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Back in the Business

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When I was 23, I took all my savings and went to California to chase my lifelong dream of being an actress. I spent literally hundreds of hours waiting in lines for auditions. After about two months with nothing but a few commercials, money was beginning to run thin. I had seen numerous ads in the newspapers for ‘adult film actresses’. I had to make enough money to get back home, so I decided to swallow my pride and do it.

I made about seven films. As much as I hate to say it, the money was great. I made more in twenty minutes than I had doing all three of the commercials that I’d done. The movies also let me live out a few fantasies as well. I got my first chance to be with another woman. It was incredible! The other actress was a seasoned veteran, and could she ever eat pussy!! I also got my first chance at being gang-banged. It was everything I had dreamed it would be as well. Most of my films however, were either me by myself or with just one guy.

I didn’t want to get too tied up in that business, so I stopped making them. I went to more auditions for “real” roles. I landed a couple, even one on a major soap opera. It was a bit part that didn’t last but a few episodes, but it was a start. The pay was nothing to speak of and once again my money was running low.

Having come to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to get into legitimate film, I packed up and headed for home. I called my parents and informed them that I was on my way. I needed to stay with them for a few weeks until I got my finances back on track. They were as supportive as ever, and agreed to let me stay as long as I needed to.

My father helped me move most of my things to my old room. I froze in horror when I realized that he was carrying the box that contained my copies of the pornos I made. I watched as he set it down and turned to get more of my things from my car. With my hands shaking, I grabbed the small box and hurriedly tried to hide it under my bed.

“What’s in there?” I heard his voice ask from the doorway.

“Nothing much,” I replied trying to sound nonchalant. “Just some bills and stuff.” I tried to fake a smile, something I could never do with my father.

“Did you get into debt out there?” he asked. I wish I could have come up with a better lie about the contents of the box. If there was anything my father would have been concerned about, it was money and my credit. I should have just said they were some of my favorite old movies. He still would have been curious as to why I was hiding them under my bed when I had a large walk-in closet, but he wouldn’t have been as adamant to find out what was in the box.

“No Dad. I did okay, I knew when it was time to come home.” I took some more boxes from his hands and told him to take a break. He started to give me a lecture on the importance of good credit. I assured him that I had not hurt mine and that I always listened to his teachings. Just then my mother called that she had fixed us some lunch, and we both went down to eat.

The next day, I went to a local bowling alley I used to frequent to try to pick up some hours waiting tables. The whole time I was talking to the owner, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that I had done something wrong or forgotten to do something. I couldn’t figure out why, but I soon forgot about it, as I was offered a shift on the spot.

California was all but forgotten. I was running like crazy to work all the tables by myself. Between all the pinches on the ass and cheesy pick up lines, I could think of little else. It was near the end of my shift that I overheard a couple talking about stopping by the video store on their way home from the alley. My sarışın porno stomach dropped…”OH MY GOD! THE VIDEOS!!” I thought to myself.

The whole ride home I worried about my father going through the box under my bed. I had planned on moving it, but I just forgot. Ordinarily, my parents respect my privacy, but the fact that I had lied to my father about the contents of box would surely make him play the videos to find out was I was hiding from him.

I walked in the door to find my father sitting alone watching TV. I asked him where my mother was, and he reminded me that Mondays she played cards with her friends. I nervously excused myself to my room. I told Dad I was going to take a shower and I’d be down to join him afterwards.

I went to my room and ran to my bed. I looked under it…NOTHING! My heart sank, my father had taken the box. I had to act like nothing was wrong. I got undressed and went into the bathroom. I could hear my father walking around downstairs. I showered and threw on a terry cloth robe. When my father heard the bathroom door open, he called to me.

“Jennifer, come here please,” he yelled.

“Just a minute Daddy,” I responded with a lump in my throat.

“No, NOW Jennifer!” My father hadn’t raised his voice at me in as long as I could remember. It was killing me, I knew he had to have seen at least a bit of one of the tapes. I’m sure I had broken his heart by making the movies. I couldn’t say, ‘I did it for the money’ because I know his reply would have been that he would have loaned me whatever I needed.

I tried to act as if I didn’t have any idea what he was upset about as I went down the stairs. “What is it Daddy?” I asked as I came around the corner and into the living room.

My father was playing one of my tapes. It was a short movie I had made with an older actor. There I was, wearing nothing but a pair of heels, on my hands and knees with this guy ramming his cock into me as I begged for more. “Care to explain this, and why you lied to me?” he questioned.

“Daddy, please! I’m sorry. I only did it because-”

Before I could finish, my father began screaming at me, calling me a whore. “You know this going to kill your mother when she finds out.” He finished.

“Oh God Daddy! Please, don’t tell Mom. I can explain! I did it because I needed the money. I was trying to be as independent as I could. I know I could have asked you and Mom for some cash, but I was trying to make it on my own!”

“I’ve seen you making it on your own.” He pointed to the first movie I had made where I introduced myself and masturbated in front of the camera, telling the ‘director’ what turned me on. Half way through it, he came up and put his dick in my face and I sucked him off while I rubbed my clit until I orgasmed.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I turned to run to my room. “I’m so sorry Daddy,” I whimpered as I hit the first step.

“Come here Jennifer,” my father requested. I turned to look at him and saw a look on his face I couldn’t quite construe. I sniffled and wiped the tears from my face. “I just want to know why you lied to me.”

“Because I never wanted you to know how desperate I was in L.A. Daddy.”

“And how desperate are you to keep your mother from finding out about this?”

“Daddy, please, I’ll do anything, just don’t show them to Mom.” As I spoke those words, I saw my father’s eyes light up a little, and he was suppressing a grin.

“Did you enjoy making these movies?” he asked. His eyes watching me on the screen as the actor jerked off inches away from my face.

“No Daddy, I hated it,” I lied. Just then sex hikayeleri the man’s cum splattered across my face, giving me a ‘facial’ as they called in the business. I watched myself lick and suck his cock clean. My cheeks caved in, I sucked him so hard.

“It looks like you enjoyed it to me,” Dad said as he shifted his position on the couch. “You said you’d do anything to keep your mother from knowing about this?” It was then that I began to realize where he was going with his train of thought. “Well, I think we both know what you did last time you were desperate.” In irony, I wiped tears from my cheek as the me on tape wiped cum from my chin.

“What are you getting at Dad?”

“Jennifer, I’m going to make a deal with you. If you don’t want your mother to find out about this, you’ll do whatever I say.” He stood and paced the floor. “I’m going to play director, and you’re going to be my star. Now, go upstairs, and fix yourself up. Make-up, lingerie, heels, everything.” I just stood and listened, there was nothing I could do. I made a feeble argument…

“Dad, you’re not serious. I’m not doing this. I’m your daughter for Christ’s sake!” He just smiled contently.

“Oh, I think you will. What would your mother think if she saw these tapes? Maybe I’ll just leave them out and let her play them for herself.” He nodded to the stairs, “Now go and get ready.”

“What do I have to do?” I asked, feeling sick to my stomach. Of all the scenarios that ran through my mind about him finding out about the movies, this one had never entered my mind.

“Whatever the Director says, Jenny.”

“Like what? You want to see your daughter playing with herself? Watch the tapes. You can keep them for all I care, just don’t make me do this.” My father held his hand out, directing me to sit on the couch. “I thought you wanted me to get fixed up first?” I asked him.

“We can do that next time,” he hissed with a grin. He took the tape out of the VCR and replaced it with my first movie. I sat on the couch and watched as the director began to ask me questions. I felt a tingling racing through my body as I watched. After a few short minutes, I was showing the man my breasts and he was instructing me to touch myself. I felt my pussy getting wet as I watched. On TV, my hands caressed and fondled my breasts and were soon replaced by his. He instructed me to lift my skirt higher and to start masturbating. By this time in real life, I was getting turned on. My father broke me out of my little trance when he spoke.

“Go ahead Jen, I can tell you want to. Make us both happy and open your robe.” Our eyes locked as I reached for the sash of my robe. I stared right at my father as I untied it and let him view my body. I could smell the muskiness of my own sex permeating the air. “Start with your tits Jenny,” Daddy said. “I have always wanted to watch you do this,” he added.

Hearing him say that didn’t really surprise me. I had caught my father stealing peeks at my body hundreds of times. What hearing it did do however, was to turn me on even more. I cupped my breasts and asked if it was worth the wait. My father groped at his crotch as he watched on. I tugged and pinched my nipples, getting hotter by the second.

“Am I doing okay Daddy?” I asked in a throaty voice. I slid my hand down my torso as I looked from Dad to the TV and back to lusty stare. I was no longer embarrassed about what I was doing or had done. I didn’t even feel like I was being blackmailed anymore. My father is a man just like any other man. He wanted to watch me, and soon, have his way with me. I was now very much into the idea.

On şişman porno the screen, my fingers rubbed my clit back and forth at a blurrying pace. The director had walked up and was feeding me his cock. I glanced back at my father and asked him if he’d like to do that. He said, “Soon Jennifer, first, tell me what your naughtiest fantasy is.”

I spread my legs wide and started strumming my clitoris. I was trying to run through all the fantasies I have ever had. Then it came to me, I knew what he wanted to hear.

“Do you promise you wont think less of me?” I asked in girlish voice.

“Not at all Jennifer. Tell me, what is it?”

I began to play the part of an innocent young girl getting swept in by the porno industry. I pretended that he was not my father but some sleazy director like the one I had worked with in LA… the one who’s cock was down my throat on TV. “Well, I have a naughty fantasy. One that I have never told anyone.” I looked at my father/director with doe eyes. “Go on,” he encouraged, now openly rubbing his erection through his Dockers.

“Well okay. I have always wanted to be taken by this one man. I am usually very dominant during sex, but I have always wanted to be his sex toy. To be at his disposal, to be his slave. I just never had the guts to tell him.” I could feel my wetness running down between the cheeks of my ass as I spoke. “There’s a couple problems though,” I went on.

“Oh?” Daddy asked, “and what are they?”

“Well, he’s married for one. I don’t know if he’d ever cheat on his wife. And the second…” I paused and made sure I had his attention. He was hanging on my words. There he was, my father, rubbing his cock through his pants, watching his naked daughter masturbating. The whole idea made me feel so slutty, so absolutely depraved and nasty. I looked at him through half lidded eyes.

“The second problem is, he’s my father.” Seeing my father’s reaction and hearing the loud low moan that emanated from his body sent this little starlet over the edge. Fireworks exploded in my brain as the first wave of orgasm swept over me. I barely recall much of what happened while I was cumming. The next thing I knew, my jaw was being held open and my mouth stuffed with cock.

My father barely lasted a minute before ejaculating down my eager throat. He pushed me over and got on top of me. “Is this what you want?”

He shoved his cock into me and I screamed in ecstasy.

“Yes! Oh God Yes!!! Take me!” My father began fucking me hard and fast. His powerful hands bracing himself against my shoulders. His thrusting was incredible and another orgasm crashed into me. Daddy looked at the screen, watching his slutty daughter sucking the cock of a complete stranger. He took me by my calves, holding my legs straight up in the air and rammed his cock into my steaming pussy. I looked up at him, knowing he had had at least mildly unfatherly thoughts of me in the past.

“How long have you wanted this Dad?” My words were barely discernable because my body was being slammed back and forth with each stroke.

“A long time Jennifer, and now its going to happen every day. We’re going to do everything you did in LA and more.” He fucked me magnificently as he told me about his plans for me.

“Anything you say Dad. I’m all yours. Just please fuck me! Don’t stop! God, it feels so good Daddy. Your cock feels so good in your little girl’s cunt. Cum inside me… I want to feel my Daddy’s cum filling me up! Please Dad!!”

When my father did cum there wasn’t much left. I had already swallowed a large load just minutes before. He collapsed on top of me. I was drenched with sweat and my legs quivered like I had felt only a few times in my life. Each time I came (I lost count) I felt my toes curling and my body shake involuntarily.

“So your not going to tell Mom, right?” I asked.

“Probably not. But you’re going to get her into bed Jennifer, or I will tell her…”

To Be Continued…

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