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Mommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 09

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The next morning as I step out of the shower I dry myself slowly, looking at my body in the mirror. I can’t help but notice how much larger my nipples are lately. I remember a time, not too long ago, when they were flush with my skin but now, they stick out quite girly. I touch them as I take notice. They are so sensitive; I can’t help but moan as I do. Rubbing my fingers over them very gently, admiring them. They look like small rubber pencil erasers. I smile. Yesterday mommy pinched them so much and her pulling them seemed to affect them greatly. I walk out of the bathroom to show her and I see her pick up her keys and head for the door.

“Mommy, look!” I say, now showing her my nipples. “Look how puffy and swollen and perky they are.”

Mommy smiles and says, “They look beautiful Mandy. Do you know how much men like that honey? They love to see girls’ nipples, it turns them on so.”

We smile at each, sharing a tender moment. She knows how much I love to hear that. “Where are you going mommy?”

“I told you baby girl, Laura and I are going shopping. We are going to buy the food and drinks, maybe some wine as well, for your party this evening. And, what else do we need?” she asks me, looking softly into my eyes.

I reply “My first bikini mommy.”

“That’s right Mandy, something very girly and special for tonight.”

“Oh mommy” I say excitedly.

“So be a good girl while I am gone and think about what you want to say at the party tonight.”

“Mommy?” I say in a questioning voice.

“What honey?”

I whisper so no one can hear, just in case Laura is nearby, “Where is Sal?”

Mommy giggles as she says, “Oh honey, you are so adorable. You really like him don’t you?”

I nod yes as we giggle together.

“Well, unfortunately, Sal had to go to work today baby, but don’t worry, he will be here tonight for your party. He wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

“Ok mommy” I say as she closes the door to leave.

I go to my room and close the door. I remove my towel, already thinking about the evening ahead. As I remove the towel, I catch my own image in the full length mirror. I look at myself up and down, I actually see myself differently now. I used to be so terribly ashamed at how tiny my “clitty” was, but now it almost pleases me, knowing that only real men have cocks! And what I am looking at clearly is not that. It causes me to giggle.

I turn around, still looking into the mirror and admire my ass. It’s small and round and soft looking. I know men love that as well. I am now glad that I don’t really grow much body hair at all. The entire image screams to me, “I am a girl.” Before getting dressed I gaze out the window.

I live in a neighborhood that is not quite finished. Laura and Sal live next door and they are on the corner of our block that’s still under construction. Our house is next and then nothing but empty lots. It allows us great privacy but at night sometimes I get scared. It is so quiet and no one is around. As I think about this, an idea pops into my head. I will take this time to get a really nice tan. It’s a warm summer morning and it will allow me to tan over any silly boy lines that I may still have.

Reaching into my closet, I pull out my soft white terri cloth robe and slip it on, leaving it open. I don’t want to get caught outside totally nude, just in case mom and Laura come home sooner than I think, at least I will have something to slip on. I go down stairs and make myself an iced tea. I grab the suntan lotion from the bathroom and take them both outside with Pendik escort bayan me along with a nice beach blanket. The sun is already blazing. It will be a very hot day for sure. I lay the beach blanket down under the shade of a tree, and walk over to the lounge chair, remove my robe, and lay it over the chair.

I love being nude now and I love that I am exposed to the warm air, feeling a breeze blow over my nipples. I put the iced tea down and pick up the tanning lotion, applying it generously over my entire body. Gliding my slippery fingers over my nipples especially slowly, I moan from the sensation as they harden to my own touch. Sliding my hands down my body over my “clitty” and around to my ass, continuing down my legs all the way to my feet. I put the bottle down and lie back on the lounge chair, positioning myself to face the sun.

As I lay there feeling the warm sun touching parts of my body that have never been exposed to the sun, I feel myself thinking about that precious time with Mommy and Sal. My body begins to respond, as I moan and touch myself. The image of Sal’s huge cock bulging through his briefs. The precum leaving a huge wet spot, oozing semen right through them, has me writhing in my lounge chair. It is all but impossible lately, to think of anything else but men and cock. I let the feelings and thoughts flow freely as mommy has instructed me to do. I stop trying to suppress them. I hear myself moaning in my own feminine submissive voice. My eyes close as I think of how he allowed me to kiss his wet cock. I run my tongue along my lips picturing it, wishing so much that he had allowed me to suck it, not just kiss it. How wonderful that would have been.

“Oh Sal, I love your cock.” I say in a soft moan.

My knees bend slightly upward and open some as my right hand finds my now tingling, swollen nipples, and my left hand reaches down to rub my slippery pussy. As I begin pressing my finger against my pussy, I’m thinking of Sal’s enormous cock. That mushroom shaped wet head and his long thick veiny shaft. The moaning increases, as my finger slips inside of me. The suntan lotion has lubricated me and I slip in a second finger and press in and upwards to feel greater pressure. I slide my hand across to the other nipple, which now needs attention as well. I squeeze it; pinch it, hurting it, but enjoying it. Going back and forth between my nipples feeling how large they are becoming. How proud mommy would be to see how puffy they’ve become. My eyes remain closed as my legs lift up and leave the chair completely. They open even more instinctively, my toes once again pointed.

Because I am the only one around, I have the freedom to say whatever I want out loud, and so I moan even louder now, “Oh Sal, I want you so badly, I want your gorgeous cock so badly.” moaning in a weeping sound now.

I am going crazy, squeezing my nipples and fingering myself while saying what I truly want out loud. A tear flows from my eye as I imagine Sal before me. I am literally crying for his cock. Suddenly I feel a hand on mine, gently removing my hand from my pussy. My eyes open instantly, staring into the bright sun.

I can’t see who it is but I hear a voice say, “I’m here Mandy.”

OMG, it’s Sal! I am speechless and quite honestly embarrassed, as I try to compose myself.

“Shhh, it’s ok.” he assures me as he kneels by my chair and replaces my fingers with his!

I can see him now, because he is kneeling by me, my eyes on his, as he slides his finger in and out of me, staring right into my weeping eyes smiling. My mouth Escort Pendik is open slightly in shock, as he leans forward and kisses me deeply. I moan right into his mouth. As he slowly pulls back, I try and force words from my lips.

“But I thought you were at work Sal.”

“I was Mandy but I left early, so that I can be here for your party, and have enough time to get ready honey.”

OMG Honey, he called me. I look down to witness his finger slowly working itself into my pussy, and then back up to his face still smiling down on me.

“I am so glad” I whisper as my mouth intuitively reaches for his, wanting more of his kiss.

His mouth presses firmly now against mine and again my mouth opens, but this time, it’s to feel his tongue. I am not disappointed. I feel his warm, wet tongue enter my mouth and another moan comes from deep inside of me. I feel my lips wrap around his tongue as if I am trying to hold it from ever leaving, moaning so softly on it. My pussy opens more for him. Mommy was right! I feel so much for him, that his kiss is enough to open my pussy. Sal slips a second finger in sensing my desire for more. He pulls back again to look at the expression on my face, without slowing his finger’s rhythm. My legs are still up and open, as if showing him how much I want him. He slowly removes his fingers and stands beside me on the other side, so that I can look up at him. He can see the awe on my face, and he is pleased. He slips off his shirt and while I wait to see his masculine strong chest, my hand slips up along his leg to his massive bulge in his pants.

He moans from my gentle touch. “Oh Mandy, you are so fucking hot.”

I fumble at his belt and zipper anxiously waiting to see his cock again. His pants drop to the floor as he throws his shirt to the ground next to my chair. I reach for his brief’s band and pull down over his now immensely throbbing cock. As soon as I see it, the most feminine moan can be heard from my lips.

“OMG Sal.” I moan as my hand gently caresses it, my eyes fixed on it, tears still running down my cheek.

Sal looks down at me, leans forward and scoops me up in his strong arms. I never felt so little and powerless. My hand reaches around his neck for support as he carries me over towards the beach towel under the tree. As we walk, we look at each other deeply and he places his lips on mine once again, kissing me so deeply. His knees bend and we head down toward the blanket, lowering me onto it gently. As my head touches the towel, his cock is mere inches from my face and my mouth reaches for it before he can even take his hands from me. He holds my head as he guides his enormous cock towards my mouth, but stops short of allowing me to place it into my mouth.

He can see how distraught I am, how badly I need it. “Mandy,” he says. “Do you like my cock honey?”

“Oh yes, Sal” I moan in response.

“Tell me” he says firmly. It seems pretty clear that he enjoys taking charge, and having me say and do things.

I look at him and say the words he wanted to hear. “I love your cock Sal.”

He smiles and moans hearing me change the word from like to love. I did that on purpose, because it’s quite true. I DO love it. Mommy knew it, she was right. I am in love with Sal’s cock now. I look up at him, just amazed at his strength and masculinity.

He looks down at me and says, “Not now Mandy. You are not allowed to suck my cock just yet. Your mom said not to let you until you have your party and you announce that you are a girl to us, and we all acknowledge it. Only then, Pendik Rus Escort may you taste my cock and feel it in your mouth and deep in your throat.”

Tears stream down my face, hearing the words. Part of it is from being so terribly disappointed and part is just the way he makes me feel.
“You may give it a kiss Mandy.”

Sal leans forward so that his wet head is just a breath away from my lips. I kiss it as I moan and weep, making a big smacking kiss sound, to show him how much I love it. He smiles and walks towards the foot of the blanket. My legs once again lift up and open, he rubs his cock against my wet opening, up and down, lubricating me with his precum. He presses the head to my opening and instantly I cum! Uncontrollably, I am moaning loudly, as the feeling runs through me.

“OMG Mandy,” he exclaims. “You actually get wet when you cum. Your pussy is dripping wet.”

As the words leave his lips, I feel myself opening for him and hear the wet sounds of his thick cock pushing into my pussy. He is so turned on, he can’t stop. He presses further, impatiently. He needs to cum. I can see the look on his face. He presses more and more, as I strain to try and take him. I ignore the discomfort because my only concern now is that he loves fucking me. So I will do anything to make sure he wants to again and again. I am inhaling, trying to open myself for him, as the climax subsides. He has already begun to thrust in and out of me, forcing that gigantic cock deeper and deeper.

The sounds of his cock, and my pussy are making me crazy. He hits the back of my pussy hard! It almost feels like he hit a bone! I gasp, trying not to show any pain. I don’t want him to stop. His body falls forward and he wraps his big strong arms around my head as he leans on his elbows, one arm on either side of my face. His chest pressed firmly against me as he grinds his cock into me.

I turn to the side and lovingly kiss his bulging biceps, moaning to him, “Oh Sal, I…” I stop mid word, afraid to tell him what I was going to say.

His mouth now an inch from mine, he whispers, “Say it Mandy. I want to hear you say it darling.”

I am unable to deny him and I cry as I say the words to him, “Sal, I love you.”

Hearing me say that causes him to pump harder and harder. My legs bouncing in the air, my ass being slapped hard by his huge balls. I cum yet again and the orgasm doesn’t subside for quite some time, as he presses his mouth to mine. My mouth opens, wanting to feel his tongue again. He allows me to taste it, sliding his tongue into my mouth as far as he can as we both moan. His rhythm now becoming familiar, reminding me of the time with mommy. I know he is about to explode inside of me. I realize that I am fucking him back, forcing my ass towards him as he thrusts forward. The pain has become ecstasy. We both begin to climax, as I feel hot cum shooting inside of me, the wet sound and the slapping sounds making me crazy, knowing that his semen is deep inside me again. He slows as he recovers, and kisses me softly as he removes his cock from me.

It seemed to take forever to remove that huge slab of man meat from my soaked cum filled pussy. Leaning back, he smiles at me and watches as I obey mommy’s previous instructions. He watches as I finger all of his dripping cum back inside of me, deeply, moaning as I do it.

“Oh fuck,” he says watching. “You are so hot Mandy.” He brushes his hair back and catches his breath. “I can’t wait for your party tonight Mandy. I better go and get ready, before the girls come home,” he says as he smiles.

My eyes still wet, I say, “Ok Sal.” I remove my fingers, as he walks to his house, and I stand and put on my robe and return to the house as well. All the while thinking of tonight and hoping that somehow I will be able to suck the cock I am deeply in love with.

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