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Amy and the Camera Club

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Amy was in a quandary. She desperately wanted to go on the upcoming fall weekend trip with the other teens in her drama class, but neither she nor her parents could afford the entry fee or the associated food and lodging costs at this time.

As it happened her mother mentioned the trip and how much Amy wanted to go to some of her friends and some of them mentioned it to some of their friends and eventually word got around to Mrs. Winston.

During dinner one evening Mrs. Winston mentioned Amy’s situation to her husband. The Winstons lived nearer to the entrance to the subdivision where Amy and her family lived. Over the last few years Mr. Winston had occasionally seen Amy when she passed his house on her way to the bus stop at the entrance to the subdivision.

More lately he had noticed Amy’s maturing had caused her to start attracting the attention of male members of the subdivision, particularly the way she was filling out the blouses she wore.

He thought about what Mrs. Winston said and the next morning asked his wife if she thought Amy might be interested in posing for his camera club. He said that the club was always looking for someone to pose and Amy could earn some money to go on the trip. Mrs. Winston said that she would call Amy’s mom and see if she thought Amy would be interested.

Amy’s mom asked Amy if she were and Amy said that she was very interested. In turn Amy’s mom told Mrs. Winston and she passed the word to her husband.

Mr. Winston called Amy to set up the details. They agreed that Amy would come over to his house the following Saturday morning and meet the members of the camera club. He told her to bring some clothes that she felt she looked nice wearing.

The following Saturday morning Amy arrived at the Winston home at the agreed upon time. Amy was little surprised to discover that the camera club included two women among their members. There was a total of eight members present.

The members of the club each agreed to chip in $20.00 to pay Amy. Amy quickly did the math to determine that the $160.00 wouldn’t be enough to pay for her weekend, but it would get her a lot closer. For her part Amy signed model permission forms for each member.

Amy and one of the women from the club went into the Winston house master bedroom to get Amy ready. Amy had brought over a few outfits consisting of a couple dresses, a couple of blouses, and a couple pairs of shorts. When she emptied out her bag she discovered that somehow her little sister’s bikini top had gotten into the mix.

The female club member, who introduced herself as Grace, picked a pale yellow sundress for Amy’s first outfit. However once Amy had it on the woman told her that they would have to try one of the others instead.

When Amy asked her why, Grace said that the brasserie she was wearing was discernible through the sundress. She showed Amy how the lines were visible in her reflection in the mirror. She said that because of the way the light refracted it would cause the stark white brasserie to be too noticeable in the photographs.

Amy hesitantly agreed to remove it. Amy was concerned about how her breasts would appear without the extra support, but Grace assured her that she could always put it back on if she didn’t like what she saw. Amy agreed and removed the dress followed by her bra. She then slipped the dress back on. As Amy was removing the bra Grace mentioned that professional models knew not to wear one to a photo shoot since they left marks on the skin and that it could take a half an hour or so for them to fade. Knowing that professional models didn’t wear one made Amy feel a little relieved.

She studied her reflection in the mirror and was relieved to see that although her unsupported breasts caused the top to hang a little lower than she was used to seeing, there didn’t appear to be any major difference in her appearance. She also noticed that without the bra the dress seemed to hang in a smoother flow. She was gratefully that her lightly colored nipples weren’t painfully obvious.

Grace helped Amy put on her make-up and brushed Amy’s hair then she left to get her camera ready. After a moment to gather her courage Amy made her way to the house’s backdoor to join the club members out back for their first session. Just before she exited into the backyard Amy heard Grace remark to the others that everyone was in for a treat.

Pleased that the woman thought she was going to be a worthy model, Amy happily joined the others. She was a little surprised when everyone turned to stare when she came outside. This was quickly followed by everyone beginning to snap pictures. She decided that this is how it must be done so she began trying to pose like the models she had seen in magazines and in the movies. After a several minutes of this the other woman club member came over and lead Amy to another area of the yard and had her pose there.

She directed Amy to move around more, to stretch her arms over her head bağdatcaddesi escort and to turn to various angles. After about twenty minutes Mr. Winston suggested that Amy take a break and try on another outfit. Amy was startled to discover that she needed a break.

She and Grace went back into the house and up to the bedroom. Grace picked out a pair of cutoff jeans. Then to Amy’s astonishment instead of picking out one of the blouses she had brought Grace went over to the closet and with a grin, Grace got out one of Mr. Winston’s white dress shirts.

Amy changed into the shorts and slipped on the shirt. However when Amy started to button it, Grace told her that she would do it. Grace pulled the shirt down, then started buttoning from the bottom up. She had to stop with the button just below Amy’s breasts since they were forcing the sides too far apart to allow any more buttons to be fasten.

Intrigued by Grace’s continual grinning, Amy turned to study her reflection. Wow was the word that came to mind. The tightness of the shirt below Amy’s breasts caused them to be pushed up. Their mass caused the shirt’s neckline to be spread open. There was a considerable amount of Amy’s bosom exposed in the gap.

Amy had never really thought of herself as sexy, but she did now. But did she dare walk out in front of a bunch of strangers in the this outfit, not to mention all their cameras. Correctly reading Amy’s mind, Grace didn’t allow her to think about it for too long. Pulling Amy by the hand, Grace lead her downstairs while saying that Amy was going to knock them dead. When they hit the backyard Grace was proved correct.

Stunned silence was followed by people snapping pictures as fast as they could work the shutters on their cameras. Amy was pleased that everyone was enjoying her modeling. She began hitting poses like before. She got so into it that soon she was leaning forward in response to their requests. The result was that they were getting even of her exposed cleavage in the pictures.

As a result of her enthusiasm Amy didn’t notice when the button struggling to hold her breasts inside gave up the battle and departed for places unknown. Consequently the sides of the shirt would gap further open during some of the poses she was requested to assume. On a few occasions one of her nipples would slip into view and the photographers would go into a picture taking frenzy.

Such was the excitement Amy was sharing with the camera club members that she didn’t notice the missing button even when she slipped off the shirt during her next break.

Spotting her sister’s bikini top lying on the bed, on the spur of the moment Amy decided to wear it for the next session. Grace helped her tie it on. When Amy turned to the mirror she was stunned to see the effect.

The smaller size top that her sister wore meant that an abundance of Amy’s large breasts were exposed. In fact there was chest flesh revealed on every side of the triangular patches of clothe. This combined with Grace having to tie the top on somewhat tightly to hold Amy inside caused the flesh of Amy’s tits to be puffed out. Amy was concerned about how much flesh she was showing, but Grace assured her that while Amy appeared sexy as hell, there was nothing wrong. Besides almost every model the camera has hired posed for bikini shots, not to mention that the group mainly took these pictures for their own use.

Still Amy hesitated. So Grace suggested she slip the shirt back over the top and even leaving the buttons undone it would provide Amy with less exposure. Amy took her advice and they rejoined the others in the backyard.

To say the least the others liked the new outfit. Despite Amy’s initial reluctance it wasn’t long before their begging persuaded Amy to remove the shirt and she was posing in just the bikini top and cutoffs.

Caught up in the excitement of the moment Amy didn’t notice the reduced tension on her breasts as the bottom knot slipped. However the others did and got ready.

A couple of the photographers began asking Amy to quickly change positions in the hope that the knot would come fully loose. Just when the group was collectively beginning to doubt the knot would ever let go, it did.

Amy’s bountiful breasts were suddenly free. Everything momentarily stopped as everyone else realized what had happened. This was quickly followed by a rush of shutter clicking and film advancing.

It wasn’t until one of the group asked her to untied the dangling top that Amy realized her condition. She made an effort to return the top to its former position, but quickly gave up and instead raced back into the house. Grace followed her back to the bedroom. She found Amy in tears pulling on the pants and blouse she had worn over the Winston’s house early that morning.

Amy pleaded with Grace to have the others destroy the pictures they had taken of her exposed breasts. She even offered to refund their money. Grace told Amy that only beykoz escort Amy could ask them to do that since she had signed the modeling permission slips. Grace helped Amy dry her tears and redo her make-up. The two of them went back outside where the other members of the camera club were still waiting.

Amy pleaded with the camera club photographers to destroy the pictures they had taken of her when her breasts were exposed. Mr. Winston summed it up for the rest when he told Amy that they had talked and decided that they were going to keep the photos, but they would promise that no one else ever saw them. Amy’s dismay that they wouldn’t be destroyed was lightened slightly by the knowledge that at least no one else would see the pictures.

Then Mr. Winston continued. He told Amy that the weekly college football game was about to start and in return for keeping the pictures private they expected her to act as their topless waitress for the game. He added that it would be a shame if accidentally copies of the photos were sent to everyone she knew and as well to all the members of the home owners association and her school.

Amy was crushed by this new turn of events. Mr. Winston added to her misery when he told her that she needed to get ready for her new job right then if she expected them to honor the deal. At her questioning look, he told her to get her boobies uncovered.

Amy considered her options. Have probably hundreds of pictures of her standing around topless sent to everyone she knew as well as posted online where anyone in the world could see them or spend a couple of hours topless around people who had already seen her naked chest.

Resigned to complying Amy headed for the house to remove her shirt and bra. The others quickly dispelled that notion. They told her that she was to undress right there. Amy started to protest, but the looks on the other folks faces told her clearer than words that they were serious.

Mr. Winston pointed out that the sooner she got naked the sooner she could go inside and start her new career was a topless waitress. He added that if she made them miss the opening kickoff then they would have to think of some way for her to make it up to them like being totally nude.

Seeing Mr. Winston cast a meaningful look at his watch Amy decided that complying with their demands was probably going to be the best course of action. So she shrugged off the blouse she had so recently put on. At a muttered comment that the game was probably starting, Amy hastened her efforts.

At Grace’s instruction Amy threw her blouse on a nearby lawn chair. A moment to gather her courage and Amy started to reach up behind herself to unclip her bra. One of the club members came around behind her and told her that he would do it for her. So Amy moved her own hands out of the way. He did unclasp her bra, but to Amy’s surprise after dropping it to the ground he proceeded to cop of feel of her exposed boobs.

The others must have been expecting it because they quickly took pictures of Amy’s surprised look as her naked titties were fondled. She moved to grab his hands, but was quickly warned to stand still. Amy was guided into different stances so that everyone except her and the man holding her got to take pictures of her standing there with the man’s hands cupping her boobs.

Finally Grace told them that they were going to miss the kickoff if they didn’t go inside. Amy was directed to the family room where chairs and couches had been set up in preparation for the game. Everyone but her took a seat and Mr. Winston clicked on the widescreen TV. They were just in time to see the opening kickoff.

After the kickoff return was stopped, the members of the camera club told Amy what they wanted. Amy went to the kitchen and returned with the six beers and three sodas, which included a soda for herself. When she went to hand a beer to the man who had copped a feel he asked if it were cold. When she said it was he told her to prove it. She asked how and was told to hold it against her left nipple.

With a shake of her head at what an asshole this guy was, Amy complied. The expected result was that her nipple sprang erect. Of course seeing this effect everyone wanted her to test their drinks also. By the time add the drinks had been passed out Amy’s nipples were hard as rocks.

By the end of the first quarter everyone was on their second round. In addition the home team was ahead by seven points. One of the club members suggested a deal which the others quickly to agree to. Amy was offered a bet. If the home team was still winning at the half she would be allowed to put on the bikini top. In addition they would tear up her modeling permission forms so that if the pictures ever did go public she would be able to sue them for damages.

If on the other hand they weren’t winning then she had to order pizzas for everyone and she would have to answer the door dressed just like she was. At that moment the second caddebostan escort quarter started and on the opening play the home team completed a pass to score another touchdown. Seeing that her team was now two touchdowns ahead and eager to get her chest under cover Amy quickly agreed.

Towards the end of the half the other team scored a touchdown. Time was running out and it looked like Amy would win the bet. However the opposing team tried an onside kickoff and recovered the ball.

On the last play of the quarter they scored another touchdown. At least it’s tied Amy said. Everyone seemed to take delight in reminding her that the bet was that her team would be winning. They weren’t winning so Amy lost.

Recognizing that they weren’t going to let her off the bet, Amy got the pizza order together and phoned it in. During the half time the camera club members were busy.

They hid cameras outside the front door so that when Amy answered the door they could have pictures of her standing there topless.

Also cameras were placed in shrubs near the door and one was concealed over the doorway. All were hooked to remote triggers. Additional cameras were placed inside the house so they would capture the look of surprise on the delivery man’s face.

Too soon for Amy a knock sounded at the front door. When she asked for the money to pay for the pizzas she was handed eighty dollars. Then she was told it was half her modeling fee. Amy was dumbfounded. Not only was she going to have to answer the door with her chest totally exposed, she was going to have to pay for the pizzas with her own money.

A second, louder knock came from the front door. Hesitantly Amy went to the front door. However before she could open it Grace came up.

Amy thought at first that Grace was there to answer the door and spare her the embarrassment. Instead Grace reached out and pinched Amy’s nipples while caused them to spring erect.

With a silent, fuck it, Amy snatched the door open. There was no telling who was more surprised; Amy, the pizza guy coming up the walk or the two guys standing in front of her who were going door to door to collect aluminum cans for charity.

Startled Amy reflectively slammed the door shut. Grace had been hiding nearby and took charge. First she told Amy to stay there. Then she went back into the TV room. While she was gone there was another knock on the door and the pizza man announced that he had Amy’s pizzas.

Soon Grace was back with a plastic bag containing a bunch of aluminum cans. With a smile she handed the bag to Amy. Recognizing that she wasn’t going to be let off the hook, Amy resignedly reopened the door. This time those outside the door knew what they hoped would be there. And it was.

Amy reached out the bag of cans to the guys who seemed in no hurry to take them. In the end Amy just dropped the bag. Then she asked the pizza guy how much the pizzas were. She wasn’t sure if he couldn’t figure out the total or just wanted to prolong her standing there, but finally she just handed him the eighty dollars and took the pizzas. After closing the door Amy and Grace returned to the TV room.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy the meal, but Amy found herself unable to eat. When they finished the members of the club retrieved the planted cameras. Grace took the cameras and left the others to finish watching the game.

When the game ended Amy wondered what would happen next. She wasn’t kept in the dark for long. Grace came back holding several photos.

There was a couple of Amy in the white dress shirt taken after the button popped off and you could easily make out her exposed cleavage. The next few were of Amy with the bikini top on. The expanse of girl flesh was impressive.

The rest were Amy without the bikini top. The first ones were of her standing there topless. The others were ones of her with the man’s hands on her titties.

The final ones were from behind the guys who had knocked at the door showing Amy standing in the doorway with the three male heads obviously staring at her exposed boobs. The last one was the wide-eyed faces of Amy’s newest fans taken from inside the house.

When one of the club members joked about sending copies to the police with the warning that she had a pair of 45s Amy didn’t need to be told that the cops would probably have a lot of questions for her if anyone ever saw these photos.

Clinging to her last hope, Amy asked if she could get dressed. As she had feared they unanimously demanded that she strip. With no option in sight, Amy unfastened her shorts and slid them and her panties down off her legs. At first she was tempted to cover her pubic patch with her hands, but realized that she would just be told to move them anyway.

After several minutes of posing so everyone could photograph her in all her naked splendor. Mr. Winston got out a video camera and escorted Amy out to the backyard. Once there he had Amy jump rope while he filmed and the others took pictures of her tits cavorting wildly.

Finally when she was staggering from the workout, they let her stop and come back inside. Once inside everyone else returned to the family room and Amy, much to her surprise, was told to go take a shower and get dressed.

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