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Mom’s Halloween Costume Ch. 05

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Unfortunately for Glen, his excitement was short lived. No sooner than Debbie and Sally started really kissing and caressing each other, Debbie abruptly stopped and pulled back.

“Sally…did you…”

“What, Deb? What’s wrong?”

Glen had an immediate sense that the show he was waiting for wasn’t going to be seen that day.

“Sally…ohhhh, wow…”

Debbie seemed to be in deep thought.

“Debbie, what is it?”

“Sally, I need to talk to you, right away.”

“What’s going on, Deb?” Glen asked, more out of genuine curiosity than disappointment.

“I’m sorry, Glen. I just need to talk to my sister…alone. Can you please…can you just go take a shower or something?”

“Sure, why not?” Glen said, disappointment now coming through. “I don’t know what the hell is going on around here anyway. So, why not stop right now and take a shower?”

Debbie barely heard his response. She was looking intently at her sister, waiting until they were alone so they could talk privately. Glen took his cue and left the room.

“Deb, what is going on? You’re worrying me a little here.”

“I’m not sure,” Debbie replied with a furrowed brow. “But I…I think something is going on.”

“I don’t get it,” Sally said. “What do you mean?”

“Sally, we didn’t…we didn’t plan this whole thing in some way, did we? I mean, what happened last night…with Freddy and me. And you and Glen coming here and being together, while I was with Freddy.”

“Plan it? Deb, how could we have planned it?”

“I don’t know. I mean…you and I have been talking about things…when we’ve been alone. We’ve talked about babies, and taking chances, being wild sometimes. We’ve talked about things like that lately.”

“Yeah, I know. But I never thought it meant anything serious. I mean, for one thing, I thought we were talking about me having a baby someday. I didn’t think you wanted to have more. And I certainly never expected you would want that…with Freddy.”

“Of course. Of course we were talking about you. And of course I never, ever dreamed I would be with my own son…or that I would want a baby…with him. But last night…and even today. It’s been like I was another person or something…like I wasn’t in control of what I was doing.”

“I understand. I felt that way too. I mean, we talked about having babies…I mean you and I talked about it…not…me and…you know…not me and Glen…ever.”

“It’s OK, Sal. I’m not worried about all of that. I knew you guys were together. But I was never worried about you getting pregnant by Glen.”

“But, I don’t understand then, Debbie. What do you mean? I was always worried that he would get me pregnant. That’s why things were so weird and different last night and today. I actually wanted him to…at least…I think that’s what I wanted. I…I hope you don’t mind me saying that…about your husband. I’m not sure now if I wanted him to get me pregnant or not. I feel really confused.”

“Really, it’s fine. Don’t worry about that. I just meant that I wasn’t too concerned that Glen would get you pregnant. I’m not sure he’s capable of it.”

“Now you’ve really lost me,” Sally said, looking puzzled.

Debbie paused to think about what to say next. She took a deep breath and continued.

“Sal, he… Glen has never been able to father a child. He tried…we tried for a while.”

“What on earth are you talking about? What about Freddy?”

“Freddy’s… Well, he’s not…”

“Deb, are you saying…is Freddy…were you artificially inseminated or something? Is Freddy’s father a sperm donor or something?”

“Well, yes and no.”

“You never told anyone, Debbie. None of us had any idea you went through that kind of procedure.”

“That’s because I didn’t.”

Sally looked more bewildered than ever.

“What are you saying? I don’t get it, Debbie.”

“Glen is not Freddy’s father. But I wasn’t artificially inseminated. I didn’t go through any procedure like that. And Glen doesn’t know he’s not Freddy’s father. Freddy certainly has no idea. Through all the tests we had, one of the things that was clear was that Glen had a very low sperm count. They never said it was impossible for him to get me pregnant, but the odds were very much against it. He just thought that when it happened, that we had gotten lucky. And I let him believe that.”

“Deb, are you serious? Then you must’ve…Debbie…oh my gosh. Who’s Freddy’s actual father? I can’t believe this.” Then it was Sally’s turn to stop and think for a bit. “Oh… Oh Deb, it wasn’t…”

“It wasn’t what…or whom? What are you thinking? Because it can’t be what you’re thinking, I promise you. I don’t know if I should tell you, Sal. It’s a big deal.”

“Debbie, please tell me.”

Debbie took a deep breath, followed by a long pause.

“You’re gonna hate me for this,” she finally said, “but, I need to wait just a little bit before I talk to you about this. Can we just, get cleaned up, and then maybe illegal bahis go to your house so we can talk without being disturbed for a while?”

Sally could tell from her sister’s tone of voice that something was stressing her. She had gone from throwing caution to the wind and begging her son to knock her up, to being suddenly serious and seemingly distracted. Sally agreed to Debbie’s proposal. The sisters showered together in the master bathroom, while the men of the house had their own debrief.


“Dad, I’m really sorry,” Freddy began. “I really don’t know what to say.”

“I’m sure I should be really, really pissed,” Glen replied. “But with the vibe that’s going on here, I don’t think anything would shock me right now.”

“I know what you mean. Were you and Aunt Sally…um…”

“Yeah. We heard what you and Mom were doing and, well…Sally wanted to do the same thing.”

“You heard that? Dad…”

“It’s OK, Freddy. Who am I to talk after all the times I’ve been with Mom’s sister?”

“I know. Well, you know I don’t blame you for having the hots for Aunt Sally. And how’s Mom doing with all that?”

“It seemed like she and Sally were doing great…totally in the swing of things, so to speak. But then I don’t know. Mom asked me to leave so they could talk. She seemed to be worried about…something…just out of nowhere.”

“Really? Do you think it was about…all of this?”

Freddy gestured between himself and his father.

“Maybe. But like I said, she and Sally both seemed to be totally into what was happening. I even thought for a while…and maybe I still think, that they planned all this somehow.”

“Seriously? You really think that, Dad?”

“I’m not at all sure what to think. I might be totally wrong. But it seemed like… Hell, I don’t know.”

“How could they possibly have planned any of this?”

“I really don’t know, Freddy. I just feel like there’s something your mother and your aunt aren’t saying.”

Freddy was considering his father’s comments when they heard voices on the stairway. A few moments later Debbie and Sally entered the room.

“I’m sorry to break up the party, Guys,” Debbie said. “But I need to spend a little time with Sally. We’re going to drive to her house and hang out there for a while.”

“Really?” Glen said. “Why are you going all the way there?”

“I just need some time, Glen. Things are strange right now, and I need to clear my head, and be with my sister. That’s all there is to it.”

“You’re telling me that things are strange? And you don’t have anything to do with the fact that things are that way, Deb?”

“I’m not saying anything about what has to do with whom, Glen. Just give me a break, OK? I’m in a weird place too. Freddy Sweetie, are you OK?”

“Oh, of course, Mom. Do what you need to do. No worries.”

Freddy got up from his chair, kissed his mother, then his aunt on the cheek.

“It’ll be OK, Glen,” Sally said. “We just need to talk for a while.”

“OK. Like Freddy said. Do what you need to do.”

“Thanks, Glen,” Debbie said, feeling relieved that she wasn’t going to have to explain anything else to her husband.

She and Sally left promptly and soon they were driving to Sally’s house.


“What is going on, Deb?” Sally asked after she and her sister had been in the car for a few minutes. “What got you so off-track at your house? You seemed like you were totally into what was happening.”

“I was, Sally,” Debbie replied.

“Then what happened? Why did you stop talking, and why do we have to go all the way to my house?”

“A bunch of thoughts just came crashing together. I have a weird feeling about something. And I want to talk to you in total private. That’s all there is to it, Sal.”

Sally could tell by her sister’s demeanor that she was still not ready to talk more until they reached her house. The two rode the rest of the way in silence. When they arrived, Sally made coffee and joined her sister at the kitchen table.

“Thanks for waiting to talk, Sally. I just needed to be quiet and collect my thoughts.”

“It’s OK. Are you ready to tell me what’s on your mind now, Deb?”

“Yes. What were you thinking…or who were you thinking of, when you were going to ask me who Freddy’s father is? I know it’s not at all what you might think, but I’m really curious what came to your mind.”

“OK. Well, what came to my mind was, is Dad Freddy’s father?”

Debbie looked at her sister in disbelief.

“Sally!” she exclaimed. “What would make you say such a thing?”

“I’m sorry, Debbie. I just… It was a wild idea. I’m…I’m really sorry.”

Debbie felt as though she was suddenly out of breath. She took time in responding.

“Sally… I really need to know, why would you say that? Why would you think that, Dad, our father, could possibly be the father of my son?”

Now Sally stopped to consider her words before speaking. She looked her casino siteleri sister directly in the eyes as she went on.

“It is Dad, isn’t it?”


“Come on, Debbie. We can talk about it. And I’m not upset or anything. I’m not judging you…believe me. Just tell me. Is our dad Freddy’s father?”

“Yes,” Debbie said softly. “Yes, he is. But…how could you possibly know that? Did you…did you know that Dad and I…”

“No Debbie. I had no idea that you and Dad were ever together. I probably should have suspected, but I never did.”

“Then how? What would make you think that?”

“Fasten your seat belt, Sister. I know that, because I was with Dad. And Dad got me pregnant.”

Debbie stared at her sister.

“What are you talking about?” she asked. “What do you mean, Dad got you pregnant? You’ve never been pregnant.”

“You never knew about it. But yes, I was pregnant.”

“How could…when?”

“I was nineteen. You were long gone and married. Freddie was…I don’t know…ten or twelve? You were living your own life. You weren’t around home much.”

“But how, Sally? How did it happen…that you and Dad…”

“Fucked? How did it happen with you, Deb? I mean, I’ll tell you. But it obviously happened with you first.”

“Fine, fine. But wait a minute, Sally. You were actually pregnant? Obviously you didn’t have the baby. I don’t think I would have missed that. What happened?”

“I had a miscarriage,” Sally said matter-of-factly. “But I don’t want to talk any more about that part right now, Deb. I want to know about you and Dad first.”

“Fair enough. I was already married to Glen, of course. You might not remember, but we had a hard time when our marriage started. At one point I moved out for six months, into my own apartment.”

“You did? How did I not know that?”

“You were living your own life, too. You were a teenager. Even then your life revolved around nothing but yourself.”

“Even then?” Sally said with a wrinkled smile. “You suck.”

Debbie smiled and felt a bit lighter before she continued.

“I’m just teasing. But not about you being in your own world when that was going on. That was real. Anyway, I moved out. And Dad was just…there for me. And so was Mom. I was lonely and upset. And they were just…there for me…like I said. And…I don’t even know how to describe how it started.”

“You just kind of, wound up in bed with our father?”

“Pretty much. The funny thing is, it never felt wrong. I liked it…I loved it. Maybe it was because I was so pissed at Glen. But it felt more right than wrong to be with Dad.”

“How long did it go on?” Sally inquired.

Debbie looked down at the table before answering.

“A while. A long while.”

“How long, Deb?”

“A few years.”

“Are you serious? You were screwing Dad…for a few years?”


“Wow. How did you wind up pregnant?”

“Part of the reason I was so mad at Glen was that I wanted to have a baby. We tried…for quite a while like I told you. And then when we found out he…well he wasn’t exactly shooting blanks…but that it wasn’t likely he could get me pregnant, he didn’t seem to care. I foolishly thought that if I did end up having a baby, it would make our marriage into what I wanted it to be. But the biggest problem was that there’s not much chance of having a baby with your husband if he stops paying attention to you, and especially if he completely stops fucking you.”

Debbie had wondered many times if perhaps that was when Glen started sleeping with Sally, but she decided not to bring it up.

“Did you get pregnant by Dad on purpose?” Sally asked.

“Yes,” Debbie replied. “I can’t believe that seemed logical all those years ago. But somehow it did.”

“Did Mom have any idea?”

“Oh, yeah. She definitely did.”

“What do you mean, Deb?”

“Mom more or less…brought Dad to me in the first place. And it was her idea that I have a baby…with him.”


“You don’t seem shocked, Sally.”

“I’m not. It was Mom that got me together with Dad, just like she did with you. And I felt like…like she wanted him to get me pregnant too.”

“Seriously? Why? I mean, I was married, and Mom thought…and so did I…that it would help save my marriage. You were young and single. Why would she have wanted you to get pregnant?”

“I don’t know, Deb. Maybe that was just my imagination.”

“But, why did she want you to be with Dad in the first place? With me, I thought it was because she knew how lonely I was, and how much Dad loved me, and that I would be safe with him and everything. And all that was true. But why you?”

“She never explained it much. I just thought the same kinds of things as you. Dad loved me, and Mom thought I could learn about really having sex with a man, in a safe way, with Dad…before really going out in the ‘big bad world.'”

“Are you saying that…was poker siteleri Dad your first, Sally?”

“Mm-hm. Yes, he was.”

“How long did it go on with you and Dad?”

“Not as long as you probably. But at least a year, I guess.”

“That’s still a pretty long time. What made you think Mom wanted you to get pregnant?”

“I overheard her talking to Dad about it.”

“Really? What did she say?”

“I don’t remember exactly. It was a long time ago. But it sounded like she was saying things like, ‘It’s time. You can’t wait much longer.’ And something else like, ‘Just tell her you want her to see how it feels without a condom. Tell her you’ll just put it in for a few seconds, and that you’ll pull out before it happens.'”

“Seriously? That sounds like she definitely wanted you to get pregnant.”

“Maybe I heard it wrong, Debbie. Like I said, it was a long time ago.”

“There was something strange going on there, Sally.”

“More strange than us both having affairs with our father? Affairs initiated by our mother?” Sally said. “I think that was pretty fucking strange to begin with.”

“I know. But, that’s part of what seemed so weird back then, you know? It should have felt so much more weird, and wrong…but it didn’t. And now…I mean, I’ve fucked my son twice, and I had this burning desire to have him impregnate me. How am I not more freaked out by that?”

“I have no idea, but I know what you mean. It’s kind of like you said back at your house. You asked me if there was any way we could have planned all this. Of course that’s crazy. But at the same time, doesn’t it somehow seem that, there’s something else going on here? Why did we both feel like we were in heat starting on Halloween night?”

“I don’t know. But what could be going on, Sal? I mean, it’s not like we’re actually under a…spell…or…”

Debbie was suddenly silent and contemplative.

“What is it, Deb?”

“I don’t know. But out of nowhere I feel like I’m having like…a flashback or something.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not sure. But…I need to ask you this. When you were with Dad…was… Where was Mom?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just what I said. Was Mom…with you and Dad? Was she in the room? Was she somewhere else? How did that work?”

“Well, all of those at one time or another. Yes, Mom was involved sometimes if that’s what you’re asking. Was she…with you too, Deb? Were you doing things…with Mom too?”

“Yes,” Debbie replied. “More often it was just Dad and me. But Mom was definitely with us sometimes…in bed. But sometimes she was just…there. She was in the room, but she wasn’t involved.”

“Yeah, with us too, now that you mention it.”

“What was Mom doing…when she wasn’t in bed with you and Dad?”

“Um…well I know sometimes she was…really watching us closely. Sometimes she would encourage Dad to do…various things.”

“Like what?”

“You know. Like, ‘Put it inside her now…she’s ready to get fucked,’ or ‘Lick that little pussy. Make our little girl cum hard.’ Things like that.”

“I guess I remember things like that too, now that you say it. But what about when she wasn’t in bed with you, and she wasn’t coaching Dad on what to do to you, but she was in the room? What was she doing then?”

Sally looked puzzled.

“I…I don’t know, Deb. I was fucking my dad…and to be honest…I loved it, just like you said. So when Mom wasn’t involved, I wasn’t paying that much… Wait a minute…I just remembered something.”

“OK, what?”

“Mom was…sitting in a chair. Dad was…doing it to me from behind. And I kind of remember…Mom sitting in a chair, not paying much attention to what Dad and I were doing…and…this seems really weird…”

“What, Sal? What was Mom doing?”

“This doesn’t make sense…but I kind of remember her…reading of all things. But why would Mom be sitting in the room, while Dad and I were screwing, and be reading a book?”

“Do you remember if that happened more than once?” Debbie asked, seeming to show keen interest.

“Well…now that you ask that, I think I do remember it happening at least a few times. Why, Deb? What are you getting at?”

“I remember that too, Sally. I had completely forgotten about that until you started talking about what you guys did. But then I remembered Mom sitting and reading sometimes. Do you remember if there’s a chance she was…reading out loud?”

“Yes!” Sally exclaimed as her recollection became more clear. “Yes, I do remember that! I think I even asked her once, about what she could have possibly been reading out loud while…while Dad was inside me.”

“What did she say?”

“I don’t remember that part. But I’m sure she just kind of dismissed it, like it was in my imagination. I probably thought that too, until you started asking me about it.”

“You weren’t imagining it, Sal. I remember it too. But what the hell? What could Mom possibly have been reading…out loud…while Dad was fucking us?”

Both women stopped talking for a minute and tried hard to remember any details that could help them piece together the past.

“I’m picturing a book, Debbie. I don’t know what it looked like…wait…black leather cover maybe?”

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