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A Student Earns Money For Sex

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Ariana Marie

Sofia was grateful for her London bar job, part-time to fit in with her student studies. It was near the end of her shift and Sofia took the food order over to a single woman sitting in the corner. The woman, in her late 30s, had been an occasional customer in the pub and Sofia had chatted to her previously.

Sofia said, “Here’s your sandwich, madam. Sorry for the delay.”

“Call me Caroline,” she said. “Are you a student?”

“Yes. I’m studying medicine. It’s hard work though.”

“It must be hard financially too,” said Caroline. “Would you like to earn some more money?”

Sofia liked the customer. She knew that Caroline was a bank executive and had the air of someone successful. So Sofia smiled, “Yeah, I could do with more money for sure.”

“I don’t want to embarrass you, Sofia, but I like you … a lot … and I’d like to invite you over to my home this evening. And I’ll pay you.”

It took 3 seconds for Sofia to understand the suggestion. “Oh,” she said, playing for time. “You’re propositioning me?” said Sofia. She lowered her voice, “For sex?”

Caroline nodded.

Sofia tried to think of a decent question. “How much?”

“£200.” Caroline seemed to want to clarify. “UK Pounds, straight into your bank.”

“Oh. That’s more than I make in 20 hours work here.” Sofia imagined herself buying those ultra-expensive shoes she’d seen and had also been wondering how to afford a new iPad to replace the old. Sofia didn’t know if the money offered for sex was the going rate or not but, right now, she could do with some extra cash. Besides, she liked Caroline and this would be a new experience.

Caroline wrote down her address and phone number which gave Sofia time to add up the disadvantages of having sex with an attractive woman and getting paid for it. The only negative so far was that Sofia had never had sex with another woman.

At 8 o’clock that evening, Sofia stood in Caroline’s living room, sipping a cocktail. Initially nervous, Sofia witnessed a transfer of funds to her bank while Caroline put her at ease. They sat and talked. Caroline explained that she preferred to pay because she didn’t want a relationship with a partner with all the compromises which are part of that. It was more exciting, Caroline admitted, to have fresh sex (she called it) where she got what she wanted.

Although Sofia had never even kissed another female, this didn’t put Caroline off. “I’m attracted by your personality,” said Caroline, “and you have this look which reminds me of Penelope Cruz, the actress. You have a sultry look and large dark eyes which look sexy.”

“My nose is too straight,” replied Sofia, “and my mouth too wide. Others have said I look a bit like Cruz on account of my mother being Hispanic. Dad is English.”

“You’re very attractive, Sofia. Let me say now how I want our sex to be. I get most pleasure from having a joint experience where we both have fun. I love to have my nipples sucked hard and have my pussy get a long slow work-over. And I’ll do the same to you. Okay so far?”

Sofia nodded. She felt herself becoming aroused. Her nipples were pressing into the lace of her bra.

“I orgasm quite easily,” said Caroline, “and I will straddle you at some point over your mouth.” She laughed. “We’ll get on fine, Sofia.”

Two hours later, Sofia kissed Caroline goodbye. It appeared that Caroline might want a return visit. While walking back to her old car, Sofia thought the experience was a win-win. Not only was Sofia richer but she’d had 3 orgasms. Without a boyfriend, she had nobody else to think about, so she didn’t feel guilty.

From that evening, Sofia made plans to earn more money. She hated the term ‘prostitute’ and wanted to become exclusive to the occasional situation where she’d have fun as well as providing sex with another woman or a couple. At no point, Sofia decided, would she visit any single men. Subsequently, she had another 2 visits to Caroline on the same terms and Sofia used her new wealth to buy expensive lingerie and upmarket clothes.

Her research indicated which online dating sites were often used for sex rather than long term relationships. By concentrating on couples and single women, connections were made, discussions followed to agree on the price and Sofia always took the time to research the prospective hook-ups. Sofia wasn’t out to make loads of money as it was more important that she liked the client(s). Besides, studying for a medical degree meant she didn’t have a lot of spare time.

About 4 months later, Sofia felt happy. Her dates had mainly been with couples. A threesome was her preferred option. There had never been any problems except the date she was just about to have, although Sofia didn’t know it yet. It was a Friday evening as she drove and parked at the exclusive London Dorchester hotel which overlooked Hyde Park. Tonight she wore a figure-hugging black dress, the hem halfway up her thigh. The buttons down the back looked Parisian sexiness but her overcoat hid this. Dark stocking hold-ups and tecavüz porno black high-heels completed the look.

As she confidently walked past the hotel reception to the lifts, she remembered she hadn’t seen her client’s faces online, only their bodies, each clothed in underwear. But they looked fit, the two conversations by phone had been with Mrs Wise (which she knew wasn’t her real name) and the wife sounded welcoming. During their brief conversations, Sofia did find Mrs Wise’s voice slightly familiar but the client said she was a TV presenter so it was that connection that had Sofia thinking no more about it.

Sometimes, a hotel was suggested by the clients because of children at home. So it was that Sofia arrived outside Room 20 on the 4th floor of the hotel and knocked on the door. It was opened by Mrs Wise.

Neither of the women spoke for 5 long seconds. Sofia spoke first, “I think I have the wrong room.” Mrs Wise looked shocked and murmured, “Oh my God.” She paused. “Your father is going to …” Her words were interrupted by an exclamation from Max behind her.

Sofia had to suck in air. Her stepmother, Tracy, stood aside to reveal her father. Sofia wanted to run and couldn’t think of a plausible excuse for her to be there. It was her dad who edged past Tracy to grab Sofia’s hand and pulled her into their room. He said, “This is so embarrassing … for all of us. I don’t know what to say … let’s at least have a drink. Take a seat, Sofia.”

Sofia felt trapped. She wanted to keep her coat on but Tracy said, “Darling Sofia. You look flushed so let’s take your coat and we can relax and sort out what to do.” As she took the coat, Tracy continued, “You do look stunning, Sofia, in that dress.”

Sofia sat in one of the armchairs at the foot of the bed. By crossing her legs, the black dress rose up her thigh to reveal the beginning of a stocking top.

While Max, her dad, got some drinks from the minibar, he said, “Sofia, I’m not angry with you. Please don’t make a run for it because we’re in this together in mutual shock I think.”

Sofia reflected she should have escaped before she came into the room. To find out her dad and stepmom were into threesomes and paid for it was unbelievable. How was she going to get out of this mess? she wondered.

“Let’s be honest and frank,” said Tracy as she selected the chair next to Sofia. “You need to know what we’re doing and of course, I’m intrigued to know about you.” It appeared that Tracy was the least flustered or nervous and the calmest. Sofia noticed Tracy’s short skirt had a split up the front which revealed white knickers underneath. And her buttoned tight shirt showed the outline of her hard nipples because Tracy wore no bra. Clearly, the slutty clothes were out of character with the loyal wife portrayed at family gatherings.

As the online image of Tracy’s body edged into Sofia’s mind, she remembered the firm pointed nipples had looked sexy. Sofia gratefully accepted the gin and tonic from dad but she still couldn’t think of anything sensible to say.

“Let’s talk openly,” said Tracy.

Max looked at his wife. “Talk openly? Is it a good idea to tell my daughter our confidential secrets? It’s bizarre!”

“We should,” said Tracy. “For goodness sake, Max, she’s part of a secret now which we all share.” She looked at Sofia. “You agree, don’t you? I mean, it’s clear your dad and I are into threesomes and have fantasies.”

Sofia found her voice. “I’m not seeing people to solely help them experience their secret desires.” She gulped some gin. “I do this for the money which helps pay the student fees. And before you both get the idea I’m a professional sex-worker, I’m not … it’s very part-time … not very often … about once a week.” She paused to see the reaction of the others. Tracy was leaning forward, intensely interested and showing some cleavage. Dad sat down by the desk.

He said, “Let me increase the cash I already give for your degree. Your studies are the most important thing.”

“No, Dad. You give enough already. I don’t do these dates often and I only meet couples.” Sofia thought it best not to mention single women yet in case it freaked out her father. “And I always first establish a rapport with each couple.” It occurred to her not to mention that she mostly had a good time having sex with others with some memorable orgasms. She needed to exit the room before this family situation got too awkward.

“Are you being careful?” he asked.

“Yes. I never see single guys.”

“And this sideline,” said Max, “… does it interrupt your studies?”


Tracy got up to sit on the bed opposite and leaned back with straight arms behind her to keep her body upright. “Do you have fun, Sofia?”

Tracy’s shirt had gone taut across her breasts. It looked to Sofia as if those buttons might pop. In different circumstances she would have stood in front of Tracy and opened the shirt up, the thought giving Sofia a mental image of her sucking those üvey anne porno extended nipples. She quickly cast aside the thought to keep her mind on how to escape.

“Do you have fun?” repeated Tracy who showed a little bit of her tongue between her teeth.

“Usually. Yes. I make sure I’m not treated like a slave.” Sofia thought this was too personal to share any more information. She was about to say ‘I must go’ when Tracy extended her foot, minus her high-heel, to touch Sofia’s leg below the knee.

Tracy lowered her voice, “Do you also see single women?”

“Actually, yes.” She found Tracy interesting and was grateful that her dad kept quiet.

“Do you …,” asked Tracy, “experience a completely different type of sex with a woman on her own?”

Sofia took another sip of her drink. Where was this conversation going? she asked herself. “Yes, it’s different. Slower, softer, different smells, taste …”

“Nicer?” Tracy had that ability to put others completely at ease. This had been noticeable at social family gatherings where Tracy always made people feel important, feel interesting. She was universally popular among the family. Sofia recalled their two phone conversations to fix up tonight’s date during which she was charming. She remembered Mrs Wise saying in a husky voice how much she wanted sex for the first time with another woman. For some reason, Sofia’s nipples had become more sensitive. She squeezed her crossed legs tighter as if to stop any arousal. At the same time, Tracy kept her foot in contact and slid it higher up Sofia’s leg.

“It can be nicer, yes.” Sofia meant to stop there but her mouth kept working, “As it’s your first time I would do my best to make it special for you.” She couldn’t believe she’d said that and was about to retract when Tracy asked another question.

“And how does it work with a couple? Who goes first or do the three of us share as we go along?” Tracy moved her toe to Sofia’s knee.

“Um … but I don’t see anything happening this evening between us.”

“How about between you and me?”

Sofia never expected that. She thought it odd that she didn’t immediately reject this. Was it because she didn’t look upon Tracy as her stepmom but more as a friend? When her mother left Dad, Sofia went with Mum to live in Spain. Dad then met and eventually married Tracy. But Sofia came back to the UK for university and got to know Tracy better.

Without Sofia noticing, Max had topped up her drink. She thought it best to avoid Tracy’s latest suggestion to play with just Tracy and looked at him. “You’ve had previous threesomes haven’t you?”

He nodded. “Yes. Always with a friend, a guy we trust. We’ve enjoyed it.”

“But, what’s it been like for you, Dad, when you watch another guy, a man … a man Tracy fancies presumably?”

“It works,” said Dad, “because the three of us are participating, sharing …”

Sofia didn’t want to get too detailed about their previous engagements. “So this evening you were going to try something different. A girl to replace your guy. Were you, Dad, going to also have sex with the new girl?”

Tracy answered, “Yes, we were both going to have sex with you, before we realised who you are,” she laughed. “and one of the reasons I wanted this is because I’m bi-curious. To be honest, I’ve been so looking forward to this evening and I feel deflated now.”

The look of disappointment was written all over Tracy’s face. Sofia said, “I also was looking forward to it. But I couldn’t with my father.” Her gaze had dropped from Tracy’s eyes to her breasts. There was no doubt that Tracy had sex appeal. She felt Tracy’s toe move to the inside of her knee. It surprised Sofia that she didn’t want to move her leg away from Tracy.

Tracy suddenly leaned forward to the edge of the bed, near enough to extend her hand. Sofia also reached out to touch and clasped Tracy. Tracy said, “I would like you to stay, Sofia.”

Neither woman moved. The silence was broken by Max who said, “I’ll go to the bathroom for a couple of minutes.”

As he left the room, Tracy came off the bed, leaned over Sofia and quickly kissed her step-daughter on the lips before she knelt on the floor at Sofia’s feet. “I’m so sorry about this, Sofia darling. Is there anything I can do to persuade you to … fuck me?”

In a peculiar way, Sofia was entranced by how Tracy said the word. She had said ‘fuck’ slowly with a click of the tongue which left her mouth slightly open with her tongue visible. Sofia had a similar feeling to the one she’d previously experienced with her first date with Caroline. A longing. A need to touch. Sofia couldn’t help tightening her grip on Tracy’s fingers and she leaned forward to kiss Tracy. At first, it was a gentle movement of lips across Tracy’s. Sofia couldn’t help opening her mouth. Their tongues fenced with each other.

They were still kissing when Max came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed. “I’ll go,” he said.

Tracy looked at him. “No, üvey erkek kardeş porno we don’t do that, Max. One of our rules is not to leave the other in the sole company of a new lover.” She turned to Sofia. “Could Max stay and watch?”

Sofia bit her lip and shook her head. There was no question that Sofia wanted Tracy, to fuck her, to experience an orgasm with her … but to have her father watch? She said, “Dad as a voyeur would freak me out.”

“He’s not going to bite you or take part.”

“But,” replied Sofia, “I’ll be stark naked.”

“He could look the other way.”

“Any normal man would peek. The thought of Dad doing that would put me off.” Sofia wanted to find a solution. Her body hummed with anticipation. “Could you blindfold him?”

Tracy looked at Max who nodded. “I’ll satisfy you, Max, even with a blindfold on,” she chuckled.

Sofia licked her lower lip. She couldn’t leave now, didn’t want to leave. In some unexplained way, she felt it erotic that her dad would be listening to her having sex with his wife. She looked at Tracy and saw the need in her eyes.

Tracy said to Sofia, “You can take my shirt off and I’ll use that as a blindfold.” She stood from her kneeling position and placed her legs either side of Sofia’s knees. As her stepmom leaned forward, it was a clear instruction for Sofia to unbutton the tight shirt. It occurred to Sofia that she’d wanted to do this for the past few minutes.

With the anticipation of what was to come, Sofia undid the top two buttons. Her fingers ran lightly along the gap between Tracy’s breasts and let one finger go AWOL up over the curve towards her nipple. Sofia held her breath before continuing with the rest of the buttons. The breasts sprang out towards Sofia’s face.

Tracy murmured, “You sexy bitch. Play with them.”

There was a hint of command but Sofia didn’t mind. Both her hands roamed around Tracy’s areola and cupped each breast as if to test their weight. The shirt still hung loose on her shoulders and she realised that Dad had got off the bed to unbutton his wife’s cuffs. As he took off her shirt, Tracy demanded, “Squeeze my nipples, Sofia.”

She squeezed and pulled, Tracy said, “Harder,” Meanwhile, Dad had unzipped his wife’s skirt which dropped to the floor before she removed it with a kick. Weirdly, Sofia had the vibe that he was preparing his wife for lesbian sex which made Sofia want Tracy more. Tracy said, “Suck.”

Her word ‘suck’ had the same click of her tongue as when she previously said ‘fuck’. The slow drawl from Tracy felt hypnotic and Tracy repeated it, “Suck.”

As Sofia sucked and pulled the nipple out, she felt it swell. She imagined milk coming out. Her nipples screamed for release.

Tracy said, “You’re sexy.” She paused. “Max. Your daughter is going to be so good. I’m going to come easily with her.” After a minute, Tracy pulled away, picked up her shirt and stood alongside the other chair where Max now sat. She rolled up the shirt like a scarf and tied it with a knot behind his head.

As if in a trance, Sofia didn’t move. A voice in her head screamed that there was still time to leave, to say she couldn’t do this with her dad in the room. But her body was reacting, nipples swelling, her pussy damp. She scanned her eyes hungrily over Tracy’s body; the white lace panties; the stockings held up by suspenders. Tracy’s pale blue eyes and short spiky hair dyed blonde gave her a more masculine look – a woman in charge.

Tracy held out her hand, a signal for Sofia to stand. “Turn around, darling,” said Tracy. “Let’s see what you look like without the dress.” She helped Sofia shimmy out of the garment. “Face your father.”

Although Sofia told herself it shouldn’t make a difference, her dad couldn’t see, and yet her heart thumped louder in the knowledge that he would imagine the scene.

Tracy hugged her from behind and spoke into her ear, “Maybe there will come a time when you’re comfortable to have him watch?” She unclipped Sofia’s bra and let the shoulder straps fall away. Her hands caressed her breasts.

Sofia struggled to answer as her nipples yearned for attention. She mumbled, “Yes.” It wasn’t what Sofia wanted to say and was about to retract but as Tracy squeezed her nipples she moaned instead.

Tracy kissed her neck and Sofia felt her ass in contact with Tracy’s groin. It caused Sofia to reach back and grab her stepmom’s thighs to pull her in hard. Tracy said, “You want me bad?”

“Yes.” She felt Tracy’s hands roam down her front. Sofia freed her hands to reach back with her arms to caress Tracy’s head and ears and hair. Sofia said, “Play with me, please.” It sounded like a plea as she realised how turned on she was, more so than any other encounter with other dates.

“Patience, Sofia. First, you finish undressing me.” Tracy came around to face her and kissed her on the lips before she lowered herself into the lap of her husband. “Take off my panties.” Dad had put his arms around Tracy to hold her breasts and Tracy leaned back to angle her head to kiss Max.

It left Sofia no option but to kneel. With relief, Tracy lifted her hips to enable Sofia to slide down her panties which meant that Sofia didn’t have to make contact with her father’s legs. She couldn’t avoid the occasional brush with her dad as Sofia withdrew Tracy’s panties completely.

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