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Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 03

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This chapter describes the beginning of Mike and Meg’s sojourn at the cabin, and their re-entry back into their regular life, and how they begin to deal with their mutual feelings and to cope with society’s view of their relationship. Maggie accommodates her brother, while Mike does his aunt and grandmother. Enjoy. Jb7

Paid to Seduce His Mother v2 Ch 3

Chapter 3


By four o’clock they had the car unpacked, clothes, groceries and other supplies stowed. The natural gas fired generator was working and the kitchen was fully operational. Home, for the next three weeks, was intact. Saying she needed to clean up, Maggie disappeared into the main bedroom. Mike gave her a slow five count and followed her.

Mike closed the door behind him and leaned against it, looking at his mother, not believing his dream of eight years was about to come true. Maggie stood by the bed, dressed in capris and a thin tank top. The shirt was loose, and fell across her bosom lightly, but enough so that her erect nipples tented the fabric.

She looked at her son’s face, seeing the combination of love and lust, and felt herself open. She smiled at him. “Never lose that expression,” she told him. “It says to the woman you’re with that she’s the most desirable woman in your world.”

“That’s the god’s honest truth. I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful or as sexy as you are at this moment. I still can’t believe we’re here. I’ve dreamt about doing this with you for as long as I’ve known what it means.”

He pushed himself away from the door and approached her. “What it means?” she asked, putting her hands on his shoulders as his hands reached for the bottom of her tank top.

“The expression of love between a man and a woman. The act that unites two halves into one whole.” He slipped the shirt over her head as he bent down to kiss her. She felt the garment fall from her arms and his hands encircle her waist, drawing her to him. Her arms reached up around his neck while his hands slipped inside the waistband of her pants, pushing them off her.


With an alluring smile, she pulled back slightly and tugged his tee shirt out of his sweat shorts, and over his head. “That long, huh? Why did you wait so long to act?” she asked, teasingly.

“If I’d thought you wouldn’t be creeped out, believe me, I would have… even now, here like this, I’m surprised you didn’t run screaming the other afternoon when I told you my plans.”

She smiled and pushed her hands into his waistband, hooking her thumbs on the outside and pushing them down. “When you masturbate, do you think of us together, doing this?” He nodded. Closing in to capture his lips again, she whispered, “So do I.”

With a moan, Mike lifted his mother, cradling her in his arms and carried her the few steps to the bed. He knee walked to the center and lay her down, capturing a nipple with his lips at the same time.

“Yessss,” she hissed, and reached for his staff. Finding it all ready for use, she moaned. “Oh, Mike, Mike, just take me! Right now, I need you in me! I’ve been ready since you told me about Harry. Do it, now, please!”

Mike turned his body parallel to hers and kissed her, moving his body over hers. Maggie opened her thighs, spreading her knees as far as she could, to give him total access to her quim. She felt his helmet slide up and down her crease, and reached down to guide it into her. “Yesss,” she moaned as it slid into her. Her legs lifted and circled her son’s waist.

“Oh, shit, Mikey, this feels so good. So right. Don’t move yet. I just want to feel you in me. Come down. Lay on me. Yes, like that. Mmm, kiss me, really kiss me. I want you in me everywhere you can be. Ungggh, what?” she laughed as he slipped a finger in her butt. “Mmhmm,” she moaned, tightening her arms and legs around him

He began rocking slowly, moving his pubes against her clitoris. She began rocking her hips in answer to his movements, which began to increase in tempo and intensity. Maggie broke the kiss and increased her hip motion, flexing her Kegel muscles to grasp and release the cock inside her sheath.

Mike groaned as he felt the milking motion of her pussy, lengthening his strokes. “Oh, fuck, Momma, that feels so good. Unh, keep…keep doin’ that and I’ll come too soon.”

“That’s okay, honey. When we’ve got three weeks, too soon doesn’t exist. Go ahead and paint the inside of my pussy with your cum,” she whispered against his ear, squeezing his cock with her PC muscles. “C’mon, Mikey, come in your momma. Spray me with your seed. I want to feel your cum in my cunt, my horny son, my own personal motherfucker. That’s what you are, isn’t it? My personal momma’s screw. C’mon, Mikey, pop your cum… c… cum uh uh ohoh oh my my my I’m I’m aaahhhhhhhhh yessss!”

Maggie collapsed in his arms as he sprayed his seed in her, then, he, like her, collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.


Mike woke an hour later, to the sensation of warm wet velvet caressing his glans. In a hardly-awake escort bayan state, he reached down to push it further onto his member, encountering a head of hair. He came fully awake in second, disoriented by waking in a strange room. Only when the warmth disappeared and Meg laughed did he realize where he was. He flopped back down on the pillow and swore. “Shit, and it was such a nice dream.”

She crawled up the bed to lie with her head on his chest, idly making curls in his thatch as she spoke. “Did you enjoy it? Harry never did, especially right after making love. He’d refuse to kiss me until I brushed my teeth afterward.” She turned over to look up at him.

“I don’t know why, but that doesn’t surprise me. You won’t have to worry about that with me.”

“Oh? That’s good. Is there anything I should worry about doing with you?”

“As long as it doesn’t cause unremitting pain, or leave visible scars, I don’t think so. You?”

“Those are good for starters. I’d rather share than be shared; the other night with Ellie was fun and I can see us with another woman, but I don’t think I’d want two men at once. I’ve never tried anal intercourse, but if it’s something you really want to do, I’d try it once to see… no violence, and no restraints if you’re going to leave me alone for more than a minute.” She laughed. “Is all of that too much for you?”

He grinned. “No. If I’d taken more than a nanosecond to think about it, I’d probably have come up with a similar list. The two women thing is intriguing, but not likely to happen unless we carry on when we get home. As for anal, I think we’d both have to be pretty drunk. I’ve never seen the attraction.”

She smiled and moved up to kiss him. “Ready for your first al fresco skinny dip? If we wait much longer, it’ll be too cold to swim. We can have just a quick dip and then make dinner.”

For the next three weeks, the mother/son pair made love, ate, fucked, swam, screwed, read, made love some more, talked, and listened to the radio. Two or three times a week, when they arose, they would find a small herd of five or six whitetail does grazing in their front yard, near the lake.

Twice they saw adolescent bears rolling in their grass, or it may have been the same bear both times. After the second time, they had asked the caretaker if the critters posed a danger. “Probably not, as long as you don’t get between them and their food.”

He had given them some cherry bombs to scare them off if they came back. “Just light them and throw them to about half way between you. The noise should scare them away.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“Get inside and call the ranger. They shouldn’t be any danger. There’s plenty of food for them around. Just keep your garbage locked away. Wouldn’t hurt to piss, excuse me ma’am, around your garbage shed.”

As they usually do, their vacation came to an end, all too soon. The last Friday, as they were cleaning and packing, Meg stopped to look at her lover, packing up the foodstuffs they would be carting home. “Mike,” she called, barely able to get the word out. “Ahmm, Mike!”

He looked up to see her standing at the door to the bedroom, her face full of anguish, tears starting down her cheeks. In four quick strides, he was at her side, wrapping her in his arms. “What is it, Mom? What’s wrong?”

“We are; this is, but I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to stop when we get home. Is that awful?”

“I’m not the one to ask that to. I didn’t want it to stop before we got started.”

She laughed and raised her teary face to his and pulled his face to hers for a kiss. “I love you, Mikey, like no mother should love a son, but I can’t help it. I’ve been happier this past three weeks than I can ever remember being.

“What would you say to visiting your grandmother in Cranston. If she can’t put us up for a night or two, we could stay at a motel.”

“D’you think she’ll try to separate us?”

With a smile chasing away her tears, Meg shook her head. “No, somehow, I think she’ll understand.”

Part XXX

Maggie pulled up to the two and a half story house. It was painted a dark blue with white trim. The frieze around the verandah comprised alternating red and white spindles. She sat back in the driver’s seat, feeling at ease. “We moved in here when I was fifteen, just a few months before I got a call from a photographer who had seen me at a football game. Harry’s parents lived over there,” she said, pointing to a two story house with little space for an attic. “There weren’t any other teens on the block, and Dad wasn’t one to make friends easily.

“That may have been part of the reason he treated Mom the way he did. In a month, she knew the names of everyone on the block, husbands, wives, and children, what the men did for a living and for fun, which women worked, and who stayed home, and what grades their children were in. When Harry and I told our folks I was pregnant, Dad didn’t know who Harry’s dad was, or where they lived.”

“And he died alone?”

“From what tuzla genç escort we were told. He had a one bedroom apartment in Kingston, and had a woman come in once a week to keep it clean. She found him in bed; they said it was a heart attack, about two days earlier.”

“That’s awful…”

“Yes, but he brought it on himself. After I married Harry, he wouldn’t speak to me, voluntarily. He never asked about you, or Ellie, for that matter. And the breakup was over nothing. Jimmy had just got home from school for Xmas; I was up with you and Ellie to see him because Harry wanted to go to his sister’s for the holiday.

“The three of us, Jimmy, Mom and I were in the kitchen. He had his arms around her waist and she was holding him the same way. Dad came in and saw them and blew his stack, accused them of all sorts of shenanigans. He was probably right, but not at the moment. For the only time that I can recall, she lost her temper. She grabbed a skillet off the stove and chased him out of the house, telling him not to come back, she’d ship his clothes.”

Maggie was laughing as she finished. “C’mon, lets go in.”

Carol Whitney opened her door to see her daughter, looking happier than she had ever seen her, and grandson, looking more than a little sheepish. Without a second thought she ushered them into the house and to the kitchen, where most of her entertaining was accomplished. “Coffee or tea?” she asked them.

“Coffee,” the duo answered in tandem. The older woman smiled. As tall as her daughter, she made it obvious where Ellie got her statuesque build. A handsome woman, more than pretty, some would call her patrician, or noble in appearance. At sixty-four, she would give most women her daughter’s age serious competition for a man’s attention.

“So, to what do I owe this visit, and do you plan on staying for more than a few minutes?”

“We’ve been at the cabin for the past few weeks and didn’t feel like going home just yet,” Maggie answered. “And if you have room, we’d love to stay for a couple of days.”

Carol looked at her daughter and grandson. “I have a room with a double bed. Will that do?” she asked with a smile.

“Christ! Is it that obvious? That’ll be fine, Ma. If it’s all right with you, that is.”

“I’m not the one to judge you. Mike, perhaps you’d like to talk to your uncle Jim. Shall I call him and ask if he and Sally can stop over this evening?”

“Uhh, yeah. That would probably help a lot. Thank you, Gramma. Umm, how did you know?”

She laughed. “A bunch of things. Mostly, it was seeing your mother’s smile for the first time since I don’t know when, and you looking like you were about to lose your favorite toy, plus, as you’ll learn, if Maggie hasn’t already told you, personal experience. Your uncle and I have been lovers since he was sixteen. I’m sure he can give you some advice on how to live with your secret. If I regret anything about our relationship, it’s that–that it has to be kept secret.”

He looked at his mother. “She said she suspected, but wasn’t sure”

“Then we hid it better than I thought, or she didn’t want to think her lover was also doing it with his mother.”

“You knew?”

“I told him, if he had the opportunity, he should. When he said it seemed you were ready but afraid of getting caught, I arranged for Stuart and me to be gone overnight. I knew he’d make it good for your first time.”

Mike laughed. “Seems like it runs in the family.”

Carol looked at him. “Ellie?” she laughed and smiled when he nodded. She turned to Maggie. “You said you and Mike were at the cabin. Where’s Harry?”

“He said he had a convention and some sales calls on the west coast, but I think it was just a pleasure jaunt with his new toy, although this one has lasted longer than most.”

“Does he have any suspicions about you…”

“I don’t think so. Mike?”

“No. When I mentioned that I would be taking you out and making you the target for men’s attention, he gave me a look like I was crazy.”

“You’re going to what?” Mike explained what Harry had hired him to do, and the developments so far. “He’s paying you for this, and picking up the expenses?” Shaking her head and laughing, she turned to her daughter. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure. I haven’t taken any time to think about the future. That’s sort of why we’re here, I think.” Carol nodded and walked to her wall phone.

“It’s called a land line,” she said when she saw Mike’s look of amusement. “Since they buried all the lines, it’s the surest way of communication.

“Hello, Sally. Is Jim home yet?… Yes, thank you…Jim, hi to you, too. I’m calling to see if you and Sally wanted to come over for dessert…no, it’s best if you left the kids at home. Maggie and Mike are here, and need some advice…mmhmm…around seven, then. Thank you, son.”


Since Carol had not been expecting visitors, she felt somewhat at a loss for dinner, and suggested going out. Mike objected and offered to raid her kitchen tuzla kendi evi olan escort and come up with a suitable meal, including the dessert for them and his aunt and uncle. “You know you only have a couple of hours,” she challenged him.

Just over an hour later they were sitting down to a creamed chicken casserole while a gingerbread was baking in the oven. Carol looked at him after her first bite. “You’re sure this came out of my kitchen? You didn’t run to the store for anything?”

Maggie laughed at her. “You can believe it, Ma. The first night he was home, he made us a chicken dish that could have been served in any gourmet restaurant in New York City. It was good enough to get him top honors at his school.” She turned to look at her son, mother’s pride and lover’s delight making her face glow.

“If you’re looking for a job…” Carol started to say.

“I have one, Gramma, starting the first of October, at Someplace Else, back home.”

“Someplace Else? Pete Riordan’s place? That’s wonderful. Word has it that it’s one of the best eateries in New England. Congratulations.”

“How do you know it, Ma?”

“Well,” she huffed, “we might not be Main Street out here in Cranston, but we’re not exactly backwater, either,” she finished, and laughed. “One of our part time clerks at the library is the food critic for ‘New England Roads,’ a bi-weekly magazine put out by a group promoting Rhode Island specifically, but the region in general. She travels all over looking for places like Someplace Else. She also looks for little mom and pop diners, and places like George’s, down in Galilee.”

The sound of the front door opening stopped further discussion. In a few seconds Jim and Sally made their way into the kitchen, to be warmly greeted by Maggie. Mike was surprised to feel a pang of jealousy when he saw his mother kiss her brother on the lips.

Like Mike, Jim was a few inches over six feet in height, but his body was stockier, more muscled. Like Maggie, he had light blond hair and blue eyes. His wife, taller than average for a woman at five-nine, was the shortest person in the room.

While Jim greeted his sister, Sally went to her nephew and wrapped him in a bear hug. “Mike, I haven’t seen you since your high school graduation. How nice it is to see you again!” Mike was immediately aware of his aunt’s ample bosom against his chest, and hoped she hadn’t felt his reaction. Her smile and wink as she stepped back, however, canceled that hope right away.

Aunt and uncle switched people to greet, and while Sally occupied Maggie, Jim held up his pipe and said, “Mom won’t let me smoke this in here. Want to step outside with me and we can catch up.” Maggie caught his eye and nodded, smiling.


Carol’s backyard had a gazebo with a four seated glider in it. Mike and Jim made their way to it, and sat facing each other. “I gather you and Maggie have become lovers. And Carol thinks I might have some wisdom to impart.” He fumbled in his back pants pocket and pulled out his tobacco pouch and filled his pipe.

“Yeah, I guess. When I…ah, set out to seduce her, I didn’t really give any thought to what it would mean, after, you know.”

“You set out to seduce your mother? Well, at least you’re not lacking balls. What was your plan?” He struck a match and puffed at the pipe, lighting it.

“I caught Dad with his latest girl friend, and he told me he and Mom didn’t really have a life together anymore. I told him I’d get Meg to agree to a divorce…”

“Meg? You mean Maggie?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry. I call her Meg when we’re together. Maggie is Dad’s wife and my mother. When she’s Meg, she’s my…woman.” Jim nodded. “Anyway, I got him to pay me for the summer, and to bail on our yearly trip to the cabin. Ellie was leaving for Europe just before we left, so I knew, if he was gone, I’d have her alone for three weeks.

“Friday, just before Ellie got home before she left, we were messing around by the pool, and I told her what I was going to do. By the time we got to the cabin, we were both ready for it to happen. I didn’t think it would continue past the three weeks, but now neither of us want to stop, but, other than keeping it secret…”

“You don’t have a clue how to make it work?” Jim grinned, clenching the pipe in his teeth

Mike laughed. “Yeah, something like that.”

“What about Ellie? What’s your relationship with her?” he asked, drawing on the pipe.

“About the same as you and Mom, maybe a bit more active.” Jim laughed.

“But she’s in Europe until when?” he asked, blowing a smoke ring.

“Next July, and then probably back to Florida, although she’s been talking about transferring to a school up here, to be closer to home.”

“Well, and, as you are aware, I speak from experience, you are to be congratulated. You have all the pieces in place to fuck up the lives of two of the most important women in your life. And a third, if you ever marry. Which you should, by the way.

“Besides the job you are supposed to be doing for your father, do you have a real job lined up?” He tried drawing on the pipe and discovered it had gone out. “Shit!” he exclaimed, pulling out his box of matches. “Sally says I probably smoke more matches than I do tobacco. Sometimes I think she’s right.”

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