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Hi there! My name is Shawna, although, I see my brother, Larry, renamed me Susan in one of his stories. He did get the part about being me being a cock hound right though. I’m a little more than 2 years younger than Larry. Larry described my body fairly accurately in his stories. I’m about five foot, four inches tall, blond hair with 36C boobs. I wear a small to medium panty. I usually wear thongs. I love it when a guy realizes I’m wearing a thong and can’t take his eyes off my butt.

I’m a bit of a tease too. I love to wear tight tops, short pleated jean skirts or tight pants. If I need to wear hose, I go with thigh-highs and a garter belt with a matching thong. I was on the dance team at college and loved the attention the tight black pants and sequined tops we wore. My favorite outfit is my red low cut sweater, black mini-skirt, and knee high black leather boots with a red bra and thong set underneath. It was a great prick-teasing outfit to say the least!

Anyway, back to what I’m here for, Larry asked me to back up some of the details of his stories. Let me start by saying I’m not some kind of perv or anything, but I like big cocks and all I’ve ever done with Larry is stroke his and maybe give it a few kisses, but that’s not real sex, just ask Slick Willy Clinton (wonder if his willy really is slick). Anyway, like I say, I like a long, hard, thick cock. I love college because there’s a bunch of horny boys willing to shares theirs there. I love strip poker especially when the final bet is something like “I’ll give you my thong if I lose, but if you lose you jack off for me!” Of course I’m always the dealer.

Well, let me tell you about my one of my experiences with Larry now. It was a cold winter morning and I was headed back home for Christmas break. I got back to Mom and Dad’s place about 10:30 AM. My school is only about 2 hours down the highway, so I can get home quick.

As I pulled in, I saw Larry finishing up shoveling the driveway. He was wearing Alanya Anal Escort a jacket and his track tights. Being on the dance squad let me see a lot of men in tight clothing, football players, baseball players, track athletes, etc. I love the way the lycra outlines their bulges. Larry ran track and cross country in high school, and the girls loved cold meets because he would wear bright green or gold tights to match the school colors in his races. Of course the girls just liked to watch his marvelous package bounce as he ran. Larry was hung even in high school. I made sure all my girlfriends knew too, but that’s another story.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see Larry’s bulge in those black tights although the black ones don’t make his pecker as obvious as the gold or green. Larry offered to help me carry stuff in from the car, so I let him have my laundry hamper. I’m sure he liked seeing my various lacy, silky thongs in it.

Larry and I made small talk as we moved our stuff inside. He told me Mom and Dad were in Vegas for the weekend and he watched while I put in a load of laundry then he grabbed a towel and said he was heading for the shower. I followed him down the hall. He didn’t protest so I watched him undress and shower. When he got done, I followed him to his room and watched him get dressed, although I had to intervene before he got his boxers on to measure his cock for old times sake. When we were little kids we like to play dress up together and always measured each other. He measured my then flat chest so I got to measure his cock.

Well, that got Larry pretty hot and hard so I stroked him off and told him I was glad Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend so we could have more fun while they were away.

The next morning I invited my friend Ann over right after Larry went for his morning run. Of course he was wearing another pair black tights. Larry had no idea Ann was coming over. I told Ann to wear Alanya Çıtır Escort a thong and a skirt of tight pants and I did the same. Plus I wore my miracle bra that made my boobs look like Ds and a low cut skirt. Just after she arrived we heard the door open. “Shawna, I’m going to take a shower!” Larry yelled as he went down the hall.

“Ok, are you gonna leave the door open again big boy?” I called out.

“If you want me too.” He answered.

Ann and I almost ruined it by laughing out loud. He didn’t know it but he was playing right into our hands. Soon we heard the water running and the shower door slide shut. We crept down the hall and peered through the bathroom door. The door was that kind of blurred glass that you can see thru, but can’t really anything thru. However, we could clearly see Larry’s hand massaging his cock.

“Hey you are having too much fun in there.” Ann shouted.

“What? Shawna?” He called out.

“Yeah, I’m here too” I laughed as I stole his towel off the rack. “Guess what we have your towel, now you’ll have to show Ann your fat cock to get it back.”

“Hey. That’s not right.” He protested.

“What that’s not? Fine you’ll have to stroke that big meat for us then.” I yelled.

Larry turned off the shower. I think he was turned on by my dominant commands. He opened the shower door and said “All right then, girls. Here you go!” as he thrusted his penis out the door.

“Oh shit! You weren’t lying!” Ann exclaimed at the sight of Larry’s cock.

“You didn’t believe her?” Larry asked.

“Like I’d believe my best friend’s brother had a 9-inch cock? Especially after all the puny peckers I’ve been with.” Ann said.

“How do the girls keep their hands off of it at your school Larry?” I asked.

“Well Shawna, some of them can’t.” Larry joked.

“Well you better get to strokin’ if you want to towel off.” I said. “And give Ann a good show!”

“Alright, sis.” Larry Alanya Elit Escort said slyly.

He took his massive cock in his right hand and massaged his balls with his left. Larry stroked it for about 5 minutes and still hadn’t got it up.

“Looks like Larry needs some inspiration.” I laughed.

Ann turned around and waved her sexy butt clad in tight blue jeans toward Larry, then reached inside the waist band and pulled her thong up to show a little whale-tail. That did it. Larry reacted with a big erection and some pre-cum ooze.

Larry kept stroking until he just about cam, but I stopped him and made him compliment Ann’s and my outfits.

“You two are hot.” Larry said.

“Not good enough. Keep your hands at your sides.” I commanded.

“You two are so sexy. I want to fuck you.” Larry said.

“Fuck us with what?” I asked.

“My cock.” He said.

“Your what?” I asked.

“My nine-inch cock.” He said with a smile.

“That’s better now stroke slowly for us.” I said.

Larry beat off again for about 5 minutes when he was about to cum I stopped him again.

“Larry, I think Ann needs to measure.” I said.

“Ugh, let me cum, Sis.” Larry begged.

“Nope. Go get the tape measure.” I commanded.

Larry walked down the hall naked and returned with the tape measure. Ann took a place on her knees and extended to the tape to Larry’s cock.

“Nine and one-fourth!” Ann laughed out loud as she read the tape.

“How big around?” I asked.

Ann wrapped the tape around the fat cock and reported “5 and one-half” with a smile.

“Would you like to finish it off?” I asked Ann.

“HELL YEAH!” She yelled. “Just don’t cum on me with your big cock. I’ve gotta be at work in an hour.”

And with that she spat on Larry knob and stroked him until he warned her he was about to cum. Ann moved out from in front of Larry, but never lost her grip and soon a huge load of spunk shot from Larry’s fuck-stick.

“Damn boy.” Ann laughed at the huge load.

Ann and I watch as we made Larry clean the cum off the floor, still naked. I made Larry put his tights back on and walk Ann down the street to her car.

Larry let me write this story. It was fun. I hope to write more soon, so Cum again!

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