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Getting to Joan Ch. 01

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Joan was in human resources. Just turned forty. Cute, petite with short blond hair. I met her on the internet. She responded to my ad. Perky breasts, she was sporting a brand new high end breast job. Fucked her on the first date. I liked her. She was kinda fun. She had a pretty high powered job, but she was kinda fucked up. Terrible upbringing, married twice, one daughter by each of her marriages. Great in her professional life, but she just couldn’t get it together in her personal life. The trouble with Joan was she didn’t have any self discipline. She couldn’t say no when it came to sex. The little bitch could fuck like a mink. Burt she had a downside too. She needed a pill to make her sleep and sometimes to make her feel good when she was depressed. I figured she had been sexually abused as a kid. She never talked much about it, but she was pretty bitter about her childhood. That is the way it is with her type. They are pissed because someone fucked with them, but they can’t reconcile the fact that it felt good. I figure all that bitterness caused her to do some stuff in her past that made her feel pretty bad at times and the pills helped her get through the days and nights. It must have worked pretty good. For someone who only had a high school education she had moved up the ladder to a rather comfortable living. Of course the child support payments had helped too. Her daughters were grown now, and she was missing the extra money.

Like I said, I fucked her on the first date. That isn’t so unusual. Women her age don’t waste your time. I knew she would be easy. After all she answered my ad and at our first meeting she tried too hard not to act interested. I could tell by the way she wouldn’t look me directly in the eyes, the way she sqirmed nervously in her seat. I didn’t push it at our first meeting. I was a complete gentleman, a gentleman who knew what what he was going to get. After our first date I took her to my place after drinks and dinner. Within fifteen minutes I had her skirt up around her waist and her bent over the arm of the sofa taking it from behind. She was a hot little bitch. We moved to the bedroom and got down to some serious fucking. I came four times that night. I couldn’t count the time she came. She looked cute when I let her on top. Her ass snapped like a rabbit as she moved her hips back and forth on my cock. Her tits looked really nice too. She had a nice little tight pussy with a istanbul travesti fluffy blonde bush. There is something about the first time you fuck someone, especially when they are as hot as Joan. I made sure she was well fucked when she I took her home.

We had been dating for about a month. I thought she had promise and I knew I could give her what she needed. She didn’t know it yet, but I did. The guys she had been dating had just fucked her and left her alone. Some guys are intimidated by a woman who was as high strung as Joan, who liked to fuck as much as she did. Not me.

She was coming over to my to place tonight. We were going to a concert from my house. I heard her car pull up and met her at the door.

‘Hey Joan, come in.’

‘Hey honey, I brought some wine, I can’t drink that stuff you like. Hard liquor doesn’t like me.’

Joan looked good. She was wearing a dark blue knit dress that went to her ankles. I hugged her figure nicely and only had spaghetti straps holding it up. I had to wonder if she was wearing anything under it. It fitted to her form so nicely I couldn’t see any lines of undergarments.

‘Do you want a glass of wine before we go?’

‘Sure, I wanted to talk to you anyway.’

‘What about?’

‘Are you seeing someone else’ I get the feeling you aren’t being honest with me.’

‘What’s the deal’ Are we suppose to be dating each othe exclusively?’

‘Just answer me.’

‘Listen Joan, I don’t like the way you are talking to me.’

Her voice became shrill. ‘For goodness sake, I let you fuck me. I don’t just let anyone do that. I can’t let you do that if you are seeing someone else. I know we probably did it too soon but’, but’, I think I am falling in love with you.’

‘Oh give me a break! You make it sound like you did me a favor. I could be wrong but I think you were enjoying yourself. It didn’t seem like such a big sacrifice at the time,’ I said sarcastically.

‘It wasn’t, you were wonderful. No man has ever made love to me like that. I never met a man who could fuck me that way. Usually men just get what they need and then leave, leave me unsatisfied.’ Then she stepped closer to me, and in a soft sweet voice she said, ‘but you are different from any man I have ever met.’

‘I appreciate your attempt at flattery, but lets face it Joanie baby, you just like to fuck. You need fucking often and kadıköy travesti well. You just haven’t been picking the right guys. How can you say you love me’ You don’t even know me that well. You just know you like the way I fuck you. Hell, we have only been dating about a month.

‘I know enough.’

‘No you don’t.’

‘Then tell me what I need to know.’

‘I doubt you want to hear it.’

‘Tell me.’

‘Put that in the form of a question.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean ASK ME. I don’t like the way to talk to me. I am not some job applicant with his hat in his hand. The way I see it you need me more than I need you.’

‘Okay then, please tell me what I need to know.’

‘Here is the way I figure it. You have always been something of a slut. I figure you fucked around in both of your marriages. When did you lose your virginity?’

‘I don’t want to talk about it.’

‘You were young weren’t you’ How old’ Fifteen’ Thirteen’ Younger maybe?’

‘Why are you talking to me this way?’

‘I know how you are. You can give up that false indignation. Save it for the office. Remember how I bent you over the arm of the sofa’ My cock slid right in. Your cunt was practically dripping. It was kinda cute the way you said ‘no, now is not the time’. Lets face it you have had two failed marriages, daughters by two different men, and you haven’t been able to snag a new husband for quite a while. Hell, you haven’t be able to keep a man interested for more than six months. Those new tits you bought look pretty good but it takes more to keep me interested. And don’t even start that falling in love crap.’

Her eyes began to tear. ‘Why are you telling me this’ Are you trying to hurt me?’

‘Someone needs to be honest with you. You need to be honest with yourself. Maybe if you stopped taking all those pills and faced reality you could get on with your life and quit waisting it on some fairy tale. You are in human resources. With your past, what kind of wife would you make’ Based on your experience do you think you should get the job as my wife’ I don’t think you would hire someone with your track record. Lets face it, pussy is about all you have to offer and to your credit it is pretty good for a woman your age.’

‘I am leaving. No one is going to talk to me this way.’

‘Yeah right.’

I took her by the anadolu yakası travesti arm and led her down the hall. She struggled but, at only a hundred and fifteen pounds. she wasn’t any problem. I took her into my bedroom and tossed her on the bed. She tried to get up, but I grabbed her by the ankles and she fell back on the bed. I raised her legs up and spread them wide. Just as I suspected, no panties, no hose, no nothing but that fluffy blonde bush and two shiny pink lips peaking out from it.

‘Oh my, check this out. No undies,’ I said with a smile.

She tried to kick her legs free but I held them spread wide.

‘Let me go. I don’t want this. Dammit let me go.’

‘Lets see,’ I said and flipped her over on her stomach. I got on top of her, pushing my leg between hers and reached between them. Her pussy was slick and wet. I shoved a finger in her.

‘Feels pretty damn wet to me. I figured you liked it rough.’

I began to finger her clit. She struggled but I had her pinned. I could feel her clit stiffen. Her hips began to buck. She couldn’t help it. I knew she couldn’t. She seeemed to calm down and enjoy what I was doing to her.

‘Are you going to be my good little girl and behave?’

‘Huh huh.’

I raised up, let her go and she turned over and slapped me.

‘You bitch,’ I slapped her back. I was still on top of her. I pulled her dress down and exposed her tits. Then I grabbed a nipple and twisted. ‘Now, I am going to get up and get out of my clothes. You slip out of that dress and get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are. Do you understand?’

She stuck her lip out, pouted and didn’t say a thing. She just layed there while I got up and took off my pants and shirt. I figured she was going to see how far I would go.

‘I said get out of you clothes and get on you hands and knees. I don’t like to repeat myself.’

She raised up and pulled her dress over her head, still pouting. Then she got on her hands and knees, her ass turned toward me, her pussy peaking out as she arched her back. She acted like it pissed her off but she did as she was told.

‘ There, is that how you like?’ she smarted off.

‘Yeah, it is about time you came clean and started acting like slut you are.’

I got behind her and took her by the hips and slid my cock in her. She grunted as her pussy relaxed and yielded to the penetration. I took hold of her hair and pulled her head back, slamming my dick hard against her. I could feel my balls slap against her clit. I didn’t feel like waiting and I quickly shot a load in her. This was the way I liked my sex and it was about time she learned that. After all, she said she loved me. I intended to give her every chance to prove it.

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