Texas Mini Vacation

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The last few months had taken a toll. Between the routine, endless ranch work and the long hours babysitting wealthy clients at the hunting camp, Ed had no time to relax and unwind since early fall. Not that he didn’t love everything about the life of a modern Texas rancher, he did, but he needed a couple days of city lights and room service once in a while. The hunter’s were gone and his foreman could handle the ranch as well as he could, so Ed tossed his duffle in the pick- up (freshly washed even!) and headed to the city.

The drive was only about three hours and Ed figured to be there in plenty of time to grab a shower in his suite at the Omni before a big steak dinner and a full night of skirt chasin’. Two hours into the drive his plans were pleasantly changed.

The list of things that bring Ed up short isn’t very long (in his opinion, anyway) but it still is pretty rare for so many of them to pop up at once. Rare or not, right here along this empty stretch of highway was an incredibly hot woman and she was waving him down!

Now, Ed was no rocket scientist but he did perceive that her frantic waving had more to do with the steam pouring out from under the hood of her big black diesel (part of the “incredible woman” list) than a sudden insatiable lust for his broad shoulders and big hat. Being a Texas Gentleman, and total horn-dog, Ed pulled over.

Her name was Kay and she was exquisite. Blonde hair, pale blue eyes, tight wranglers, and the finest ass he’d seen in years. Ed tried to listen attentively as she explained her dilemma. At the first nod of his head, Ed saw the three things that can make him lose all good sense and control. Kay was wearing peep-toe, brown leather mules under those jeans (

). His eyes were stuck, Kay’s perfectly pedicured toes (

) were covered in tan nylons (
and at the top of the list)! Holy shit! Ed just about came in his pants. A woman wearing nylons (pantyhose please!) was the very core of Ed reasons for his trips to the city. This was going to be a great weekend. He had to have this one.

Five minutes later, after a call to the ranch, his mechanic was on his way to fix Kay’s truck. The ignition key was safely hidden away and the truck would be delivered to the Omni in the morning. Kay was more than happy to be whisked away to his suite, her weekend saved. Or so she thought.

Yeah, Ed had a thing for women in nylons. He also had a thing for those women to be very drugged. Call it chemical bondage. Sure, Kay was very willing to hit the sheets with her savior but Ed still wanted her as a sleepy toy.

Usually that last hour of the drive seemed to take forever, but today time flew by. Kay was a talker, normally that was a turn off but she was very entertaining. Turns out she and Ed had a lot in common. Both grew up around ranching and horses, both were the family odd-balls, and both enjoyed a little city playtime every once in a while. Like Ed, Kay was a walking dichotomy, she loved sexy high heels but ran around barefoot as much as possible. Dirty jeans and work shirts filled her closet but a dresser drawer was crammed full of silky expensive nylons just waiting for her get away trips to town. About thirty seconds after she got in the truck Ed started having problems concentrating on the road. The brown mules lay lonely on the floor meanwhile the perfect peds were up on the dash. Dark red toes tapping in time with the music on the radio. They were simply awesome. The glassy smooth nail polish, beautifully shaped and proportioned toes, deep arches, tan nylons stretched seductively over the whole package. Ed was in lust. They were obviously well cared for. Deeply tanned with no tan lines, silky skin recently pedicred and looking butter soft. Muscular and yet so very feminine. Ed had looked very closely at the feet on some gorgeous women, but these, these were the best he had ever seen.

Traffic in town was hectic but Ed made it to the waterfront in record time. James, the desk manager, gave Ed a knowing grin as he handed him the penthouse key. Everything was ready in the room and Ed’s reservations at the steakhouse would be changed to a quiet table for two. Ed grabbed his duffle and Kays’ bags and pointed her to the elevator. Staying a step behind he soaked up the view of her ass as her heels clicked on the tile as they crossed the lobby. Plans forming in his head, Ed was on cloud nine.

Kay was suitably impressed by the suite overlooking the marina and the bay, big bed, satin sheets, thick carpet; Kay was ready to jump Ed’s bones as soon as they got into the room. But first came the hunt. Kay knew she was getting laid tonight but she always liked to play with sakarya escort her food first. Ed obviously was a foot guy, she’d have to be blind not to see his reaction to her feet on the dash of his truck. More than once he almost ran off the road while she was flexing and foot teasing him. Now to find out how deep his fetish ran, she called dibs on the shower and started planning her outfit and conquest as she shampooed her hair. Nylons, of course, from Ed’s reactions she bet that he was a tan guy. So easy choice, Hanes Silken Mist in suntan, -No Wait- she had her favorite seamless suntan Wolfords in her bag. If those didn’t work he must be gay. Next item: the shoes. Only one way to go there, 4 inch ankle strapped Aldo’s, black leather, wood stiletto heel, real man killers. As for the rest, a silvery spandex mini dress with ample view of cleavage – no bra, tease the hair and she stepped out of the bathroom.

Ed just about died, WOW! It only gets better. This is gonna wear him out. This could be the end all weekend. He couldn’t even remember any other woman’s name right now. Time to focus big guy, he said to himself. While Kay was in the shower, Ed had ordered up a couple bottles of wine. Both were chilling on ice right now. Two glasses sat beside them. Hers, of course, was prepared with a low dose of muscle relaxers powdered in the bottom. Ed filled both glasses and told Kay to relax while he hit the shower.

Twenty minutes later her glass was empty and they headed for the steakhouse. Kay was feeling very relaxed by the time dinner arrived at the table and she made sure that a nylon clad leg or high heel was always visible or rubbing on Ed. He couldn’t get enough of her sexy feet. She had a very distracting habit of flexing her toes in her sandals that kept Ed hard all through dinner. They ordered dessert and Kay excused herself to the ladies room. Ed took opportunity to refill her wine and slip in another heavier dose of muscle relaxers. She would be very pliable when they got back to the suite. By the time they got to the elevator Kay’s eyes were getting glassy and she was a little wobbly in her heels.

Kay was feeling really floaty and tingly all over. Leaning heavily on Ed to keep her balance she suddenly realized that he had drugged her! God, this gets more perfect every minute. Kay always had a bit of a sleepy fetish. Well, more of a submissive streak. Normally she hunted her prey but deep down she wanted someone to be in control. In her real life Kay trained horses and ran a small successful tack business. She was in charge then, but she always wanted a man to take her. Not violently, a little rough maybe, but more like the old fashion damsels in the movies. Controlled, taken, definitely NOT in charge. Most of her conquests were just that, her conquests. A one-nighter to scratch the itch. This was different. She knew Ed knew she wanted him. Hell, a guy like Ed, sexy, successful, funny, could have gotten any woman in his bed. No, she thought to herself, this is another fetish. He knew he didn’t need to do it, it got him off. Heck, he could have just handed her the pills and would have swallowed them down in a heartbeat. This was gonna be more fun than she expected. He was good. She hadn’t even noticed until it was too late. Maybe she’d tell him how wet and horny this got her, but not tonight. Play the game. Ed nearly had to carry her into the room. He sat her down on the couch and watched hungrily as her eyes fluttered and her head lolled back on the cushions. Nylon covered thighs relaxed and parted easily at his touch. Steady big boy – don’t get in a rush, you have all night. Now, where to start? Kay was heavily drugged by now. She was semi-conscious and totally jello. She couldn’t walk without a lot of help, barely able to hold her head up. The eyes kept fluttering and rolling around – it was so sexy! She definitely couldn’t stop him from doing whatever he wanted; she was a complete rag-doll. As a bonus, her body responded to stimulation. The best of both worlds!

Ed knelt before his prize and lifted one sexy ped onto his lap. The scent of leather and nylon was intoxicating. His fingers fumbled with the small buckle resting just above her ankle bone. The buckle came undone and he slowly slipped the stiletto from her foot. The faint sound of the leather sliding over her nylons sent a shiver down Ed’s spine and straight to his dick. He brought the now shoeless foot to his nose and inhaled her musky aroma. Running his tongue up the arch of her foot elicited a low moan from Kay. Either she was ticklish or had a foot fetish. Either way it didn’t matter, he could do whatever izmir escort he wanted. Which right now included licking every inch of her silky leg and sucking each delicious toe which were only an inch from his mouth. One at a time, they were molested by his tongue and sucked into his mouth. Glorious, he thought but time to proceed.

Moments later the 2nd shoe joined its mate on the carpet and Ed was progressing steadily north. The moans and squirms from Kay continued at an impressive rate! By the time Ed reached the top of her thighs a noticeable and ever growing wet spot had appeared on the firmly stretched nylon covering her pussy. It was very tempting to pump out a load right there on her thighs. The silky dress had crept up to her hips and she had slipped down on the couch, one arm flapped across her chest, the other dangling limply over the edge. Ed sat her up and looked into her glazed over eyes. Her lids were heavy yet totally enchanting; those eyes Ed just had to keep watching them. Ed helped her to her feet, with maximum rubbing, bumping and groping, he led her to the bedroom, removing her dress as they went. Underneath, she only had on a black lacy bra and nylons. Quickly stripping himself, he retrieved his “go – bag” of toys and ropes and K-Y. Seeing her spread eagle was more than Ed could take. He quickly ripped a hole in the crotch of her hose and dove into her dripping cunt. Her clit was red and swollen. A couple of quick flicks of his tongue and a slow lick bottom to top between her lips. He sucked her clit into his mouth, damn she was wet. And she was moaning like a champ. Twenty minutes of licking, nipping and sucking had Kay cumming in an endless series of orgasms. She was having wave after wave of pure pleasure. Ed reached up, pulled her bra down, he rolled her hard nipples between his fingers. She moaned greatly as he pinched and twisted and pulled on her nipples. Kay’s back arched and her fingers dug into the sheets as a massive orgasm coursed through her body. Her moans grew deeper and deeper with orgasm, eyes still fluttering and rolling back. Time for the heavy artillery. Need to get a little action for himself first though. Sort of like masturbating, only using her pussy. Slow, deep stokes, not too much yet. A few minutes and Kay was clinching him strongly, building steadily to another orgasm. Better quit before the point of no return. Ed dug in the bag for the glass dildo his previous “victims” seemed to prefer. It was quite heavy and resembled his own tool – so he had been told – right down to the left hand curve. It slid in smooth as silk. He could feel that unique firm puffiness of an aroused twat. In deep, out to the very tip – and repeat. Slowly and steady, then building speed. Not too fast yet. Another string of orgasms started. The intense stimulation actually seemed to bring Kay partially back to consciousness. She was becoming more animated so Ed grabbed the lengths of rope from his back and tied her wrists to the head board. Then he slipped on a blindfold and went back to work on her highly aroused body, kneading her breasts before lowering his mouth to lick and suck her nipples caused a low throaty groan to escape Kay’s lips. He continued to play with her nipples as a hand slid down between her thighs to finger her juicy pussy. Running a single digit up and down between her lips before inserting it deep in her cunt. Ed’s brain was so fogged with lust that he lost track of time and how many orgasms he inflicted on the groggy woman he had tied to his bed. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Grabbing her thighs and opening them wide. He entered her with a solid thrust. It took every ounce of self control not to burst right away. Her feet were propped up on his biceps, toes inches from his face. Ed was lost in his own pleasures, driving deep, fucking her with total abandon. He could feel his own climax rising form deep inside. Kay was moaning and arching, climbing to her own massive climax. As her muscles contracted around him, Ed came with a deep mind blowing blast. It seemed to go on forever. He was almost unable to move, the sensation nearly over whelming. Finally it subsided and he was able to collapse off of her. Kay’s muscles relaxed and she seemed to sink into the bed, drifting back into near total unconsciousness.

Light was peeking through the shades when Kay finally began to stir. Ed was up and showered, sitting in an overstuffed chair near the balcony sliding door. The previous night had been the best ever. Kay was, by far, the sexiest woman he had ever met. Even drugged out of her mind she responded to every little touch and came harder and more often than mersin escort he thought possible. In the past, women had rarely worn nylons for him unless he asked, even then some still wouldn’t. Certainly, no one actually enjoyed them. Amazing.

Now was the delicate part. Ed wanted to do this again and again with her. Sadly it was not very likely. The girl never remembered much, at least not that they had been drugged. Day 2 was the day to be the nice guy. Show them around, hit the beach, a fancy dinner and maybe some dancing and a night of more “conventional” sex before heading back to the ranch. That is if the lady was amenable. On rare occasions, the lack of memory of the previous nights festivities sort of put a damper on further adventures. In that case, Ed made a graceful exit and cut the trip short. Kay, however, was a whole different story. This girl had struck a nerve. Could he pull it off? Another night with her would be agony if he had to play nice. Another night might be too much to resist. Maybe he could just keep her out of it the whole day but how to explain 2 nights and a day lost? Not gonna happen. A rustle of nylons startled Ed out of his reverie. Kay was leaning against the bedroom door doing the hot foot flexing leg stretching thing again. It was time to face the music. Smiling, he rose to face her. “Morning Sunshine, “he said cheerfully. “How do you feel?”

“Sore and puffy,” she replied.

“Unfortunately, I don’t remember much. ”

” Well you did hit the wine pretty hard, “

” Bullshit, I only had a few glasses. ”

” You must be a lightweight then.”

” No Eddie boy, you drugged me. “

Oh shit! He’d never been caught before. Be cool or be in deep shit. This was not good at all. Cops and jail cells flashed in Ed’s mind. How’d he explain this to a judge?

“Really, your Honor. We were going to screw anyways. Besides I was a perfect gentleman while banging the hell out of her after she passed out.” Yeah that would fly, Not!

” What are you talking about? ” He asked as innocently as he could.

“Simple, you drugged my drink and took advantage of me,” Kay snapped back.

” I should call the cops on your ass right now.”

“But, but……” Ed stammered. “I can explain.”

“I bet you can, but I still think I’ll call 911.”

Kay moved slowly across the room. More like slinked, glided even. Very predatory and sensual.

“I’m going to call right now,” Kay’s eyes bored into his, “unless you subdue me so I can’t.”

A faint smile crossed her lips.

“I bet by Sunday morning I wouldn’t even remember being drugged and would assume we had a hellua party.”

A full minute must have passed before Ed’S brain clicked back in.

“Oh, really, you’re heading for your phone now, huh?”

“You know it.”

“Here I go.”

“Whatcha gonna do stud?”

Ed jumped her. Wrapped an arm around her throat in a sleeper hold and tighten his grip. Kay struggled, not very hard, and mostly ground her ass into his thickening cock. Her struggles slowly ebbed, her eyes rolled up and her body sagged into his arms. What the fuck just happened? He quickly got her tied in a chair, retrieved the bottle of good stuff and waited. Shortly, Kay started to come around. He put a tablet on her tongue and a lifted a glass of water to her lips. She swallowed and drink without ever realizing it.

Kay soon recovered from the sleeper hold, eyes fluttering and slowly focusing on his face.

“Nice move, I had no chance. “

“That’s the point,” he replied with a grin.

“So where do we go from here, girl?”

Kay wiggled in her chair, testing her bonds.

“I guess I don’t go anywhere.”

“Not until you tell me what the hell is going on.”

“Well, it appears my knight in shining armor is a kidnapper and rapist.”

“Yeah, well…. It appears my victim enjoyed herself. And that’s the part I want to hear about.”

Kay looked deep into Ed’s eyes and quietly said, ” It has always been my fantasy to be taken like that. “

“How did you know that’s what I was doing?”

“Like I said, I have a fetish for it, drugged and sleepy play. I read a lot of stories on forums.”

“How ’bout the nylons, I gotta say that really got me,” He replied.

“Well they make feel sexy, I just love wearing them, and in the forums I saw they were pretty common along with the sleepy stuff, I figured if a guy was attracted to the nylons the odds were better for the rest too.”

“You’re right, In fact, for me, the rest is secondary to the nylons, I never would have taken you if you were bare legged.”

“Well,” Kay said, “I think I found the perfect man.”

“Yeah, I can’t think of another woman but you now.”

“So…..” Kay inquired huskily.”

“So, you’ve been drugged, again. I ‘ll get you to the truck before you’re too far gone.”

“The truck, why?”

“Time to see your new home, You will love the ranch!”

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