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My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 02

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I woke up to the smell of bacon. My stomach growled, I realised that I hadn’t eaten anything at all last night. Thinking about last night caused all the memories to come flooding through. Jesus Christ, that really did happen, I felt guilty, hoping that nothing will change between my sister and I. Groggily I headed towards the kitchen. I looked up to see Lucy on the step ladder with her back turned to me, reaching for the pepper which was at the very top of the cupboard. She was wearing nothing but one of my old shirts and blue panties. As she was stretching, she gave me a good view of her round ass. I couldn’t help but imagine bending her over and slapping those cheeks till they were red. I continued my gaze upwards, my eyes stopped at her hips. God they were sexy, her shirt had ridden up and gave me a hell of a view of her exposed hips. She had tied her light brown hair into a ponytail, giving her a sexy girl next door vibe. I wasn’t even aware of it but I had taken my cock out and began stroking it. I was jacking off to my sister and I couldn’t care less. She must have heard me as she started talking.

“Hey Jacob, I was just making some breakfast and I can’t find the bloody pepper, mind giving me a hand?”

I approached her, still absent-mindedly jerking off. Lucy turned around to step back down but the sight of me jerking off must have startled her, her foot missed the step and everything that happened next felt like it was slow motion. I lunged forward, grabbing her arm Lucy yelped as she fell down, her hands grabbing onto my shoulders. We both collapsed to the floor with Lucy falling on top of me. I got a face full of her breasts, as Lucy tried to get up my cock had managed to ride up in-between her butt cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she nestled against my cock. I laid there silently, part of me wanting to fuck Lucy until she screamed and another part begging me telling me that this was wrong. The latter won, I wanted to get up and apologise but to my surprise Lucy put her palm against my chest and gently pushed me back down. She began to grind against my cock rubbing her pussy against it. I could feel her juices seeping through her panties. Only a small layer of fabric was stopping me from penetrating my baby sister. Jesus Christ what was I doing?

“Lucy, we shouldn’t,”

“Please, Jacob I need this, please just let me do this,” her voice pleaded.

I Alanya Olgun Escort placed my hands on her thighs forcing Lucy lower onto my cock. She moved faster, I could tell she was close. I looked up at Lucy, I saw her biting her lower lip her eyes closed as she grinded against my cock. That’s when I lost it. I flipped Lucy over so that I was on top. I ripped her shirt off revealing her perfect breasts, her nipples erect with excitement. Lucy yelped as I tore her panties off and as I angled my cock towards her now damp pussy I used one of my arms to hold hers in position above while the other fondled her breast. I looked at my sister, her hazel eyes staring at me, she was biting her lower lip. Fuck, she’s perfect. She glanced at my throbbing cock just inches away from her pussy. I knew she was thinking the same thing I was, do we cross this line? She looked back up at me.

“Please, Jacob,” she whispered her voice husky. That was all the encouragement I needed, I slammed all seven inches of my cock into her damp pussy.

“OH FUUUCCKKKK!” Lucy screamed. I felt her cunt muscles squeeze my cock with a vigour I’ve never felt before, it took everything not to come right there. Lucy tried to lift her hands from my grip but I slammed them back down.

“Don’t you fucking move,” I growled as I stared into Lucy’s innocent hazel eyes. I began pounding Lucy into the floor, her pussy felt amazing. I had never felt so good in my life. She moaned loudly, I could feel her building to another climax. I looked at her, she had her head thrown back in pleasure. I kissed her hard, she accepted my tongue like it was second nature. Last night’s kiss was different more passionate, this was wilder it was between a man and a woman who wanted to do nothing but fuck. I continued to pound her unable to control myself. I let go of her hands and wrapped mine around her neck. Lucy moaned in approval. Here was my baby sister being choked and getting fucked by her big brother into the floor. She wrapped her arms around my back, her fingernails digging into my skin. Then suddenly, Lucy screamed she quaked underneath me and I knew she was cumming for a second time. She looked up at me longingly, her hazel eyes staring into my soul. I removed my cock from her and stood up.

“Get on your knees,” I ordered. Lucy obeyed without any hesitation. She got on her knees, her soft lips just Alanya Otele Gelen Escort inches away from my throbbing cock. Usually Alisha would be in charge whenever we had sex but now I was in control. My little sister would do whatever I asked of her.

“You want to please your big brother, don’t you?” I questioned

“I want to please my big brother,” Lucy repeated, her voice so soft and so innocent. Her hand dropped down to her pussy as she began massaging her clit

“And how are you going to please your big brother?” I asked

“I’m going to suck my big brother’s big cock,” she whispered. God, she sounded so sexy. She wrapped the small of her hand around my cock and gave me a few experimental pumps. My cock twitched in approval. Then Lucy wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock.

“Fuck,” I groaned. Lucy then began to test herself, taking my cock deeper each time.

“Let me see those eyes, baby girl,” I ordered. Lucy looked up at me, her hazel eyes never leaving my gaze. The sight of my baby sister, giving me a blow-job combined with her beautiful eyes were too much to bear

“Fuck, Lucy you’re amazing,” Lucy moaned happily as she bobbed up and down my cock.

I was close and I needed to cum. I grabbed Lucy’s ponytail and forced her to take the whole of my cock down her throat. She gagged, her body trying to force my cock out of her throat. Lucy’s legs then quivered as she moaned, her hazel eyes never breaking contact with me. I knew she just came again. My turn, I thought. I began to fuck her throat, Lucy’s hands dropped to her sides, I increased my pace. Lucy was nowhere near as good as Alisha was but her innocence and her inexperience turned me on even more. I looked down, Lucy looked up, tears ebbed from her eyes, she nodded telling me she was okay. I grabbed her hair and slammed my cock deep into her throat, that was all I could take. Jet after Jet of cum, exploded down my baby sister’s throat. Lucy’s eyes widened as she struggled to adjust to the cum jetting down her throat. I pulled my cock from her mouth. Lucy looked at me, smiled happily and to my surprise swallowed all of my semen. She wiped the rest from her mouth onto her fingers and giggled as she sucked them clean. Fuck, I thought I’ve turned my baby sister was a minx. She stood up onto her tiptoes and gave me a quick kiss.

“Take me to our Alanya Rus Escort bed big brother,” she whispered.

Without hesitating, I lifted Lucy up into the air, she wrapped her slender legs around my waist as her hands played with my hair. I kissed her, our tongues danced passionately. I carried her to my bedroom.

“Now what baby?” I asked looking up at her hazel eyes. Lucy lowered her lips to my ear.

“I want you to fuck my ass, big brother,” Lucy whispered. Jesus Christ, what the hell happened to my innocent sister. My cock stiffened at the thought of penetrating my sister’s asshole. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and positioned it against her asshole.

“Be gentle big brother, you’re my first,” Lucy whispered. Fuck, I was about to fuck my baby sister’s virgin asshole. I carried Lucy and placed her against the wall. Slowly I lowered her onto my cock, her asshole flexed against my cock refusing to allow it inside. I pushed down a bit harder and the head of my cock entered her ass. Lucy let out a small yelp and bit her bottom lip, fuck she was so hot. I continued applying pressure as Lucy slowly slid down my cock. Soon Lucy had taken my entire shaft in her asshole. I could feel her squirming, adjusting to my cock. She was driving me wild, I slowly pulled out and slammed my cock back into her ass.

“Fuucck,” she moaned, as she wrapped her legs tighter around my waist. I began to pound her ass, forcing her against the wall. Lucy started to pant, her hazel eyes stared deep into mine.

“I’m close, Lucy,” I said as I increased my pace.

“Please, baby cum inside me,” Lucy panted.

That forced me over the edge, I slammed Lucy down onto my cock, she yelped as I released jet after jet of cum into ass. Holy fuck, that was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life and I had experienced it with my sister. Lucy’s body went limp as she rested her head against my shoulder. I carried her over to my bed and gently placed her down. I laid down next to her as Lucy purred happily snuggling up to me. I gave her a quick kiss and fell asleep almost instantly.

I woke up to my phone buzzing, Lucy was still asleep her arm draped around my chest, I kissed her forehead and reached over for my phone. It was a message from Alisha.

‘Hey baby, guess what I’m all finished up here, a lot earlier than expected. My boss told me I can come home early, she’s the best. Anyway, I’ll be home tomorrow night, oh and don’t worry if you couldn’t make it, I think I’m going to give you your reward anyway. See you soon baby.



Fuck, I looked over and saw Lucy fast asleep her head resting against my chest. What the fuck have I done?

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