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Dinner Party Mystery Ch. 01

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Dinner Party Mystery

A Girl Friday, Risk Versus Reward crossover story.


Author’s Note

It’s been a while since Mistress Natasha and the lovely Charlotte and Juliet have had a new story. Now they have a series. If you’re at all familiar with this trio, you know the kinky fun they get up to. If not, I would suggest you read Girl Friday, The Third Wheel, and Charlotte’s Summer Vacation to get yourself up to speed.

You may also want to read the Risk Versus Reward series and the follow-up story, Interview with the Domme, because this series is a cross-over featuring Mistress Betty Nguyen and her adventurous girls, Karin and Desi.

And, if you haven’t figured it out yet, please be aware that both trios are in loving and consensual, dominant/submissive relationships. All parties are over eighteen years of age, please silence your phone during the show, etc.

And now, without further ado, the opening scene of the fabulously entertaining and kinky, Dinner Party Mystery.


Wax Philosophic


Chapter 1: A Short Film by Charlotte and Juliet


I woke up this morning to the strains of a simple but haunting melody coming from the digital piano in the living room. C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7, repeating at an easy adagio tempo. I wandered downstairs to find Juliet hunched over the keys, naked as the day she was born, absentmindedly pounding out the notes.

Both of us had been bummed out lately, ever since the movie soundtrack we had been contracted to work on got canceled. I wasn’t just the soundtrack, but the whole film. The group funding it said they’d lost faith in the director’s vision and pulled out just like that.

I still had my lounge gig on weekends, and jam sessions with former schoolmates, but Juliet had pretty well consigned herself moping around for the past week and a half since we found out.

I kissed Juliet on her right shoulder. “It’s nice, what is it?”

Juliet turned to me, still playing an even rhythm with her right hand. “I don’t know. It was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning.”

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

“Sounds like the music from one of those cute little animated shorts,” I said. “You know, the ones that come on the bonus disc of Pixar movies.”

“Yeah, it kind of does.” Juliet went back to being hunched over the piano.

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

I loosened the tie on my robe and sidled up next to her on the bench, resting my head gently on her shoulder. “Like one of those animations with a sad little balloon that floats around the city all day, looking for a friend,” I suggested.

“Nobody wants to play with her,” Juliet said. “She just floats around all day being depressed.”

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

“Until she floats into the zoo and meets and equally sad little porcupine.”

“Oh yeah!” Juliet picked up the tempo a bit.

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

“They look at each other for a while, getting close, then backing away,” I said. “Dancing around, trying to find a way to make it work while avoiding the obvious potential calamity.”

“And then the porcupine slicks back her quills, pulls on a full body condom, and… bow chicka bow bow.” Juliet grinned. “They get it on.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s the way it happens.” I stood up and kissed the top of her head. “Pancakes for breakfast?”

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7


* * *

“Mmm, are those your special secret recipe blueberry and pecan pancakes?” I heard. Mistress had snuck down the stairs and had her hand on my shoulder while she leaned forward. I smiled and turned for a kiss. While our tongues were battling, Bella was busy muscling her way in between me and the stove to see if I had dropped anything good on the floor. Juliet fed Bella a blueberry.

“You’re both up early for a Sunday,” Mistress said.

“We were writing our own animated short.” I began humming Juliet’s melody as I flipped the six pancakes that were laid out on the griddle. Mistress pressed herself against gorukle escort my backside while Juliet started in on the narration.

“Imagine a sad little anthropomorphic balloon floating aimlessly up and down the city streets,” Juliet said.

“Anthropomorphic.” Mistress grinned. “That’s an awfully big word for this early on a Sunday.”

“Well, Miss Natasha, it’s more of a balloon with a face drawn on it and a string hanging down to represent her body. It’s a sad face.”

“I’d be sad too if I only had a string for a body.” Mistress untied her robe and let it fall open. She hoisted her ample breasts in her hands, squeezing, caressing. It took Juliet a few seconds to remember where she was and what it was she was talking about. Mistress just stood there grinning and playing with her nipples.

“Um,” Juliet said. Her mouth hung open, but no more words came out.

“The balloon is sad because she has no friends,” I offered.

“Poor balloon.” Mistress left me to tend the pancakes and moved closer to Juliet, reaching out to stroke the back of her neck. Bella gave up at this point, seeing no more blueberries forthcoming, and wandered off to the living room.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, “but the sad little balloon eventually made her way to the zoo, and found a…”

Mistress pulled Juliet’s face toward her breasts and encouraged her to explore. Juliet was being a tease and kept getting close enough to fog those two beautiful orbs with her hot breath before pulling away, her tongue darting out here and there. I felt a little twinge down below and wondered if I might be leaking.

“Keep going,” Mistress said, clutching Juliet tightly to her. “I’m listening. I don’t think your girlfriend is, but I trust you’ll stay true to the original plot.”

Juliet moaned. I heard Bella snuffle from the living room.

I cleared off the griddle and poured out another six. “So the balloon is wandering around, and all the time there’s this melody playing.” I hummed the tune. “And at the zoo, the balloon meets up with an equally sad little porcupine.”

“I think I see where this is going,” Mistress said. She had both hands on the back of Juliet’s head now and was being rather direct about where she wanted Juliet’s mouth. Other than the occasional gasp for breath, Juliet didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said. “The balloon and the porcupine do this odd little sort of dance, neither one daring to get too close to the other, because if they do…”

“If they do, pop!” Mistress smiled. She scooped her left breast and held it while shifting Juliet over to suckle. Mistress’s nipple was crinkled and covered in saliva that glistened under the strong light of the kitchen. Juliet’s face was a sloppy mess too, and her pupils were the size of dinner plates.

I flipped the pancakes and leaned over to give Mistress a long kiss on the mouth before I continued the story. I thought about fondling Juliet, but she looked like she had enough going on as it was. Her eyes had kind of rolled back into her head.

“So all this time they’re dancing around each other, longing to touch. Longing to be together as one. And the whole time this melody is playing.” I hummed the two bars of Juliet’s composition. “Until finally, the porcupine pulls on a full body condom and they get… it… on.”

“The soundtrack changes at this point.” I can’t stop myself, I maneuver so that I’m behind Juliet, tuck my hands behind my head, and start rubbing my hips in a circular motion against her bare ass. “Bow chicka bow bow.”

Mistress’s tits jiggle as she laughs and Juliet’s mouth comes loose for a second. In that brief slice of time, I see her face is covered with her own saliva, her eyes are glazed over, and there is what looks like a permanent smile on her face.

“You’re a good girl, Juliet,” Mistress said, stroking her hair. “You want to do the right one too? Charlotte, do we have time?”

“Lucky for you guys, Mistress, I made a double batch.”

As I cleared the grill and poured the next set of six, I heard a languid sigh from Juliet. Mistress altıparmak eskort bayan had moved her to the other side. I licked my finger. I really wanted to check Juliet’s pussy situation, or maybe make her squirm with my finger in her bum, but at the last minute I got hung up on sanitary food preparation. I slapped her hard on the ass instead.

“Mmph,” was all I got from that effort.

I pulled up another batch of pancakes. It was toward the end of the batter, so the pecans were gone and the blueberries were getting sparse. The last six pancakes ended up being silver dollar-sized, each with a single blueberry in the middle. I smiled. Before I flipped them, the pancakes looked almost exactly like Mistress’s nipples in their current state. A little too far on the purple side, but pretty close.

Mistress saw what I was up to and wagged her finger at me. I leaned in and tongue kissed her. Juliet just moaned again.

“Breakfast is ready, ladies.” I began humming Juliet’s melody as I made myself a plate and walked around to the other side of the breakfast bar. I cut into my stack and dragged it through the maple syrup.

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

“It’s better when it’s hot,” I said, and smirked as I dipped my left hand below the counter, resting on my warm folds. I tucked a finger in while I settled in to watch the show.

Mistress had cleared away the empty bowl of pancake batter and replaced it with Juliet’s writhing body. I figured it might be a while until they remembered about breakfast. Somehow Mistress had managed to get Juliet perched upside down so that her head was hanging off the edge of the counter, conveniently at crotch level, and her legs were tied like a pretzel and pressed hard against the backsplash. Juliet’s pussy was nicely spread and exposed, not to mention glistening under the harsh kitchen lights.

I took another bite of pancake and reached over the breakfast bar to grab the red, silicone spoon I had used to stir the batter. I gave it a good rinse in the sink and handed it to Mistress. I wasn’t sure if she would use the spoon end to paddle Juliet’s thighs, or fuck her with the handle. And honestly, I didn’t care. Either way was fine with me.

I dipped my finger in and out a few more times while Mistress made up her mind.

She elected for the paddling, and Juliet’s entire body jerked every time a new, pink, spoon-sized print was laid down on her tender skin. Mistress quivered a little too, probably from Juliet screaming into her pussy. There were five oval-shaped prints in a downward curving arc just above Juliet’s mound by the time Mistress set the spoon aside.

“Charlotte?” Mistress said. “Can you reach her from where you are? I think your girlfriend deserves to come. She’s been doing a good job of licking this morning.”

Judging from the way Mistress’s chest was flushed and heaving, I’d say Juliet was doing a very good job of licking.

“Sure, Mistress. As soon as I finish my pancakes.”

I heard a muffled groan from Juliet. Mistress just smirked. “Of course, baby,” she said, and reached over to cup my cheek in her hand.

While I was dragging my last bite slowly through the maple syrup on my plate, I watched Mistress pick up the red silicone spoon again. “Keep moaning, honey, it feels good.” Mistress laid a new print across Juliet’s inner thigh and shivered as Juliet responded with a muffled roar.

“Good girl,” Mistress said.

“Hang in there, darling,” I said. “Only a few more bites left.”

Mistress looked at my empty plate and grinned. She leaned over the breakfast bar and tongue kissed me hard before she pulled back and laid down the next pink patch on Juliet’s thigh. Below the breakfast bar, I clenched around my finger.

I hummed a couple repetitions of Juliet’s two-bar melody as I popped my fingers in my mouth and got ready to give the girl a screamer.

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

I really didn’t need to lick my fingers, Juliet was laid open like a water lily in full bloom, and twice as wet. I started with two and quickly graduated nilüfer eskort bayan to three while she bucked her hips against my hand.

“More, darling?”

She mumbled something that sounded an awful lot like ‘fuck yeah’, so I gave her a forth, and a little time to get adjusted, before I started hammering again. It was not the most comfortable position in the world, leaning over the breakfast bar and twisting my arm around to slip my hand between Juliet and the backsplash, but it was worth it for the way she was coming apart.

I picked up the pace with my left hand below the counter while I tucked in my thumb on my right. Juliet groaned so I eased off. Her groaning increased, as did the bucking of her hips.

“You could just tell me what you want.”

Juliet mumbled something about having her face in Mistress’s pussy, I think.

“Just slap the counter if you need me to back off.”

I pushed. Juliet groaned and made fists with her hands, but never once slapped the counter. I pushed a little harder. Juliet shifted her hips. I felt my fingers curling, as together, we got me in past my knuckles. I tried to relax and let Juliet lead even though I thought she might crush my fingers to a pulp.

She didn’t seem concerned about pacing herself, and there was plenty of lubrication, so I gave her what her bucking hips and muffled vocalizations told me she craved. All the while, I enjoyed the visual stimulation I was getting from watching Mistress’s heaving chest as she neared the edge of the cliff, the auditory arousal of Juliet constantly moaning into Mistress’s pussy, and the digital sensations I was adding with my hand under the breakfast bar.


The big end of the spoon connected with Juliet’s inner thigh, leaving another nice, pink oval while Juliet screamed.

Apparently watching Juliet shudder, and feeling her muffled scream, was enough to give Mistress that shove that she needed. She threw her head back, opened her mouth, and let out something that started as a croak and worked its way up to a guttural moan by the time she reached the midpoint.

Juliet was screaming and bucking like an animal at this point, not to mention clenching and gushing all over my hand. I gave myself a little more attention with my own fingers down below and followed Mistress and Juliet with a little groan of my very own.

I slumped on my stool as Mistress backed away from the counter and cradled the back of Juliet’s head in her hand. Mistress bent forward to kiss Juliet’s slick and glistening mouth while I popped my fingers in my mouth to clean them. Mistress then leaned forward and gave me a taste of her tongue mingled with the tang of her own juices that she had just slurped off Juliet’s lips.

Mistress helped Juliet find her feet and picked up a plate of pancakes. She offered one to Juliet, who just kind of stood there wobbly and in a daze. From the living room, Bella snuffled again, loudly.

“I’m sorry your movie project lost its funding, girls,” Mistress said, between bites. She put her plate down and rubbed us both over our shoulders. “So, what are you up to today?”

“Going to Saint Vinny’s, Mistress. Hunting for bargains.”

Juliet, a little more conscious now, leaned back and folded her arms across her chest. She started in on a white girl rap. “I wanna pop some tags. But, I got no money cause I got no pockets.” She then proceeded to move her hands up and down her nude form to illustrate.

“Look who’s alive now,” I said. “Nice of you to join us.”

Juliet stabbed a forkful of pancakes and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Promise?” I said.

Mistress stopped us before we got too carried away and eventually the kitchen was in order again. You’d hardly even know about what went on only thirty minutes ago, except the for maybe the pink, mixing spoon-sized patches on Juliet’s thighs.

“Have fun shopping, girls,” Mistress said, and then gave us each a lengthy goodbye kiss. I shuddered. I don’t know about Juliet, but with the kiss I got, Mistress’s tongue unmistakably painted the words ‘hurry back’ on my tonsils.

* * *


Our lovely trio will return in Dinner Party Mystery, Part 2: A Broken Keyboard.

To hear Juliet’s melody, go to Select menu, then Recorder. Paste the following into the recorder window and hit play:


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