This story is short on blow by blow descriptions of sex. I like to leave some to your imagination. If you need the all the details please find another author.


Mom shares her knowledge

I had talked Jeremy into taking off all his clothes. All it took was telling him I would take off my top. Because my boobs are small I don’t even have a bra on. I don’t wear one most of the time. I do wear one if I’m playing a sport like soccer that involved a lot of running because even little ones bounce and it gets painful after a while. We were in my room and I had told mom we were going to study. I just didn’t tell her what the study subject was. My plan was studying Jeremy’s penis.

It wasn’t hard to get him naked. By the time his boxers were down he was hard. He was flat on his back and his penis was real hard. I was knelling next him and taking a good look at it and it was real fascinating. My first real one, the others had all been on the internet. Jeremy wasn’t as big as those on the web but I thought it was just dandy the way it was.

I asked him if I could touch it and when he said it was ok I had just picked it up and the door opened. There stood mom with a tray of soda and chips. “Oh Talia what the hell is going on here? Never mind I can see what’s going on. Jeremy get your pants on, this instant, right now, you hear me. How dare you do this? Get my daughter half naked and you without any thing on.”

Poor Jeremy, he was so soft by then that it almost disappeared. As he was trying to get up he bumped mom. She was standing over the bed glaring at him. He tried to get off on my side but I was in the way. He tried toward mom again and instead of getting out of his way she pushed him back down. “Just a minute young man just stay put. Don’t you move or I’ll make you wish you were never born. On your back and don’t move.”

He was so scared. He was covering himself with both hands, his eyes were big and there were tears forming. “Please Mrs. G…I wasn’t going to do anything. Honest, I wasn’t. Talia just wanted to see, that’s all it was. Please…can I go? I promise it’ll never happen again.”

Mom looked at me, “Is that true, what he’s saying? This was your idea? You wanted to look at his thing?”

I could only nod my head yes. I could picture being grounded for a month or more. Wait a minute, I’m almost nineteen if I want to look at a boy’s penis I should be able, right? I’ve got friends that are mothers for pities sake. They’ve been doing more than looking haven’t they?

So I stood up, figuratively, and told her I was going to look if I wanted to and that was that. If she would please leave and next time it would be best if she knocked before entering my room I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. “I might be doing more than looking next time.”

Mom just stood there, shocked. She stepped back and turned to leave, taking the tray with her. I think she forgot why she came barging into my room in the first place. “You can leave the tray if you want mom. A coke would be good.”

Then she turned back and really surprised me. “Talia is this the first one you’ve seen? Do you know anything about one? Can I help?” We both looked down and there was poor worried Jeremy. I’m still kneeling on one side and mom standing over him on the other and him being trapped between us.

I had to giggle. I do that when I’m nervous. “Ah…maybe…Yah it’s kind of the first one.”

Mom set the tray on the bedside table and then sat on the edge of my bed. “And why are you topless if it’s an inspection of Jeremy?”

“It was kind of a bribe. He wasn’t real excited to do this. I had to convince him a little.”

“That’s my daughter, always thinking.” Mom grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his crotch. “Ok what shall we do with what we have to work with? He has kind of shrunk up hasn’t he? Can you get it big again Jeremy?”

My Jeremy was still scared. I’m sure he was thinking it’s the calm before the storm. I could see it in his eyes when he looked at me. I could see him asking, ‘please get me out of here before she kills me or worse.’ I suspect that might be why nothing was growing between his legs.

“Ok Talia, I think we may need to assist this young man a little. Why don’t you take a hold of that thing? Yes, that looks good now just slid your hand up and down, real slow, real gently, and we’ll see what develops.”

There I am, trying to masturbate Jeremy and my mom is sitting there watching. How weird is that? And when he still is soft and squishy mom asks, “Do we need more stimulation?” Then pulls her sweater over her head and reaches back to unclasp her bra, with a shrug of her shoulders it falls free. Mom has great rus escort tits, I’m hoping someday to have big ones like hers.

Jeremy is staring. First at mom then at me, back to mom them me again. If he says the wrong thing I will kill him. But he still is soft. Two sets of boobs don’t do it.

“Maybe this will help?” mom pulled one leg away from the other and reached down to pick up his bag.

But with me stroking and mom foundling not much is happening. Jeremy is still soft. “Ok. I can see this isn’t working. We need more drastic measures. Suck him.”


“Suck him. Put his thing in your mouth and suck. And use your tongue to lick the head while you’re sucking. It’s called a blow job amongst friends or fellatio in polite society. Only don’t make him come or ejaculate as it’s called in polite society. Surely you’ve watched it on the web, right?”

“Mom…I can’t do that.”

“And why can you not?”

“Your right here…watching…it’s not right. Is it?”

“Oh crap, here I’ll do it. Get out of my way.”

My mother pushed me back and bent over my boyfriend and put his penis in her mouth. Just like that and my mom was giving my boyfriend a blow job or fellatio, to be polite. But to be fair it did work. In less than a minute she lifted her head and Jeremy was hard. He was real hard; my mom must be good at that.

“Ok. Let’s take a guided tour of a man’s penis, shall we? Let’s start at the top. This little opening is the external urethral opening. Pee and sperm come out of here. This helmet is the glans. It’s tender and sensitive. Next down is the frenulum on the underside just below the glans. That’s the most sensitive spot. If you want him to come spend some time there just licking that spot as you’re sucking will bring results real quick, almost guaranteed. Then we have the shaft. If you want to jerk him off, oops excuse me, masturbate him wrap your fingers around and work your hand up and down, making sure to rub the tender spot I just showed you. There are other methods that work real good also and some other time if you want I can show you them.”

That dirty rat. While mom was doing what she was doing Jeremy had been touching my bare boob. I was enjoying it, and then I noticed he was holding one of her tits in his other hand. Damn him, that was uncalled for.

“Mom, he’s got your boob in his hand. Are you going to let him do that to you?”

“Why not, I had his cock in my mouth didn’t I?” My mother stood up, grabbed her sweater and bra. “Ok you kids play nice. But listen to me Jeremy. If you fuck my daughter I’ll cut your nuts off and feed them to you. Understand? Touching and fingers and a little mouth work are ok but if you try anything else you’re a dead man. My last word is, keep your cock away from her pussy” And out the door she went.

I spent the next thirty minutes or so looking and touching and massaging and a little licking and some sucking. Somewhere along the way Jeremy started panting and moaning. He warned me I better stop and as I started to ask why, he exploded. I mean he really exploded. His juice went all over the place. I had some on my lips, my stomach, my arm, my hand. It was on his stomach, in his hair patch and on his legs. I was very impressed.

Poor Jeremy, he was exhausted. I don’t know why, I did all the work. So I lay down next to him and we cuddled. Mom knocked and without waiting she was coming through the door. “I heard some sounds of joy ad surprise so I think you guys might need these.” She dropped a warm wet cloth on Jeremy’s stomach and handed me a soft towel and was back out the door. My mom is so cool.

Half an hour later Jeremy was hard again and we spent another hour doing it all over again. Around midnight Jeremy left. I think I had checked him out very closely. Every little bit of his penis had been inspected. Mom was still up when he left so I sat on the couch next to her. She was still topless so I was comfortable being that way also.

She asked if I had any questions. I asked if maybe the next time Jeremy came over if she might tell or show us about the thing called cunnilingus. “Yah, I can do that. If you’re going to give him a blow job he should be willing to return the favor. And if both parties are happy doing those things it will help to keep his pecker out of your pussy. Besides it is really enjoyable. Getting your pussy eaten can be fun and it’s the best way to an orgasm for most women. I think you’ll like it. Why not invite him over for dinner tomorrow night. We can have pizza.”

The tube was on and we sat watching some dumb talk show. Dumb until the guest starting telling the host that yah she escort rus thought that it should be mandatory for men to have to take a coursed in cunnilingus. “Mom, did you hear what she just said?”

“I did and I agree with her. Some guys just plain refuse to do it. Some are real bad at it. I’ve had some that are so very good it’s unbelievable. I guess I have had all three kinds.”

There was a long pause then she dropped the bombshell, “But to tell you the truth, the best have been several girlfriends. I think it takes a woman to understand a woman. My sister, you’re Aunt Bunny, for example. She is so good that my toes curl when she’s down there.”

I sat there in silence; before the whole thought process kicked in, my mom and my aunt were doing that? “Mom…I don’t understand. You’re a lesbian? You and your sister and you and other women do it?”

“No…no…I’m not queer. I’m bisexual. I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy both men and women. Your poor departed father knew it and was comfortable with it. Of course after we got married he was the only man I was with but he did enjoy hearing about my adventures with other ladies from time to time. In fact several times he would watch me if my friend wasn’t bashful.”

I was astonished; my mother had a very interesting life. Boys and girls, wow! Then I had a brain storm. “Mom…would you? You said that the best were other women. Would you show me? Teach me…so when I’m with maybe Jeremy I can know what to expect. I could tell him how to do it properly. You know…I don’t think he’s ever done anything like that.”

Mom just looked at me for a long time. I could see was thinking real hard. “You want me to go down on you, to teach you how to eat a pussy? That might be taking it a bit too far don’t you think?”

“Well if you and Aunt Bunny do it. Why not you and I? Should I maybe ask Bunny? Do you think she would be willing? I really want this. I don’t think I want to ask any of my girlfriends. Please.” I had her between that rock and a hard place. She knew I was stubborn and wouldn’t stop until I got what I wanted.

“Ok, tomorrow. It’s too late tonight. This is more than a fifteen minute thing. After our morning showers and breakfast, ok? The first lesson is cleanliness. A stinky pussy is not the best.”

Before going to sleep I just had to use my vibrator. I was so keyed up it only took a few minutes and I was climbing the walls and falling back off. A very satisfying orgasm as they say in polite society.

It was almost ten before I woke up. My mother was going to teach me about eating pussy. How lucky am I? This was just so great. Last night I was able to watch my boyfriend all naked and he shot his stuff all over the place. My mother even put his thing in her mouth. After she left I gave him a blowjob. Yes I am one lucky girl.

A knock on my door and mom was asking if I was ever getting up today. “I’m coming…I’m coming. I just woke up. I’m starving and a quick shower ok?”

Breakfast was over and I was waiting. “Mom.”

“Yes my dear.”

“Are we going to do?”

“Do what my dear?”

“You know what.”

“Do I know what?”

“What you said you would do last night.”

“Ah…yes…that. I kind of forgot. Good thing you remembered. Should we go to your bedroom? Or maybe you would prefer the couch?”

“Mother, I don’t care. My bedroom is good. The couch is good. The kitchen floor would be good.”

“Ok, the couch it is. That way you can see it better.”

I grabbed her hand and pulled her off her chair. By the time we got to the living room and I turned around mom was topless. “Take off your shirt Talia. If we are doing this it’s going to be the whole thing. No leave your bottoms on for now. Let’s do tits first, it is called foreplay, even in polite society. Let’s just sit and touch each other. Maybe share a little nipple play. Like this.”

Mom was an expert. Her touch was so gentle and soothing. As she kissed one nipple and then the other I could feel my vagina reacting. It was like a direct connection between my chest and down below. Then she leaned back and told me it was her turn. “Gently…gently…we have all day. Yes, that’s so much better.”

Soon her hand was undoing my shorts. That’s wrong. It was finally that she was undoing my shorts. I was so ready. She was kissing my belly button and telling me to lift my butt. My panties went with my shorts. I was naked. “Lay back. Put one foot on the floor. Now the other leg up on the back rest. Ya just like that. Let me see all of you. We need to teach you how to trim that a little bit.”

I could watch every detail as my mother fingered and licked and rus escort bayan sucked. It was so exciting. My fingers, my vibrator as good as they were, it was nothing compared to what was happening to me. All too soon I was reaching a star. As I touched the first one mom kept going. I think I touched three or maybe four before she pulled back.

“Are you ok? What do you think? Ok? Good?”

All I could do was nod that it was good. Better than good. Way better than good. I found my voice. “That was so…so unbelievable. I can’t believe what you did to me. Where did you learn…how did you learn? Can you…will you do it again?”

“Nope, it’s my turn. This is a two way street. Maybe I will later if you treat me right.”

Mom had been kneeling by the couch; she stood and dropped her pants and panties. Her hair was trimmed short so every little detail was visible. Not that there was much to see. Like me just a neat little split. Not like some of those ladies on the internet with the second set of lips hanging out.

I was invited to get off the couch. “Now it’s my turn. Start up on my tits and slowly work your way south. Licking and kissing and sucking as you go. Yah, you’re doing it so very good. Keep going, not to fast let me feel every little touch.”

Finally I reached the goal I was headed for. Mom said I was a natural, I didn’t need much direction. When she crossed over the divide the first time she almost busted my head with her legs as she squeezed me so tight. Her second trip was easier on me because she just lay there wide open and let me do her.

I wanted to do her again but she begged me to let her enjoy the first two for a while. “I need to get my wits back in place. Let me just lay here for a while. Thank you…that was special. I had forgotten how good it can be. We’ll have to do it again…soon. If you want that is. Did you like doing it to me?”

I moved up and kissed a nipple. “I’m ready for my next lesson.”

That afternoon my mother held school for me again and that night before bedtime one more lesson. Over the next few days I was able to practice my new skills on mom a number of times. Somewhere along the way inviting Jeremy over was forgotten.

But finally it was time to see if Jeremy was capable of learning a new skill. Mom suggested I invite him for dinner one night. After pizza I asked if he might be willing to help me study for a little while. “Is it ok if we use my bedroom mom?”              

I had no longer than closed the door than my t-shirt was off. I told him, if he would strip I would let him touch my boobs. Soon he was sucking on my nipples. I was holding his hard member and maybe stroking it a little. Not too much. I didn’t want him to shoot.

I let him unbutton my shorts and reach inside to touch me. When I suggested that maybe he could push them off my hips I was naked as he was. “Can we maybe lie on the bed?” I asked. Dumb question wasn’t it? I pushed his head until he was at my tits and I was able to get him to treat them the way I liked. Another push and he was at my pussy or vagina if we wanted to be polite. He was so very eager. I was getting desperate. This wasn’t going as I had hoped. Jeremy wasn’t listening.

In a panic I hollered out, “Mom.” She must have been walking by the door. I can’t believe she might be listening. But she was there in an instant. Jeremy didn’t even realize she was there. It took only a second for her to see what was going on. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled him away from my pussy. “Damn it Jeremy. With love and kindness, be gentle or I’ll kick your ass. That’s my daughter you’re treating like that.”

She pushed him aside, “Like this you idiot. Gently and softly, with kindness, or else.” And she demonstrated for a minute or two. “Now you do it and it better be good.”

Now Jeremy may have been over eager at first but he was smart and a good student. As mom was closing the door behind herself I was enjoying the new Jeremy. I was enjoying him so very much. In fact I enjoyed him three times that evening. Jeremy had enjoyable moments also when I took control of him a few times.

Unfortunately our times were cut short when his job transferred him to the west coast a year later. I did fly out and visit him several times but we both knew it was over.

I found a new friend and I was able to teach him what and how I liked my sex. He was able to teach me a few new tricks. One was so different I had to show it to mom one night. Yes, we would on occasion spend some quality time together. It involved a greasy finger slipped up inside the ass or rectum for those still wanting polite language.

Nicky and I got married and spent many happy years together. On a few occasion mom and Nicky would get together if I wasn’t in the mood. Years later mom moved in with us and acted as a built in baby sitter. Life turned out just fine.

The end

A short trip down fantasy lane, I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and comments are welcome.

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