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Before I Die Ch. 01

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I was tired of all the melancholy around me. I had just turned 18 and was diagnosed with leukemia with less than 50% chance of living. From being a school topper, national holly ball player, may be the prettiest girl in the class; now I was not sure if I was even going to live. Last three months I was out of school and mostly at hospital and home. It had taken a toll on my family too. Just depression was all around.

I remember, it was getting late. I had my medication and went for shower. I cleaned myself well and wrapped a towel around me and was standing in from of the big mirror in my room. Suddenly I don’t know what came to me, I let the towel drop. There I was. Naked. I looked at the girl in the mirror. My hair had started to fall off. My breasts were smaller than before, I barely needed a bra anymore, but I was pretty. I was so beautiful. Suddenly tears started rolling down and I threw something I grabbed at the mirror. It broke instantly and there was a loud noise. I fell on the floor and started sobbing. I guess my mom and dad rushed to my bedroom but only mom came in.

‘What happened Sweety? Why are you crying?’

‘I don’t know mom.’ I was not able to control my tears.

‘Don’t you cry beta, nothing is going to happen to you. Me and your father will stand in the way of death. Don’t be afraid.’

Mom was trying to console me, but her voice was moist too.

‘I don’t want to die like this mom.’

‘You are not going to die.’

‘I am sorry mom … But I really don’t want to die a virgin.’

I was shocked. I did not know I wanted to say it. Next thing I knew my mom was hugging me tight, but she was steady now, firm.

‘It is okay beta. Is there a guy in school?’

I had expected a slap or some drama porno izle but not this. I was taken back.

‘No… and I don’t want any guy who will later tell his friends how he fucked me. No.’

‘That’s okay Sweety. It is all okay.’

My sobbing was coming down.

‘I do want to be touched mom… and there is one person in home right now.’

We both were silent. The moment was heavy and I knew it was all wrong. I knew they all saw me as a dying girl. Finally mom broke the silence,

‘Let us do it. I will talk to your dad. We love you Sweety.’ She hugged me again and kissed my forehead.’ You wear something nice. That yellow frock is pretty. I will come and get you.’

I was startled.

‘I did not mean today mom.’

‘If not today, it is just going to be more difficult. I will talk to him. You get ready now.’

She kissed me one more time and I saw some sadness in her eyes but she was surprisingly calm. It took her almost an hour to come back to my room. I was wearing my yellow frock, some light make up and was sitting on my bed. There were butterflies in my stomach.

She opened the door. She was looking nice too.

‘Let us go to our bedroom. Your bed is a little smaller.’ She was smiling and I could smell some alcohol as I walked past her.

Dad was in the bedroom waiting for us. He looked at both of us and hugged us both. I could smell the alcohol again. It was happening. Dad kissed my forehead and started leading me towards the bed. Mom turned and was about to walk out when I grabbed her hand,

‘Mom, please stay. I am a little scared.’

‘It is okay Sweety. I can stay.’ Saying this she started kissing me. It was not on forehead or cheeks but on lips. She kept kissing me till I was lying amatör porno on the bed. I looked at both of them. My breaths were growing heavier but I was more scared than excited.

My dad started kissing me too. It was nice and moist. His hands slowly went down to my breasts, sending shivers all over my body. It was first time I had a male hand on my breasts and it felt so good. I knew I wanted it at that moment. After fondling them gently, his hand slowly went further down and it was on my panty. I was not all that wet, as I was more scared than excited.

‘Kavita (mom), she needs a little a help down’ my dad simply said to my mom. She smiled and sat in front of legs.

She spread my legs and slowly took out my blue panty. I was blushing with shame. I did not know when mom had taken her gown off. She was staring at my pussy in her bra and panty, both black.

‘Ajit (dad), look how cute our baby is’. They both smiled and kissed. They both were admiring my pussy lips. I was dying of shame. Then mom slowly went down and started kissing my pussy. My back went up and I felt a sensation I never had. Meantime dad had started kissing my breasts. I was still wearing my frock but only on my stomach.

It went for a while. They both were kissing more deeply now. Mom had her tongue inside my pussy making me go crazy and dad had my left breast completely in his mouth, sucking it with all the force.

I was going crazy, it felt so good.

‘Ajit, she is ready now.’ Mom was smiling.

‘Sweety, do you want daddy to fuck you now?’ Dad asked me.

I hid my face and they both laughed a little.

‘Say it beta.’ Mom said.

‘Please fuck me daddy, I want your cock inside me.’

Dad came over anal porno me. He took his briefs out and I saw his cock. It was big, black and so hard. I had seen cocks but now I was scared, the fear was back.

Slowly he inserted his penis in me. It was extremely painful. I had not expected it to be so painful. I grabbed the bedsheet and closed my eyes.

‘Go slow Ajit.’ I heard mom say.

Then he was in, all in my pussy. I swear it was the best moment of life. I felt complete. My body was shivering, there was shooting pain in my pussy but I felt I was at a different plane. Away from reality, away from who we were, away from death that had been looming on this house. He started pumping me and it just felt right. I was moaning and it was hurting, but I wanted that pain. I glanced at my mom and saw her fingering herself watching us do it. She is so much prettier than I am. Her panty was still on and she had her two or three fingers going in and out inside her panty.

Dad increased his pace of pumping. I had started making loud sounds without even knowing it. My pelvis was reacting and taking his dick all the way in.

‘Aaaahhhhhhh… Noooo… aaaaa’

After fucking me for next five minutes he took his dick out. I was all flowing with juices and just wanted to rest. Mom reached for his dick as soon as he was out and started sucking it over my pussy. Within a minute he cummed in her mouth. I saw her swallow it.

Then we all three kissed. I don’t know who was kissing whom. It was me and dad, dad and mom, me and mom. But I felt a tinge of happiness after a long time in home.

We all three slept naked in the bed that night. I was sandwiched between mom and dad. I was happy.

Next morning, when I woke up and felt my Dad’s fingers inside my pussy. They were thick and chubby and felt better than my bony fingers and before I knew it he was humping his daughter again. I heard my mom say,

‘Ajit, do not cum in her or I will kill you.”

And she closed the door behind her!

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