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Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 19

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Chapter 19 – I’m Going to Suck You, Now.

Still having the taste of his mother in his mouth and with all her wetness all over his face, his cock, and his pubic hair, invigorated from eating his Mom’s pussy, he felt sexually alive. Something he imagined doing for years, not only seeing his mother naked but also having sex with her, he finally did. He couldn’t believe it. Not only did he eat her pussy but also he gave her two orgasms, while eating her pussy and fingering her nipples. Not only did he fuck his mother but also he gave her an orgasm through intercourse, the first she’s ever had.

Now glad that she found his binder of erotic, incestuous stories about her and glad that he convinced his mother to strip off her clothes and show him her naked body, he was glad that she took his sexual fantasy a step further, by enticing him to have sex with her. The real incestuous experience of having sex with his mother was nothing that he could have imagined and ever written about, until he experienced seeing her naked, making out with her, licking her, and fucking her himself. Now, fueled by a renewed inspiration to write, he couldn’t wait to return to his story. He couldn’t wait to write the best story of his life, Mom Strips Naked on Nude Day.

Only, when he looked down, still reeling over licking and fucking his mother, still tasting her in his mouth, Elizabeth was ready already and kneeling between his legs, while adoringly looking up at him with motherly love. His sexual fantasy come true, he had imagined her on her knees, between his legs, and looking up at him with her big, green eyes a thousand times, while masturbating. Now, here she was, just as she was in his sexual fantasies. With his cock in her hand and poised by her mouth, she slowly stroked him, while looking up at him and smiling.

As if his cock was her wooden spoon, she gave him the same sexy smile and look she did, when beating the batter to make pancakes or mixing the batter to make chocolate cookies for him, instead of what she was doing now in beating his cock. He watched her hand moving up and down with her arm moving side to side, whether cooking or stroking his cock, she was making the same motion. Now, whenever she’s making something, while holding a wooden spoon in her hand, instead of his engorged cock, he’ll always have an erection. Now, whenever she’s making something with a wooden spoon, he’ll always think of this day, the first time she stroked his cock, before sucking his cock.

As if it was all a surreal dream, he had a difficult time processing that his mother was about to blow him. He couldn’t believe it. After him giving her the pleasure of three orgasms, his mother was ready, willing, and waiting to suck his cock. Undeniably, he’ll remember this day for the rest of his life, the first time and, hopefully, not the last time, she sucked his cock. He’ll be jerking off over the sexy sight of his mother kneeling between his knees and looking up at him with his cock in her mouth, whenever he’s horny and alone.

“I’m going to suck you, now, Jason,” she said looking up at him with love in her eyes. “Because you gave Mommy such pleasure, because you gave Mommy three orgasms, I’m going to suck your cock in the way that no other woman will ever suck your cock. I’m going to give you the best blowjob you ever had and the best blowjob you’ll ever have, that is, until I blow you again and again.”

He touched her hair, before running his hand down the length of her cheek and to her chin, while looking at her adoringly. Then, with her poised on her knees in front of him, he ran a slow finger across her lips, while imagining her sucking him. She closed her eyes and flicked out her tongue, as if she was already illegal bahis licking him. Then, as if turning on the lights in a theatre, after the show, opening her eyes to awaken him from his sexual fantasy with reality, she stared up at him and took his finger in her mouth, as if she was already sucking him. This wasn’t a fantasy. This was real. The image of his mother sucking his finger in the way that she was just about to suck his cock, was a memory she made for him to have.

“Suck me, Mom. Blow me, mother,” said Jason reaching down with both hands to run his fingers through his mother’s long, lush, dark brown hair in his readiness to hump her mouth and fuck her face. “I need to feel my cock in your mouth, Elizabeth. Blow me, Mommy,” he said reaching down to cup her naked breasts and finger her erect nipples.

Kissing and kissing his cock, as if making love to his big prick, while licking the full length of him and pausing only to pay homage to his testicles with her lips and tongue, she swirled her tongue around the head of his engorged prick. Then, taking the head of his cock past her lips, before taking all of him in her mouth and sucking him, she looked up at him again with her big, green eyes and smiled. There’s nothing more endearing and loving than having his mother smile up at him, while his cock is buried in her mouth. If it wasn’t enough that she was blowing him, she made him feel that she was enjoying sucking his cock, as much as he was enjoying her sucking his cock. Maybe she was. It certainly appeared that she did.

With her tongue visibly swirling all around, giving him a real show, she moved his cock in and out of her mouth, so that he could see, while watching her sucking him. Better than any porn movie he’s watched, the sight of his mother with his hard, hairy cock in her mouth was so exciting. Even though her cock sucking had just started, never has he received a blowjob more enjoyable and more sexually exciting.

Unable to help himself from thinking of her doing this to other men, he wondered how many men she sucked. He imagined her allowing him to watch her give someone a blowjob, sometime. He imagined having a threesome with one of her friends or his friends. Now, that they’ve both erased the incestuous line, forget about just crossing it, he imagined his mother wanting to swing with him, as much as he’d love to swing with her.

As she did, when French kissing him, while allowing him to feel her breasts and finger her nipples, she blanked his mind with her cock sucking skills. Never did he think his mother was a cocksucker and to find out that she’s a great cocksucker was something that he’d never be proud to declare, that is, until now. Forget about blowing him, never did he ever think that she’d allow him to cum in her mouth, one day, and swallow him. Yet, here she was ready to do just that.

Now that he’s experienced his mother’s mouth and tongue in the way that most sons never experience their mothers tongue and mouth, she was right. Never has he received a blowjob like this before. Most, so called, nice women his age, just dabble, when sucking cock, that is, if they even suck cock at all. In comparison to the women he had been with and to the woman who have given him a blowjob, his mother was a real professional. If ever there was a need and by evidence of all the men who wanted to be with a woman, who enjoyed sucking cock, as much as they enjoyed having their cock sucked, she could give a course on how to suck cock.

Most nice women his age don’t allow him to cum in their mouths and never swallow him. Just as he’d soon find out, his mother was different. She already told that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. She already told casino siteleri him that she wanted to taste his cum. She already told him that she wanted to swallow his cum. Only, taking his time cumming. he didn’t want this blowjob to end so soon. Reveling in the sight of his mother poised on her knees and between his legs with his cock in her mouth, while looking up at him with her big, beautiful, green eyes, he wanted this blowjob to last forever. Yet, his mother had other ideas.

Stroking him faster and harder, while sucking him tighter and deeper, unable to slow the feeling of excitement that he had, even when he tried thinking of other things, of income taxes, work, and mowing the lawn on a hot day, when he’d rather watch a baseball game, while drinking a beer, it didn’t matter what he tried to think about. His mother was between his legs sucking his cock. Even though he tried to prolong it, even though he forced himself to think of anything else but his cock buried in his mother’s mouth, it didn’t much matter.

“Oh, my God, Mom. Jesus. Jesus, Mom,” he said putting a hand to the back of her head and reciting his words, as if praying to God and thanking him for his mother. “Suck me, Mom. Suck me. I’m going to cum. Oh, my God. I can’t believe I’m going to cum in my mother’s mouth. Blow me, Mom. Suck me. Suck my cock. Oh, yeah, that’s it. Right there. Stroke me. Stroke me, Mom. Stroke me faster. Good God your tongue feels so good. I’m cumming, Mom. I’m cumming!”

It didn’t take him very long to cum in her mouth, actually, explode was more the word. True to her word, she swallowed every drop he gave her, before she licked him clean and continued sucking him, as if she was giving him a back-to-back blowjob. What a blowjob? What an incredible blowjob? Never in his life has he had such a blowjob and never in his life could he ever imagine having a blowjob better than the one his mother just gave him.

Yet, maybe because of the pressure of his cock being in her mouth, even though she continued to suck him, squeezed all the cum out of him, and licked him dry, as soon as she pulled his cock from his mouth, he exploded a second spurt. Perhaps the image of seeing her withdraw his cock from her mouth, made him explode a volume of cum across her face, hair, and breasts, he didn’t know, but he was glad he had. The sight of his mother covered in his cum was nothing that he ever had imagined or could have had imagined. Seeing her like that was so sexually exciting. His cum was everywhere. Where did it all come from, he had so much cum?

Coating her hair, his cum dripped from her eyelashes, her nose, her mouth, and her chin. The sight of seeing his naked mother, so aroused by his incestuous lust that he had for her that he could be so sexually excited by her blowjob that he’d applaud her cock sucking skills with such, warm oozy praise, was the best compliment that he could have given her. As if she was a woman in a Japanese video, he gave his mother a real cum bath. Not expecting that, the second cumming, and splashing across her face in shocked surprise, she laughed, while wiping her face and hands with her panties. A newly emerging sexual fetish, there was something so sexually erotic about watching his mother wipe his cum from her face with her worn panties.

Never could he have imagined how good it felt for his mother to suck his cock and for him to cum in his mother’s mouth. There was just no way that he could have described the warm, cozy, homey feeling of having his cock buried in his mother’s mouth, until he experienced it for himself. Never could he have written about such a blowjob before. Now, he couldn’t wait to write about her blowing him and to describe what poker siteleri her blowing him felt like, so that the reader can imagine that it was their mother sucking them, instead of his mother sucking him. Now, that he saw his mother naked and she saw him naked, now that he experienced his mother in the forbidden, incestuous, sexual way that no son should ever experienced his mother and that most sons fantasize about experiencing their mothers, he couldn’t wait to finish his Nude Day story.

“Happy Nude Day,” Jason, she said climbing up to him to bury her cum coated tongue in his mouth.

“Happy Nude Day, Mom,” he said feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples, while kissing and kissing her.

He could taste himself on her, but he didn’t care. If she was willing to blow him, if she was willing to allow him to cum in her mouth, and if she was willing to swallow him, what’s a few drops of cum between mother and son?

“Oh, my God, Jason, I swear, if you start fingering my nipples, you’re going to have to fuck me again.”

“I love you big tits, Mom. Besides, as soon as I can, I want to fuck you again.”

He pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples, before leaning down to suck them. Then, basking in the afterglow, they held one another, while lightly kissing, fondling, and touching. When he regained his strength, when his energy returned enough to harden his cock, he mounted her again. Only, she pushed him to the side and mounted him.

“It’s my turn to fuck you, now,” she said pinning his shoulders to the carpet with her palms. “Just as you’ve always wanted to fuck Mommy, Mommy has always wanted to fuck her son. I need to feel you cum inside me, Jason. Don’t worry, even though I’d love to have your baby, Mommy can’t get pregnant.”

Sitting on top of him, as if she was riding the mechanical bull at Bob’s Big Beef Barbeque, she reached behind herself to position his cock to slide inside of her. He imagined bringing her down to Bob’s Big Beef Barbeque to ride the mechanical bull. He imagined her wearing a short skirt with bright white panties and a low cut, sheer top without the benefit of a bra to keep her tits from falling out of her blouse. With her skirt raised up past her crotch and her big tits totally exposed and bouncing side to side and up and down, he imagined her mounting and riding the mechanical bull. With the image of all the men watching her sexy, sexual bull riding display, with her giving him plenty of dirty pillow talk later, he imagined bringing her home and licking her and fucking her again, before she sucked his cock and he exploded the lust he had for her in her mouth.

As soon as she touched his cock with her fingers, his prick sprang back to life. Now, imbedded again in his mother, they slowly humped one another. With her arms in the air and her breasts bouncing up and down and side to side, Elizabeth rode her son, while fucking her son. Just when the rhythm was going faster and the humps harder, Jason turned his mother over and mounted her again. Now he was fucking her, really fucking her. Intent on cumming in her pussy, as soon as she had her fourth orgasm, he unloaded all he had to give inside of her.

Totally spent, they stayed like that for nearly an hour, before getting up to shower together. After experiencing such forbidden and sinful pleasure, their mother and son relationship would never be the same. So much better, if he knew the bliss he’d feel, after having sex with his mother, he would have had sex with her years ago. Now, inseparable, they did everything and went everywhere together. Moving to where no one knew they were mother and son, they lived as husband and wife.

Inspired to write Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day, after seeing his mother naked and experiencing her body, he wrote this story. The best story he’s ever written. After winning the Nude Day contest by writing such a true, incestuous story, living with his mother as man and woman, he couldn’t be happier.

To be continued…

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