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Ball Worship

Introduction: When I wrote this it began as a lesbian love story, but two other ideas kept nagging at the back of my mind: group sex and mind control. So, this became a composite story, bringing together themes that my readers have asked for and that I enjoy, so hope you do too…


“I wish my name was Aardvark not Zabriski,” she sighed as she sat on her bed, feet tucked up each side of her bare thighs, reading her post from the College. “I’m always last to get any mail from the faculty thanks to their policy of sending things alphabetically. You’re ok,” she added, pointing accusingly in the direction of her roommate, Alexa, “With a surname like Brahms-Addington who is going to send you things late? If they get their alphabet wrong and go by the ‘B’ then you win again.”

“I can’t help being part of a noble Anglo-German family and hence having this name! What has got into you today?” Alexa asked in her plummy rich girl’s accent, whilst trying desperately not to look up Zinah’s miniscule skirt at a pussy that was clearly panty-free. She was such an innocent, thought Alexa, but with a beautiful body that mixed petite Arab mother with strong, tall Lithuanian father. If she only knew what went on in her roommate’s head every time she walked naked round the flat or, as she was doing now, sitting knickerless. Alexa had never even fantasised over sex with another woman before, but this chaste beauty aroused her in ways she had not thought possible. And the thoughts had been growing ever stronger in recent months, since the first visit of Zinah’s mother and worsened since the last one into rabid fantasies.

Zinah had shuffled forward on the bed, her pussy now even more exposed. ‘Christ, she’s shaved it!’ thought Alexa, her panties beginning to moisten as she found her eyes drawn to the smooth, glistening sex of her friend. She was so mesmerised she nearly missed the reply.

“Oh, sorry, what did you say?” Alexa asked, forcing herself to look up into Zinah’s eyes as she lay out on her bed with her hands under her chin and facing flat towards her friend. It took all Alexa’s will to not glance down between those innocent thighs that now were wide apart as her bare feet were planted out to the corners of the divan. However, her willpower did not last more than a few seconds as she was drawn to the shaven pussy that looked slightly aroused, the lips puffed and parted, the clitoris partially hidden but like a bud about to burst out in spring. There was a dewy sheen to the smooth pink skin. Alexa wanted to taste her. She could no longer stop the perverted desires she had for her flatmate and best friend.

“Now who’s talking about what has got into them?” Zinah asked, pouting slightly, “I was just saying I’m always the last to get post and this letter is an invitation to Professor David Harlington’s private party to celebrate his breakthrough in – er – ‘Relaxant Hormone Therapy (RHT)’ – whatever that is, and it’s tonight! He has invited ‘faculty high graders only’, like you and me. In fact, I am instructed to bring and I quote, ‘a friend of my choosing who is open to the idea of science as an instrument of pleasure’ which fits you, given your love of that battery powered Rabbit© in your cabinet.” She laughed, heartily. “Will you come?” she asked excitedly.

“How did you know…?” She stopped, realising Zinah might have been joking. Now she went bright red, hoping futilely that she had missed the significance of her comment if it was a joke.

“Oh, don’t worry, your secret is safe. I have one too,” she added reassuringly but not being able to stop Alexa’s blushes which she in turn found really enchanting. There was a brief silence between them as a myriad of thoughts seemed to be around but not aired.

Alexa had heard of Prof Harlington. He had a reputation beyond the campus for being a serious Bio-chemist, who looked stunning and not like the nerds one expected to see in the labs. Apart from that, she knew nothing about him and had never attended one of his lectures as she and Zinah were third year undergrads and he only taught the cream of the final (fourth) year. However, every woman student who had ever met him said nothing but good things about him and an invitation to his place was a rare honour. There was only one answer.

“Yes, but what the hell do I wear?” Alexa asked, concerned that she had no clue as to what the dress code was.

“Oh, great!” Zinah exclaimed, practically leaping onto Alexa’s bed and giving her a hug accompanied by mad passionate kisses all over her face and head. She was pressed so tight to her that Alexa could feel those firm large breasts pressing against her own not inconsiderable pair. She was aware of their arousal, and looked down to see the nipples on both pairs large and stiff. There was another silence, this time as her friend seemed to realise the same physical experience, then Zinah continued to speak, though with a slightly hoarse voice and at her typically enthusiastic pace. “I have a new blouse that will fit you and that short black pencil skirt – the leather one – you wore to the gig last week would be ideal. I’ve also got some new earrings that will look chic but not too showy on your lovely delicate ears and a matching necklace and bracelet. I’m going to wear the black dress I bought kaynarca escort with the flared skirt and clingy bodice. I know you said it left little to the imagination, but hell if a man can’t imagine what pleasures has he left?” she asked, giggling almost shyly.

“Are you sure you want to loan me all that? You know I can be a klutz and lose things,” Alexa asked, secretly hoping that Zinah would insist she did wear the jewels. She had seen the earrings and knew they suited her better than her friend. Images flashed into her head of that night they had tried them on. Zinah had been shopping with her mother who was visiting for a few days. They had come into the room and both headed off to the shower. Alexa had found it strange and yet arousing that it was clear they had showered together and both came back into the room completely naked. Both had olive skins that shone in the light from oils that had been applied, both had jet black hair that reached down to just touch the top of their firm buttocks and both had magnificent firm bosoms that might by some be seen as slightly too large for their frames. Ablaa (whose name ironically meant ‘perfectly formed’) was a delicate looking woman, with a toned but tiny frame. Alexa imagined that if she put her hands around her waist her fingers would have met, such was the petite hourglass shape of the woman. Her teats she noticed were dark and long, clearly showing signs of arousal, but also indicating that she had suckled her young daughters (three of whom were at this university). Zinah’s were lighter, closer to the pink of young breasts that have never fed the hungry lips of a baby. However, what had been most noticeable was that Ablaa was completely shaven, and even more surprising had an array of gold rings in her pussy lips and one large one through the clitoral area. At that time Zinah had a mass of black pubic hair hiding her sex and spreading over the inner thighs. Alexa had wanted to get on her knees and lick both of their pussies until they came violently above her. She had felt ashamed that she was turning lesbian and had tried to avoid any situation like that again, but it was impossible. She suddenly noticed Zinah staring at her with a quizzical look.

“Are you alright honey?” she asked gently, stroking Alexa’s cheek with such a show of affection and concern. “You know, you are so beautiful that if I was a man I would want to fuck you right now!”

“And as a woman?” Alexa asked, shocking herself with having even had the temerity to ask. She blushed, lowering her eyes from Zinah’s gaze, though not before noticing a sudden sparkle and widening of the pupils.

“I’d fuck you, until you came like a train,” she said softly, her hand gently squeezing Alexa’s right buttock. Her flatmate hadn’t noticed where Zinah’s hand had drifted to, but now she was shocked by the sudden pleasure it sent to her thighs and especially her pussy which seeped more juice into her already-sopping panties.

But then Zinah was up and gone, releasing her and heading for the bathroom.

“I need to pee. All this talk of sex is making my bladder shrink!” she laughed, leaving Alexa to stare open-mouthed after the exotic beauty’s perfectly shaped calves and thighs as she walked to the en suite. ‘Did she just come on to me? Or was she teasing?’ Alexa asked herself, her brain filled again with lewd images of fucking with her friend. ‘Pull yourself together!’ she said, possibly louder than she meant.

“I meant to ask,” came the disembodied voice from the toilet, accompanied by the unmistakeable sound of piss hitting water, “What do you think of my shaven pussy?”

Alexa gulped. She had noticed her looking, but seemed to have clearly not objected. She was starting rapidly to reassess that assumption that her friend was an innocent. How the hell could she reply?

“It- it – it’s very nice,” she answered limply.

“Go on,” Zinah urged, obviously wanting to hear more praise. “What is nice?”

“Well, it looks so smooth and shiny. I like how your sex is well, er, shown off. Just like your mum’s.”

‘Oh my God!’ she thought to herself, ‘I’ve let slip I’d looked at her mum! She’s going to be so angry.’ Alexa grimaced, waiting for the backlash.

“Yes, well it was her idea. She told me off last time for having such a hairy cunt. She said no man or woman would want to bury their heads in my fuzzy snatch.” She laughed and laughed, giving Alexa permission to join in, no matter how hot and embarrassed she now felt.

“Did you say man OR woman?” Alexa asked, continuing the pretence of enquiring as if a bit of fun.

“Oh yes, my mother is a bisexual and makes no secret of it, except when back home in Arabia of course. She thinks I need to broaden my horizons and fuck women too. What do you think?” she asked, pausing as she broke off pieces of paper to wipe her cunt, but also so she could hear Alexa’s reply. If her flatmate could see her, she would witness the look of amusement but also hope.

“I – I – think,” she stammered, “That you should do what is in your heart. If you want a lesbian relationship, then so be it!” Alexa heard herself say, feeling a little guilty at the promotional speech, but even more aroused by the way the conversation was heading.

“Oh, I’m not a lesbo. I still want küçükyalı escort men in my cunt and maybe my arse (though I’ve never had either), but why be limited by convention?” she asked, and then paused before taking a deep breath and letting go with another of her breathless, gabbled declarations. “Besides, I’ve been your roommate for so long and have had the hots for you ever since I’ve been here and done nothing about it. Mum thinks we are mad to have not been fucking each other instead of diddling our clits surreptitiously under the duvets. So there you have it and I hope you don’t hate me now for speaking what has been in my mind for so long…and…”

There was silence. Alexa did not know what to say, though despite her embarrassment the images in her brain were no less explicit than they had been lately. She could even imagine herself replacing the rustling toilet paper with her tongue. Things were changing fast. ‘Why?’ she thought to herself, then said aloud after what seemed like an eternity, “I think I may be, er, bisexual, but I know I’m not a lesbian and I’m not offended. Far from it…”

There it was out, like some new advert. She felt scared yet elated in admitting something she had tried to suppress for a very long time. Maybe the bit of distance offered by them being in separate rooms had made them both bolder. It was like true confessions over a telephone…

“Thank God for that!” came the eventual response from Zinah, though in her erotic daydreaming, Alexa had missed that her roommate was standing by her. However, now she was naked and was leaning closer and closer to her face until she kissed Alexa full on the lips.

It was akin to being jump started. One strong push and the charge of electricity shot through her body, spreading out and down. She was energised and yet completely immobilised as to what to do next. She laid there, her arms rigid, unable to move as the tongue snaked into her mouth and the now naked breasts again pressed against her own. However, just as suddenly Zinah had broken away and said kindly, again in that hoarse, sexy voice, “We better get showered and dressed for the party. Coming to shower?”

Alexa was just recovering from the shock. Her body felt so aroused, on fire, alert to the new sensations of just having been caressed and her mouth invaded so sensually by another woman and her best friend at that. She WANTED to be naked with Zinah but she also wanted more than that, just nothing would come out of her mouth and her body seemed leaden, unable to move and yet she imagined just as a woman naked and tied might feel – wanton. So many erotic thoughts, so many feelings and yet some disappointment as she realised her roommate was being ridiculously tasky, focusing on them getting dressed for a party when her body screamed, ‘fuck me’.

She felt her friend lift her up, encouraging Alexa to rise from the bed. They held hands, with the shorter Zinah putting her shoulder into her friend’s armpit as if a human crutch. Alexa held on tight more than hugged, her mind still whirring from the whirlwind of events. What had she learned? Her friend was a virgin with either sex, had the hots for her, accepted being bisexual under the encouragement of her bisexual mother and both had the cutest shaven pussies. Then she came to, realising Zinah was going to see her fully naked for the first time despite their shared quarters. She had always changed in the bathroom. Only once had her friend seen her nude and that was from the back. Yes, she’d paraded round in bra and knickers but that was it. And now as she stood in the bathroom, speechless, she was acutely aware that in direct contrast to Zinah she had a mass of embarrassingly untrimmed bush between her thighs. It was as if she had been caught wearing the wrong clothes to a party. She felt ashamed, hesitant about being naked but then she heard Zinah’s words and wondered if she was a mind reader…

“Darling, I want you to sit astride the bidet before we do anything else. For weeks I’ve noticed the expansive dark bush that spreads out from under your panties. I’m going to shave you…”

“But..” Alexa began to say, blushing with embarrassment, yet feeling sublimely aroused by the suggestion.

“No buts,” interrupted Zinah. “You need a clean and smooth pussy for this evening. I’ll leave you with a little pussy hair if you want me to but around those sex lips should be completely depilated. Now get your clothes off.”

Alexa pulled her tight little T-shirt off over her head, releasing a pair of beautiful breasts that were large and yet bounced only a little as they settled unfettered on her chest. Zinah was taken by the saucer-like areolae and the long, stiff nipples that invited a lick or a suck; even the attachment of nipple clamps or pegs that she had seen her mother use when playing with her father. That was an event she had never discussed again with her parents, but had been the start of the (positive) change in relationship between herself and her guardians.

Next it was the panties, which Alexa was aware had suddenly become a potentially sexy ritual of disrobing and so took an inordinate amount of time to slip down and off her long, perfectly muscled thighs. She knew by the time she stepped out of them, Zinah was completely transfixed sancaktepe escort on her nakedness and she loved it. Gone was any embarrassment about her hairy pussy. No, the pride she felt of being naked and knowing her body had been secretly admired for so long was an aphrodisiac of immense power. She turned away, legs set slightly too far apart to be natural and bent at the waist to pick up her flimsy knickers and throw them in the clothes basket. She knew that despite all the fuzz, Zinah would see two prominent labia breaking out of the forest. They were wet and the surrounding coarse hair would be glistening with her juice. It was inevitable. The air reeked of their conjoined perfumes. She heard the sigh from her friend and smiled to herself, knowing she was attractive to her despite her untidy state.

“My god, if you only knew what thoughts were going through my head, Alexa!”

“Oh, I think I know. I-I’m feeling and probably thinking the same,” she said in the same hoarse tone as her friend.

It was as spontaneous as it was predestined. They turned to face each other again. Alexa bent to kiss Zinah with an intense passion that was quickly followed by hands that wandered all over her friend’s smaller frame. She was like a horny teenage boy, finding out what the opposite sex felt like. She weighed the breasts in her hands, feeling the rigid teats against her soft white palms, and then tweaked the nipples hard as her ex-boyfriend had done many times to her. She knew its effect and heard the groan of pleasure against her mouth, before having lingered there she let her hand slide slowly and tentatively downwards, expecting to be slapped or pulled away at any minute. When her fingers found the depilated pad of her friend below, she hesitated slightly, but not for long as Zinah took her hand and encouraged her to slide between the open sex lips. Another groan was uttered; and a tongue that snaked deeper into her mouth as if mirroring the movements of her now soaked fingers. Alexa traced along and inside her flatmate’s cunt.

Zinah was holding her so tightly, her long manicured nails over her right hand raking over Alexa’s back and arse, her left arm pulling them together as if not wanting them ever to part. Alexa realised that her other hand was doing the same, placed at the back of Zinah’s neck to pull their mouths together in an almost suffocating embrace. And all the time her fingers relentlessly and rhythmically pleasured the olive-skinned beauty’s clitoris and sex lips, making Zinah gasp and whimper and pant until she broke from their kiss to scream in ecstasy as a powerful orgasm took her senses completely away.

If Alexa had not been there to hold her, she was convinced Zinah would have fainted and fallen. Instead, she held her firmly yet gently in her arms, watching her face as the pleasure washed over her. She loved the expressions that looked at first like pain but became sheer, unadulterated satisfaction. In fact, she felt what could only be described later by her as love for her friend. It was a new feeling that at once elated her and at another level frightened.

It was many minutes before Zinah seemed to come out of her orgasmic state. Alexa had marvelled at how multi-orgasmic her flatmate seemed to be and how totally vulnerable and immobilised she was once she had finished cumming. For Alexa she felt envious and yet pleased. She had only ever achieved orgasm at her own hand. Scott, her ex, had had no interest in her own pleasure though had been good at inducing that strange mix of pleasure and pain through his nipple tortures. No, she had been a fuck-hole with legs and tits she had come to realise. Taking her virginity had just been another notch to put on the bedpost and the words of love pure devices to part her from her knickers. Now was a turning point she realised, so different in the sexual transaction.

Zinah, awakened from her orgasmic coma, pushing Alexa slightly away to kiss her face and neck, then sliding her tongue sensuously over her friend’s firm breast before lapping Alexa’s hard teat. She heard her roommate sigh and then wimper, “Please, please love me.”

Zinah’s heart melted with love and desire for her friend. Her mother had been right. She had been missing out on eating the ripest fruit that was closest to her. So, she began to crouch down, dragging her tongue lower and lower over Alexa’s taut torso, dipping momentarily into her deep navel, before entering the enchanted forest between her roomy’s thighs. The smell of her nectar had guided her there. She did not need to see to know that this was her heaven on earth. Now she knelt at the gates, her tongue extending to push open the soft, aroused doors that kissed and then pressed against her lips and nose. The liquid cum of her friend filled her nostrils, and the loud groans of Alexa blocked out any other sounds. She tasted heaven’s ambrosia, caressing her own body as her tongue played and explored Alexa’s beauty. This was the sleeping princess at the centre of the forest, the enchanted chamber that came alive with her kisses. Zinah delved as deeply as her tongue would let her, her first ever taste of a girlfriend. She played, she teased and she marvelled at her power as Alexa’s groans changed to heavy panting. She heard the sounds of hands caressing above as Alexa explored the superbly sensitised flesh of her own body; stretching and punishing her hard nipples, sliding over her ample curves and even daring to slide fingers up and between her arse cheeks, surprising herself as she allowed a digit to slip into her tight little anus.

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