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Mom , 30+ Years Ch. 05

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We returned home and resumed our schedule of intimacy.

On a Saturday outing, we were driving around visiting antique stores. Mom was a collector of frogs. No, never asked her why. In one small antique store, I walked up behind mom as she studied a three-cent, thick glass milk bottle that turned out to be about 11 inches tall, with a flared neck.

“Do you think your dick would fit into this?” She whispered, as she looked around to see if anyone was within hearing.

“I don’t know.” I replied. “What the hell for.”

“We’ll take it and see.”

That night, we got naked and mom told me “what for”, as we experimented with the bottle. Mom told me she had the desire to watch me shoot off into it. As my cock became rigid, it was a tight fit but she was fascinated watching it push past the constricted neck, much like, I suppose, it would push into her pussy. We laughed a lot, and eventually found that lying on the bed with a couple of pillows just below crotch level, my cock in the upright bottle, worked best. She was able to lay side me stroking my body and talking dirty as I fucked the bottle. She was overjoyed when she was rewarded with a good load of milky semen squirting from the head of my cock. It took a place of honor in the middle of her frog collection. It worked better than I ever admitted and not only used it occasionally, with and without mom, to relieve the sexual tension, but still use it to this day.

Working at the YMCA again, the time arrived for “Fair Day”, a summer camp fundraiser. I had been talking to a very dark skinned black girl off and on for some months and during the weekend of the fundraiser I had spent a good deal of time helping her at her booth. After cleanup, Sunday afternoon, I asked her if I could walk her home. She accepted. The route took us, literally, right by the entrance to my apartment and I asked her if she would like to go upstairs and listen to some music and have a Coke.

“Is your mom home?” She inquired. “She might not approve of me.”

“Mom would approve of anyone I brought home.” I answered. “But, no, mom will not be home until six or so. She’s working today.”

“You think we should be alone?” She asked.

“To be honest, I was hoping you would give me some pussy.” I whispered near her ear. I had nothing to lose by being direct. If she blushed or not, I could not tell. But, I doubt she blushed because she was just as direct.

“I figured I might. I thought we would never get together. Being up front does away with all of the bull shitting around.” She replied, wise beyond her years. For once, I had been bested.

Jenna, was a bit shorter than I, at 5’7″. Not large in the chest but her ample ass was bubbled out substantially, her thighs thick. Her shoulder length hair was hanging straight as most of her peers at the time. In the apartment, the refreshments and music were forgotten about. We stood in the middle of the living room kissing, fondling and undressing each other. My curiosity of her pussy was intense and, having shed our closing, I backed her to the bed. Her legs buckled and she dropped to her back. I lifted her legs, spreading them significantly, and peered down at a neatly trimmed, close cropped mat of curly hair outlining her pussy. Her pussy lips were almost nonexistent. Lifting her ass clear of the bed, she seemed to know what was in my mind, and elbowed herself further onto the bed and maneuvered herself around lengthways on the bed. I rushed into my bedroom to retrieve a condom, ripped it open, put it on as I ran back, and climbed atop her. Her legs spread and lifted and she reached for my cock. We coupled and began a frenzied rhythm with me trying to split her open as I slammed into her.


I had not noticed that the bathroom door had been shut when we entered the apartment. Mom, having a bellyache, had gotten the son of her boss to drive her home. Jenna and I decoupled and I stumbled off the bed, looking at mom with “deer in the headlight” eyes.

“Get her ass dressed and out of my apartment.” Mom stated harshly. “Now. God dammit! You’ll pay for this one, you bastard.”

Mom turned and walked to the back of the apartment, the kitchen, leaving us alone. We dressed quickly. “I’m walking Jenna home.” I hollered, as we hurried out the door and down the steps, running down the sidewalk a few steps before slowing to a walk. Then we began to laugh.

“What did she mean? You’ll pay for this one.” She inquired.

“You’re the third girl mom has caught me fucking in her bed.” I replied, causing both of us renewed laughter. It was not the entire story, unfortunately.

“You’re a very bad boy.” She laughed. “There’s no one at my house. That’s for certain. Not until 10 tonight. But if there is, I’m going to fuck you in the middle of the yard.

I followed as she took off running.

I turned home about three hours later, finding mom preparing supper. I hollered, “I’m home” and sat on the couch watching TV. It was not long before mom came kurtköy escort in to join me.

“Spaghetti sound okay to you for supper?” She inquired.

“Sounds great.” I answered.

“So, did you find a place to finish fucking her?” Mom inquired. “She is a pretty girl. I apologize for getting so upset. But why do you have to fuck them in our bed where we fuck? You know, we have unique situation here. Do you not give any thought to my feelings?”

“It’s just easier, I suppose. There is more room than my bed.” I replied. “Of course I think about your feeling.” Then, remembered to add. “I fucked her in her room”.

“I just don’t understand you. You’re not sorry you upset me.” She continued. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. But, I promise you I am going to find some way to pay you back. You’re not going to fuck some black bitch in our bed and just brush it off.” After letting her words sink in, she added. “And what’s the story. Are you having a hard time getting white pussy?”

More weeks passed and life went on. Mom’s desire to fuck seemed to wane considerably. Oh, she still held up her end of the bargain, but she was less proactive in doing so. Many times, she gave me access to her treasure without becoming aroused herself. She tended to be a bit more short tempered and went to bed early. When I drove her to work there was little conversation. But as time went by, she seemed to become her old self. I figured the incident had been forgotten or forgiven.

Then one day I picked her up from work and on the drive home she announced.

“I was thinking. We could drive up-state for a few days. We could leave Friday and I don’t have to be back to work until Wednesday morning.”

“I have always wanted you to see Lake George.” I replied happily.

So, it was set. We left early Friday morning, arriving in Lake George (actually Silver Bay a YMCA summer retreat) by noon. We spent the afternoon walking, relaxing, dining and sitting on the large front porch that evening talking to the other guests. Saturday, we rented a 13′ Boston Whaler to spend the day on the lake. We crossed the lake to a small cove I was familiar with. We walked a small trail up the side of the mountain, returning to the boat for the lunch that we had packed. Mom seemed relaxed and happy and after lunch we spent time swimming and playing in the warm, 10’deep water of the cove, before retiring to a large boulder to sit in the sun.

“I suppose you’re horny as hell. I can see the bulge in your suit.” She said warmly. “This is such a lovely spot. It would make a nice memory. Where do you think we can do it?”

“We need to get a cushion out of the boat.” I replied. “I saw a large rock back up the trail that should work good.”

“Already scoped it out, have you?” She teased. “You do have a one track mind! Always thinking about pussy, aren’t you?”

We both entered the water and swam to the boat, grabbed a cushion, and swam to the rocky bank. Walking about 100 feet into the woods, I stopped at the chosen rock and placed the cushion on it, stepping back to allow mom to take a seat.

“Honey, I just don’t feel comfortable taking off my bathing suit here in the woods.” She said, positioning herself on the cushion. “It’s easier for you, but I’m keeping mine on. “

I lowered my swim shorts below my knees. Mom put her left arm around my neck as I moved between her legs. With her right hand, she pulled the crotch of her suit aside, leaning back slightly, as I placed the head of my cock to her treasure.

“Ouch! Watch the hair, sugar.” She exclaimed, as I pushed into her. “OOooooooooo! That feels soooo good. Like it’s been a month since you’ve fucked me.”

There in the woods, we fucked slowly and passionately. It was one of the few times that having an orgasm was the last thing on my mind, and I think, mom’s too. I concentrated on the feeling along my shaft as I pumped slowly in and out of her. Mom, moaned softly, holding me tightly with both arms, relaxing her grip occasionally to view our coupling. “It is so beautiful.” She said once. There was no need for words in this quiet place. We rocked slowly together for nearly 30 minutes before mom said her back was hurting and asked if I wanted to finish. I pulled from her informing her that I was quite happy. We spent another hour motoring around the lake before returning the boat to the rental.

Sunday morning, after eating breakfast, we walked around the grounds of Silver Bay, played table tennis and laughed a lot. “You’re too competitive.” Mom complained, when I slammed the ball at her. By late afternoon we had checked out and continued to drive up route 9N as mom had decided she wanted to see Fort Ticonderoga.

“How far is Burlington Vermont?” Mom asked.

“Maybe 50-60 miles. Why?” I queried.

“Then turn around and pick up that young man going back to college. The sign he was holding said, “Returning to college, Burlington Vermont.”

“What about Fort Ticonderoga?” I asked.

“We maltepe escort can’t forget about that.” Mom replied.

It was totally out of character for mom to want to pick up a stranger, but I made a U-turn, pasted by the young man, made a U-turn and slowed down to a stop. He grabbed his bag, opened the back door and jumped in.

“Thank you. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to catch a ride this late. I’m Don Reinhardt.”

“I’m Irene. This is my stepson, Press.” Mom lied.

It would turn out to be closer to 70 miles, but Don turned out to be talkative and a good conversationalist. It was an enjoyable ride. As we enter the town limits of Vergennes, VT., just south of Burlington, mom asked if I would stop by a drugstore as she had a headache and needed some aspirin.

“Dad in Europe. You and step-mom touring the countryside.” Don observed, while mom was in the drugstore. “Would I be out of line if I called you a lucky son of a gun?”

“Nothing is out of line among friends.” I joked. “You’d be right on the money.”

“She is one sexy lady.” He exclaimed.

Mom returned and we continued through town.

“Don, we would like you to have dinner with us.” Mom stated. “The druggist said there is a good restaurant just down the road.”

“Thank you.” He replied. “But please, let me pay for dinner.”

Again, Don was great company at dinner, but mom would not hear of him paying for dinner. After dinner, standing by the car in the parking lot;

“Look, it’s closing on 9:30 and there is a motel just down the street.” Mom said, as she pointed. “I say let’s get a room, get a good nights sleep and we can take Don into Burlington tomorrow morning. What do you say guys? You two can share a bed?”

I was beginning to dislike having Don around. But, so decided, we drove down the street to the motel. Mom went for a short walk and Don and I sat watching a movie on TV. Mom returned and sat reading a magazine she had picked up at a nearby store. It was near 10:45 when mom sat her magazine down.

“Fellows, I’m going to take a bath and get dressed for bed. Anybody have to pee?” She asked.

I was aware of the bathtub water running, mom bathing and the water draining from the bathtub. I was a bit concerned that mom would soon come out of the bathroom with her nightgown on, as she owned no bathrobe.

“I forgot my panties!” She shouted. “Could one of you guys bring them to me, please.”

I felt alarm as mom had included Don as a deliverer of her underwear. I scrambled to find them laying on her bed and hastened to the bathroom door. She cracked the door and I saw her standing there nude.

“Thank you, sugar.” She said, smiling at me.

As expected, mom exited the bathroom wearing only her nightgown over her panties. I detected no bra and the light from the bathroom silhouetted her body through the nightgown. She returned to the bed, the one closest to the bathroom, retrieved the magazine and stretched out to begin reading again.

“Don, the bathroom is free now if you’d like to take a shower.” She stated.

“Thank you, Irene.” He replied, as he headed for the bathroom.

I sat staring at my mother as she read. She did not look up at me or talk while Don showered. When Don finished, he exited the bathroom wearing the pants and shirt he had worn all day. I probably took the quickest shower of my life and slipped my pants on again. I exited the bathroom to find my mother still reading and Don reclining on our bed watching TV. I took a seat in a nearby lounge chair, feeling very uneasy. Mom was not being herself. After many long minutes;

“Don, tell me something?” Mom asked, terseness in her voice. “What do you think about a step-son who would fuck some black bitch in the same bed where he fucks me?”

I sat stupefied and speechless, as did Don.

“Look at me, Don.” She said, standing and facing the other bed, lifting the front of her nightgown to expose herself for Don’s appraisal. “I am nearing 41 years old. Do you think I’m still attractive?”

“You’re lovely, Irene.” Don offered, as he intensely appraised her womanly features, nervousness in his voice.

Mom dropped her nightgown. Throwing a glare my way she walked to the door. She switched off the overhead entrance light, the bed-stand light between the two beds and the TV. She ignored the bathroom light with the door cracked about 2 inches. She turned to her bed and we sat there in semidarkness for long moments.

“Don, have you ever fucked an older woman?” Mom solicited.

“No ma’am.” Don mumbled

“Come over here and join me.” She said. “Don’t be afraid or shy. Press needs to be taught a lesson in good manners and you are going to help me to teach him.”

I watched Don stand and cross to the bed in an unsure manner. I fought for the words that would end this craziness, but I found none. I was also intrigued. Was my mother going to let a near stranger fuck her to teach me a “lesson”?

“Come mutlukent escort around the other side. Take your clothes off. And join me right here.” Mom directed, padding the bed next to her right side.

As Don removed his clothes, I could only barely see his erection. He entered the bed as mom sat up. I shuddered when she began to remove her nightgown and panties. Reclining back, mom turned to face Don, and immediately reached for his cock. He responded by fondling her tits, then quickly moved to suckle a nipple as his right hand moved down over her hips to palm her ass and draw her closer to him.

“I forgot!” Mom said suddenly, rolling away from Don, leaving the bed, finding her purse and scrambling to find the condoms she had purchased at the drugstore. On the way back to the bed, she ripped the box, retrieved a packet and threw it at Don. “Here, put this on.”

This brief interlude caused a, just as brief, smile to cross my face as I remembered my own lapse of memory with Jenna.

Mom maneuvered him atop her, as she maneuvered to the middle of the bed. Mom’s legs widened and lifted, and though I could not see her right hand, I knew that it was undoubtedly guiding Don’s cock to the entrance of her treasure. Her moan confirmed that Don had entered her and that she found his cock pleasing. Then, Don’s motion attested to the fact that my mom, my lover, my treasure, my pussy was now being fucked by a near total stranger. And it had happened in the swiftest of time.

By the dim light provided by the crack in the bathroom door, I could tell Don had been there before. He fucked mom slowly and passionately. But I noted, though mom moaned with each penetrating thrust, her body was not responding the way I thought it should. Involuntarily, I unzipped my fly and brought forth my own erection.

“Fuck me, baby.” Mom coached. “Fuck me deep.”

Giving in to my foolish curiosity, I left the chair and dropped to my knees at the foot of the bed. I, careful not to touch Don or my mother, moved in close to witness their coupling. My eyes, having adjusted to the darkness, aided by the dim light from the bathroom, had a more then adequate view of mom’s treasure being, in my mind, violated.

“Damn, why does he have to be so fucking thick!” I pondered, as I watched his cock withdrawal to the head before plunging back into her. “And long.”

I tarried long minutes before moving back to the lounge chair. I remained convinced that mom was not a full participant, as I slowly stroked my cock and watched and listened. The bed was soon squeaking rhythmically. Mom’s uncontrollable grunts and moans increased as Don’s rhythm increased.

“Fuck me, baby!” Mom continued, raising her volume a bit. “Give it to me. Give me your cum, Don. Come on! Do it! Give me your cum!”

Don’s rhythm increased more. I smiled and stroked my cock a little harder. It was reminiscent of the nights mom was not into fucking, but wanted to please me anyway. She could talk cum out of a walnut.

“Stick it in me! Deeper, dammit, deeper!” She commanded. “Harder, damn you! Give me your cum! Shoot it in me!”

Don’s heavy, loud moan gave evidence of the orgasm he could no longer hold back. Thankfully, the lustful movements on the bed slowed, then stopped. Don rolled off my mother to lie beside her. She turned to face him. I was relieved it was over as my erection deflated.

“That was good, baby.” She whispered.

“But you did not cum.” He replied in a concerned tone.

“It’s okay, honey. It’s been a long day and I am give out.” She whispered in a pacifying tone I had heard often. “You fucked me good. Now, let’s go to sleep.”

Neither of them moved for long moments and I quietly retired to the other bed. I lay for long moments pondering what had transpired. I was amazed that my mother had carried a grudge so long. And, even more amazed, that her shy, introverted self had asserted itself. In the end, I concluded, her hatred of men had won out and for once she had her revenge.

Consciousness came slowly and gradually I became aware of my mother’s and Don’s moans. Surely they’re not? I rolled over. Eyeing the clock I noted the time at 7:35 in the AM. Straining to see into the now total darkness, as the bathroom light was now extinguished. I was instantly aware of the two forms locked in mortal lust. Who had initiated this sexual union? How long had they been fucking? Why had mom transformed into a wanton participant, her ass lifting with “his” endeavor to stab her to death? The squeaking bed filled the room with mind numbing evidence of her disloyalty. Yes disloyalty. Her treasure was taking pleasure in the fucking it was receiving. Her loud, unrestrained moans were confirmation of it. Their fucking seemed to go on forever, as I lay there mesmerized. Having spied earlier on them coupling, I could easily envision what his cock was doing to her, spreading her pussy wide as he plunged deep into her. With each plunge her moan was maddening. “I’ll never fuck another woman.” I lied to myself. Her animal moans ripped through me as she orgasm strongly. Her ass lifting off the bed as “he” continued to hammer into her, racing to his own orgasm that followed close behind hers. He continued to slowly fuck her long moments. With her legs still wrapped around him, her body had now become unreceptive and limp.

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