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Good Girl Gone Bad Ch. 06

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The music was pumping at full volume through my headphones as I rounded the corner and back to my street. I needed the distraction to keep my mind from racing and thinking about the turn my life was taking. To be honest, I didn’t want to think about it at all given my disappointing behavior as of recent.

As I finished out my three-mile morning run, I crossed in front of the house. Eric was already outside in the yard, refinishing the fence. When I ran passed him, he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I was in a tight pair of black running shorts and a tight blue tank top. My blonde hair was tied back into a high ponytail. Aside from the tight ensemble, I knew part of Eric’s lingering gaze was due to his desire to have me again.

It had been over a week since the friendly dinner that resulted in mind shattering sex on his couch. Eric had offered to continue an affair with me, giving me an open invitation to swing by his house anytime. I told him that night that I had to think about it, an answer that he didn’t like. Since then, he had been sneaking glances and making suggestive gestures at me every time I saw him. This time, he was licking his lips as I walked up the pathway to my front door, sending a jolt between my legs.

I hurried into my house, not wanting to show how he affected me. I slammed the door and fell against it, willing my desire to subside. Eric had been the last man to touch me. In over a week, Dennis had not shown me any attention as he was consumed with work. When that wasn’t the issue, he was too exhausted to do anything. I tried to abate my growing lust by masturbating, but it was only a temporary fix, even when I used the dildo. I was stressed and didn’t know what to do.

I hurried upstairs to my room, stripping off my clothes as I went. I could hear the shower running in the master bedroom; Dennis was still home. I opened the door and slipped into the shower behind him. I was in desperate need for release.

His head was completely submerged beneath the cascading water, unable to hear my entry. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. He lurched back slightly in surprise, but I pulled him tight against me. My tongue traced his lips, begging for entrance into his mouth. Instead of relenting, he pushed me back.

“Liz, sweetie. What’s gotten into you this morning?”

“It’s been over two weeks since we’ve done anything. Is it a crime to desire some attention from my husband?” I chuckled, but I was far from joking.

I pressed my body against his, hoping that the feel of his naked wife would be enough to convince him to give me some kind of release. I wasn’t that lucky.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but I have to get to work,” he said moving around me towards the door of the shower. “But how about when I come home tonight, we have a little time for each other.”


“No matter how tired I am, I will give you a little satisfaction, even if it means I have to skip dinner.”

“Okay,” I smiled. It was the best I was going to get.

“Thanks sweetie.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek and slipped out of the shower.

I sighed as I stood beneath the showerhead and began to clean this morning’s workout from my body. I was dying for release, but it was going to have to wait. At least Dennis promised me that he would give me some attention tonight. As I soaped up my body, my hands wandered between my legs. My finger grazed my clit and I jumped. I was hypersensitive from the lack of orgasm that the slightest touch was sending me over the edge.

I caught myself. Given that the last few times Dennis and I had sex I wasn’t getting my release from him, it might be in my best interest to hold off. It was only going to be another ten hours. If I pleasured myself now, I might have to draw from inspiration to finish with Dennis later. Mentally and emotionally, I couldn’t do that again without bursting into tears.

I quickly finished up in the shower and got dressed in a pair of short jean shorts and low cut tee shirt. I headed into the kitchen to grab something to eat. From the window above the sink, I watched Dennis pull out of the driveway, not even bothering to say goodbye. Some marriage this was turning out to be.

“Liz!” a high-pitched voice came through my back screen door.

I looked out to see Annie over the fence, frantically waving for me to come and talk to her. This was what I had dreaded for the last week. After sleeping with Eric, even though it happened only once, I still had to be around him. What was worse was that I had to face Annie, his naïve and overly friendly wife. In the grand scheme of all this, she didn’t deserve for her husband to cheat on her, especially with the new neighbor. I should’ve told her, but I couldn’t as the repercussions would hit me just as hard.

I swallowed hard, grabbed my coffee, and put on a friendly face as I headed out to greet her.

“Hey Annie. How have you been?”

“Spectacular. How about you? I haven’t seen you since the dinner party.”

“I’ve fixbet been working on decorating the house and planning what to do with all the extra space. No little feet to take over the rooms,” I joked.

“I know the feeling,” she said glumly, but her mood bounced back instantly. “But I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Have you considered a craft room?”

“I’m not the creative type,” I confessed, taking a sip of my coffee.

“Hmm, well I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“Anyways, how was that emergency flight to Dallas?”

“Ugh, a nightmare. I had a drunk passenger vomit on my shoes an hour before we landed.”

“Yuck. I hope you had an extra pair with you.”

“Yea, but only a shower and dowsing my feet in rubbing alcohol could get rid of the smell,” she laughed.

I took another sip of my coffee, trying to come up with some way to excuse myself from the conversation. It was so awkward talking to her given what happened.

“So I never got to ask you, how was your time with Eric after I left?”

I nearly choked on my coffee. There is no way in hell that he had told her about what happened.

“Good. The desert he made was delicious.” I figured talking about the food was a safe bet, given we didn’t talk much after she left and what we did talk about involved our desire to fuck each other senseless.

“I’m glad you liked it. He is such a wonderful husband,” she gushed, looking like love obsessed teen.

“I hope that’s me you’re talking about,” his voice chuckled from down the fence.

He walked towards us with a broad smile on his face, his eyes focused on his little wife. Even though he wasn’t looking at me, his presence still had the same effect as if he was. I was growing weak and the ache was growing between my legs at the memory of our secret. I squirmed slightly, thankful that the fence was in the way to obscure my leg movements.

Eric came behind his wife and kissed her lips, sweetly at first, but then growing in intensity. Annie closed her eyes and chuckled against him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Eric pulled her close to him, but his eyes focused on me. I looked away from the loving couple and sipped my coffee, not wanting any part of this display.

“Sweetie, save that excitement for later,” Annie blushed, pushing away from her husband.

“I’m sorry, dear. You just make it so difficult.”

Annie swatted playfully at him and turned her attention back to me.

“So, what do you have planned for today, Liz?”

“Probably do some shopping before Dennis gets home tonight. We’re having our first date night in a long time, so it should be good.”

“That’s so nice. I know it has to be hard having him be on call at all hours of the day.”

I nodded, sipping from my cup.

“Have you considered working from home?”

“Dennis doesn’t really want me to work. He says I have no need.”

“But you have to be bored just sitting here all day,” said Eric. He was behind Annie, holding her in his arms.

“Well, I have played with the idea of writing a fitness blog for the housewife, seeing as I’m always home, but still I have to work out.”

“Oh my gosh, that is an amazing idea!” Annie jumped in excitement. “You should absolutely do that. I have so many friends who are just dying to find ways to juggle home life and still be healthy. If you did that, I know I could get you the readers.”

I contemplated it. I really needed something to do to keep my mind off my loveless marriage. Looking at Eric, I decided if I filled my free time with distractions, I wouldn’t have a need to go looking for men to satisfy me. I could just make myself as busy as Dennis, but with a little more freedom in my schedule for when he had time for me.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Yea and I’ll be your first reader. Let me know when you get it up and running.”

“I will,” I confirmed, finishing the last of my coffee.

A phone began to ring, coming from Annie and Eric’s house.

“Hang on, Liz. I’ll be right back,” Annie said, running into the house. I couldn’t protest her departure before she had already answered the phone, leaving me alone with one person I had no desire to speak to.

Eric looked at me with a mischievous smile.

“Hello, Elizabeth. How have you been?”

“Well,” I said, trying to hide my nervousness.

“You haven’t stopped by. Did you really not enjoy our time together last week?” he whispered seductively.

“You know why. I’m trying to remain faithful to my husband,” I whispered defensively.

He let out a soft, low growl of frustration.

“Again with that shit. Stop trying to deny this. You’ve been avoiding me all week because just looking at me reminds you of the thorough fucking you enjoyed. Tell me I’m wrong?”

I couldn’t look at him and I knew I couldn’t lie; he’d just see right through it. I heard him chuckle lightly, knowing he was right. Still, even though I thought about it and how amazing it was, I couldn’t give fixbet giriş into temptation. I had already fucked up too many times in my marriage and I didn’t want to keep doing that.

Luckily, Annie soon returned to spare me from the awkwardness of talking to my most recent lover.

“Sorry about that. That was another flight attendant. She needed to switch days with someone, so I’m flying to Philadelphia tonight.”

“That’s okay. I was actually about to head out. I have a lot to do before Dennis gets home,” I said, hoping to flee situation.

“Oh I’m sorry for holding you up. Tell the husband we say hello and hopefully we can get together for another dinner party again soon.”

“Sounds good,” I phoned in a smile as I backed away from the fence.

I waved goodbye, a gesture which Annie returned. Eric was eyeing me like a predator with a twisted smirk on his face.

“See you later,” he called.

I tried to hide my horror as I turned away. There was something unsettling in the way he said that.


“You can’t be serious?” I asked, running my hands through my hair.

“I’m so sorry sweetheart,” Dennis pleaded on the other end of the receiver. “Another doctor called out and they need someone to stay on for the next shift.”

“But you promised me, Dennis. We were supposed to spend tonight together. I’m your wife and you keep blowing me off for work.”

“This is important, Liz. It’s a little costly to our time now, but if I put in the work, our future will be set and perfect. I need you to work with this for just a little while longer. I promise I will make it up to you.”

I paced around my living room, rolling my eyes and suppressing my annoyed sighs. He had made this same promise many times in our marriage, but he had yet to make it up to me. However, there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t make him come home and ditch work. It would be wrong. At the same time, I was starved sexually and emotionally. It was looking like another night with my left hand and the dildo.

“Okay, I’ll see you in the morning,” I sighed.

“I really am sorry sweetie. I love you.”

“Love you too.” I hung up before he could say anything else. I was pissed. I was upset. I was frustrated.

Why was I even the tiniest bit surprised? Dennis had blown me off for work at every opportunity. I didn’t matter now. My feelings didn’t matter now. This was all for the future. This was all that mattered to him.

I threw my phone on the couch and wandered into the kitchen to make myself a strong drink. I hoped to drink myself to sleep tonight.

“Trouble in paradise?” his voice said, drawing my attention to the present.

“Eric? What the hell are you doing in my house?”

He shrugged, giving me a sexy smirk. His eyes were dark and mischievous; I knew what he was thinking.

“You’re husband gave Annie a spare key. Your windows were open and I happened to be outside. So the husband isn’t coming home tonight?”

“No. Work again.” I vented heading for the liquor cabinet.

“His loss,” he chuckled.

I could hear his slow footsteps as he moved towards me. With each step, my breathing grew more intense, although I tried to suppress it. I kept my attention on pouring my drink, which I could barely do as my hand trembled, clinking the bottle against the glass. I couldn’t even see him, yet his presence alone was making me weak.

I put the bottle of vodka down and leaned on my hands atop the counter in a desperate attempt to regain some control over myself. I closed my eyes, begging my body to comply, but it wasn’t working. The ache between my legs continued to grow and my nerves were shredded to hell. He hadn’t even touched me yet.

“What’s the matter, Elizabeth? Do I make you uncomfortable?” he teased, brushing my blonde hair away from my neck. I couldn’t respond.

“Do you remember the last time we were alone together, sweetheart?” he whispered against my ear. “Do you remember the feeling of my cock buried deep in your pussy? Do you remember how badly you begged me to fuck you? To cum inside you?”

The memories were almost too much for me. I squirmed as my pussy dripped with desire to relive those moments. I wanted nothing more than to be fucked like that again. It was taking all my will power not to turn around and pull Eric into me, to give into what we both craved.

“Do you want that again, Elizabeth?” he whispered, running his fingers against my side, brushing against my breast.

I swallowed hard, fighting against my body’s natural reaction and willing my mind to behave. I had to get back in control of myself.

“No,” I said, pulling myself away from him and walking to the island in the middle of my kitchen.

Eric chuckled, a sound that sent an uncomfortable jolt to my stomach. He shook his head and grabbed the glass of vodka, slamming it back before turning to face me. He looked like an animal, possessed by a singular need and I knew exactly what he had in mind.

“Why do you keep denying this, Elizabeth? We were made for each other. You’re a smart girl, so I know you see it.”

“I doesn’t matter. Sleeping with you was a mistake.”

“And why is that?” he laughed.

“I betrayed Dennis…again. I don’t want to hurt him or lose my marriage. I’m trying to be good.”

Eric said nothing as he paced towards me with the same devious smirk that he had since he walked in the door. I tried to back up, only to hit the counter. I looked down at the floor as he approached, trying to control my breathing. When he stopped in front of me, I was shaking in fear and desire. He brought his hand to my chin and forced me to look at him; his eyes were hungry and full of lust.

“But you’re not a good girl, Elizabeth. You’re a bad girl.” His eyes darkened and his grip became more firm on my face. “A very. Bad. Girl.”

Eric’s lips crushed into mine and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I didn’t have a moment to process what was going on before his tongue was warring with mine. I did nothing to stop him as he pulled my body flush against him, snaking his arms behind me and grabbing my ass. I could feel the hardness of his cock pressed against my stomach, begging to be freed from the confines of his jeans and buried deep inside me.

Eric ripped his mouth from mine and grabbed me by my hair, forcing my head back and exposing my neck. He brushed his lips lightly against my throat causing me to shake and tremble. I was soaked and my nerves were on fire. My body craved him and his touch; my mind was slipping and I was on the edge of conceding to the demands of my body.

“Are you going to continue to deny this, Elizabeth?” he whispered as he planted kisses along my neck, driving me closer to insanity. I couldn’t will myself to say anything.

“Understand something, baby. He is choosing to ignore you, choosing to cast you aside. You’re needs and desires mean nothing to him. He cares more about pleasing his bosses than he does you.” His tongue trailed against my throat, almost making me collapse in his arms.

“That’s not fair to you. You deserve to feel desired and have your needs met. I want to give you all that and more, baby. Don’t you want that?”

“Yes,” I whispered, panting with desire.

“Are you going to fight this any longer?” he asked between kisses and licks.

I tried to focus my mind as much as I could, remembering everything that Eric had said. He was right. It wasn’t fair that Dennis was doing this to me and I deserved better. I was trying so hard to be the perfect wife when in reality, Dennis wasn’t doing anything to deserve it. I couldn’t be the only one putting in effort to make this relationship work.

“No, baby. I’m all yours.”

Not a moment passed before Eric lifted me up and forcefully pushed me onto the island, savagely kissing my neck. His kisses turned into nibbles against my flesh and I arched against him, enjoying the attention.

“Careful, babe,” I panted. “Don’t leave marks.”

“Fuck that!” he growled. “I’ve been dying to have you for a week.”

Eric stood over me and grabbed the collar of my shirt, tearing it right down the middle. His mouth quickly returned to my skin, kissing, licking, and nibbling the tops of my breasts. I was panting wildly as I clawed at the back of his shirt in a feeble attempt to remove it, but I was pinned.

Eric stood and removed my bra as quickly as he could, then slammed me back onto the island. His hands massaged my breasts, pinching, pulling, and playing with my nipples.

“Did you miss this, Elizabeth?” he growled, his eyes full of lust.

“Yes,” I panted, biting my lip in enjoyment.

“You know what I missed?” he asked, as he kissed and nipped my flesh from my breasts down my tight stomach.

I was unable to speak between the pants and light moans. My skin was on fire and tingled after every touch. I shook my head.

“I missed your tight, dripping pussy.”

He unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off, along with my panties, leaving me completely naked on the island with my pussy dripping in anticipation. Eric grabbed my knees and forced my legs open. Without hesitation, he buried his face in my cunt. The second his tongue touched me, my body exploded with an unbelievable orgasm. I cried out as my pussy tightened and sent my warm juices onto Eric’s waiting tongue. He moaned against my pussy as he lapped up every drop, sending another smaller orgasm through me.

My head lolled to the side and my eyes closed, exhausted by the explosiveness of my orgasms.

“Now baby, don’t tell me you’re getting tired,” he said, grabbing my face to look at him. I weakly opened my eyes to see his sick smile.

“We’re just getting started.”

I felt the head of his cock rub against my opening for a moment before he thrust completely inside of me. My body sprung to life and I lurched upward and into his arms. He held me close as he fucked me with hard and powerful thrusts. His mouth found my neck as he bit and kissed it, grunting everytime he trusted inside of me. His arms snaked around my back and his nails dug into my skin. He was surely going to leave marks, but I was too lost in the moment to give a fuck.

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