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Movie Night (Full Version)

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For the reader: The story is one of fiction and the characters are all above the age of consent. It is quite long, but popular request is that the original version broken into chapters made them too short so this is the full version with minor editing. I have tried to write it as realistically as possible but it should be treated as the fiction that it is, no more, no less. This is the first story that I have ever written so I do look forward to any comments or constructive criticism that you may have. A sequel is currently in the works and should be out in the near future. (K.S. – 11April2014)


I married my wife when my step-daughter was only four years old and have raised her ever since. As such, we have always been quite close, with her feeling comfortable either confiding in me or my teaching her life’s little lessons. She has always been a smart girl for her age so as she grew up, I never needed to worry about her understanding of the changes to her physiology or the “birds and the bees” that my wife and I had taught her about but in other ways she could be quite innocent about the ways of the world. As she developed in her teenage years, this is what concerned me the most. She has matured into a very pretty young woman, standing about 5’6″ with an average weight, straight sandy-blonde hair cut to her shoulder blades, and firm young breasts filling a B-cup nicely. Her birthday was in the fall, just after the age cut off for school admission and she was now a senior in high school and had recently turned 18 years old. I tried the best that I could to prepare her to make the right choices and not feel pressured by the typical teenage boy’s libido; this was going to come back around…

Our family was pretty open about most things. My wife and I had taught the kids about responsible alcohol use, anatomy, and sex among other things starting at an early age and didn’t believe in hiding information from them. We also had a pretty open household that respected privacy but wasn’t overly modest; we didn’t run around the house nude but it wasn’t uncommon to see someone walk across the hall from bathroom to bedroom in their underwear or with only a towel wrapped around them. Likewise, lounging in pajamas or a nightshirt was normal, especially on our family’s weekly “movie night.”

Due to the closeness that we shared, it was fairly routine while she was growing up for the two of us to share physical contact: almost nightly hugs goodnight, taking care of her ailments (cuts, slivers, etc.), goofing around and tickling her, or curled up on the couch together while watching a movie…it was on one of these nights that things slowly started to change.

We were on the couch watching a movie, essentially spooned, with a blanket over us and her mom and brothers in the same room watching as well. As any of you who have ever lain down like this can attest to, most couches can be a little bit narrow for two adults to be like this without the one in front being right at the edge. We were no different and to keep from falling off, I had my arm over her across her torso and she was snuggled fairly close to me to help keep her on the couch. This night started out no differently than many others before it but none have seemed the same since.

About halfway through the movie, which had already had a few sensual scenes despite being PG-13, one scene gave her a mild startle causing her to back up into me a little further. I didn’t even give it a second thought when she remained like that after the initial shock had subsided. A few moments later I felt an almost imperceptible movement of her hips grinding on me a little, but since I had never had any untoward thoughts about her before, assumed that it was just her trying to get more comfortable again. This fidgeting continued every now and then for the rest of the movie and the physical contact with my groin threatened to cause an erection but, since I assumed that this was completely innocent, it never became anything more than a slight swelling that I hoped had not been noticed. This had never happened before and I assumed, was completely innocent.

Over the next few weeks, everything remained normal between us except that similar contact was happening more routinely on movie nights and on one occasion she clutched my arm a little bit and after she relaxed I realized that my hand was actually in contact with the underside of one of her breasts. There was a part of me that felt as if I should talk to her about all of this but I ended up dismissing it thinking that it was still innocent. I didn’t want to highlight the occurrences and make her think that I was some sort of lech lusting after her when she didn’t even realize that it was happening (I assumed). As far as I knew, she was still an innocent girl in the ways of love.

This had been going on for a little over a month and was still easily written off as innocent when things started to heat up a little more. My mindset, however, still was focused Escort bayan on my step-daughter’s innocence and dismissed even this new development.

One evening I was curled up, as usual, on the couch with my step-daughter while having family movie night. She was lying on her side in front of me with my arm around her waist to keep her from falling off the couch and her arm over mine but straight down her side. She had rubbed up against my groin a few times as had been becoming the norm and once again the physical contact had caused my penis to slightly engorge although was still far from a full-blown hard on. Suddenly, she seemed to get a bit uncomfortable on her side and rolled partially onto her back while still allowing her to watch the movie. This movement did two things…it brought her arm that had been on top between us and put her in a more precarious position to slide of the couch. Without even thinking I snugged in on her waist a little more to keep her from sliding off and this brought her hand right against my penis. There wasn’t really much that I could do to prevent this but I assumed that she might move her arm on top of her since it seemed it would be a more comfortable position anyway. I couldn’t have been more wrong…she left her hand right where it had made contact and shifted her body a little more onto the couch making the contact between us firmer. I continued to assume that she was merely oblivious to what part of me she was touching but keeping from getting hard was becoming difficult, especially when she would occasionally move around a little effectively using the back of her hand to rub my penis.

The night passed without further incident but once again, my mind was struggling with whether to say anything and risk offending her. I chose to remain silent but deep in my mind I think that I was beginning to wonder if this was “accidental” or if there was more to this.

The next week’s movie night passed without too much incident although the earlier “butt rubbing” seemed a little bit more pronounced. The following week though was much different…I not only ended up back in contact with her hand but virtually ended up cupping one of her breasts. This time as she rolled over, my step-daughter also slid down a bit, presumably to position her head better on the cushion of the couch and be more comfortable for her. When she did so, it ended up bringing my hand, which had been resting lightly on her lower ribs, straight up into her right breast, almost cupping it as I said. Despite my fatherly role for the past fourteen years, I must admit that it felt nice. The size of her breast was a perfect handful and her youthful firmness kept them almost upright even though she was virtually on her back. I wasn’t entirely sure from where my hand was positioned but I didn’t think that she was wearing a bra. Enjoying the feelings of both her hand in my groin and her breast in my hand a little too much, I allowed myself to linger a little before feigning to scratch an itch on my thigh and then returned my hand around her abdomen near her ribs. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize when I made that move that there would also be another effect…

As I moved my arm down to “scratch” my thigh, it pressed my penis further against her hand while at the same time shifting it more toward her palm instead of the back of her hand. I wasn’t sure if it was caused by my own movement, but it almost felt like she gave a little squeeze. We exchanged a quick glance and I noticed no sign of recognition on her face at all. For the next 15-20 minutes she left her hand just like that, almost cradling my semi-flaccid penis while I tried not to think about it, lest it grow even harder.

That weekend, since the kids were on a school break, we had decided to have a marathon movie weekend watching a trilogy of movies, one each night so it was only one night later before my step-daughter was cuddled with me on the couch. This night, she had come down to watch the movie in her pajamas which, as mentioned earlier was fairly normal for our household. Her selection this night consisted of a pair of capri-length flannel pajama bottoms that sat low on her hips with a pastel orange tank top shirt. There were no visible bra straps under the tank top and it was short enough that her belly button was routinely exposed as she moved around while we were preparing for that night’s feature.

For the first half of the movie, she squirmed around a lot, sometimes rubbing, sometimes not, but just generally seeming a little restless. Suddenly, she jolted at an unexpected scene in the movie, pulling in tightly to me as had happened before but this time was a little different. When this happened she had been holding the back of my hand in hers while it was flat against her hip right around the waistline of the pajama bottoms. When startled, she pulled my hand up to her chest in a start and I suddenly realized that I was completely holding her breast. Her squirming around Bayan escort had caused the tank top to ride up quite a bit and almost everything that was in my hand was bare skin. She not only didn’t seem alarmed by this but continued to hold my hand right where it was for another five minutes until she relaxed her grip a little bit. Holding her bare breast like I was, was having quite an effect on me and it was taking a lot of effort for me not to have a full blown hard-on poking against her ass that was tightly pressed against me. As she finally relaxed, I started to withdraw my hand a little and ended up getting another surprise. The path of “escape” for my hand brought my fingers directly across and in contact with her erect nipple. I was not only surprised (and slightly aroused) by this contact but also the very quiet sigh that escaped my step-daughter’s lips as it happened. I barely remember the rest of the movie because it was taking a lot to keep from becoming fully aroused with her pressed up against me. At the time I was still quite concerned with the thought of freaking her out if she felt a hard penis pressed against her.

The final night of the trilogy was no better for me. She showed up in similar attire and snuggled up against me right away. Once again she turned onto her back and had one hand pressed against me directly over my crotch. She stayed this way for about 20 minutes without any movement by the hand so I had almost forgotten that it was there and was thoroughly engrossed in watching the movie. Suddenly, I felt her other hand grab my hand under the blanket and pull it toward her sliding it right under her shirt and cupping her breast. This time it did not appear to be an “accident” but rather a very purposeful positioning by her. I could feel her nipple hardening against the palm of my hand and was trying very hard not to imagine the sight of her breasts or the way I thought her nipples looked based on what I was feeling. Try as I might, it was completely in vain and I could think of almost nothing but, which, in turn, caused my erection to grow quite considerably. Still in shock, I looked at my step-daughter only to receive a slight grin from her as she returned her eyes to the movie, followed by a firm squeeze of my penis. Unlike before, there was no mistaking this for anything else…although through my pants, she knowingly held my penis in her hand and appeared to be enjoying it.

The next week was one of the most anguishing that I have had mentally in my entire life. After Sunday night’s movie night events I struggled with the thoughts of what was happening between my step-daughter and me. Thinking of the various occurrences over the past few months, I kept flip-flopping between the thought that she knew exactly what she had been doing to me the entire time and that her actions were truly innocent and that I was reading too much into the signs. I recalled the slight grin that she had given me and thought that maybe she was merely giving me a loving look from step-daughter to step-father and that there was nothing more to it. I couldn’t get it out of my mind but wrestled with the conflicting thoughts all week. Normally, I would have sought advice from my wife to see if I was overreacting but given the fact that this was her daughter I decided against it and said nothing. Still unsure, I didn’t want to stir things up and get my step-daughter in trouble with her mother if there really wasn’t anything going on. To add on to everything, my workweek was extremely busy so I didn’t even see my step-daughter much to gauge how she was acting around me.

Friday night came all too quickly and to put it bluntly, I was nervous as hell. Not even waiting for the rest of the family to come in, I had lain down on the couch and was watching a TV show that I enjoy now and then. Apparently, I had gotten in a “zone” because the next thing that I remember was hearing an insistent “Dad!” Shaken back into reality, I looked up to find my step-daughter standing next to the couch in a plaid flannel pajama set with a look on her face that said that she had been trying to get my attention for a while. “Move over, your taking up the whole couch” I heard her say. I gave a quick glance are realized that she was, indeed, right and wouldn’t fit unless she was the size of a newborn. Part of me wondered if this was my subconscious hoping that she would have merely found a different spot to watch the movie and I would be able to avoid the situation that had been plaguing my mind. However, since asked, I merely shifted over to make room for her and she quickly climbed under the blanket in front of me.

The movie selected that night was a long one, two and a half hours plus the typical previews and such. The idea of spending the next three hours pressed up against her had done nothing to help my nervousness. I don’t know if she sensed this or not but the first two hours passed without incident and I had almost forgotten what had happened and started believing Escort that maybe I had imagined that this was anything more than accidental contact after all.

Unlike how we would usually lie on the couch, I did not have my arm around her and it was merely at my side when suddenly she started to slip off of the couch. As she slowly slid over the edge she let out a little yelp of surprise to which I quickly through my arm around her to catch her and keep her from hitting the floor. Pulling her back up, and tightly against me I might add, she turned slightly saying “thanks, Dad.” After such a sudden jolt, my step-daughter started squirming around on the couch. Having heard her squeal, everyone, including myself, thought that she was merely trying to get comfortable again. The alarm over, everyone’s focus was drawn back to the movie on the screen.

When she finally seemed to settle I found myself, once again, with the problem of one of her hands was right at my waistband, separated from my penis by nothing more than a thin layer of clothes. Added to this was the issue that all of her squirming around had caused blood to flow to it, and I had started to slightly swell in size. She again clutched my arm around her midsection but thankfully her pajama top appeared to be staying in place so I felt no bare skin. The next few minutes, however, would change that a little.

She didn’t seem entirely settled and would periodically shift a little bit on the couch. I was aware of this and tried to keep my hand fairly firm over her midriff, not allowing her top to rise or my hand to move toward her breast as had previously happened. What it didn’t prevent though was feeling the bare skin of her hand against my stomach when her movements had caused my shirt to creep up a little. As her slight movement continued I suddenly realized that her fingertips had slid slightly underneath my waistband and were slightly tickling the hair between my belly button and pubes.

Again, I didn’t want to draw attention since I didn’t know how to handle this. I think that somehow, deep inside, I believed that if it came to everyone’s attention just how close my penis was to her hand, that I would be viewed as the aggressor, some sort of “dirty old man.”

Try as I might though, I couldn’t stop the reaction that it was causing my body to have. The more I concentrated on trying to not have an effect, the more it seemed to. Next thing I knew, I was steadily swelling and was probably only a millimeter or two away from my dick touching her bare hand.

In the meantime, her other hand had temporarily left mine and I could feel it moving under the covers in front of her a little when she would shift. I assumed that she was using it for leverage as she continued to adjust her position and really didn’t give it much thought since it remained in front of her. In reality, I think that I was just focused too much on her other hand to care. I was only faintly aware that she had returned that hand on top of mine and was once again holding my hand against her abdomen.

Two things then happened, almost simultaneously…my step-daughter’s hand encircled my cock and her other one brought my hand up to her bare breast, complete with a very hard nipple. I let out a slight gasp which luckily seemed to go unnoticed over the sound of the movie. It was then that I realized that those slight movements in front of her had been to unbutton part of her pajama top under the covers.

Any ideas that I may have had of innocence at this point were completely thrown out of the window but I was still in a bit of shock and merely stayed right where I was, doing nothing. My cock, on the other hand, had different ideas…the soft touch of her hand wrapped around it had caused it to swell the rest of the way and was almost completely hard. If anything, it had grown right into her hand and was even more surrounded by her fingers than before. I could feel that although I was still slightly soft, I had grown to my full size of approximately 8 inches. My semi-hard state wouldn’t last long though…

My step-daughter began to slowly alternate between a gentle squeezing and relaxing her hand around my dick and I could feel it swelling even further. It wasn’t long before I was fully hard and she could barely touch her fingers around it. At the same time, she was exerting a gentle pressure on my thumb with hers until I felt my thumb make contact with the hard nipple of her breast. She then relaxed a little allowing my hand to return to full openness and then repeated it a number of times. She was essentially playing with her breast by using my hand. Occasionally, she would tighten her whole hand and cause me to squeeze her breast.

As much as I didn’t want to admit it, her hand wrapped around my dick and her youthful breast in my hand felt wonderful. It wasn’t long before precum was slightly oozing out of my dick and I realized that I was continuing to fondle her breast without the “guidance” of her hand. We continued like this for the remainder of the movie and when the credits started rolling she pulled the hand out of my pants, gently removed mine from inside her shirt, and subtly buttoned it back up under the covers.

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