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Coffee Mates

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“So you really wiped out all the zombies on your campus with a Nerf ball?” Chloe was laughing and Matthew was pantomiming the zombie tag move that won him the game when they arrived at her door. There was a funny little pause. He leaned in toward her and she turned toward the doorknob, he backed away and she turned to him. Their eyes met again and Chloe fidgeted with her key ring; her breath caught in her throat as she asked, “you want to come in? For some coffee?”

He said yes and she pressed the little brass key into its hole, taking a moment to praise the Lord she’d had the bizarre foresight to shove her trashy Harlequins under the armchair cushion, then lead Matthew in. *Now let’s just hope he doesn’t pick that cushion to sit on*, she thought. He stood somewhat awkwardly near the door for a minute, like he might be plotting an escape route, and then followed Chloe’s lead as she kicked her shoes off.

“So, how would you like that coffee?” She asked.

“Lots of cream,” he said, and inched into the living room. She motioned him to sit down, making sure to direct him to the sofa. She went into the kitchen and managed to fumble the water into the coffee pot and put the grounds in the paper, making a mess in the process as her hands shook with excitement.

Back in the living room Matthew was sitting in the arm chair, flipping through a rather beat up romance novel, its cover bent in half from wear. When Chloe saw it her face began to redden and she almost ducked back into the kitchen, but he looked up and smiled so she joined him, standing next to the chair and fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. He mercifully set the book on the end table and said, “How’s the coffee coming?”

“So far, so good. I added the water and the grounds, and I think that’s all there is to it, unless I’ve been doing the process horribly wrong all these years,” Chloe said. “Should just be a few minutes.”

Matthew motioned for Chloe to sit, and for the second time that day, after so audaciously asking this gorgeous stranger to walk her home, she found herself doing something totally out of character. Instead of slouching down on the couch, she sat on the arm of his chair. Butterflies lit up her stomach and a warm jolt of adrenaline shot through her. She had only a second to realize sitting on the arm of a chair is not nearly as comfortable as some girls make it look, then Matthew slipped his arm around her waist and pulled illegal bahis her into his lap. The butterflies turned into a thrilled little knot in her throat and she squeaked, “Hi.”

“Am I-“

“You’re fine,” she said, turning crimson again, hating the part of herself that wanted to leap out of his lap and sit alone on the couch. Then she took a deep breath, banished her shyness, looked square into his amber eyes, and pressed her lips urgently against his.

Her eyes closed as she exhaled with a soft hum and felt his soft firm lips against her own. His arms wrapped around her waist tighter, pulling her close, until her breasts nudged into his chest. After a very long time their lips separated, her eyes opened, and she raised an eyebrow incredulously. *Is it really me doing these things?* He laughed and kissed her again with soft, hot-lipped pecks on the cheek, her chin, a trail down her neck to her collar bone. He pressed his tongue onto her skin and made a quick figure eight at the base of her neck, then sealed it with another little kiss. He looked up at her face, his eyes saying ‘what next?’

Yes — it’s the new me. She took his face in her hands, pulled him to her, and the kiss was more passionate this time, urgent and wet. Chloe’s hands wandered, one to Matthew’s hair, her fingers running through his wavy locks, and the other hand yanking down the zipper on his coat. She shoved the jacket down off his shoulders and he stood to shake it to the floor before pulling her hips into his and moving her onto the couch. She had a private chuckle as he stripped away the horrid pink sweater she’d dug out of the back of the closet that morning, trying to look sexy, and then she lay back, breasts bare and yearning for him. Matthew lay on top of her and her heart raced as she felt his weight, and the hardness pressing against her thigh. She moaned, a plaintive beg, and pulled his shirt off, dropping it on the floor next to hers.

He pressed himself against her and his hands ran up the excited skin on her ribs, hooking his fingers under her bra straps, and she felt her nipples go hard. Chloe felt her body screaming for him to tear away the bra. She pushed her hips up to meet his and they fit together like a key sliding into place. Her hands explored his abdomen, briefly tugging the thick hair of his chest, then running down his abs to the softer trail of hair going down to his crotch. casino siteleri She used his hips to pull him toward her even tighter, until there was no air between them. He groaned with delight and grinded against her while he yanked her bra straps down.

“Yes,” Chloe moaned, and grabbed his hands, putting them palm-down on her breasts. He caressed them for a moment, flicked her nipples gently in his fingers, then lowered his mouth to her chest. His tongue ran flat and broad over the tender, warm skin of her tit and then flitted narrow and hard over her nipple. Just as she was about to yell out and call him a tease, his mouth closed over it and he alternately sucked and bit. Her exhalation came out as an ecstatic cry and she felt herself getting wet. He kissed a path to her other nipple and by the time he was done she absolutely craved him.

Chloe reached for his fly, fumbling with the button for a moment then shoving his jeans down over his ass. He stood to kick them to the floor, and then Chloe was kneeling before him. She bit her lower lip and looked into those amber eyes as her hand ran up his leg, starting at his calf, tracing a line to his outer thigh, up to his ass, and squeezed. She kissed his inner thigh, working her way up with alternating pecks and nibbles, until her lips just touched the moist skin of his sack. Her warm breath sent a shiver up Matthew’s back, and before he could recover she licked a long, wet line all the way from his balls up to the soft tip of his hard cock. He moaned deep in his throat and she smiled, then wrapped her lips around the head of his dick, swirling her tongue like he’d done earlier on her neck, a swift, moist figure eights all around and over the groove, before plunging her mouth down over his shaft. He groaned louder, and she thrust his cock into her mouth in rhythm with him, stopping ever so briefly to suck on the head, then roll her tongue over it, then rub his balls with her thumb.

After a few minutes Matthew pulled her up off her knees, an “oh wow” escaping his lips, and pushed her back onto the couch. He lay on top of her again and ran both hands up her thighs, shoving her skirt up to her hips and revealing a very damp pair of panties. He pulled them off ravenously and lifted one of her legs over the back of the couch. His fingers strayed to the wet warm lips of her pussy and a shiver ran up her back as she felt them slip inside her, curling poker siteleri in a come-hither motion, and she so badly wanted to obey. When he pulled his fingers out Chloe’s body was absolutely aching for him. Her heart beat out of her chest, that warm adrenaline feeling had overtaken her entire body, especially hotly between her legs, and she closed her eyes.

First she felt the tip of his cock, warm and smooth, rubbing against her clit, then sliding between the lips of her slit, getting slick with her wetness, then finally pressing, tentative, testing… holding her in limbo. He was teasing her now, rubbing his cock against her clit, but she wanted him inside her so badly. She put her hands on his ass and thrust him toward her — that hard dick penetrating into her felt like a symphony of sweet sensations and fullness, and she let out a long-held breath of pleasure.

He thrust inside her and her hips bucked upward to match his rhythm. The butterflies caught firmly in her throat, fluttering endlessly, her belly felt warm and her hips kept time with his, chasing the hot waves that washed over her every time he thrust into her. A steady stream of moans, grunts, and heavy exhalations poured forth from them both as their rhythm sped up, he thrust faster and she bucked her hips harder, pushing him into her as deep as she could. He wedged his arms underneath her ass as leverage to grind into her harder, panting heavily in between kisses and bites on her lower lip.

Chloe whined loudly as each movement brought them both closer to the edge, and she moved her hands up to tug at his hair again, circling her fingers around the arch of his ears down to the lobe. She ran her hands flat down his back to grab his ass and pull him deeper into her wet pussy. They were gasping for breath and bucking ferociously together and she began to feel a fiery hot, tickling sensation running over her body. She yanked Matthew’s hair roughly down as the feeling peaked in a warm rush of butterflies exploding up from between her legs and setting off amazing spasms in her belly.

Matthew grunted and rammed into her as her pussy clenched and released around him, and she felt his cock get even harder for a second before he thrust one last urgent time, shooting his load into her slit. He pulled out, trickling a hot sticky mess that dribbled down her taint and onto the couch cushion. They sighed in happy exhaustion.

Matthew put his head down next to Chloe’s, his breath still choppy in her ear, and brought his arms up to embrace her in a sweaty, tired hug. She threw her arms around him and laughed, trying to breathe normally again. She asked, “Was that the right amount of cream?”


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