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DJ Pt. 24

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In Part 24

Too many boys, too little bathroom

Jamal wants DJ’s and Jamie’s friendship

Matt (F2M Trans) considers dating a girl

Aggie moves into her new residence

Phil and Bryan meet DJ’s naked Dad’s

DJ lets Phil & Bryan use his bed to fuck

DJ Part 24

Bryan had worked a day shift at Applebee’s, having gone in at 11:00 AM that morning and got off at 6:30 PM, returning to the Seldon’s home around 7:00 PM. Karen fixed a light supper for Bryan, Granny, Carl and herself, a meal that could easily be re-heated when DJ and Jamie got home from work.

Carl and Karen discussed with Bryan the possibility of Phil returning to college, and Bryan said that Phil wanted to go back, but that was too late to pick up in this semester. He might be able to catch a couple of classes during the summer semester. Karen noticed that Bryan had a couple of tears forming in his eyes.

“Bryan,” Karen asked, “is there something wrong?”

“No, not at all,” Bryan responded, “I was just thinking—I just wish that my parent’s had been more like you two, Jamie and DJ have been pretty lucky. It’s kinda rough, living with homophobes.”

“Bryan,” Carl lamented, “I used to be a little homophobic, but I learned rather quickly that I could have lost my only son, had I not opened my eyes in time. I’ve learned to love my boys for who they are, not what they are, and I respect, and accept their relationship completely. If this situation, with you and Phil, had come to surface a year ago, you guys would not have been welcomed here. Even an old dog can learn!”

Bryan smiled and got up, he walked around behind Carl and gave him a hug. Carl stood up and wrapped his arms around Bryan, holding him tightly, and making Bryan feel quite loved.

“Bryan,” Carl continued, “I used to think that true love could only exist between a man and a woman, or a boy and a girl. Jamie and DJ have shown me that love is gender-blind, and color-blind. The fact that you left your parent’s, to be with the boy you love, only proves it even further. I hope that your parent’s learn from this.”

“Bryan,” Granny said, “I knew for many years that my only son was gay, and I wanted so much to see him get married, but I also knew that when he did marry, I would gain a son-in-law. I’m so happy that I lived long enough to witness Doug and Joe actually tie the knot! In the process I gained an incredible grandson, and now I just hope I’m still around to see DJ and Jamie get married.”

“Granny,” Bryan said, giving the old lady a hug, “you’re simply awesome, I think Phil and I just might adopt you!”

Aggie, smiling remorsefully, “Why did I have to get so damned old before I started to find all these beautiful grandsons. Bryan, I’m going to be moving into my new place in just four more days, I hope you and Phil can find the time to come and see this old lady once in a while.”

“Granny, if we can’t find the time, we’ll make the time,” Bryan said, “I promise.” Aggie smiled and Bryan kissed her cheek.

“Mom,” Karen said, “Carl and I have thoroughly enjoyed having you here as our guest for the last few weeks, and I know the boys have too. I’m really happy that you have decided to stay in our little corner of the world, and not return to California.”

“Thanks, honey,” Aggie replied, “I so much don’t want to be a burden on anyone, that’s why I wanted my own place, and I think I’ll be quite happy in my new home.”

“Aggie,” Carl commented, “You were a very light burden, and one that we were very happy to carry, we love you.” Aggie smiled.

“It’s pretty amazing,” Carl said, “how our family has changed, and grown, over the past year. A year ago, our family was just Karen, Jamie, and myself. Then Jamie brought DJ into the fold, which then brought Doug and Joe, and Aggie, and now Phil and Bryan.”

“Phil and I are just here for a short time,” Bryan said, “as soon as we can get on our own, we’ll be out of your hair.”

“That’s not quite right, Bryan,” Carl explained, “Once you get to know good folks, you get attached. You and Phil will get it together, and get your own place, but as far as Karen and I are concerned, you’ll always be part of our family.” Bryan smiled.

About 8:30 Granny headed to her room to retire, Bryan busied himself carrying three large black bags to his car, and Karen and Carl retired to the living room to watch TV and wait for Jamie and DJ to get home.

DJ and Jamie both finished their shifts about 9:00 PM, got into DJ” Tracker and headed to Jamie’s house. The boys discussed, on the way home, the situation with Jamal, and both felt that they had done the right thing, in dropping the charges against Jamal. They didn’t want the guilt of leaving Jamal with a police record, and they really felt that Jamal was truly sorry for what he had done.

About 9:20 DJ and Jamie arrived, and Karen started to warm up something for them to eat.

“DJ, Jamie,” Bryan stated, “I want to show you something, come to our room.” The two followed Bryan to his and Phil’s travesti porno room.

Bryan asked them, smiling, “How’s it looking?”

Jamie, questioning, “It looks great, but, where did you put everything?”

“All the usable stuff is put away, the junk is in the trash outside, and I just carried 3 bags of good stuff, that I’ve outgrown, to my car. I’m going to donate that to Goodwill, and maybe they’ll have a table that I can get cheap, to put the TV and X-box on, so we can set that up. Maybe we could swap some games.”

“I don’t think we can,” Jamie responded, “you’ve got an X-box, DJ and I have play stations. All those games are platform specific and only work on one, or the other, but it was a good thought, anyway. Bryan, you have classes at 10 and 11 don’t you?”

“Yeah, why?” Bryan asked.

“We have classes at 9, 10, and 11, there’s no reason why you can’t ride with DJ and me, but we have to leave about 8:30, so you’d need to be ready a little earlier,” Jamie explained, “It would save you some gas money.”

“And if we are all together,” Bryan added, “I could help protect you—you know, from—have they arrested him yet?”

“That’s a little complicated,” DJ said, “we’ll explain it later, I think our supper might be ready.”

All three returned to the kitchen, but only DJ and Jamie ate, as Bryan had already eaten. Carl returned, and he and Karen listened while DJ and Jamie explained what had happened earlier, at the police station, and that the boys had dropped the charges.

Carl was appalled, that the boys had dropped the charges. DJ and Jamie both felt they had done the right thing. They explained that Jamal’s parents were super religious, and hadn’t even known, until then, that Jamal was gay.

They told Dad that they had encouraged the senior Robinson’s to give Jamal the love and acceptance that he needed. That they (Jamie and DJ) really felt, deep down, that Jamal was not a threat, to them or anyone, and that he had just made a bad mistake. DJ and Jamie didn’t want Jamal to have a police record over this incident, and they had forgiven Jamal.

After the boys finished eating, Jamie picked up the dishes and put them in the sink and wiped the table down. He and DJ had some homework to do, and they both got their backpacks. Bryan also had some, and the three all sat at the table to study, Bryan also was waiting for Phil to come home from work. Karen set the tub of cookies in the center of the table, and told them that she and Carl were going to bed.

After a few minutes more, Jamie and DJ noticed that Bryan was quietly crying, and asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing is wrong,” Bryan explained, “everything feels—I don’t know—so much like being part of a family, Jamie, your parents are simply incredible!”

Jamie, smiling, “They are incredible, Bryan, and I am quite certain that they consider you, and Phil, as part of their family, I guess DJ and I are just very fortunate, and we actually have four parent’s that love us a lot, because we also have DJ’s two Dad’s. We need to take you and Phil to our other home, so you can meet his parents. His Dad, and step-dad just got married a couple of weeks ago.”

DJ, displaying that incredible, patented smile, “And for their honeymoon, they went on a gay cruise, to the Bahamas!”

“Wow!” Bryan exclaimed, “I’ll bet they had a great time! Can one of you wake me up in the morning, so I can be ready to leave for school with you guys?”

“Will do, Bryan,” DJ replied.

Just about the time the boys finished their homework, about 11:20 PM, Phil arrived from work. Bryan jumped up from the table, and the two shared a passionate kiss and hug. Jamie and DJ looked upon them, smiling, and had the feeling that Phil and Bryan’s relationship was likely not a lot different from their own.

“Phil,” Bryan said, “I’m going to ride to campus with DJ and Jamie tomorrow, there are three bags of stuff in my car that need to go to Goodwill. If you could, while I’m at school, take them to Goodwill and donate them, and see if they might have a table that we could set the X-box and TV up on.”

“Sure, baby,” Phil answered, “I’m off tomorrow and Tuesday this week, when do you work again?”

“Not until Wednesday night,” Bryan replied.

“Cool,” Jamie said, “DJ and I have Monday’s off, maybe the four of us can do something together, like maybe a movie, or something.” All three other boys smiled in approval.

“I guess we can figure that out, after we get home from school tomorrow,” DJ suggested.

All four boys headed to their bedrooms to sleep. Jamie and DJ stripped and cuddled in bed, and the same thing happened in Bryan and Phil’s bedroom.

“Baby,” DJ spoke softly, “we need to try to all get a Friday or Saturday night off, and we can take Bryan and Phil to the Waterhole, I doubt they’ve ever been there.”

“Maybe,” Jamie replied, “I don’t feel we can really afford to treat them, and they’re trying to save up to get an apartment, but maybe later alt yazılı porno in the spring we could do that, goodnight baby.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Monday morning, January 29th, Jamie’s alarm sounded at 7:00 AM, waking both he and DJ from their sleep. Jamie shut the alarm off and instinctively attacked his lover’s dark, succulent lips with his own. Jamie loves those sweet lips, almost as much as he loves that BBC that’s connected to his boyfriend’s crotch. DJ responded by growing a boner, from the combination of Jamie’s lips, plus a need to pee, not that Jamie was completely flaccid either.

The two pulled on their soiled boxer-briefs, grabbed two clean pairs and headed to the bathroom to pee and shower together. DJ slipped into the other boy’s bedroom to wake Bryan. After DJ and Jamie shared their morning pee, Jamie turned on the shower and the two dropped their undies and entered the shower. While showering, they heard the bathroom door close, and peeped out from the shower and saw Bryan standing in front of the toilet, relieving himself, but didn’t hear him leave.

When they were finished, they turned off the water and pulled the sliding glass doors open, exposing themselves, and saw a naked Bryan standing there in front of them, washcloth in hand.

“Next!” Bryan exclaimed, smiling.

DJ and Jamie stepped out, onto the large bathmat, and Bryan started to step into the shower. DJ and Jamie both gave Bryan a healthy and friendly slap on his ass cheeks, making him grin.

While Bryan started his shower, Jamie and DJ dried each other off, as usual, then pulled on clean boxer-briefs, then headed to the kitchen, grinning at each other. They both were realizing that they had, partially as a result of showering with other guys after volleyball, grown accustomed to being naked in front of other boys. Evidently Bryan was also comfortable with it.

Granny was sitting at the table with her coffee, and Karen poured DJ a cup, and had already placed a glass of grape juice on the table for Jamie. DJ sat on Granny’s right side, and Jamie sat at the end of the table next to Granny’s left side. Of course, before they sat down, the boys gave Karen and Granny both a kiss.

“Mom,” DJ stated, “Bryan is riding with us to school, he is still showering, but should be here shortly.”

A few minutes later Bryan joined them, sitting on the side of the table across from Granny and DJ, and Karen poured him a cup of coffee.

Karen, preparing breakfast for all of them, “Where’s Phil this morning?”

“I’m letting him sleep in,” Bryan answered, “he’s off today and tomorrow, and I saw no reason to wake him this early.”

“I guess,” Karen replied, “he can have breakfast with Carl, he is also still sleeping, and he doesn’t leave for work until about 3:30 in the afternoon. Are you and Phil aware that we have our main meal about 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon?”

“No Mom,” Bryan answered, “I didn’t know that.”

“Well, you do now,” Karen responded, “It works out well, that way Carl can eat a decent meal before he goes to work, and you boys get a good meal when you get home from school. DJ and Jamie often have to be to work around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon.”

After they all had breakfast, DJ, Jamie and Bryan all got dressed for school, and left in DJ’s Tracker for the campus. They arrived about 8:50 AM.

Bryan said he would likely go to the cafeteria and have another cup of coffee, as his first class wasn’t until 10:00. He got some coffee and settled at a table. About 9:15 Jamal, holding a cup of hot cocoa and a doughnut, approached Bryan.

Jamal, apprehensively, “Bryan, may I sit with you?”

“I suppose,” Bryan answered, “I don’t see names on any of those three chairs, what’s up?”

“Bryan,” Jamal said, “I know you are pretty close with Jamie and DJ, I’m sure they told you what went down yesterday.”

“You mean,” Bryan countered, “at the police station?”

Jamal, nodding, “I don’t think, if the rolls were reversed, that I would have had the compassion to do what they did. Not only did they save my future, by dropping the charges, they even forgave me for what I had done. I don’t know if they will ever think of me as a friend, but I think they are the best friends I have. They did even more for me.”

“How is that?” Bryan asked.

“Well, until yesterday, I had never come out to my parents, but in the course of my apologizing to them, it came out that I am gay, and it hit my parents pretty hard. Dad and Mama are very religious and when that came out they were angry with me. I’m surprised they didn’t disown me on the spot. They said that we are all doing Satan’s will, and that I knew better, as it’s against the bible.”

Jamal continued, “Jamie took my side, he told my parents that if God didn’t want me to be gay, he wouldn’t have made me this way, and after my parent’s said I needed to change my ways, he told them I didn’t need correction, I needed acceptance and love.”

“My üvey baba porno father is a Deacon in the church, and last night he said that if my sexuality were to become known, I would be an embarrassment to him, and a disgrace to the church. He asked me to not attend the church anymore, as my kind are not welcome there.”

“There are other churches that will accept our kind, I’m not sure which ones, as neither Phil nor I are church oriented. Jamal, how important is a church affiliation to you?” Bryan asked.

“I don’t really know,” Jamal replied, “I believe in God, but so many believers are so homophobic, including my parents. It’s kind of rough, living with homophobes.”

“Tell me about it!” Bryan exclaimed, “My parents aren’t religious at all, but they’re very homophobic. Phil was living with me, in my parent’s home, and when my Dad realized that we were gay, he kicked Phil out—in the middle of the night, after he caught us having sex. They had me on virtual lockdown, and I moved out, just so I could be with Phil.”

“We were staying at the Shady Inn for a while, and trying to save enough money to rent an apartment. Thank heaven for Jamie’s parents, Jamie talked them into letting Phil and I stay there, until we can get on our feet, and rent our own apartment. He must have the greatest parents in the world!”

“I don’t think,” Jamal stated, “that my parents are quite ready to kick me out, but they’re not happy with me right now. If you know of a nice, young, unattached, preferably black man that is looking for a boyfriend, I’m available!”

Bryan, grinning, “I don’t know of any, offhand, but I’ll keep that in mind. I guess you’re not looking for a dude to steal, anymore?”

Jamal, shaking his head, “That causes too many problems, I want one that is unattached! I guess compassion runs in Jamie’s family. Bryan, I want to have Jamie and DJ as friends, without benefits, and you too, if it’s acceptable.”

“Jamal, I never had a thing against you, until you threatened two of my very closest friends. I think that situation is in the past, and I think we can maybe be friends. I need to go to my 10:00 AM class.” The two boys bumped fists, and both left for classes.

* * * * * * * * * *

About 10:30 AM, Carl and Phil were eating breakfast together, Aggie was sipping on coffee, and the UPS guy knocked at the door, and Karen answered it.

“I have four packages, “the UPS man said,” addressed to an Agatha Reynolds at this address.”

“We’ll take them,” Karen replied, “she is staying here with us.”

Phil got up from the table and stacked the four boxes on the kitchen floor. Karen explained that they were Granny’s personal stuff, that had been shipped from California, and would need to be taken to Aggie’s new room, at the Senior Center, come Thursday.

“Phil,” Aggie said, “most of that is my clothing, see if there is a box that doesn’t feel like clothing.”

Phil, checking the boxes, “This one rattles.” Granny nodded.

Phil placed it on the table, Karen handed him a knife and he opened it for Granny. Granny fished around in the box and pulled out an 8 X 10 framed photograph and held it up, tears filling her eyes.

“This is my Victor, Joe’s daddy and DJ’s grandfather, that DJ never had a chance to meet or know. Vic would have been so proud of DJ, if only he hadn’t passed away so long ago. DJ asked me if I had any pictures of his grandfather, and I told him I did, but none with me.”

“He was a handsome man,” Karen lamented, “Joe looks a lot like his father, how old was he in that photo, Mom?”

“I think about 67 or 68, it was taken only about 4 or 5 years before he left us, he was only 72 when he passed.”

“Mom, DJ and Jamie will be home from school about 12:30,” Karen said, “do you want to stand it up on the table so the boys can see it before lunch?”

Granny nodded, Karen pulled out the easel and stood it up on the table. Karen then slid a pan of meatloaf into the oven, and continued to prepare the rest of lunch, (actually dinner).

“If you all will excuse me,” Phil stated, “I told Bryan I would take that stuff to Goodwill, and see if I could find a table to set the TV and x-box on in our room. Mom, do you need me to pick up anything while I’m out?”

“Thanks Phil, I think we’re good for lunch,” Karen replied, “I’m going out later for groceries, don’t be out too long, we’ll be having lunch about 1:30.” Phil then left.

* * * * * * * * * *

About 12:30 DJ, Jamie and Bryan all returned from campus and came in the kitchen door. DJ and Jamie kissed Granny and Karen, then took their backpacks to their room, and came back to the kitchen, joining Karen and Granny. Carl had gone into the living room and was watching TV, while he was waiting for lunch to be served.

“DJ,” Granny said, “you wanted to see a photo of your grandfather, this is one of the last that was ever taken of him, just a few years before he passed on.” DJ studied the photograph.

“I think I might know how my step-dad might look, when he gets older. I so wish I could have known him.” DJ had a sad look on his face, then looked up at the ceiling. “I wonder if he’s up there, watching us, as we live our lives here on earth.”

“I don’t know, sweetheart, but if he is, I’m betting he’s proud of you.” Granny replied, her words brought a smile to DJ’s face.

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