Tangled Web Ch. 01



His laptop’s screen provided the only illumination in this unlit hotel room at night. The light was directed at its user, Jay. Resting on the bed, with the computer on his lap, he typed the web address of an adult video chatting website and pressed enter. The web page opened and he pondered for a moment before moving forward, considering it was a work computer and not a personal one. Events of the day had left his tired brain devoid of energy to analyse right and wrong. After a moment of consideration, he straightened up the screen so that the camera angle started below his neck and ended on the hips. He thought of putting in his country interest in the search bar, but refrained from doing so, realising that results would be difficult to get at this hour. The cursor moved to the “Start” button and with a click the video chat window opened up.


Having celebrated his 22nd birthday, Jay had started his first job six months back, at one of the biggest big marketing firms of the country. The job demanded constant travel and a sharp mind. An acute intellect made him stand out at his work but standing at just 5 feet 3 inches, his size proved to be a hindrance at wooing the opposite sex. Having never experienced his “first”, Jay frequented these websites to have a chance at some fun. Despite his short height, he was blessed with an extraordinary member; which had no witnesses, except himself. However, it helped him get adequate matches on such fun chatting pages.

Just a few minutes after 1AM, he was staring at the laptop screen with the lights turned off. Fully aware of what to expect, the “Next” button was clicked with very short pauses as he encountered a string of guys, all expecting to find a person of the opposite gender. The occasional female he encountered, skipped on noticing the colour of his skin. Wheatish in his complexion, Jay knew girls skip over them here, especially Indians.

After a tiring 10 minutes, his hopes began to fade and already tired, he decided to call it a night. However, just before logging off, he thought of trying out his luck one final time. He typed the words “India” in the “Interests” tab and let it roll. In a couple of seconds, there was a match. Much to the surprise of Jay, he found what he was actually looking for – an Indian female counterpart. The small screen of the other person’s cam reflected a pink t-shirt with what seemed to be a penguin imprint on it. Two large protrusions, with outlines on them midway, stuck out as the t-shirt was pulled in tightly to show them off.

Jay’s nether region witnessed a twitch at this sight and he was left dumbfounded as a hand waved on the screen. Though the lights were dim on her end too, her ample bosom stood out. Involuntarily, he waved back as he saw her hands reach her keyboard.

“Shall we start ;)?” showed up on the chat screen.

Composing himself, he gave a thumbs up. On the other side, she pressed her tits together, sending shivers down his spine.

“Want more honey?” was swiftly replied with a “Yes!” by Jay.

Her finger pulled down her collar from the centre, giving Jay a view of her busty cleavage. In turn, Jay lowered his cam to display the tent pitching in his boxers. He started to slowly rub his gaziantep escort erection from over his boxers with eyes fixated on the screen. With his free hand, he typed “Can I see more?” and hit send.

She obliged to his request and gradually lowered both her sleeves, showing the pink strap of her bra. Removing her arms one by one, her t-shirt fell down to her hips. She pulled down her bra just a little, to give him a sneak peek of her areolas. Jay excitedly anticipated to see her topless but his delight was short-lived as she quickly pulled it up again. Placing her thumbs in between the strap and her skin, she ran them up and down, pulled the straps and released them as they hit her tender skin with a “thwang” coupled with an “aaah!” a mixed sound of pain and pleasure.

This aural and visual treat made Jay’s blood rush to his cock at lightning speed. His phallus began to rise as he saw her seductively squeeze her breasts from over her bra. Fondling them ever so gently, making sure Jay’s flaccid manhood pulsated with excitement. Jay felt the throbbing sensation intensify, causing his dick to harden.

She pointed downwards with her fingers. Taking the cue, he lowered his shorts. Free from the captivity, his cock sprung up in full view. Not even fully hard, it stood more than six and a half inches already. He could imagine her gasping as his bulb emerged and his pole went erect, standing at a little more than seven and a half inches. He was well aware of what he possessed and how it compared to the “normal” in the sub-continent. He saw her step back a little, amused. Surely, she must have had a better experience here with others, but rarely with someone from her own country.

“This is not what I expected!!” the words materialised on screen.

Jay chuckled to himself and wrote back, “Want more?”

Not waiting for a reply, he pulled down his shorts to reveal his asset to its full extent.

A sizable set of globules stood at the base of an elongated shaft which mushroomed at the top. With the light falling on its top, the cock glistened in the glow, oozing pre cum already.

The spectacle had its intended effect as he saw her closing in on the screen. With the laptop now giving a better view, she tucked on her bra playingly. Her palms at her mounds’ base, she lifted them up and squeezed them again, making them brush against each other. Opening her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and took heavy breaths. Her breasts rose and fell with each of her lustful gasps. Fondling them for a while more, she finally pulled down her lingerie, revealing her large dusky globes with two protruding erect nipples smack at the centre. Her bust looked firm, fluffy and mostly, big.

She sucked on her finger and with it her nipples moist, rubbing them. Pinching them, she pulled on them with an “AAH!”. Just to show off how big her assets were, she held the right breast in her palm and let her face lower down a little.

Jay saw her hard nipple disappear between her lips as she sucked on it. Another blood rush left Jay throbbing passionately.

“Put that THING in between here,” showed the text box.

He pulled the device closer and started caressing his shaft. Zooming in helped his already long dick, look bigger. She reacted by tightly squeezing her tits. Her tongue sensually touched her upper lip first and went on to lick the lower one next. Getting closer to the camera with her mouth wide open, she asked for Jay’s cock, blowing tiny kisses. Sounds of soft moans filled his ears as he saw her playing with her tits and desire to blow him. Ecstatic and excited about not only getting an Indian woman here but also a fine seductress, his cock hardened and rose to its full extent.

As he moved his hips a little to bring in some more action, a message popped up, “Can’t see much. Pls turn on some lights.”

Jay considered it for a couple of seconds, but his dick had already taken hold of his brain. He was in no mood to deny. Stretching out his hands, he tried a couple of switches to turn on the lights. However, only the bedside lamps lit up. Not wanting to waste time, he placed his laptop a little askew on the bed carefully and proceeded to try out the lights. A couple of moments passed by till he found the correct switch. As the room lit up, Jay went back to his bed and took the gadget on his lap. What caught his eye was that, for a brief moment, her face was close to her camera like she was looking for something. As soon as he arrived, she recoiled hastily.

Jay didn’t think too much into it for that point in time, as people usually do not wish to showcase their faces here and maybe that’s why she got spooked. And also, he was distracted by the fact that her t-shirt, bra and even her pants were not to be seen; she was bare naked except for red and white striped panties. Now that his exhibit was in a splendorous display, with his veins emasculating his already huge cock, he expected things to pace up.

To his surprise, there was a pause. That too, a lengthy one. There was no movement from the other end for quite some time. Bewildered, and in an effort to correct things at the earliest before it came to an abrupt end, Jay started stroking his cock. He touched the white liquid on his bulb and stretched its thin stingy layer. He applied his sexual fluids over his penis making it wet.

This trick seemed to work, as he saw her put her hands inside her panties; although, he heard a feeble “no” in his earphones. Keeping the momentum going, he started stroking his potent penis, wishing for a continued reaction. Her movements, down below, began to speed up as well, although the “NO”es became louder and frequent.

He saw her sitting with her legs spread and was treated with a view of her thick thighs. As she pleasured herself to Jay’s cock, her hips began to move.

“NO, no, aah, yes, Yes, YES, YESS, aah, AAH, Noo!!”

Her pleasurable moans and quivering thighs spurred him to go faster.

Exhilarated, Jay stood up and up and pointed his erect dick at the camera, instigating her to go further. He saw her do just that as she pulled aside the base of her panties and gave Jay a full view of her shaved womanhood which instantly engulfed two of her fingers.

“Oh my…yes…keep going…stroke it…AAAH yesss!!”

As her masturbation quickened, so did Jay’s. Filled with an adrenaline rush, he stroked himself fervently to her moans. Minutes began to add up as they pleasured themselves to each other.

She became more audible with her moans, “Oh yesss! I want-t-t…aaaaah…want tooooo…AAH!”

Then all of a sudden, “Yess..no…noo…No…NOO”; her moans turned to constant nos.

However, Jay was left flabbergasted with the next string of words, “no, No, NO, NOO, JAY PLEASEEEE NOOO!!”

Before Jay could absorb how a random woman had said his name, the chat screen closed.

Jay was in disarray with what had just happened. He had witnessed a bosomy and sensual Indian woman for the first time on this random video chat website who had somehow ended up blurting out his name. Not only was their play stopped, leaving him with blue balls, but also the fear of being recognised on this website crept up in his mind. His initial thought was that the woman, unknowingly or unintentionally, had exclaimed “Jay” out loud, being a very common name in India. Maybe she would have known someone by the same name.

In the next instant, the only other plausible possibility occurred to him. By this time his brain had regained the thinking function from his sexual organ. Still somewhat dizzy, he thought for a moment trying to recollect if he erred somewhere and had shown his face. He knew he was always too careful to not to engage in such stupidity, even at heights of sexual fervor or for that matter, desperation.

Poking his brain to think harder, he recollected the event when he left his laptop to turn on the lights. However, he was still mindful of what he was doing and there wasn’t a slip up which would have revealed his face. Reliving the time where he saw the woman pulling herself back from the screen and stopping unanticipated, Jay realised that it must be at this juncture where things turned topsy turvy. Still he could not pinpoint exactly what went wrong.

Beads of sweat emerged on his face even with the air conditioner turned on. His body was heating up with not only fear but also his brief sexual encounter, a while ago. He thought hard and then it hit him! The person must have recognised something about his belongings laying around in the room. He couldn’t observe anything else in the camera’s field of view, except his bag lying beside him on the bed. Or maybe she must have recognised the room altogether. If she had recognised that, she must have been someone he closely knew and was aware where he was, what his surroundings looked like and what were his personal belongings. The only people who knew this were his family, a couple of friends, and…

*Knock. Knock. Knock*

His train of thought was interrupted by three hard knocks. They brought Jay out of his mind and back to reality. He was startled to find someone knocking at this late hour. He had definitely not requested any room service, he thought to himself. Without giving time to think, the three knocks repeated, harder this time and with a sense of urgency. Gathering his thoughts, he stood up, pulled up his shorts and walked to the door. He picked up a nearby chair to block the door or hit someone with it, if things turned out to be something worse. He reached the door, opening it slightly with a chained latch on. What he saw left him astonished, to say the least. Or WHO he saw standing in the hotel hallway. A hefty set of breasts stood a little below his eyesight with a pink cloth covering them having a penguin imprint.

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