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Caught Skinny Dipping Pt. 02

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Group Sex

After my first encounter, with Bob the older man that had caught me skinny dipping previously. I spent many quite hours rethinking what had happened, that day. I was slightly confused about the way I willingly had let Bob do as he wished, and how much I’d enjoyed it.

It might seem that I was coerced into complying with his requests. Yes he had hidden my clothes, but I was the one swimming naked in a public place. So you could say I was partly responsible. Add to that, that I may of been subconsciously hoping to be caught…

Who knows, what I do know, Id been very curious about man 2 man sex for the last few years.

I was also hoping that I’d get another chance of meeting Bob again. With second chance maybe, I wouldn’t be so nervous.

I went back to the same spot several times over the next few weeks, unfortunately I only ended up having a nude swim, followed by getting warm again sunbathing. I’d almost given up on a replay of our previous meet.

Then one day I went to my swimming spot. I stripped off and lay back in the sun enjoying the feeling of the sun on my bare body. As I lay there relaxing, When I was suddenly aware that a shadow, had blocked out the sun. I opened my eyes, and although I was partly blinded by the bright light. I could just make out the outline of a man standing over me. My first reaction was to cover my semi erect cock with my hands. Fortunately it was Bob, he laughed at my attempt to cover up. Then sat down on the grass next to me, we chatted for a few minutes, he told me how much he loved my body. He told me that he had masturbated several times thinking of me naked.

He then invited me to go to the small camp he had set up, further along the lake shore line. He explained he had been there over night, fishing. I agreed, and started to dress.

Bob stopped me and asked if I’d mind walking escort bayan through the woods naked, there was no one else around so I agreed. He picked up my clothes, and my other stuff. He walked behind me, as we made our way to his camp. I found this so erotic it was obvious he wanted to look at my arse as a I walked along naked and exposed. I was fully erect by the time we reached his camp. And my cock was now rock hard, and pointing skywards.

He had a small ridge tent set up, and his fishing rods on rests pointing out towards the water. He suggested that I took my usual swim, while he put the kettle on to make us a cup of coffee.

I swam out into the lake and turned to see that Bob was now standing waist deep in the water.

I beckoned him to swim out to me. I had not seen Bob naked, the last meeting we had met he had kept his clothes on, and I had not made any attempt to try and to get his cock out.

To be honest I was so nervous the first time I didn’t know what I should do. After he had finished making me cum, I just put my clothes on and left. After I’d got home I thought that I should of tried to at least try to give him some relief.

Maybe by him coming in the water would be my chance to feel a mans cock. I wasn’t sure if I was ready yet to suck one though.

Bob wasn’t a very good swimmer so I easily swam circles round him and made a few dives under the water l managed touch/pull his soft cock a few times as I swam by. He jokingly told me I’d regret doing it.

We made our way back to the shore. I left Bob in my wake, and I was soon walking out of the water, while he was still slowly plodding along through the water.

I took the kettle of the gas primus and poured the hot water into the cups. Bob finally made it back and got out of the water.

He had quite a good body, slightly over altıparmak escort bayan weight, and hairy chest and balls. His cock was a fair size, id guess 6″ and as straight as an arrow. He was circumcised like me. We stood looking at each other I offered him a cup of the coffee he had boiled the kettle for. As he took it, I nervously reached out towards his cock.

He made it easy for me and moved closer. My hand was shaking as it slid down his shaft, and I could feel my face getting red, I was so embarrassed. I didn’t dare make eye contact with him. He then told me to get in the tent, I crawled in through the open flaps. When I turned round, Bob had closed the flaps, and done ties up so I was shut in.

Then he pushed his cock through the gap in the flaps. So all I could see was just his cock.

I didn’t need to be told what he wanted. I started by just gently rubbing it with one hand while the other supported his large hairy balls. It wasn’t long before his pre cum started to flow.

My curiosity got the better of me, and made yet another first, I licked the head of his cock.

I was surprised how silky the head felt in my mouth, I heard Bob moan “OH MY GOD”

As I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I sucked him for a few minutes, When he pulled his cock out of the tent opening, and started to open the flaps.

He came in the tent and made me lay down, and started to play with my cock.

I said that I waned to make him cum first, he smiled and said I’d get my chance to satisfy his needs later.

As he was stroking my cock and now began to run his fingers of his other hand down between my legs. He started to circle round my arse hole, the sensation was incredible. Bob asked if I was enjoying it. “YES” I replied.

He then made me get up turn over nilüfer eskort and get on my hands and knees.

With one hand he pumped my cock, and with the other he continued to circle my hole.

The he gently started to push his finger inside me. It was hard to take at first, but Bob just kept saying relax let it happen. With his finger in me and the other hand pumping up and down I was right on the edge. It was then that he pushed a two fingers in it hurt like hell.

Just take it easy he said again just before adding a third finger. He was now slowly rotating the fingers left and right. That was it and I started to cum, Bob moved the hand that had been pumping my cock, to over the end so he could collecting my cum as it shot out.

He had quite a handful by the time I’d finished. He took his fingers out of me and dipped them into the cum in his right hand. Then he began to wipe it onto my hole the rest of it he rubbed over his own cock. He repositioned himself before he started pushing his cock inside me. I was surprised how it easy the head slipped in. Bob took his time and gently slipped in inch by inch, until I could feel his hairy balls brushing against my arse.

Bob then was easing in and out in and out, before he started to get quicker and quicker.

It was obvious it wasn’t going to take long, he was so excited. My best guess would be that he fucked me for about five minutes. Then I felt the hot spurt of his cum beep inside me. He rammed his cock in me hard a couple of times. At that point slowly pulled out and we both collapsed onto the sleeping bag.

We lay there for sometime, panting, and sweaty. Bob got out and started to get his pants on. I started to do the same, but Bob stopped me explaining what went in has to come out.

The best thing to do was to go for another swim. I did as he suggested on my return to the camp Bob was full dressed. He helped dry my back and took the chance to have a final feel round my body. He let me get dressed. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Sadly this was the last time I saw Bob, and it would be many years before I had another gay encounter.

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