didn’t gaziantep bayan eskort give yourself over to experimentation and new experiences, you weren’t cool. Well, none of us was cool until your wife taught us to open up and experiment. She could eat a pussy like she was born to it. She made us all cum! After she met you, she cut us off, deciding to be monogamous for the first time in 40 years.”

Jan spent as much time together as we could during that visit. A few months later, my work took me to Dallas which is where my eyes were truly opened. I was inundated by calls, emails and text messages from one or other of the Dallas School Girls, asking if I wanted to join them for dinner or coffee or just to commemorate my wife. Each time I met with one of these extraordinary women, it turned out to be about sex. When I mentioned this to Jan, she took all the blame, “I told them.”

“You told them what?”

“I told them you gave the best oral since your wife. They all want to find out for themselves.”

That visit, I enjoyed sex with four of the eight women, and two of their husbands. Janice has told me that, since that visit, the word has spread to the others, that, if they can’t have sex with my wife, then I was the next best thing. “And when I told them you love ass-play, I think that sealed the deal.”

“What deal?”

“We want you to come back to Dallas. The girls will pay for your plane fare and hotel.”

“In exchange for me being their sex toy.”

Jan blushed. “Something like that.”

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