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I Told You I Like Baggy Shorts

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Without a doubt, you were the sexiest woman I had ever had the privilege of fucking. You had a real woman’s body, strong with just a nice layer of softness that accentuated your glorious curves.

And how exquisitely your curves fit in my hand! Whenever I got within reach of you, I had to have your softness in my hand. I didn’t always indulge myself, out of respect for you, but whenever I could, I had to have physical contact with you. It was like a drug for me, and almost an addiction. Almost…

You see, the real addiction for me was your sweet juice. Even as I write this, my tongue is doing a slow dance across the back of my teeth just thinking, again, about tasting you. About fondling you, caressing you, and getting your engines revved…

I know you remember the night in the back of my pick up truck… We were parked in front of the MH, not 12 feet from the front door, but neither one of us could wait. We were outside as the evening settled, darkness enshrouding us and giving us a sense, albeit imaginary, of privacy. No one was about, but the excitement of imminent danger inherent with discovery served only to encourage us.

You sat on the end of the truck bed, your legs dangling over. You leaned back and that shirt-shoulder fell off you shoulder, exposing warm, brown flesh to me. Revealed also was my inner animal (you never did tell me what animal you thought it was). My mouth immediately watered and my belly tightened. The low intensity vibration between my legs had begun.

Oh, we tried to hold off… but only for the sole purpose of increasing the tension, the desire, and the lust between us.

I was immediately aware, when you failed to retrieve the errant shoulder/sleeve, that you wanted this! My knees weakened and I had to make a subtle move to better brace myself. My feet shifted slightly further apart as I stepped forward to lean against the tail bed, right between your legs. Deftly spreading them as I moved in, your glance was quite obviously excited, but it was excitement tainted with fear of discovery. Or was it guilt?

I’ve never been vindictive in my life… well, never with YOU, anyway… but the urge has finally struck me, 2 years later.

In this place, no one knows you. No one knows who you are, so if I write about you, it won’t matter. There is no need, any longer, for me to be concerned about how you feel about this. Just like your actions that ended this relationship proved the same, that you had no qualms about taking my heart, shredding it and handing it back to me.

I am about to profane the sacred. I am about to reveal to the world what it’s like to fuck you.

All for the crime of making me fall in love with you.

Fuck you.

Oh wait! I did!

And it was fucking great, wasn’t it? When I pulled you in to me, you came willingly. We spoke about non-important things, briefly, all the while smiling like schoolgirls, and me, looking up every once in awhile to scan the empty street, one way and the other.

Sliding my hands slowly to that spot on the sides of your ribcage, but right under your luscious breasts, all I had to do was turn my wrist upwards, and they were in my hands; as I mentioned earlier, your soft flesh fit so exquisitely in my hands.

While conversing about the non-important, we inched and switched and squirmed until we were quite close. In fact, the only thing that would have fit between us, at that point, would have been my strap-on… but that came later.

I drew your body up against mine and our lips met in perfect harmony to each other. A somewhat gentle, exploratory kiss, I swear, I thoroughly gushed in my briefs when you opened your mouth under mine. My tongue found yours quickly. Curling even tighter into gerçek porno your body, my awareness of anything but your lips and tongue and mouth, was non-existent. There was only you, your warmth, your heat, your lust, your desire… your need!

It was a need that fed my desire to satisfy. My hands began to slide up and down your body, eventually finding their way under your t-shirt. I didn’t even realize it was the T with the built in sportsbra. That was a nice surprise. Still, before I went under it, I drew my fingers and palm over your fullness, outside the soft cotton of the bra. I could already tell your nipples were starting to bud. I grinned in spite of myself, even while kissing you, and slid my thumbs under them. The other fingers slowly joined from above, eventually encircling the almost hard nub. Gently I applied very slight pressure as the circle closed. Enough pressure for you to feel it, almost; enough to make you moan into my mouth.

I broke away from your mouth and quickly scanned the street as my fingers moved to the elastic band under your breasts. I was feeling a sense of urgency, all due to the hormones coursing thru my blood at that moment. I wanted to taste your flesh, now!

My thumbs went under and I pulled the bra up over one breast, with the t-shirt itself still covering you. Anyone arriving suddenly would only have been able to see me, with my hand up your shirt. Hmmm… well, I was willing to take crap for you back then. The people in my neighborhood already knew that I am a raging dyke who lives to fuck women!

Oh yeah! Making a woman squirm and undulate beneath me because I taking her to her orgasm is one of the sweetest pleasures in my life.

Your nipple was uncovered and in my mouth within micro-seconds while my hands massaged both mounds. The fingers of my left hand deftly found their way under the bra, locating the nipple straight off. I know how you like sudden rushes like that. And I love giving them. Your sharp intake of night air was such music to soothe the beast that I settled in to nurse, alternating back and forth, drawing hard nubs in between my lips, then my teeth. You heaved your chest ever upward, pushing against me, your breathing getting deep. We were one.

I wanted to pull them both out into the night air. I wanted to pull them out by your turgid nipples. The inner animal wanted to, so badly, it was an electrified struggle to slow myself down. You would have liked it too much, moving you to your “destination” a little quicker than I wanted. So I didn’t. I let go and pulled back slightly.

“I want to see them in the moonlight”, I said quietly as I gently raised the t-shirt and the bra upwards to your chest. I felt you visibly relax, slow down. Good girl.

You did glance around nervously a little bit, but when I checked your eyes, I could see there was no way you were going to let me quit now! You wanted this as bad as I did.

It almost surprised me. We were good together, in that way, if in no other way.

The moonlight deepened the rose warmth in your brown skin. I skimmed the surface of your breasts, of course, but my attention was riveted on your growing nipples. Right before my eyes! You’ll never believe me, but time slowed for this event, much like accidents do. I saw them get really turgid and increase in size. And once again, my mouth watered as my tongue hardened.

And wouldn’t you know it! A car flashed it’s headlights on us as it rounded the corner. Quickly, I covered you, and pulled slightly away, tho I did not retreat at all from between your legs. In fact, I kept one fist on the bed of the truck, leaning on it, next to your leg, a very animalistic, “protective” kind of stance. Whoever it was gay porno did NOT need to be staring at you, being disrespectful. Stare at me all you want, I’m used to it. But you were precious to me, and you were mine.

We laughed nervously and waited til the car was gone. In an itinerant RV travel park in the Midwest, anyone coming thru like that, at 2 in the morning, was not going to care about what we were doing…

This time, when I moved back into your body, I did not return to your breasts. My mouth went straight for your neck and I bit down just deep enough to shock you. You arched back in a gasp that pressed your chest against me and your nails dug into my shoulder in your sudden grasp. I grunted in exquisite pain and rolled further over your body, my right arm moving swiftly around your hips. Immediately I pulled you against me as my left hand went in search.

Thank Goddess for this fashion of wearing baggy shorts. My left hand found your right thigh, and I wasted no time sliding up under the denim and the boxers. You acted like you were going to reject my advance, but I knew you better than that. After I forced your thigh open further with my right knee, my open palm spread against your fur.

I just held you firm and warm like that for a moment while my attention focused on your throat. I moved to the other side for a few moments before moving up to your lips, even as my fingers curled and I began to stroke the fur, up and down, up and down, gently. It wasn’t long before just that gentle stroking brought forth the juice. A tiny trickle at first, our eyes snapped and focused on each other’s when we both realized at the same time what that slippery feeling was. Another moment for me to also remember that I was slick by now too. Very slick.

With our eyes still locked, I started insinuating fingers between the lips. You know, I always wanted to ask you if your lips were always that fat. Because it seemed to me that the only time I ever saw them was when we were having sex, when they were filled with blood.

Your eyes were fixed on mine, but I could tell you were elsewhere. It wasn’t long before you closed your eyes. Before the lids were completely closed, I could see them rolling upwards. I immediately stopped and started a very slight withdrawal action, enough that you felt the threat of loss and snapped your eyes open, fixating on mine again.

“Not yet”. I whispered. To which you winced slightly.

I kissed your lips and started stroking again. The more my fingers got wet and slick, the further and harder I began to stroke, going all the way up the bottomside of your clit. But not over it. Not yet.

I listened to the quality and rate of your breathing. Every inch of me read every inch of you. I leaned in over you and whispered a question into your ear, “Do you want me to stroke it?”.

“Huhhhhnnnnhnnnhhhh…” was all I heard from you.

I briefly dipped downwards, into the honeypot, and drew moisture back with me as I started a wide, but ever narrowing circle around your clit. When I felt the core harden, I slid up gently over the hood and began to massage it back and forth, slightly. Either your clit got bigger in my fingers or I imagined it, but when you are aroused, you have a delightfully big clit. Big enough to work with, yet small enough to still look like a clit. But it wasn’t to its full capacity at that point, was it?

You started to squirm in time with the movements of my hand. I leaned over you, tightening my grip around your waist and rocked with you as I brought you so near… SO near…

But not yet. I like the taste of woman’s juice and I like the taste of woman’s cum. But there is a subtle difference and once you’ve come, evli porno subsequent juice is still going to have the slightly, but not entirely unfavourable, metallic taste to it. If I was going to taste your juice tonight, I had to do it NOW!

I broke away from you, our eyes locking briefly as your’s questioned mine. I reached for your jean buttons. You started to protest, but I grabbed both your wrists and growled, “I have to taste you. Now! This IS going to happen… right here, right now.”

Your wrists relaxed and I let go. You put your hands on the floor of the truck bed and held your hips up while I pulled your shorts and boxers off your body and spread them beneath you as quickly as I could. Then I reached for your hips and pulled you close to the edge before kneeling in front of you.

Your scent wafted to me and I inhaled deeply as I went face first between your thighs. This is what makes my eyes roll, so I closed them as they did just that. Time slowed again. I relished in the warmth that hit my cheeks and the scent that drove me to ever increasing levels of lust.

My tongue darted out, insinuating itself like a snake. Past the outer lips and even forcing their way thru the inner, I dove for the juice I’d been smelling all this time. As I was covering my face in nectar, you cried out a little in pleasure and raised your legs. One leg perched lightly over my shoulder. I grabbed it and sank in deeper.

I noticed your fingers gripping the edge of the truck bed. I noticed your fingers gripping the edge of the truck bed. When your free foot came up and rested on the bumper, I knew instinctively what was going to happen, and prepared myself to rise, while never leaving your cunt.

My tongue was swirling up and over your clit when the second foot went to the bumper. I thought briefly about finding out how many fingers you could take in such an open position, but that idea was quashed when your body tensed and your hips began to rise. My instincts were correct, and I rose with you, the connection between my mouth and your cunt never failing.

I sensed you were almost there. Your muffled grunts and groans told me you were ready to yell, dying to scream! Standing not quite upright, I grabbed a buttock of yours in each hand and we rode. Suddenly, one fist shot into the air. You held yourself aloft on ONE arm, and bucked against my face, hard, as you let out (what only I knew was) a relatively quiet, orgasmic yell.

Relatively, for you, that is. The neighbors did hear it. I heard about it a couple of days later.

I felt the electricity run thru your body, as you bucked and then tensed so hard I thought you would snap, all the while rolling on my face, dancing on my tongue. As you slowed, so did I. I gently released as you started back down, your breathing wretched and ragged. I stood over you, grinning as you collapsed in a gorgeous pile before me.

“I still want to pin you down.” I said quietly but firmly.

Your eyes shot a dark look at me. It was too soon to expect anything much from you just then, but I knew your were good for more, just give you a few minutes. You loved being pinned…

I urged you up and out of the truck, grabbing your shorts/boxers, and you by the waist. My arm planted firmly around your waist from behind, and your bottom planted squarely on my belly, I guided you to the door. Once inside you made a beeline for the bedroom. I laughed. Then I heard the sound of the bed being adjusted. When I got there, I saw that you were raising the foot of the bed.

When you pin me, I want to be at the same height as the truck. Then I can pretend your nailing me out there.”

“God you are a dirty little vixen! I love that part of you!” I said as I grabbed you and pulled you in front of me, your back to my belly again.

“Look.”, I said, looking over your shoulder at us in the mirror at the headboard. “When I pin you down, we’ll be able to look into each other’s eyes. I love watching your eyes when I fuck you in the ass.”

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