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Mother In Law Gets Special Bath Ch. 03

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After realizing that my sister in law Tara knew about Beth and I, I was hornier then I had ever been before. Just thinking about the possibility of getting Tara in bed made me have to find a jerk off place. I also however realized that the likelihood of getting them both alone would be damn well impossible.

It had been quite awhile, almost a month, since my last encounter with Beth and now that summer had ended it was almost impossible to catch up with each other. It was a Saturday and Krista had gone out with some friends for the afternoon and I decided to catch up on some sleep and take a nap. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up in one of the best ways possible, a blow job. I figured Krista had come home early and decided to give me my favorite wake up call. As I opened my eyes though I could not believe it. There sucking my cock was Beth, her head was going up and down in a great rhythm. She then paused and let my cock slip out of her beautiful mouth.

“Well hello there sexy.” Beth said, “I knew Krista was out and just had to get this cock again.”

She then resumed her sucking, god watching her lips go up and down my shaft was phenomenal. She let my cock slip out and then would tease my head with her tongue. The whole time she looked at me with lust in her eyes. I stroked her hair as her mouth worked over my cock. Then she pulled my cock out of her mouth and started stroking me nice and slow. She then turned her head sideways and began licking my balls.

“Oh god Beth.” I said ” Your tongue is phenomenal.”

I then sat up and pulled her up to me to kiss her. I started nice and slow and soft as she lay on top of me. Then lust took over and we were mauling each other, her tongue was twirling all through my mouth causing me to get harder and harder by the minute. I reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. She was wearing a black bra which made me want to cum right there. I reached around Escort bayan and undid her bra and released those huge tits. I immediately threw her on her back and started sucking her huge nipples. She was moaning and groaning as I worked over her tits. I then slowly undid her pants and inserted two fingers in her dripping pussy.

She arched her back and began rubbing my head as I finger fucked her nice and hard. Her nipples grew harder in my mouth and I lightly nibbled on them.

“Oh shit Ben.” She said.

I then flopped on my back and told her to sit on my face. She quickly tore off her pants and spread her legs over my face. Her hot pink pussy slowly lowered onto my awaiting my mouth. I inserted my tongue and she started to tense up. Her pussy tasted amazing as the juices dripped all over my face. I ran my hands up her back and around to her huge tits. God they felt amazing in my hands. I squeezed them and pulled on her nipples as she began fucking my face.

“Oh Jesus Christ, I’m going to cum Ben.” She said.

She began tightening up and then started screaming. “Oh fuck, Jesus Christ this is a huge orgasm.” I could see her holding herself up against the wall.

Just then I felt the warmth of a mouth on my cock, it took me by complete surprise. Beth climbed off and before I could see who it was lowered her mouth to mine and kissed me long and hard. God the mouth on my cock felt amazing, so soft and I could feel the tongue circling my cock quickly. Beth pulled away and I looked down and there was Tara. Her long curly blonde hair draped over my stomach as her head bobbed up and down. Her hand was cupping and rubbing my balls. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked at me. In that one moment I almost came realizing that Tara was sucking my cock. She then stood up and was wearing a tight black shirt and jeans. Her tits as always looked unbelievable.

“Oh my god Tara, you look amazing.” I said.

I quickly Bayan escort got up and grabbed her and began kissing her hard. I stepped back and grabbed her shirt to take it off. Suddenly Beth said, “Wait let me.”

Beth went over to Tara and helped slide her shirt off and there were those great tits, no bra. Her tits were just as I remembered. Huge with perfect nipples. Beth then pulled Tara’s pants down, I was in awe, completely shaved and looking amazing was her snatch. I couldn’t control myself, I grabbed Tara and flung her on the bed. She immediately spread her legs.

Beth leaned up to me and began stroking my cock, “fuck her good and hard Ben.”

Tara nodded her head and said “I need this so bad Ben, I have masturbated every night since I listened to you two fuck at their house.”

That was all I needed to hear, I got between her legs and slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Both of us moaned loud as we began fucking. Her movements met mine perfectly. All of a sudden I felt something wet at my ass. I turned my head and realized that Beth was giving me a rim job. The sensation was unbelievable. I looked down at Tara’s face and she was glowing as I fucked her, her tits looked even better as they swayed while we fucked slowly.

Beth stopped my rim job and came up beside us and lay down. She inserted two fingers in her pussy and began fucking herself. I then pulled my cock out of Tara and got between Beth’s legs and began fucking her hard. God her pussy just grasped my cock as I fucked her hard and fast. Tara got up and straddled Beth’s face and I could see her tongue moving rapidly on Tara’s clit.

“Oh shit, I’m going to cum.” Tara screamed and reached out and grabbed my shoulders as she came all over Beth’s face. God there in front of me four huge tits and I leaned forward and started sucking Tara’s tits which kept her going.

I then pulled out and got both women to get on all fours, I got in behind Tara and Escort began fucking her hard. “Shit Ben I’m gonna cum again” screamed Tara and I could feel her pussy tighten and loosen as she came on my cock. I then switched and fucked Beth hard and she began cumming again to only with much more forced, she was thrashing back hard.

I pulled out and went to Tara, she then said the magic words. “Fuck my ass Ben.” I put my cock in her tight pussy first and then slowly slid in her ass. It was like fucking a virgin, at first she screamed in pain, and then began coming back on me, at this point Beth got in front of Tara and Tara returned the favor from earlier and began eating out Beth. I looked as my cock entered Tara’s firm round ass and couldn’t help but start to fuck her faster.

She was moaning and groaning as she sucked Beth’s pussy. Beth’s nipples were standing a good three inches in the air as she started to cum, “Suck my pussy Tara, oh god.” She began bucking at Tara’s face. Tara lifted up when Beth was done and started screaming, “Holy fuck your cock feels huge, shit I’m gonna cum.” Her ass got so tight I could barely thrust anymore.

I could feel the cum building up in my cock as Tara’s ass had it in a vice grip. I got an idea and flipped her over and straddled her chest. She immediately grabbed her tits and mashed them together as I started fucking her tits. God they were beautiful, so firm and big. I could feel it build up inside my balls.

“I’m gonna cum” I roared. Beth quickly got her mouth down and began licking my cock as it came through Tara’s massive cleavage. Seeing this was all I could take and I began shooting. Beth quickly took my cock in her mouth and drank my cum as fast as possible. I collapsed on top of Tara and took turns kissing them.

“God how did you get here Tara.” I said.

“While you were sleeping I snuck in the closet until I had my opportunity.” She gasped.

We lay on my bed for a while touching and stroking each other until we realized it was getting late and they needed to go. I kissed them both passionately and they got dressed and left, but not before saying that this defiantly had to happen again. God what an afternoon.

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