The Culo’s Pt. 06: James and Janet



8:35 am at the Culo House

James Culo was staring into his laptop in the dark. The sight of his girlfriend, Angelia, and his older sister Janet riding the giant football player, Devin, and her and Thomas’s video. Watching Angelia rub her sister’s sweaty swaying tits while she rode Devin’s cock made him incredibly hard.

He shifted back and forth between the two recordings, jerking himself off to his sister, losing her virginity in the afternoon and taking it up the ass the next morning. James continued to masturbate until he came in his pants, leaving a large stain. He then heard his mother talking to Janet downstairs.

James took off his ruined sweatpants and put on a pair of black basketball shorts running out into the hallway to see Janet. She stepped into her room, leaving the door slightly open, allowing James to see her change.

He saw her slowly slip the red dress off her body and down her legs. She used tissues to clean the semen off of her dress and out of her ass. James noticed that even though he came only a few minutes ago, he got hard again.

Seeing his older sister’s pretty pink nipples and trimmed pussy was much better up close than on camera.

Her long body twisted and turned as she stretched, cracked her back, and rubbed her shoulders. Her perfectly smooth skin glowed from the bedroom light as she applied lotion to her arms and legs. James remembered the smell of that lotion over the years as he watched her rub it on her thighs and butt.

He couldn’t help himself and put his hands down his pants again, touching his rock hard cock again.

‘What I wouldn’t give to suck those tits.’ He thought to himself as he stroked himself, watching Janet put the lotion on her breasts and abdomen.

Janet got off the bed, went to her dresser, and put on a black cropped tank top and dark grey sweat shorts.

James rushed back to his room and connected his laptop back to the basement videos. James knew what he wanted.

“Hey Jan, can you come in here for a sec?” James called.

He heard the sound of her bare feet walking through the hallway. She peaked her head in his room. “What’s up?” She asked.

“I gotta show you something. You can take a seat next to me.” James explained, hiding his erection with his laptop resting on his thighs.

‘Big beautiful tits, bet they’d feel great in my hands.’ James thought, seeing her nipples poke through his siblings’ shirt as she walked to the bed. She plopped down, and James caught a whiff of her vanilla lotion, making him even harder.

“So what is it you wanted to show me?” Janet asked, running her fingers in her hair.

James swallowed the lump in his throat and turned the laptop towards Janet showing the live footage.

“The couch is ruined, I know. I was doing something for art class with drinks. I’ll clean it up.”

Janet brushed it off. “Why is your laptop even connected to the basement camera, anyway?” Janet asked.

James turned the laptop back towards himself and pressed the arrow keys leading to the video with her Angelia and Devin.

Janet’s nonchalant look didn’t fade as she watched the video. “Ok, I had sex with Devin. What is the point of this?”

“You also had sex with my girlfriend, Janet,” James said.

“Yeah, it was pretty fun. A great way to lose my V card, I’ll say.” Janet smiled.

“What about your A card?” James asked.

“Yeah, I lost that too; what can I say?”

“What about the panties? And that tough practice you bullshitted dad about.” James said.

“Does the audio work on the security cameras?” Janet asked, sifting through the videos herself.

“If not, I’ll tell you. I blackmailed Coach Roth to move me up to team captain. He recorded it and sent it to Devin and his friends, his two friends came on my face, and Devin finger-fucked my pussy until your girlfriend interrupted us,”

James was shocked by how casually Janet talked about her sexual behavior, even though his cock still throbbed in his pants.

“Devin deleted the recording, and a few hours after dinner Angelia came over so I could explain what happened. One thing led to another, and bam.” Janet said, pointing at the screen, watching herself give Devin a blowjob with Angelia’s assistance, still grinning.

“What about this morning?” James asked, looking up and down her body.

“Thomas came over and told me that the former team captain, Lana, sucked him off. So I put on my prom dress and dolled myself up a bit and gave him what he wanted and more. Just to make sure I get that top spot.”

Janet watched Thomas fuck her the ass nearly raw, staring at the laptop.

James kept his eyes on her tits and thighs. “Don’t know what I’m gonna do about the couch,” Janet said, looking up catching her brother staring.

“You like what you see?” Janet smirked.

“Uh um uh no, I was just-”

Janet put her fingers on his lips. “You gonna tell mom and dad?” She had a worried look on her face.

James escort bayan gaziantep wanted her so bad. “Tell you what, Jan. I won’t tell. I’ll even help you clean the couch in the basement.” Janet’s eyes widened, and she pulled her brother into a hug. He hoped she didn’t notice his erection.

“Thanks, man. I appreciate it.” Janet said.

“How do you clean up that many jizz stains?” She asked, getting off of the bed and leaving the room.

“You just need a mix of water and white vinegar in a small bucket. Get a damp cloth and wipe the stains off the couch.” James explained, following her out of the room, looking straight at her ass.

Their parents were on the living room couch. “Hey Dad, I’m gonna clean up the couch downstairs,”

Janet said, grabbing the supplies from the cabinet under the kitchen sink. “Sounds good. Morning James. Gonna help your sister out?” Carl asked.

“Yea,” James said quietly, trying to hide his hard penis by shoving his hands down his pockets.

Janet and James went into the basement and began to clean. Janet cleaned the left side of the couch, and James cleaned the right. “Ew!” James cried. “What?”

“Did Coach Roth really just wipe his nut right on the seat?” He asked, trying to scrub it away.

“I guess so,” Janet said, cleansing the armchair.

After about three minutes of silent cleaning, wiping, and scrubbing around the furniture’s edges, Janet spoke up, noticing the stains behind the couch that hit the wall.

“Well, we gotta move the chair out of the way. You lift your side, I’ll lift mine.”

“Got it.” James grabbed the bottom and lifted it with his legs.

“Careful, this thing is heavy,” Janet said.

“Nah, this is light work.”

“Heh, funny, you are probably getting stronger than me.” Janet squatted and slowly dropped the couch. “You know it beautiful,” James whispered. “What was that?” Janet asked, wringing out the rag into the bucket. “Oh, um, nothing, Jan!”

‘Jeez, did I actually say that?’ James thought to himself, watching Janet clean the wall.

She squatted down and cleaned the lower edge of the wall.

‘Look at that fucking ass. Damn, that thing is fully packed.’ James felt like he was in a trance. His eyes glued to her tight ass. “Done. Alright, help me move the couch back.” Janet said, snapping her brother out of it. They pushed it back into place. “Nice and spotless. Thanks again, little bro.” Janet pulled him into a one-armed hug.

James felt Janet’s warm boob on his chest, hugging her back. “I’ll dump the water out in the kitchen. Can you meet me in my room?” James asked. “Sure.” Janet made her way up the basement stairs. James had a raging boner for nearly an hour that just began to go away when his sister left.

James went into the kitchen, put the materials back in the cabinet, and went upstairs to his room to find Janet lying on his bed. “I got a question, dude,” Janet sat up. “You seem super off today. Like you seem distracted.”

James sat in his desk chair, his legs crossed. “Can I see the laptop?” Janet handed him the device, and he began to delete the footage. “Jan, the reason I’ve been off is that ever since I’ve found these videos is because uh…”

“Because what? You didn’t know I’d enjoy sex?” Janet questioned.

“No, I just find my mind wandering,” James said.

“Really? You act like you don’t watch porn. So what’s got you so distracted?” Janet asked.

“The thought of eating your sweet pussy.” James said, spreading his legs.

“James!” Janet shouted. ‘My God, does he have a hard-on? Puberty’s a bitch.’ She thought.

“Look, I know you’re going through changes, but that’s not how you speak to a woman.” She said, standing up.

“First off, if you like a woman, you have to show her some respect. Maybe Angelia didn’t let you know that, but I will.” She said, walking to the door and locking it. “Secondly, I am your sister, and you-” James then grabbed her arm, interrupting her.

“Look, Jan. You’re a woman. I’m a man, so let’s cut the bullshit, and both do what we really want—my tongue, deep in your snatch.” James said, looking up at his sister.

‘The absolute balls on him. Alright, you little fucking porn addict. Time to give you a little reality check.’ She said, looking down at her five-foot, six younger brother.

“You talk a big game, James.” She said, dropping her shorts, revealing her white lacy panties. ‘Bet he’ll get so scared seeing a real cookie up close he won’t try this shit again.’ She thought.

James stared at her pussy. “Well, what’re you waiting for, Mr. Player? Don’t get shy now.” Janet mocked him.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought- JAMES!” He pounced on her thighs and legs, getting a taste. “Just what do you think you- ugh!” He wrapped his arms around her lower body, lifting her up into the air, and slamming her down onto his bed, cutting her off.

“No, J-James, stop!” She bayan gaziantep escort cried as he sucked and licked her panties. ‘Oh shit, what the fuck did I do?!’ She thought, trying to shake him off to no avail. “You y-you are so fu-fucked, mister!” She squealed.

‘How the hell is he so goddamn strong!?’ She thought as James held her legs up with one hand, using the other to grip her ass as he stabbed her pussy with his tongue.

‘Sweet baby Jesus that fucking tongue! What the hell is he doing down there?’ She thought, hearing James laugh as he slid her panties off her with his teeth. “No, James, leave my panties alone!” She said, gripping his hair. “James, I’m talking to you!” She said as he sucked her wet panties.

“Sorry, Jan, but these belong to me now.” He said with her panties wrapped around his head. “You s-sick little pervert.” She moaned. ‘Agh, holy crap.’ Feeling the heat for the third time as her brother sucked and gnawed on her pussy.

‘Again with that fuck-fucking tongue. Where’d he learn to eat pussy this good!?’ She thought, feeling her body shake and convulse, her orgasm hitting even harder than her first time yesterday with Devin.

“F-FUCK JAMES! OH, GOD!” Her juices squirted all over her brother’s face as she fell back onto the bed. “Hah, j-just lemme. Give a second.” Janet said.

‘My dick is so hard it hurts!’ James thought, pulling off shorts. “I just need to let it out. That’s all I need. S-Sorry Jan, I don’t know what happened.” James said, walking to the other side of the bed.

‘Good God. I’ve never cum so,’ She then saw James’s thick cock over her head. ‘Holy shit.’

“Um, James.” She stared straight up at his throbbing member. “What are you doing?”

“Hey sis, you wanna see a cool trick?” He asked with a devilish grin on his face.

“Uh, I don’t think that,” James began to wiggle his cock around. “Oh, you’re already doing it. Ok, then.”

‘How did I get myself into this mess?’ She thought, still staring.

“Wait, I can do better than that!” James said. He bounced his cock up and down until it hit his sister’s lips. He grabbed her breasts under her shirt, pinching, pulling, and tugging as he dick rubbed across Janet’s face.

‘Hnn God, that feels so good.’ Janet noticed how well he messaged her tits.

“You really get off on getting those jugs groped, huh? You can stop me if I’m wrong.” James teased as Janet moaned under his cock.

“Holy hell! These tits are burning hot.” James said, freeing her breasts from her shirt.

‘That feels so good. He’s touching all the right spots.’ Janet moaned on the underside of his sack, trying and failing to resist the heat and weight.

She slipped his balls into her mouth, suckling and drooling. “Wow, Jan didn’t know you were a ball addict. Bet you can sniff out a good pair from miles away.” James joked, running his fingers over her nipples. ‘His balls taste so fucking good.’ Janet shuddered at the sinful thought while still sucking. James then took them out of her mouth with a slobbery pop.

“Save some of that for my dick Jan. You’ve already done it twice.” James said.

“P-please, we really shouldn’t be doing this, James.”

“C’mon, you’ll love it. Just open wide.” He then slid his cock in Janet’s mouth, opening her lips.

Janet took her top off, moving up and down the bed, sucking and gagging, meeting the speed of her brother’s thrusts. ‘Attaboy give me a good face fucking. Make me gag.’ Her mind only focused on James’ cock. He began to back up, making Janet grab his hips and force him all the way down her throat. Spittle and drool falling out of the bottom and corners of her mouth as she flipped herself over onto her stomach, still kissing and caressing the tip with her tongue.

‘Such a lewd taste. So ripe and packed with flavor. I can’t stop.’ She thought as the heat continued to build-up in her pussy and ass as James’ precum leaked onto her lips, making her shove him back all the way in her mouth, massaging the underside of his balls with her tongue.

“You like that, don’t you, sis? Who would’ve thought that you were the slut of the family?” James joked, grabbing his sister by the back of her head and skull fucking her throat, making a wet mess down Janet’s chin and neck.

Sloppy sloshing noises filled the room almost as loud as the sound of James’s balls slapping violently against her chin. James moaned, feeling his orgasm coming, and he pulled out of her mouth with long lines of spit followed.

“You getting tired, Lil bro?” Janet teased. “If you’re gonna talk all that shit, make sure you can back it up.” She said, getting off the bed a pushing James against the wall behind him.

She put the tip of his dick near her pussy and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him into a deep kiss without a care in the world. “Now tell me, James, are you a virgin?” She asked. “Uh-huh…” James stuttered.

“Such a shame, Angelia missed gaziantep bayan escort out.” She said, kissing her brother on the forehead. “Well, we’re gonna fix that problem right now.” Janet aimed his cock towards her wet slit. “

“W-wait wh-what if mom and dad find out?” James cried.

“Oh, now you’re worried if they find out! I’m shocked mom and dad didn’t say anything when you kept staring at my ass downstairs.” Janet said, lowering herself onto him.

“Ouuuhffuck, that dick is gonna do some damage. N-now… keep it steady just like that.” Janet’s fluids leaking down her brother’s member. “D-don’t worry, Big sis is gonna te-teach you. That’s it nice and slow.” Janet began to ride James standing up.

“Let’s try t-this a bit faster.” She bounced up and down on his dick bracing herself against the wall as her brother’s legs gave out, hitting the floor.

“Mmh fuck, that’s it… just let me know when your cumming.” She said, grinding all over James’s throbbing dick holding his shoulders.

‘Look at those massive tits. They’re even better up clo-‘ James train of thought was interrupted.

“You ever daydream about my titties? I know you do,” Janet dropped her chest into his face. “Naughty little fucker always staring. Mmh Well, now you’ll choke on em. I’m gonna give it to you… hard.” She said, twerking on his cock.”

“You like that, you little brat? Feel that sweet tight pussy! Ohh, fuck!” She sat up, sliding up and down.

‘That pussy is so creamy. Takes it so well.’ James thought, watching his cock disappear and reappear inside of her.

“Enjoying that view, aren’t ya? Mmh, that’s the real deal… Yeah, save that picture for later. It’ll be your new jackoff material.” Janet smirked.

‘This is so much fun.’ She thought, turning herself to the side still on his cock. “Bet you’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s winking right at you. All because of that filthy cock.” Janet then wholly turned around, continuously teasing her little brother, noticing he was staring straight down her asshole.

“Yeah, go on, you little pervert… get a good long look at your big sister’s asshole,” James saw her ass winking right in front of his face making him drool like a hungry animal.

‘I-it’s twitching so m-much.’ James then grabbed his sister’s cheek and put his finger in her rear, forcing Janet to slip and fall to the base of his cock.

“Stand up,” James commanded.

“Taking control, huh? Alright, show me what you got,” Janet stood up and put herself on the bed. “Little boy.”

“Heh. Little boy but a big cock, right? Yeah, that’s all you really care about.” He smacked his sister’s ass and pulled her hair. “Mmh fuck, you’re pretty full of yourself…” Janet moaned. “You’re gonna be full of me, sis.” James placed the head of his cock on her wet slit.

“Hnng w-wait b-be easy… to yo-your sister.” Janet pleaded, her voice a slight rasp. He then shoved his cockhead into her pussy. “Oh, God! Oh, sh-shit holy shit!” Janet cried, squirting immediately.

“You wanna be a whore! I’ll treat you like one… don’t move and keep those legs spread.” James rammed his dick all the way inside of Janet, feeling the warmth of her pussy.

“You’d think this hole would be looser,” James said, grabbing her hips thrusting faster. “C-c-careful… f-fu-fuck me!” Janet said through a deep groan.

After that, Janet could no longer speak; the pleasure was insane. She tried to talk, but only gurgles and moans came out, her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and sweat dripped from her sleek body. She met her brother’s thrusts hard, pushing her sexy ass back to meet his cock as it shoved its way again and again into her tight pussy.

Every thrust felt like electric shocks going through her body, causing her to nearly pass out until he pulled her hair, waking her up.

“Always teasing me with that fucking ass. Gonna turn this snatch inside out.”

Finally, Janet spoke up, “J-JA-JAMES! FUCKING FUCK! FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK! I’m CUMMING!” James gave one hard final thrust into Janet, and he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock, and her juices spill out of her and cover his cock and drip onto the carpet.

“Hah, this pussy! I’m gon-gonna… I’m almost there!” James shouted.

“No! Not inside me. Don’t do it inside, please.” Janet begged.

“Alright,” James pulled out, and Janet flopped onto the floor off the bed. “But you better eat it all.” Her mouth was wide open. James grabbed her hair into a makeshift ponytail and shoved his cock into her mouth. He fired multiple thick spurts of cum into his sister’s mouth, draining his balls down her throat.

Janet sucked it down to a point where she nearly choked three drops of cum leaking out the side of her mouth and down her chin. Cum going straight down her gullet.

James pulled out of her mouth. “Ho-holy shit.”

He said, looking at his sister on her knees, his cum in her mouth and on her face, sweating all over and smiling. “Thanks, baby brother,” Janet stood up and kissed James on the forehead.

“You’re pretty good at this. Maybe we could do it again?” She said, picking up her clothes, unlocking the door, looking back at him. “O-ok,” James answered shakily.

“Sounds good.” Janet then left the room with a smirk on her face. James felt his entire body shaking and fell down on his stained bed, passing out.

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