Take Two



Caro considered the message from Lisa. We really must play with these soon, it read. A photo showing an assortment of sex toys accompanied the text: dildoes of all shapes and sizes and a similar array of butt plugs. She grinned. Lisa had just done her first porn scene and loved experimenting sexually.Caro decided it would be fun. A few WhatsApp messages later, everything was arranged. Lisa and Sophie would meet them here, in the first-floor flat she shared with Helen the following evening. —The following evening around six, Caro poured a glass of wine for herself and one for Helen. They sat in the lounge, with the sun streaming in through the windows, and chatted while waiting for Lisa and Sophie to arrive.Caro scanned the spacious room and wondered if her encounter with Helen’s father had affected his choice when he rented the top floor of one of those enormous Victorian edifices for their second year at university. The lounge was huge, with a dining area near the entrance to the flat. A big sofa and two comfortable chairs surrounded a large coffee table, well-lit by two sets of tall windows with double doors between them that led onto the wrought iron balcony surrounding the apartment. She smiled to herself. She had loved fucking Helen’s father, but she didn’t think Helen knew she still met him for sex occasionally. Anyway, the flat was lovely and the envy of all their friends.In typical noisy fashion, Lisa and Sophie arrived together, already slightly unsteady on their feet. Sophie brandished two large bottles of gin, one in each hand.”I brought refreshments,” Sophie said. “I hope you’ve got tonic.”Helen laughed. “Always,” she said. “Come with me, and we can sort out drinks.”Helen and Sophie disappeared into the kitchen. Caro heard the tinkle of glasses as she watched Lisa unceremoniously dump the contents of the large bag she carried onto the large coffee table in the middle of the lounge. A vast array of sex toys tumbled out, far more than the assortment in the photo she had sent to Caro. A few toys cascaded onto the floor, and Caro helped Lisa pick them up and place them back on the table.Helen and Sophie returned, each carrying two huge G she had never played with herself in public before and only had an audience during sex once and then just briefly the first time she had fucked Helen’s father when Helen had caught them together in the shower. She picked up a long pink dildo from the coffee table and watched Sophie and Lisa choose a sex toy to play with. Helen stood and selected a butt plug and one of those vibrators you applied to your clitoris onto the sofa and walked towards her room.”Back in a moment,” Helen said over her shoulder.Caro’s self-consciousness increased enormously when Helen returned. Helen placed three small cameras, their red recording indicators already illuminated, on the coffee table, arrayed so they would record everything, regardless of where it occurred.Since that first snap Helen had taken of her father fucking Caro, she knew that Helen liked to record things. Helen said it aroused her, knowing someone might watch the recording.”For posterity,” Helen said.Caro switched on the pink vibrator she had selected. She pressed a finger against the protuberance clearly intended for her clitoris. Sure enough, it was vibrating.She took off her panties, discarding them on the floor and sat back in the armchair. She spread her legs, aware of the camera and lifted her skirt.The vibration felt marvellous when she slowly pushed the dildo into her pussy. She gasped when the protuberance vibrated against her clitoris.”This is fantastic,” she said, “it will make me come in no time at all.”She pulled the dildo out slightly, so her clitoris was no longer stimulated, and she sat back, enjoying the vibrations in her tight wet pussy. Caro glanced around the room and saw her friends doing similar things. Helen had a vibrator pressed to her clitoris, and her wet fingers played with her pussy. The pink heart-shaped jewel of the butt plug she had selected protruded from her arse. Sophie also had a dildo in her cunt.Lisa was the first to strip. She stood on the low coffee table in the centre of the lounge and slowly started to brazzers take off her clothes.”Come on,” Lisa urged her friends. “We should all be naked for this.” Sophie stood up and stripped, revealing her massive perfect boobs. Caro felt her own tiny tits and felt inadequate; all three of her friends were well-endowed with big boobs. She grinned to herself. It didn’t stop her from being fucked. Plenty of men wanted her, and she let them have her.Caro slipped out of her short skirt and watched Sophie help Helen out of the tight black dress she wore, leaning over to kiss each of Helen’s impressive boobs.Caro giggled when she noticed they all still wore their high heels.Lisa sat down, leaning back, on the edge of a chair, her shaved pussy exposed. Like Helen, she had a butt plug in her arse; this one sported a long fluffy tail that dangled down to the floor.”Who is going to play with me,” she asked, scanning her three friends.Lisa tutted. “None of you has ever enjoyed another woman?” she asked. She shook her head sadly.Caro was shocked when, finally, it was Sophie who spoke up. “Never, but I want to try.”Out of the four girls, Sophie was, by far, the least experienced, and Caro knew she’d only been fucked twice. She grinned; Sophie seemed very willing to broaden her horizons.She watched, fascinated, as Sophie knelt between Lisa’s widespread knees. She heard a faint slurping as Sophie tongued Lisa’s pussy. Lisa placed her hands behind Sophie’s head.”Finger me as well,” Lisa said.One of Sophie’s hands crept between Lisa’s legs. Caro couldn’t see her fingers penetrate Lisa’s cunt because Sophie’s head was still between Lisa’s legs, but her tongue made moist noises.Sophie’s elbow started to flutter as she finger-fucked Lisa, and Caro saw Lisa close her eyes and moan.”Oh yes,” Lisa said. “Just like that, Sophie.” Caro worked the dildo in and out of her own pussy as she watched Sophie finger-fucking Lisa. Lisa’s moans got louder, and Caro watched her squirm beneath Sophie’s tongue and invasive fingers. Moments later, Lisa bucked, and her legs visibly quivered as she came loudly. Sophie kept her face buried in Lisa’s minge until the climax subsided.Lisa sighed, and Sophie raised her head to look at Lisa, face wet from Lisa’s pussy, and her juices dripping from Sophie’s chin. She grinned.”I hope that was okay,” Sophie said. “I’ve never eaten pussy before.”Lisa laughed. “You’re a natural,” Lisa looked up at Caro, “and it’s excited Caro as well. You’d better finish her off too.”Caro realised she was moaning softly and still shafting her own pussy with the pink, vibrating dildo. Sophie stood up and turned around. Lisa’s juices were smeared all around her mouth and dripped slowly from her chin. She looked down at the dildo rammed into Caro’s pussy and grinned.”I’d love to,” Sophie said. She dropped to all fours and crawled towards Caro.Once Sophie was between her legs, Caro let go of the dildo and put her hands behind Sophie’s head. She felt Sophie’s hot breath on her pussy, but she still jumped when she felt a tongue delicately probe her slit. Far gentler than any bloke, she thought.The thought that a woman was sucking her pussy and going to make her come was exciting and almost drove her immediately over the edge. She tried to concentrate only on the feeling as Sophie continued to tongue her clitoris, now pressing harder and circling her hard button. Caro sighed with pleasure when Sophie nibbled her clitoris gently and sucked.When Sophie started to shaft her pussy with the pink dildo, Caro felt herself approaching climax. She wanted to savour the feelings of her first lesbian experience, so she tried to think calm thoughts. But to little avail, she felt herself come, her muscles twitching and quivering, and her pussy clenched around the dildo.When her climax was over, Caro looked around. Lisa was standing bent over with her arse facing Caro, the furry black tail hanging between her butt cheeks, as she fucked Helen with an enormous black dildo. Caro watched for a moment as the ribbed monstrosity repeatedly disappeared inside her best friend’s dripping pussy, the pink jewel of the butt plug in Helen’s arse briefly visible with each insertion.Caro cuckold porno gasped when she noticed two men behind Helen, peering in through the leftmost windows. She felt her face grow hot.”Bloody hell,” she said. “We’ve got an audience.”She covered her small boobs with her arms, then giggled when she realised her neatly trimmed pussy was fully exposed and facing the windows, with the pink dildo protruding. Though she was still embarrassed, Caro put her hands behind her head and smiled at the two men. Might as well give them a good look. Lisa laughed. “Oh, goodie,” she said.Helen surprised Caro by jumping to her feet and dashing, naked, into her bedroom. I didn’t realise she was shy. Then she heard Helen’s balcony doors open and laughed.Caro watched Lisa stand and walk naked to the windows. She turned the latch, opened the windows wide, and then leaned forward with her forearms and massive perfect tits resting on the window sill.”Do you like what you see, gentlemen?” Lisa asked.The two workmen had scarlet faces and backed away from Lisa. “Sorry we intruded, miss,” the older one said. Helen appeared in the windows and strolled, naked and in full view of the street below, along the balcony until she was behind the two men. Caro watched her herd the two men towards the double doors, which Lisa opened.Helen pushed the two men into the lounge, and the older man stumbled on the sill.”Ladies, it seems we have some new toys to play with,” Helen said.The two men were quickly surrounded by Caro’s three naked friends. Helen boldly grabbed the older man’s crotch.”This one seems pleased to see us,” Helen said.The man blushed bright scarlet.”Come on,” Helen said to him. “Which one of us do you want to fuck first?”Helen glanced around at her teenage friends. “You do want them to fuck us, don’t you?” she asked.Caro smiled. “Definitely,” she said, though her words were drowned out by Lisa and Sophie’s enthusiastic agreement.The man, still scarlet, scanned the girls who surrounded him, looking them up and down.Finally, he pointed at Lisa. “She looks like a dirty girl,” the man said, stuttering slightly. “I want to fuck her first.”Sophie grinned, pressed herself against the man and kissed him deeply.Caro decided to join in. She stood and walked over to join Sophie, feeling the man’s erection through his overalls once she was pressed against his chest.She could see Helen and Lisa’s naked bodies pressed against the other significantly younger man. With Caro and Sophie’s naked bodies pressed against him, the older man held himself rigid and looked terrified, though, from the hard erection she felt in his overalls, Caro knew he was excited. She wormed a hand inside his clothes and wrapped her hand around his stiff dick.”I want that inside me,” she whispered into his ear.The man let out a deep sigh, and Caro felt him relax. “It appears we have some willing fuck-toys,” he said to the younger man. “We might as well have some fun.”Caro unbuttoned the older man’s overalls, pulled them down, and undid his jeans. She massaged the massive erection that strained against his underpants, then dropped to her knees so his cock was at eye level. When she pulled down his undies, his hard, circumcised cock sprang free, and she leaned forward to greedily take it into her mouth.Sophie knelt next to her and massaged the man’s balls as Caro pushed her head forward until she was pressed against his groin. It wasn’t the biggest dick she’d ever inhaled, but it was respectable. The man groaned when Caro started bobbing her head, letting the dick leave her mouth before swallowing it again.Caro was curious whether Sophie would be able to deep-throat the man’s cock, so after a few strokes, she pulled back and turned towards Sophie. “Come on, you try,” she said, “I want to see you inhale that dick.”Sophie grinned back at her. “I was hoping you’d say that,” she replied.Caro watched Sophie run her tongue around the man’s glans, then Sophie wrapped her fat lips around his cock and started to slowly take him into her mouth. Caro grinned when Sophie gagged with only half the dick in her mouth.”You’re doing it all wrong,” she laughed. “Let me show czech porno you.”Sophie drew back from the man’s wet pole, and Caro inhaled it. The huge dick slid easily down her throat, and she knew Sophie could see it distending her throat. She drew back, then inhaled the dick again.”See,” she said. “Like that. You’ve got to get the angle right.”When Sophie tried again, Caro tilted Sophie’s head slightly. “Try now,” she said.Caro had her hands behind Sophie’s head, and when Sophie still gagged, but only slightly, Caro prevented her from pulling back. Instead, she pushed Sophie further onto the cock until her nose pressed against the man’s groin.”Now try without my help.”Caro stopped pressing on Sophie’s head but kept her hands ready, just in case. This time, Sophie swallowed the dick without help, and Caro watched her slowly bob her head.After a few strokes, Sophie pulled back, letting the wet, stiff pole swing free. She turned to Caro, looking triumphant, and grinned.”Another skill mastered,” Sophie said. “Deep-throat blow-job. Check!”After that, they took turns sucking the man’s dick, and it was quickly dripping with their saliva. Caro had the man’s dick deep in her throat when he suddenly groaned.”I’m going to cum,” he said.Caro grinned inwardly and continued to avidly suck his enormous cock until the man’s hips thrust forward, and a vast stream of hot cum erupted from his cock and gushed down her throat. She swallowed hard, fighting the need to gag, then pulled back, so his hot, salty cum flooded her mouth.Caro pulled back all the way and opened her mouth wide to let the man see her mouth was brimming with cum. Then she swallowed and smacked her lips. “Mmmm … supper,” she said.As she watched Sophie suck the man clean, Caro was aware of Helen and Lisa ministering to the younger man’s cock. She looked at the older man’s still-erect dick that waved gently in front of her face. It looked big enough to be satisfying.”I want you to fuck me now,” she said, “I want that cock inside me.”The man grinned and slowly shook his head. “You really are a little slut aren’t you?” he said.Caro licked her lips. “I love having a dick inside me.”She looked around. Sophie was now on the sofa with her knees akimbo, shafting her pussy with the pink dildo. Caro sat beside her, lifted her feet onto the couch, and spread her knees. She watched the man undress.When he was naked, he turned to look at Helen and Lisa.”You’ll have to wait,” the man said. “I want to fuck the girl with the tail first.”Helen had the younger man’s dick deep down her throat and was sucking him noisily. The older man hesitated but still tapped his colleague on the back.”Don’t come in her mouth,” he said. “Let’s fuck these two anal whores.”The younger man laughed and pulled his dick out of Helen’s mouth. “Good idea.”Caro was very disappointed and wished she had huge boobs like her friends. She settled down to play with herself as she watched. Aware of the cameras recording every move, she stayed in the same position, with feet drawn up onto the sofa and knees akimbo.Sophie was sitting next to her in precisely the same position, and Caro was aware of the buzz of the pink dildo that was deep in Sophie’s pussy with the vibrating protuberance pressed against her clitoris. Caro rammed a mammoth black dildo that vibrated nicely into her tight wet pussy and started to play with her hard love bump.She watched Helen and Lisa get onto their hands and knees beside each other, with their bums raised high. The older man lifted Lisa’s tail so it lay along her back. He slowly thrust his rigid wet pole into her dripping pussy.”You feel wonderfully tight with that plug in your arse,” he said.Lisa laughed. “I should hope so,” she said. “You’d better fuck my tight, teenage pussy properly.”Caro played with herself as she watched the man fuck Lisa hard, his erect dick sliding easily in and out of Lisa’s pussy, wet with her juices. Soon Lisa was moaning in time with the man’s thrusts. She wondered briefly what it would feel like the be fucked with a plug in her arse like that. She shook her head. I could never do anything that disgusting.Caro shifted her gaze to Helen; she was on her hands and knees, side-by-side with Lisa, with the heart-shaped jewel of her plug peeking out between her bum cheeks. The younger man was positioned behind her. Caro watched him rub his glans up and down Helen’s crack. Helen groaned loudly when the man suddenly thrust into her.

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