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College Ch. 09

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Hi, I know I know it’s been a long time coming but I finally had the chance to sit down and write the next chapter…..I know I left the story at a bit of a cliff hanger moment, apologises. Nothing highly erotic happens in this chapter but I left it in the same category so people don’t have to go searching for it. As always feedback welcome and will be taken into consideration. : ) Enjoy!


JD had me up against the wall, tearing at my clothes, when I hear footsteps. I opened my mouth to scream, but JD puts his hand over my mouth to stop me. I struggled against him, trying to break his hold, he was too strong and his body was pressed up hard against mine.

“Is everything alright here?”, asked the voice. It was Danny. Oh thank god.

“Everything is fine, we just got a little excited and couldn’t wait to get home, know what I mean?” JD replied coolly, he didn’t like the fact his plan had been interrupted. I could feel JD’s grip loosing so I bit into his hand and cried, “Danny, it’s me!”

I watched Danny’s face change from concerned curiosity to full blown rage in moments. He took a step forward to JD and JD took a step backwards pulling me with him.

“Let her go now or I promise you, this will not end well for you.”

JD finally let go of me and I ran into Danny’s arms. His arms circled around me, holding me close. Later I found out it was for two reasons: 1) hold me and comfort me, make sure I was okay and 2) to keep himself together from killing JD at that moment.

“You ever come near Kerry again and I’ll see to it that it’ll be not only the last thing you’ll regret but also it’ll be the last thing you ever do,” Danny said with ice in his voice. His words sending goose bumps across my skin because I knew he meant it.

“Come on Danny, let’s just go please, leave it as it is. No one has to get hurt if we bedava bahis leave now,” I said to him trying to calm him down.

I pulled his face to mine so I could look into his eyes, which still hadn’t lost the blaze of his anger even if his body had done.

“Danny please, just take me home.”

Danny seemed to calm down enough to think clearly and he replied softly, “Okay, I’ll make sure to get you home safely,” as he glared in JD’s direction.

We walked back to campus slowly and although the night was warm, I was shivering. Danny removed his black coat and wrapped it around my shoulders and rubbed his hand against the jacket to create friction to warm me up. We didn’t talk at all on the way back, I was scared of what would be said when we were in my room. But then I noticed that we had walked past my dorm onto the lecturer’s accommodation.

“Danny, we passed my dorm,” I said quietly.

“I know,” was all the reply I got as we walked into his building.

Through the foyer, into the elevator and up to Danny’s floor. He walked to his door, unlocked it and led me into the sitting room and closed the door behind him.

He sat me down on the couch and then sat beside staring at the ground. We sat like that for a while, him in deep thought, me quietly staring at my hands.

When he spoke his voice sounded cracked, like he was going to cry.

“Kerry, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. If I had left with you that wouldn’t have happened. God, when I think about what could have happened to you…” his voice trailed off as he was obviously picturing what would have happened if he didn’t arrive when he did.

“Danny, this isn’t your fault. Stop blaming yourself. If it wasn’t for you, it could have been a lot worse than a few ripped pieces of cloth. Unfortunately he ruined my favourite top,” I smiled casino siteleri trying to make light of the situation and to make Danny feel better, because if it wasn’t for him I’d still be in the alley with JD.

I knelt before him, my eyes trying to lock onto his, “Danny please listen to me. This is not your fault. It wasn’t you that pinned me up against a wall; it wasn’t you tearing at my clothes like an animal. It wasn’t you forcing themselves onto me. But it was you I was thinking of the entire time. It was you that I thought about when he started tearing at me, and it was you who saved me. You saved me from being raped Danny. So none of this is your fault. Please stop blaming yourself.”

I leaned in slowly and kissed him gently. He kissed me back gingerly, almost like I was too fragile to touch. He pulled me into his embrace and I felt safe. I could feel the realisation of what could have happened hit me and I started to cry. Danny just held me, rocking me slowly; the way a mother does to console her crying child. He lifted me in his arms, carried me to his room and lay me down on the bed.

“Kerry,” he said as he helped me out of my torn clothes, “did you really mean what you said tonight? I mean in the bathroom of the bar, did you mean it?”

I knew this was coming, granted I hoped he would give it a day or two after what had happened.

“Danny can we talk about this later? I just want to sleep right now after everything……okay?

We’ll talk about it tomorrow so for now can you just hold me while I sleep?”

“Yes of course, I’m sorry.”

He gave me a t-shirt to sleep in, I crawled in under the covers and he slid in behind me and held me. I slept feeling safe and unafraid.


The next morning I woke in Danny’s room alone. I got up and went into the kitchen; there was a note bahis siteleri on the counter.

Kerry, there was a board meeting held for the staff this morning that unfortunately I had to attend. Make yourself at home you know where everything is.


I read the note, but thought I should leave the last thing I needed was a lecturer asking me what I was doing coming out of Danny’s room. The note said for the staff but not everyone goes to those meetings. I grabbed a pair of Danny’s tracksuit bottoms and left a note on the end of his.


Decided to go to the dorm, Emma is probably freaking out.

Talk soon,


I picked up my stuff and left. I headed back to the dorm and Emma was nowhere to be seen. I stripped out of my clothes and got into the shower. I wanted to scrub away any place JD touched me and wash away last night’s experience. The hot water running over my skin felt amazing. I love a hot shower always helps me to relax. I finished up, wrapped a towel around myself and headed into the bedroom. I sent Emma a text; see where she was and what time she’d be back at. The clothes I wore last night, I threw into the bin. My mind drifted back to Danny. What was I going to do with him?

I told him I loved him, but when he asked me if I meant it, I deferred the question. I needed to talk to him about it sooner or later, might as well get it over and done with. I send him a text:

Hey, if you get a chance can we meet up and talk?

I got a reply a few moments later:

Danny: Of course, are you still in the apartment?

Me: No, I came back to the dorm to freshen up and find Emma but low and behold she’s not here lol

Danny: She has a date, I bumped into her after the meeting

Me: Oh that explains it, so what time are you free?

Danny: Now if you like, where do you want to meet?

Me: Could you come to the dorm?

Danny: Sure, I’ll be right there.

I decided to get dressed into my pj’s; I wasn’t going anywhere for the rest of the day. Now is just needed to sort my head out and what I’m going to do next…….

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