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Carin’s Story Ch. 2

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He placed me on his bed, and began kissing me, soft, tender, gentle kisses, kissing my lips, eyes, cheeks, nibbling my ears, telling me how much he loved me.

His hands caressing my arms, he slowly spread them to the corners of the bed and secured my wrist, he then did the same to my ankles, exposing my naked developing body to his desire.

Daddy told me to relax, that it was my turn for some pleasure, but that he would also receive pleasure from me. He walked into his closet, and came out with several items. Training items he called them. He told me to trust him, that he would not hurt me, but that I was to become completely his this weekend, that he was going to make me a woman, and not to be afraid.

He held the leather hood in his hands and explained to me that it was nothing to be afraid of, that it would help to heighten my senses, and add a little suspense to my training. He loosened my restraints, and had me sit up while he pulled my hair back into a ponytail and slipped the hood over my head. With the hood now in place he gently laid me back on the bed and restrained my wrist again. I could no longer see, and could barely breathe through the openings in the mask.

I was frightened, my breath becoming rapid, my heart beating faster, he must have anticipated this as he whispered for me to relax and he caressed by body soothingly. He kissed the nape of my neck, sending shivers throughout my body. He slowly opened the zipper covering my mouth; I took a deep breath and whispered, “Thank you Master.” That was the first time I called him Master.

He kissed his way down my developing chest. My tiny breasts just beginning to fill an A cup were capped by my overly large and sensitive nipples. Daddy kissed each one and then began licking and sucking them. They became longer and harder and more sensitive. I was soon moaning and Daddy continued to ravish my little titties. He was making love to my nipples, he kissed and sucked and nibbled on my nipples, all the while telling me to relax and to tell him what I was feeling. I told him I didn’t know what I was feeling but that it felt strange but good, and that I liked the feeling. I told him that when he bit my nipples I could feel a twinge between my legs. He told me that I was to tell him where I felt the twinge, that my training had included the names of body parts… He said he wanted to hear me say the proper word describing my body part.

“Now tell me what you are feeling.”

“Master.” I began. “Every time you bite my nipples, my clit twinges.”

Blushing under the hood. I told him that my cunt felt funny, that every time he licked and kissed my nipples I could feel something happening in my cunt.

He continued to lick, kiss and suck my nipples, telling me to relax and go with the feeling, to just let it happen. My breathing was now a pant and my heart was pounding. Master continued sucking and rubbing my nipples. Suddenly I felt my tummy tighten, my cunt contracting! I screamed! “Daddy what is happening, I’m scared Daddy!”

“You’re going to CUM Carin! Go with it Carin, let it happen!” Daddy said, and continued to suck my nipples and squeeze my tits.

My body stiffened, my back arching, as I climaxed for the first time.

As I came Daddy attached the nipple clips, Pendik Fetiş Escort and I screamed in pain and pleasure as the clip bit into my nipples and my cunt squirted my girl juice onto my thighs and the bed!

Daddy never touched my cunt; he had taken me to my first orgasm by making love to my developing tits. My body glistened in a sheen of perspiration, my thighs and cunt wet and sticky from my orgasmic discharge.

Daddy opened the eye covers and looked deep into my eyes, I could see his passion, his lust. He then held me close as my body recovered from my orgasm.

I looked down and saw his enormous erection and asked if he would like me to suck him again.

He got up and straddled my neck and placed his balls on my lips, I began to lick and suck his ball sac into my mouth, and then opening as wide as I could I sucked until one of his balls dropped into my mouth. I rolled it round with my tongue, and then attempted to swallow it, my throat squeezing it, Daddy groaned loud as his ball was sucked into my throat! I felt him shudder as he raised himself off my mouth and his testicle withdrew slowly from my throat. I felt his ball pop out of my throat and back into my hot wet mouth.

“Baby!” Daddy groaned. Where did you learn that Baby?” “Do the other one now!

I was overjoyed, I breathily told him that I was experimenting.

He laughed and groaned as I swallowed his other testicle. Daddy groaned again as my throat massaged his testicle.

“Oh Baby, I can’t take it anymore!” He growled as he lifted and pulled his ball out of my throat with a loud grunt!

Daddy placed the tip of his throbbing cock on my lips and pushed it into my mouth. I sucked and licked the huge head. Daddy winked at me and closed the eye covers and withdrew his throbbing dick from my hot wet mouth.

He undid my restraints and told me to kneel on the bed. He then told me to spread my thighs apart, I felt him move onto the bed, he was laying on his back his head between my legs, his shoulders touching my knees. He told me to suck his cock.

I slowly leaned forward until my face touched his thigh; I then searched for his cock. Daddy’s cock was throbbing and covered with pre-cum when I captured the huge head and began my journey down Daddy’s hard shaft.

As I began bobbing my head up and down Daddy’s cock I felt my thighs being spread wider and pulled back by Daddy’s hands.

I could feel Daddy spreading my pussy lips, it was the first time he had ever touched me there.

I thrust down on Daddy’s cock and held him deep in my throat, he told me to wrap my arms around his legs and hold him tight, to keep his cock in my throat, and not to let go!

Daddy then began licking my pussy! He licked all around my little baby smooth hairless hole. He then stuck his tongue inside me. Another first!

I started to get that feeling again, my hips began to move, involuntarily thrusting at my Daddy’s tongue. His tongue so deep inside me that I thought I felt it press against my Hymen.

Daddy withdrew his tongue, again told me I was doing great, and told me to begin sucking his cock again. He told me to hold on tight, not to let go, that he was going to make me feel real good again. (Who was he kidding; I was already Pendik Gecelik Escort feeling better than I ever had.)

I took him deep into my throat again and held on tight.

That’s when he did it! He sucked my clitoris into his mouth and began to hammer it with his tongue!

The orgasm hit me like a tidal wave!

Daddy tightened his grip on my thighs, I held on for dear life as my body began to convulse, shake, quiver and then stiffen!

I screamed around Daddy’s cock and felt it begin to swell in my clenching throat!

My body shook, as Daddy savagely sucked my cunt!

Then his cock seemed to explode in my throat! Daddy was CUMMING and I came again right along with him!

I collapsed on top of him when I passed out.

The next thing I knew I was again tied to the bed, Daddy was kissing me again. His face covered with my CUM. His tongue entered my mouth and I could taste my Cum as our tongues searched each other out.

“Lick me clean baby.” He said.

I licked and kissed his face. I cleaned my own CUM from his face as Daddy again played with my nipples tightening the clips.

“Oh! Daddy! I’m getting that feeling again…”

Daddy kissed me. I felt something hot touch my thigh, not being able to see; I could only guess that it was Daddy’s cock… It felt hard, hot and heavy.

“Oh! Daddy! You want me to suck you again?”

“No baby,” he said. Daddy’s going to make you a woman now. Daddy’s going to FUCK YOU now.”

He began kissing me softly, and told me he loved me and slowly kissed and licked his way down my body. When he got to my pussy, he rose up and positioned himself on his knees between my outstretched legs; his huge cock slid between my wet lips and over my clit, his cock glistening with my juices.

He released my hands and told me to guide his cock into my cunt!

I reached down and grabbed his cock and aligned it with my cunt hole! He held it there!

“Oh Daddy! Please! Please FUCK ME!”

I begged! I pulled! I pushed!

I fell back on the bed beating the sheets with my little clenched fist! “FUCK ME! FUCK ME DADDY! PLEASE!

I felt him lean over me, the eye covers were ripped away, he looked into my eyes and his cock head began to spread my hole. He began to apply more weight and his huge cock head slowly entered my little hole.

“Daddy!” I screamed. “It’s too big! Please stop Daddy! Please don’t hurt me! Daddy it hurts, It’s too big!”

Daddy withdrew, and his cockhead again spread my cunt lips and slid over my clitoris sending tremors through my body. He again raised his body over me and told me to take hold of his cock and guide it into my cunt!

I again grabbed his cock and aligned it with my hole… Again he thrust into my hole, again spreading and stretching my virgin hole open!

His huge plum shaped head entered my cunt a little deeper. Again he pulled out! Again I was told to grab his cock and guide it back into my cunt!

This time he sank deeper, he sank the head past the opening and about an inch of his thick shaft followed!

Again he withdrew.

“You want me baby? You want my COCK?”

“Yes Daddy, Please, I want your cock inside me!”

“Take it baby! Put it back in!”

I wrapped my Pendik Genç Escort fingers around his shaft and pulled him back into my wet hot cunt!

Another thrust and his cock head bounced against my hymen.

Daddy withdrew so his cockhead just inside my cunt.

“Ready baby? Daddy’s going to FUCK YOU now!”

With that Daddy plunged his COCK hard into my CUNT! He tore through my Hymen and sank balls deep into my CUNT! He filled me with his huge COCK, and his balls smacked my ass!

Oh Daddy! My pussy stretched tightly around the base of his COCK! I reached up and wrapped my arms around him, pressing my hard burning nipples into his chest!

“Yes Daddy.” I whispered. “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your little girl, teach me Daddy!

With that he again withdrew his cock from my cunt.

“Baby you are so tight, Baby Daddy loves your pussy. I’m going to Fuck You now! Don’t fight it baby! Just let it happen baby! When I push in I want you to push up against me.” With that he reached back and untied my feet. I placed my feet on the bed and thrust my cunt at him.

“Okay baby you know what to do.”

Again I grabbed Daddy’s hard thick cock and placed the head between my now wet and bloody pussy lips and this time thrust onto his huge cockhead!

Daddy plunged in and I pushed up and we were FUCKING! Daddy fucked me with long slow deep strokes, in and out, in and out, we FUCKED!

Then Daddy was giving me instructions; “Now baby when you feel me deep inside and I begin to pull out, I want you to snap your hips and your pussy at me and squeeze my cock as hard as you can until you feel me begin to push in again. Okay Baby?”

“Yes Daddy I’ll try.”

“Ready?” “Now! Snap and Squeeze!”

“Okay baby relax and… Now! SNAP and SQUEEZE!”

“Yeah Baby that’s it! SNAP THAT PUSSY!”


“Snap it you little slut! Oh Yeah! Baby FUCK Daddy! You little fucking slut!” “You fucking little whore!”

“Okay Baby faster now! Here we go!”

“FUCK! So Tight! So Fucking Tight! Fuck it Baby!”



“Yeah Baby Take it! Take it all baby! Daddy’s going to CUM inside you Baby!”

Daddy slammed into me and froze; his body trembling and shaking, convulsively. His body jerked violently ramming his cock deep into my womb, once, twice, three, four, five, six, seven, he just kept CUMMING filling me with his seed. As he did I felt it cumming again and my body exploded in an orgasmic bliss…

My Daddy had fucked me and I loved it!

“Wow” Bliss exclaimed. “What happened next?”

“Well silly we slept. Daddy rolled us over with me still impaled on his hard cock.

I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later, I felt something strange barely touching my nipples, and then I felt it barely touch my cunt!

“This my lovely, is a soft flogger.” He said as he opened the eye covers.

Squinting I could see what looked like a Cat-O-Nine Tails, the tails having been treated and soften.

To Be Continued…

* * * * *

Again I’d like to thank all who read the stories and please email me with your comments… I love hearing from you, and try to at least write back to say hi if nothing else… If for some reason you have written me and I have not responded please forgive me, and don’t give up on me, I have been very busy this summer. Love to all. babyBliss

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