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Seductress and Young Neighbor Ch. 03

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1 A skimpy return home

“Hi Ryan,” Mandy says as she enters the front door. “I didn’t expect you home so soon, honey.” She said still a bit effected from the “wine” this afternoon at Sabrina’s house.

“Well, it’s passed 7 Mandy,” Ryan said with a hint of vexation that she didn’t tell him at least where she was and that she would be late.

Ryan was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels after just getting home from work. He had expected to find Mandy at home when he arrived. It seemed strange to him that she wasn’t there. As he was changing channels, he could not hide a slight tension that maybe something happened to her. This was so out of character for Mandy.

“Oh! Wow, I thought it was much earlier! I was over at Sabrina’s house and the time just flew by! I’m really sorry, honey. How was work?”

She left her bag in the foyer and was walking over to the living room where Ryan was sitting.

“It’s no big deal. Don’t worry!” he responds, trying not to act a bit miffed. “It was good. Lots of stupid meetings. You know, the “same old”! Did you have a good day?”

“It was really nice,” she responded. “Sabrina has an amazing house and an incredible pool. I wish you were there.”

“Yes, I was about to comment on your new bikini. It is a bit,” he paused, “small!.” He was staring at the fact that her pussy lips were clearly visible. “Don’t you think? I mean I really like it and you are definitely sexy, but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination.”

At this moment, Mandy realizes how she is still dressed in the micro-bikini covered by the transparent camisole. She had been so engrossed with the lovemaking with Sabrina and then the wine and everything, that she had forgotten about her own clothing left in Sabrina’s guest room. She was naked all afternoon and without thinking, put it on to cross the street to her house.

The micro-bikini was essentially not a bikini at all. The “strings” holding the whole thing together were actually a transparent plastic, which from even a meter away, seemed like there was nothing there. There was only a small triangle covering essentially part of her mound and then two small triangles of a thin fabric covering her very prominent nipples.

“Oh!, how silly. I had borrowed this from Sabrina and was wearing it all day! I forgot that I had my clothing in her guest room.”

“Well, Mandy, I just hope that you don’t wear that around other men! They might attack you! I know that I want to!”

“Really, do you think I look sexy?” She said with a pouting expression, and trying to make sure that he was not angry with her.

What Ryan didn’t know is that she had been sucking Sabrina’s pussy all day long and sticking dildos into her kitty. What would he think then?

“Yeah definitely, Mandy! You are incredibly sexy! And c’mon, you know it! By the way, why are you wearing a collar? Is that also an idea of your new friend Sabrina?”

This was something else that Mandy had completely forgotten about. The “wine” had clearly affected her normal clear thinking. This will be a lot harder to try and explain away. She was never this absent-minded. It was not only out of character for her, but it was almost a bit worrying.

“Oh, this! It was just a joke!” she responded trying to minimize its importance. “Sabrina had it lying around and I asked her if I could try it on. To be honest, I forgot to take it off.”

“Well, it definitely looks sexy on you. You look like a submissive slave.”

“Ryan! That’s not very nice!” she said with a pouting expression trying to act offended, but her failed attempt at being stern turned into a grin!

She sat down next to him on the couch.

“By the way, the submissive here is you!” she playfully pushed his shoulders. “You didn’t address me properly as your Mistress”.

She was of course referring to their new lovemaking game just last night. He doesn’t respond.

“Last night was amazing, Mandy.”

“I am not Mandy, I am your Mistress,” she says playfully but sternly. “I didn’t say my little pet could call me by my name!”

She moves close to him and moves to kiss him on the mouth. He puts his arm over her and encloses her in his chest. They kiss passionately on the mouth. She is so sensual to him. She is essentially naked. He touches her breasts moving the micro bikini aside to flick her nipples between his fingers. They continue to kiss, their tongues performing a dance within their mouths.

“You have to call me Mistress!” she whispers sensually, almost dreamlike between the kisses.

He is so aroused. She is so sweet and sensual. And, she is so playful! He could eat her up.

“Mistress,” he finally concedes to her game.

She looks up into his eyes, “Good boy!” she says slowly and drawn out.

She continues to kiss him on the mouth. He moves his hand over her body. Starting from the nape of her neck, he moves his hand gently on her near-naked form. Down to her breasts. He squeezes them gently. She gasps. He moves down along the side of her midsection tuzla escort and to her hips. He touches her leg and moves his hand slowly to her crotch. He uses the strength of his hands to push her legs apart.

“You are my good little pet,” she whispers. “Are you going to please your Mistress? Tell me what you want to do to your Mistress? Tell her!”

Ryan wants to play along with her game, but this is such a new facet of her. He doesn’t want to break the mood but doesn’t quite know how she wants him to respond. The palm of his hand rubs the outside of the triangle of the micro bikini and his fingers easily pull aside the small fabric.

He notices that she is leaking large amounts of creamy fluid. She was never like this. The part of the micro bikini that should cover her kitty is just a thin string. A stream of her fluid had run down her leg. This blows him over the top with desire.

“I want to make love to my Mistress”.

“Oh, you are such a good boy!” she whispers. “But your Mistress doesn’t want you to make love to her, she wants you to fuck her! She wants you to fuck her HARD!”

Wow, this completely blows Ryan’s mind. When did Mandy start to think and talk like this?

“Your Mistress wants your cock in her kitty,” she teases him in between their passionate kisses. “Will you stick your manly cock into your Mistress to satisfy her! Or does your Mistress need to tie you up again?” She pauses rubbing her thin feminine hand over his strong manly chest. “Do want me to tie you up again?”

Ryan remains silent. He continues to kiss her not knowing how to respond.

“Yes!” she repeats as if she discovered the idea. “I think we need to tie this little pet up again. He is being such a bad pet by not satisfying his Mistress!”

Ryan is thinking the whole time how much he loves this game. Mandy is so desirable. She is so cute. He can’t deny it. But, this is such a new twist in their young marriage. Since yesterday, Mandy seems to be changing so fast. No, since yesterday when she met Sabrina. This thought evokes in him some amount of trepidation. Was this woman putting these thoughts into Mandy’s mind?

But this was not the time for such thoughts. They were aroused with the heat of the moment. He was the luckiest man on the planet. His sexy and beautiful wife is playing out his most profound desires. It couldn’t be better! No?

She moves off him to go and fetch the cuffs that she left in the bedroom.


2 Squirty Mistress and her boy-toy

Mandy retrieved the cuffs from the bedroom and came downstairs. She was so aroused. What had gotten into her these past two days? As she walked, she could feel and hear her own wetness, squishing and dripping down her legs.

“Let’s see my little pet,” she said as she sat back next to him on the couch.

In a rapid movement, she twirled around and sat on his lap facing him. He was lost in how hot she was. He had forgotten all notions of being annoyed with her previously. She touched her breasts sensually, pushing them upward towards him. Her small dark brown quarter-sized nipples poked through the transparent triangle of the bikini top.

She kissed him sensually on the mouth. Her eyes closed in the throes of her passion. Her body was warm and beads of sweat condensed at the nape of her neck. She smelled of strawberries mixed with the juices of her raw sex. Her tongue met his. She began to lick his mouth with deep passion, flicking back and forth against his. Then, in her raw lustful sensuality, she began to treat his tongue as if it were his cock. She first sucked on it, putting it between her pouty and supple lips of her mouth. It drove him crazy. While she was kissing his tongue, she could feel his large cock pushing up against her pussy. She moved his tongue in and out, acting as if she was giving him a blow job.

While straddling his lap, she started to move back and forth, letting his cock feel the friction as she rubbed against it. His cock strained against his clothing. He wanted to be naked to enter her. But he couldn’t move with her on top of him. She rocked forward, undulating her pelvis so that it would grind against his cock.

“Ohhh…,” she whispered. “My poor little boy-toy! You like that don’t you?” she taunted him.

She knew that he wanted to enter her hot pussy. She knew that his straining cock wanted to break free and ravage her. She also wanted that. But she liked the waiting and edging. It was her way to control his orgasm.

She would now start to act like his Mistress. She was beginning to love this new game so much, that she wanted to explore it more. This was the best thing she ever discovered.

“Tell your Mistress that she can control you,” she whispers seductively in his ear. “Say it! Treat me as your dominant Mistress. Please, my love”.

“Yes, you can, Mandy,” he says between his pants of desire. He would say anything in these moments.

She slaps him gently on his chest!

“You have to address me as Mistress!” she tries to act sternly in her göztepe escort new play. “Say it properly and ask me.”

“Mistress, I want you to control me.”

“Goooood”, she coos, drawing out the word almost like a song. “You are really such a good little boy-toy. Aren’t you? Such a sexy and good little pet.”

She stands up.

“Strip naked my little slave,” she says but with a loving voice.

She helps him rapidly disrobe. His cock is so hard that it stands straight up. This is all the reinforcement she needs to know that he is enjoying this as much as her. With his cock in this state, he can’t deny how he likes the role of a submissive.

“Oh my! I think this little slave boy-toy likes how Misstress is treating him,” she teases.

She kneels down in front of him, his cock only inches from her face. She takes his member in her hand and very delicately caresses the length of the shaft. Now she wraps her hand around it and strokes very very slowly. Ryan is clearly loving this.

She sticks her tongue out and flicks it across the tip of his cock. It tastes of salty pre-cum. She loves the taste of pre-cum even more than a full load of cum. It is saltier. There is even a hint of the taste of pee; a deep secret desire that she will soon become an expert.

Ryan always has so much pre-cum. She loves those first moments when his cock starts to eject the precious nectar. She wants it to last. She so much wishes that there were more. She wants his pre-cum so badly that she squeezes his cock to tease out the last droplets. She loves how it is so viscous that it forms weblike strands between her fingers and on her tongue.

Now, she wants his member in her mouth. He thrusts forward, but she wants to go slow. She stops his movement by placing her hand on his hips. She lets the tip of his cock enter her mouth.

“Ahhh… Mandy!” he moans at that moment.

She stops and slaps his cock.


“I am not Mandy. I am your Mistress!” she says sternly. “If you do not treat me properly and with respect as your Mistress, I will stop!”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“That’s better!” she says with a grin looking up into his eyes, confirming their mutual consented role play. This glance reassures both of them that they are within the limits of the love that they have between each other. It reassures them that this is just a game!

She continues to let the tip of his cock enter between her thick supple lips. With each stroke, she takes more of his cock into her mouth. He moves his hips and she steadies him so that she is the one that is controlling each stroke. Little by little his shaft is engulfed by her warm and moist mouth. The tip is now touching the beginning of her throat. She wants it to enter all the way. She so much wants to let him fuck her throat. She is determined this time.

She puts her hands on his buttocks and pushes him closer. Now she moves with such force so the tip will penetrate the opening of her throat. But her natural gag reflex stops it from entering. She chokes slightly. She tries several more times but fails on each attempt.

She has to stop. The reflex left her eyes filled with water. She was angry with herself. She always had a strong gag reflex. It was normal. But, this was something that she had to overcome. It would be so rewarding to be able to deepthroat Ryan. She knows how much he would like it, and it would satisfy her so much to give him that pleasure.

She tried again. His cock touched the back of her mouth. Then it occurred to her if she changed her angle, maybe it would slip in better. She positioned herself so that her face was looking up. Now her throat was more in a line with her mouth instead of an L-shape. Now she was determined. With a violent push, she pushed her mouth down on his cock while at the same using all her force of her hand and arms to push him closer to her. His cock then slid rapidly towards the back of her mouth and easily penetrated her throat. In an instant, she was able to take his full 9-inch cock completely lodged in her mouth. His manhood is so massive that it made her throat bulge.

She let his cock retreat slightly from her throat by only a few inches, and then pushed him back down her larynx! This was amazing! She was deepthroating him. It felt incredible. The friction caused by his size hurt her slightly, but just the thought of his entire member inside her mouth was enough to have an orgasm.

Ryan of course could not believe all that was occurring. What had gotten into Mandy? She had always been sexy and sensual, but never so wanton, never so raw. Never such a slut! He would have never imagined this aspect of Mandy. This was a girl that he hadn’t penetrated until after they were married. Yes, they always played around, but she wanted to wait until they were married to have intercourse. He respected this and loved her so much, that he would wait. Now, his prudish wife was deepthroating his 9-inch member. It was something not to be believed.

After what seemed like seconds, üsküdar escort but was actually a couple of minutes, Ryan felt that he was going to explode. Mandy sensed this and stopped. She wanted him inside her kitty. She was so aroused by all of this, that she didn’t want it to stop here. There would be time to swallow his wonderful thick creamy cum. She adored his cum. She could drink it out of a straw. She wished he produced liters of it so that she could drink it like a frap!.

“Mmm…, I think my little pet likes how Mistress sucks on his manly cock!”

“Ahh, Mandy…I mean Mistress!”

“Mind your manners, my little pet,” she says playfully. “Or you will be punished. Does my pet need to be punished?” she teases him.

With this, she grabs the handcuffs that she left on the coffee table next to them.

“Yes, I think my pet needs to be punished. All pets that are naughty need punishment. Don’t you think, boy-toy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he says eager to continue this game.

“Good. Because this pet has been so naughty, we are going to have to tie him up so he can’t move.”

During this banter, she had placed the handcuffs and fastened his arms behind his back. She directed him to kneel down on the floor. Now she took the ankle cuffs and attached his feet together. She then removed her micro bikini and sat on the couch with her legs open, directing him to lick her. With her finger, she made the motion to come closer and then pointed down at her wet open kitty. It was obvious what her slave boy-toy had to do. And he was all too willing.

Ryan began to kiss her wet pussy directly, without the need for foreplay. She was so turned on, she only wanted pressure against her waiting clit. As he licked at the entrance of her hole, she began to rub her clitoris as she had done in their previous lovemaking session.

“That’s it, fuck me with your tongue,” she implored him in carnal moans. “Oh, my little pet!. It feels so good. Don’t stop. Lick me harder.”

She grabbed the back of his head and pushed him closer to her so that he would be forced to rub more against her pussy. Her body started to tremble. She could feel her orgasm soon. But she still didn’t want it to end like this.

“Stop! Stop…,” she pushed him away with a heroic effort. “Let me take these cuffs off.”

She unfastened his handcuffs that tied his hands behind.

“Lie there on the floor, my pet!”

He quickly shifted position so that he was lying on the floor on his back. She came over straddled his face facing his body. When her pussy was positioned over his face she lowered it down onto his mouth.

“Lick me, pet.”

Now she dropped down so that she could take his cock into her mouth. She pushed her pelvis so that it lodged her wet pussy into his mouth. With her newfound ability to take his entire cock down her throat, she was anxious to try again. She let his shaft enter her warm wet mouth. She then began to stroke it with her tongue and lips, up and down, while she ground her pussy on Ryan’s mouth. She was leaking her cream all over his face. She normally would have been embarrassed, but now she was so lost in their lovemaking that it didn’t even occur to her.

With a sudden movement, she took his entire 9-inches down her throat again. Then she repeated again and again. It was so intense, that her saliva dripped out her mouth and ran down his shaft, covering his balls.

She had an idea. Could it be possible to also take his balls into her mouth? “No, it is impossible!” she thought. On her next movement down, when his cock was lodged all the way down her throat, her lips were at the base of his cock. With her hand, she grabbed his balls and moved them upward towards her mouth, with her other hand she tried to stick them into her mouth. She managed to get one in, but then she was so out of breath that she couldn’t continue. But this idea was now in her mind. She was determined that the next time they make love, she would stick his balls in her mouth while she deepthroated him.

She was on the verge of an orgasm from Ryan licking her so much. She began to move her pelvis so that it rammed down on his mouth creating maximum friction. Short tremors began deep inside her. Sensing she was so near, she started to bob up and down on Ryan’s cock. She wanted him to explode in her mouth when she climaxed. He was moaning underneath her wet pussy.

In one sudden moment, his cock started to erupt large globs of cum into her mouth! At this very instant, a shuddering orgasm overtook her as never before in her life. But, then something she had never experienced before happened. She started to squirt liquid from her pussy with such ferocity that it took Ryan completely by surprise. With his mouth completely enveloped by Mandy’s pussy, all her liquid cum filled his mouth and he was forced to swallow and swallow! It seemed it would not stop. She sensed this and even in her tremors, lifted her pussy off his mouth, while her liquid jets soaked his face and hair.

When their orgasms subsided, she finally let his cock escape from the clenches of her mouth and she collapsed on top of his body. She rested her head on his thigh, as his now semi-erect cock rested just inches from her face. Completely satisfied, she admired his cock and how much she loved him.

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