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Following on from a Strange Request Ch. 05

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The fifth chapter of my story based on ideas and characters created by Rogueload in his story A Simple Question. The Deal stories as I’m sure you all know are posted by Litfan10. Thanks for everyone who’s voted and taken the time to get in touch.



Not long after Maria had left with her mother and their friends, I was lying back on our couch reflecting on my day. The way my mom had slipped off her dressing gown before kneeing on the floor and blowing me had started my day off in a grand style, to have a second blow job administered by the extremely sexy eighteen year old Maria should have been the icing on the cake but that was soon topped by us having sex on the kitchen table only a few minutes later.

My mother came into the room and stood by the arm chair, ‘Am I forgiven?’ she asked.

I looked at her and made her wait for my reply… ‘It seems to me you were doing your best to embarrass me this evening.’

‘I suppose it did look a bit like that…It worked out well in the end though didn’t it.’

‘That’s a little beside the point, you didn’t know Maria would get naked and be as horny as she was.’

‘Christ you could have knocked me down with a feather when I came in the kitchen and saw her. What a figure!’

‘I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to get a big surprise this evening, but the fact of the matter is, you need to be taught a lesson.’

‘You intend to punish me?’ she asked in an innocent school girl voice.

Before she lowered herself onto the armchair opposite me, I told her to remove her skirt and display herself in what some might consider a slightly obscene way. She was almost lying on the armchair with both legs hooked over the arms of the chair, her bum was almost hanging off the front edge. As I soaked up the view, a delightfully perverted idea slipped unbidden into my mind.

‘If your hands were tired to your ankles and then fasten to the back legs of the chair, I guess you’d be pretty much powerless.’

‘You’d hog tie your own mother?’

‘You could consider it part of your punishment.’

‘What will you do to your defenceless mother while she is at your mercy?’

‘In a few minutes you’ll find out. If you need to scratch you nose or arse, you’ve got until I find some cord.’

‘There’s some in a bag under the sink…’

If I had a doubt she wasn’t up for some bondage fun, that comment blew it out of the water. Less than five minutes later I was standing back admiring my handy work. My mother was well and truly as she called it, hog tied.

‘So mother, how does it feel to be completely at the mercy or your son?’

‘If I told you, you’d loose all respect for me.’

‘I thought so, you really are a dirty bitch aren’t you.’

‘Would it do me any good to refute that statement?’

‘You could try, but there are not many who’d believe you.’

I pulled her top up to expose her tits and sat back to admire the view again.

‘Do you know.’ I said as I fondled her soft full breasts. ‘I’ve wanted to do this for as long as I can remember.’

‘Tie me up or play with my tits?’

‘Actually both but I was referring to your tits specifically. They really do feel as good as they look. Your long hard nipples are just perfect for pinching and pulling. ‘I leaned closer to take one into my mouth. ‘They’re just perfect for sucking and nibbling too.’

‘I’m glad you like them, they are after all, all yours. Bite them harder.’

‘Correct me if I’m wrong but you seem to be enjoying a situation which should fill you with horror.’

‘My çekmeköy escort all time favourite fantasy is to be tied up and manhandled like this while my cunt is completely exposed. Do you want me to seem like I’m hating it?’

‘That’s a good question…maybe next time you can struggle and appear be frightened.’

‘I’d like that, you could take me by surprise, handcuffing me to something before ripping my clothes off in a sexual frenzy.’

‘Christ mom, this really does touch your buttons. So you like it when I squeeze you nipples like this?’

‘You have no idea.’ She said dreamily

‘How about if I push four fingers into your apparently sopping wet cunt?’

She didn’t reply as I pushed most of my hand as far into her as I could before pumping it for a few moments.

‘Is that part of your fantasy too?’

Still no reply, she just moaned and looked extremely content.

‘How about if I see how many fingers I can slip into your arse. Wow, who’d have thought I’d get four in there as well, how about if I get the fingers of my other hand into your cunt at the same time?’

That is when she had her first explosive orgasm, her whole body jerk and she emitted a low guttural growl like a dog at bay. As a change of pace I touched and kissed her gently, on her mouth and tits then, unwilling to resist the temptation I lowered my face to her very exposed vagina to kiss lick and taste her until I felt as well as heard her cum a second time. This time a jet of liquid shot from her onto my face, just like she’d pissed on me but I remembered reading about female ejaculations and I held onto the hope that’s what it’d been.

Moving around to the side of her chair I grabbed a handful of her hair and twisted her face towards me before pushing my erection into her mouth where I fucked her for a few moments. It was no time at all before I felt my self starting to cum so I reluctantly pulled out, leaving her mouth gaping like a baby who’s had it’s bottle removed too soon.

Sticking to the bad guy routine I viciously pulled and pinched her nipples and boobs. As well I again I fucked her with all the fingers of my other hand while the thumb rubbed her clit. Her third orgasm was the strongest so far, like the one in the bath she went limp at the height of her climax as she lost consciousness. God did she look a picture stretched out before me her head lolling to one side, her cunt completely covered in her fluids and her tits looking red and sore.

I waited for her to come around debating whether to jump virtually the last hurdle between us. It would have been so easy to push myself into her and have my second screw of the day, let alone my life. I’m not sure what stopped me, maybe the dark angel on my shoulder told me to listen to the white one for a change. If it did I’m sure there was a really good reason for it.

While she was coming around I loosened the knots so that she could make herself more comfortable.

‘Did I pass out again?’ she asked in a groggy voice.

‘You did, just as I was pulling on your nipple and fucking you with my hand.’

‘God you know how to get me off, maybe better than your dad did. I’m going to have a soak in the bath….is there another chapter of the deal ready to read?’

‘Yes it’s chapter six, where Diana flashes the delivery guy.’

‘I remember you telling me about that one, I’ve been looking forward to reading it. Can you print it off for me?’

‘I could. What’s in it for me.’

‘How about I surprise you later.’

‘Like cevizli escort you surprised me earlier?’

‘The look on your face, I really wish I’d had a camera. No it’ll be a surprise you should enjoy.’

‘I’ll print it off for you, but if it’s anything like earlier, my revenge will be swift and merciless.’

I’d soon printed off a copy of chapter six and skim read it before taking it though to the bathroom where mom was just lowering herself beneath a layer of foam.

‘What reason did you give to your friends for me being naked?’ I asked her.

‘I told them you’d lost a bet, I couldn’t really tell them the truth.’

‘I told Maria, I could tell her not to say anything to her mom but consider it part of your punishment that if they find out, then they find out.’

My phone announced I had a text so I left my mother to read in peace. It was Maria.

‘Hey this evening was crazy. Can’t get over how you told your mom to show us her pussy, I’d like to see you again soon. Maria.’

‘Hi, I want to see you again too. Crazy more or less covers it, what are you doing tomorrow evening.’

‘Nothing, what did you have in mind. Btw what site were those stories on.

The Deal they’re on Come here and I’ll get my mom to do more than flash her pussy to you.’

‘What will you get her to do.’

‘I could tell her to eat you out.’

It was a few minutes before her next text arrived, I’d started to wonder if the idea had freaked her out.

‘Sorry for the delay. I just had a massive orgasm.’

‘You like the idea of me telling her to eat you?’

‘Man the thought of her doing that turned my insides to jelly.’

‘How about if I asked you to eat her while I was fucking you?’

Again there was a delay but I rightly guessed what the reason was.

‘I get Wednesday pm off. what time do you get back from college.’

‘Wish I could bunk off but I can’t get home till half four. Come over when you like.’


‘Was that Maria?’ mom called from the bathroom.

‘Yes she’s coming over tomorrow evening.’ I said as I walked into the bathroom and sat on the closed toilet seat

‘I wonder if my friends are jumping to conclusions like Diana’s friends.’ She said.

‘If they’ve half a brain it’d be hard not to. Do you want me to get you a spatula?’

‘I’m good thanks, Diana has the best orgasm of her life using a spatula and I get mine from the creative fingers my son…. If she knew what she’s missing I’m sure she’d let Matt do the same.’

‘Listen, I should really thank you for inviting Maria, ever since you tricked me into going into the sex shop I’ve been psyching myself up to going there again.’

‘I knew you and Maria would hit it off. Do her tits feel better than mine?’ Mom asked doing her best to sound insecure, as she pushed her boobs up out of the water.

‘Yours and hers both felt perfect.’

‘What about her cunt, I bet it’s tighter than mine.’

‘It’s tighter but it felt great being able to slip most of my hand into yours. Have you finished in there?’

‘Yep, I’m all clean.’

‘Stand up and I’ll towel you dry, my way of saying thank you.’

Mom was on her feet quicker than I thought possible, arms stretched out in a tee. Another of my long held ambitions was ticked off my mental list as I carefully rubbed her with the towel. When she was dry she stepped out of the bath to stand beside me and we had another of our recently not so infrequent hugs. The first with us both naked which I have to say erenköy escort felt out of this world.

‘What is the big surprise?’ I whispered in her ear.

‘If I told you it’d not be a surprise now would it…what is it with you and your dick?’

‘Don’t blame me, I’m not used to having a naked woman rubbing herself against me.’

‘You didn’t get to cum earlier did you. Do you want me to suck you off again?’


Mom was on her knees in a flash and after a few tender kisses on my knob all of my erection was soon slipping seductively in and out of her velvet mouth. Our bathroom had mirrored tiles everywhere so for a couple of minutes I was able to watch what my mother was doing from almost every angle. I think my favourite was from the side, not only could I see my dick being sucked into her mouth, but her tits were quivering in a very pleasing way

Needless to say it wasn’t long before she received a second helping of my sperm, also it’s a little redundant to say that it felt just as exquisite as the first time. But it really did.

‘Right stud, I fancy a snack and a drink, how about you?’

‘Now that you mention it, I’m actually staving.’

‘Well we can’t have the man of the house fading away for lack of food, what do you fancy?’

‘I could just eat a pizza, do you want me to order one, you can pay for it like Diana did.’

‘Ha ha. I’ve got one of your favourites in the fridge it’ll only take twenty minutes to cook, can you survive that long?’

‘Just about.’ I said as I pulled her too me and for the third time that day tasted my sperm as I kissed. As we separated I slapped her arse and told her to get my dinner.

Mom kissed me quickly on my lips before heading to her room, while I gravitated to the lounge to see what was on the box. When mom came down I couldn’t help but give her a wolf whistle when I saw her wearing a very shear and very short nightie, ‘Wow!’ I said. ‘If that was any shorter or thinner it’s not be there at all.’

‘Well you said you didn’t want to see me walking around in the nude so I thought I’d better put something on…do you want a beer?’


As the pizza cooked we sat together on the couch, I slipped my arm over her shoulder and she had her hand on my chest… a picture of domestic bliss which was only spoiled by us both being as good as naked me having a tit cupped in my hand and mom doing her best to get me hard again!

To her credit she achieved her aim just before the timer went off. As she got up to sort the pizza, I idly stroked my latest erection and wondered just how often I could cum in one day. It was five counting the one mom had filmed late last night. It was going to be fun trying to beat todays events, three blow jobs and a screw… fucking A1.

Between us we made short work of the pizza and once we’d finished our drinks I told her I was popped and was heading for bed.

‘Okay sweetie, thank you for a lovely evening. I’ll be up in a minute too.’

In my room I had five minutes on the computer before I shut it down and climbed into bed exhausted but very content. I’d been there only a few minutes when mom asked if she could come in.

‘Do you mind if I get into bed with you, just for a few minutes?’

‘Of course not.’ I said as I pulled the covers back.

Considering what had passed between us over the last few hours, it still felt gloriously naughty to have my mother curled up with me in my bed. I soon realised that sleeping wasn’t high on her list of priorities as she had me hard again in no time at all.

‘Roll onto your back.’ Mom said to me.

When I had she straddled me and while looking me straight in the eye she manoeuvred my dick into her soft and thoroughly lubricated vagina.

‘Surprise!’ she said as she started to gently ride me.

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