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My Miracle Mistress Ch. 04

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A.N. Return of the Mistress!!!

Let’s keep these updates rolling along, I know people have been waiting a very long time to see what happens next 🙂

The Following Contains: A femboy taking it up the butt by his big dicked Mistress lol, also there’s some introduction to BDSM elements that are gonna come into play. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have been warned.

Read along or forever hold your load!


There was nothing like a full long nine-hour rest after a night of great sex. It was one of the best feelings in the world in Alicia’s opinion. However, it was currently being robbed of her by the sound of her cell phone ringing on the nightstand next to her head. “Ugghh…” She groaned, barely opening her eyes and lazily slinging her arm to her side trying to feel for the device. Eventually finding it and scooping it up to peer at the screen, it read ‘Monica.’ Her thumb hit the green telephone button and she held the cell to her ear, “Hmmello?”

“Alicia! Finally! I’ve been trying to reach you all weekend bitch! Where the Hell have you been?”

She rubbed her eyes, “Oh hi Monica…Mmmm…been busy.”

“Busy doing what!?”

Alicia lazily looked over at the smaller lump in the bed, sleeping peacefully beside her. “Stuff.” She smirked.

There was an audible groan from the other end of the line, “Ugh, well while your ass was busy with so much ‘stuff’, I’ve been doing my best to get a hold of you to tell you that you’ve got the meeting with Miss Madison!”

That got Alicia’s attention, she blinked a few times and sat up in bed, a bit more awake now. “I do?”

“Yes! She wants to have a final meeting with you next Friday. And she’s gonna look over and test out the final products you’ve designed for herself before she finalizes and signs the contract ya dope!”

She put her hand to her forehead, processing what she had just heard. Miss Madison was the current owner of the website Miracle Mistress Meetups, and Alicia had been trying to get her products to pique her interest for months now. Since the site was a place for big beautiful cock toting women to find pretty little boys to make into their slaves, Alicia put a lot of time and effort into making various products to get further ‘use’ out of their boy slaves.

She had unofficially dubbed her designs, F.U.T.A. Gear. Short for, Fucking Unbelievably Tight Asses gear.

Alicia brushed some of her bed head locks away from her face and said, “That’s…amazing.” She finally caught the attention of a higher up! Internally she was squealing and jumping up and down like and excited teenager. But outwardly, she was just breathing heavily, looking down at the quickly rising womanhood between her legs that clearly was getting excited too. “Um, okay I’ll have to make a few final adjustments to my current set. Umm…are you doing anything tomorrow Monica?” She flung the covers off of her bed and swung her naked legs over the edge to stand up.

“Huh? No, why?”

With her morning wood standing rigid out in front of her, gently bouncing with each step, she rounded the bed to the other side that Sam was still unconscious on. “Because I’ve been needing another Mistress’s opinion on some of my gear. They haven’t been tested by anyone else but me and if I’m taking this to the head honcho I want a second opinion first.” She approached Sam, asleep on his side, lying close to the edge of the bed. He was knocked out hard after her little breath play session with him last night. “Besides, the ‘stuff’ that I’ve been doing which has kept me occupied, is actually my new boy toy. Or well, for this instance he’s my merchandise mannequin.”

There was a light laugh over the phone, “Oh? I should’ve known a man-dog would be the only thing to keep you away from your phone.”

“Oh you don’t know the half of it Monica.” Alicia took her sixteen-inch hot rod of meat, and whapped it against Sam’s cheek several times to wake him up. “Trust me bitch, this little puppy has been the best fucking cock sleeve I’ve had in…” She paused briefly, then continued whapping him. “If we can meet up tomorrow after I’ve had the time to make some more adjustments, you can try out some of the gear for yourself?”

Sam’s brown eyes fluttered open, he too feeling the benefits of a full night’s sleep. Definitely much needed after the treatment he had been getting. He still felt sore, both in his jaw and anal areas, but the rest of his body felt like it had undergone a much needed rejuvenation period, and he hoped it would be enough to carry on.

At least that’s what he hoped as he felt a warm tapping accompanied by a musky smell rousing him.

“Really?” Monica said, now her interest was piqued as well. “Is this gonna cost me anything?”

Alicia shook her head, “Nope! Just your service with helping me test out the merchandise.” As she saw Sam coming to consciousness, she took that as her opening Kartal Fetiş Escort to grab a handful of his hair and plunge her cock into his still half-asleep face, facing little to no resistance at all as he was still suffering the effects of morning tiredness.

He managed a light mumble as he felt her girth probe into his mouth, but that was all. “Oh for fuck’s sake…” Was his first coherent thought of the morning.

“Mmm…Plus I just came up with a new item recently that I want to finish, so I’ll need to work on that today, otherwise I’d ask you to come here tonight.” She basically took total control over Sam’s head, steadily thrusting her hips forward and back in and out of his mouth. An early helping of morning drool helping lube the way.

“Well, if he’s as good as you boast that he is, I’ll meet you tomorrow. Where?”

“My office, up above mmf…Bridge’s bar. I’ll ooouu, hey now sweetie…we can meet there around noon and get everything…tested.” Alicia made a mental note of how Sam seemed to respond to her cock with muscle memory when he was half asleep. His mouth instinctually clamped down on her dick and sucked, almost as good as he did when he did it fully conscious! His tongue also almost lazily lathered her up as best as it could, swirling around the tip until she pushed her rod in too deep for it to be able to do so. Her hips pumped harder into his face, Sam’s half-lidded eyes watched Alicia’s soft tummy getting closer and closer to his eyes and her balls drawing in closer as well with each deeper thrust. His throat stretching and bulging to make room for his Mistress’s dick.

“Alicia are you…are you fucki-“

“See you tomorrow bye Monica!” Alicia ended the call quickly and tossed the phone onto the mattress so she could grab Sam’s head with two hands. “Nnff…yeah bitch, good morning to you too.” She chuckled as Sam’s only response was a throaty gag. Her balls were now fully hitting his face and slapping him in a much similar manner that her cock head did a few moments ago. As he was still fading in and out of the waking world, his gag reflex didn’t seem to wake up with him, therefore Alicia had free reign on his petite passageway down his gullet. “Ugghh…yeah…fuck hmm…maybe I could design an item geared towards taking care of morning wood. Do you think that sounds like a good idea cumguzzler?” She asked cutely tilting her head down at him.

“Gggckgullrckk.” Sam’s eyes rolled up. Her blocking his airway again with him barely even awake to begin with was enough to be sending him back to the dream world.

Alicia laughed, “Good answer bitch, heehee! Ready to earn your name?” She asked, hitching her leg up onto the side of the bed to better thrust down into his mouth. “Mmmmmmm…fuuck! Get ready to guuuzzlllleee…” She sang to him, humping down into his face as Sam faded away. Eyes lolled back and body motionless, body shaking like a puppet from the force of her. “Aaah…aah! ….aaaaaaaaahhhhhh…” Alicia’s voice started to arch with a few heavy breaths, and then halted for a moment, followed by a nice long breath of satisfaction as her balls tensed and flexed pumping out their first load of the day. Her cock swelling up and sealing his tunnel completely while pouring her thick morning seed into his belly. She giggled again as her dick twitched happily, “Ooohh…such a sleepy boy you are!” She grinned sadistically and patted his cheek, still stuffed with her climaxing cock. “You just go back to sleeeep baby…nnnnffff…you’ll need it. You’ve got a big couple of days ahead of you.”

She extracted her dick, watching the bulge in his neck move along with it until only the head was left inside. Then she squeezed the base of her cock with her hand and slowly worked it up the length in a milking manner in order to squeeze out any more drops into his mouth.

After she was satisfied with the amount she had deposited into him, she pulled her semi-flaccid cock out fully and patted it gently against his face, as if it was congratulating him for a job well done. His body was almost hanging off the side of the bed as she pulled her meat out, practically travelling along with it as it left him.

When she was free of his tight gullet though, she walked away from his sleeping body with a content smirk. Her satiated dick was now hanging low down by her thighs and swaying as she stepped butt naked out of the bedroom. Ready to head down stairs for some breakfast.

Sam’s body slowly was pulled by the force of gravity due to him laying over the side of the mattress and eventually plopped down onto the carpet.

Alicia hummed a little tune as she went to work in her large kitchen, remembering fondly about how she christened the area with Sam back on his first night home with her. As she rummaged through the fridge for her eggs, she actually found herself having a thoughtful moment about the future with Sam.

He had been very resistant to her advances a great many times. Only breaking when at the height of their Kartal Gecelik Escort coitus, while she didn’t really mind about that because play time was always more fun when her boy’s struggle, it did still worry her a little.

She walked from the refrigerator over to the side counter, egg carton and a carton of orange juice in her hands. She was pretty sure that Sam was compatible with the lifestyle she wanted for them, just the thought of another relationship failure always unsettled her. Harkening back to her previous mistakes always made her want to be extra careful.

On one hand she wanted to brutalize him, treat him like a dog, shove him down on her cock whenever she wanted regardless of how much he cried for mercy. Just the thought of being so aggressive to him in the bedroom was enough to get her horny. But then on the other hand, she was still a woman who liked to cuddle with her man. To be tender, touchy feely and smother him with kisses and loving care.

It was a task to find a perfect line between the two options in order to mold him into her perfect prey. If he could handle her at her meanest, then it would make it all the more sweet at her nicest. That’s why she hit him with a lot of torment when they first met, get the worst out of the way at the beginning to see if he could take it in the long run. And since he was still breathing upstairs, and not screaming kicking and trying to escape every waking moment. It seemed like things could actually work out.

Some might call this kidnapping, rape, crazy, blah, blah, blah, this was how she and other women like her worked. It was just their basic function to NEED to satisfy their urges in this way. And many of them have lived happily ever after!

“Things will work out…I know they will…” She thought quietly, no longer humming but continuing to make her breakfast.

Sam wasn’t sure how long he had been out again, but he was able to discern that he wasn’t on the bed anymore. He was instead on a very fluffy white carpet which, surprisingly was still pretty comfortable.

“Uuugnnn…” He groaned, shifting his jaw around. A little sore but not unbearably so, he also tasted a familiar salty thick substance in his mouth which he swallowed instinctively. It took only a moment for him to realize that he gulped down leftover baby batter from his kidnapping tormentor. He almost wanted to roll his eyes but it was becoming the norm at this point, he rolled over onto his side, facing away from the bed and curled up slightly. The last few days had been Hell and Heaven.

Alicia was rough, she fucked him hard and she was unbearably big in the genital department. She had also brought him here against his will and didn’t seem to be planning on letting him go anytime soon. People might start getting worried, he’d been gone for days and hadn’t left any indication of where he was going to be the night that he went on their first date.

Surely his mom and dad would-

“No they wouldn’t…” Sam’s head immediately slapped down that life line and he found himself curling inward a little bit more. “They stopped giving a shit the moment she was born.” He remembered solemnly.

Sam had a little sister who, for all intents and purposes was the gold child of the family. Smarter than him, more successful than him, and more loved than him. His fists clenched, he knew that parents always silently picked favorites out of their children. Though few would ever admit to actually doing that. Excluding his folks of course, they very openly preferred his sister to him. If you asked him why, he couldn’t really give you an answer. She showed up when he was five years old and from that day on, it was almost like he was just…there. Not really something important, just another body in the house that they acknowledged every now and then.

He guessed it really never settled in that they stopped caring about him until he had to spend the last Christmas on his own.

Unfortunately, that realization is really what got him into this mess in the first place.

Loneliness. He turned to online dating when he just felt too lonely, he wanted someone, anyone to care about him. And this is what he got.

This reminiscing seemed to really come at the worst time, he’d been raped, held against his will, and now he was stuck pondering why mommy and daddy didn’t love him. Why he was trapped in this situation and no one was going to come looking for him.

His professor maybe, but only because he’d been absent from classes for a few days in a row. But he doubted that it would really cause a stir.

Basically, if two words could describe Samuels existence, they would be: Nobody cares.

He kept laying there, awake, bedroom door open but didn’t bother to go for it. He wouldn’t get far if she was still in the house. Even if he made it to the door it’s locked with that weird DNA scanner or whatever. So he just laid there, unmoving. Waiting for whatever was going to happen next.

Closing his Kartal Genç Escort eyes again, he felt a single cool tear slowly streaming down his right cheek.

“Hey.” Alicia’s voice came from the doorway causing Sam to sit up. Only far enough though to see over his shoulder at her.

She stood there with a large bottle in one hand and a plastic purple tray in the other. However, what was normally her natural predatory gaze looking down at him was this time, different. She had her head tilted ever so slightly to the side and she looked at him inquisitively rather than as a piece of meat for her to devour.

Sam sniffled softly, “What?” His voice came out small, with the slightest quiver to it. Almost like a mixture of sadness and annoyance. Upon spotting her he was sure she was just going to pounce and rape him again, so he was already reinforcing his mental fortitude for the incoming onslaught.

It didn’t come however as Alicia’s eyes almost nervously glanced between Sam and the tray in her hand. “I um…brought you breakfast.” She said lowering the tray slightly so that he could see its contents. On it there was a plate of two sunny side up eggs, a piece of toast glistening with butter melted into the bread, and beside that a glass of orange juice. In addition, there were two blue pills on the plate that Sam didn’t recognize, possibly some liquid gel pain relievers? “You didn’t eat yesterday so I thought you might be hungry, and instead of just feeding you my own personal mix I decided some real food would do you good.” She approached him and set the tray down on the bed above his side. Then sat down next to it, “I already ate downstairs so this is for you.”

Food hadn’t even crossed Sam’s mind since he had been here, of course she had poured enough jizz down his throat so that he knew he wouldn’t be starving. But at the early morning breakfast scent, his stomach did actually rumble. Not like how it use too though, almost like it had contents in his stomach to feed on, but it wasn’t exactly satiating it. He could recall having this feeling before, a few years ago he had gone on a liquid diet for a small period of time. It was very similar to that.

He sat up off of the floor and onto his knees so he was eye level with the tray, then back up at Alicia. Still naked as he was, watching him expectantly. “…What do I have to do for it?” He asked.

Alicia blinked, “N-nothing? I just wanted you to eat something.” She said, almost feeling bad that he was suspicious out of this gesture.

“And what are those?” He pointed at the pills.

“Oh! Those aren’t for you, I didn’t have enough hands to carry everything separately and I wanted to show you them.” She picked up the tablets, “These don’t have a clinical name yet but they’re basically Viagra if it was supercharged.”

“Of course it is.”

She went on almost looking excited to explain them, “They’re pretty new but man do they work. This dark blue one can make a girls cock hard for up to six hours, and this clear blue one helps produce semen much faster than normal. Almost three times the speed of average, basically a speed loader for your balls!” She had a smile on her face like a giddy girl showing off her favorite dolls. This was definitely odd and had Sam raising an eyebrow at her enthusiasm. In a quick flick of her wrist, she tossed both the pills up into her mouth and cracked open the bottle of water to take a long swig. “Haaah…Those should kick in, in a little bit.” She looked down and could clearly see the apprehension in Sam’s face, “Hey, I told you before we’re gonna have a long day, I’m working from home remember?” Sam shook his head, “Oh right, you were kind of…not awake…” She blushed.

Sam sighed, he still hadn’t made a move for the food yet and now was debating even more so of whether or not he should. She apparently just doped up on some type of penis pill, which explained her unstoppable libido. But it also loaded her ball sack with enough protein shake mix to feed a small country. So he wasn’t sure if he should even bother eating anything if he was going to be filled with that stuff later.

“But you don’t know when you might get the chance to actually eat real food again.” He thought weighing his options. What choice did he really have? He didn’t want to make her angry and possibly make things worse for him.

His shoulders sagged slightly and he shuffled over to the tray on his knees and was thankful to see a fork and a knife. The worry that she would continue the puppy play from before immediately went away. He picked up the utensils and quickly began to dig into the breakfast meal laid before him.

He didn’t tell her thank you, but she let it slide for right now. He was still new and he had a long day ahead of him, so better to take it easy on him for now.

“Okay, sweetie I know this isn’t the life that you probably dreamed about having, but you’re mine now.” She said as he ate, trying not to make eye contact with her. “I’m gonna take care of you, I promise you that, but in return, I want you to be nice to me too.” She said. “And we can have a lot of fun together, I promise you you’ll enjoy it. If you just work with me a bit and try to adjust to this lifestyle, soon you’ll forget that you even had a boring old ‘normal’ life before.”

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