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-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes. –

Here I am, three weeks after finishing my third college year, driving south the farm of a friend of my mother’s. He said to my mom; “I need some hard working help this summer at the farm, you think you’re William could be interested? The weekly pay is really interesting!” Of course I was! Spending the summer outside the city with horses, near infinite fields and forests to explore… And I’m feeling confident about my physical condition; I started training with the college’s decathlon team at my very first year. I’m not the best in the team, but through those three years, I’ve collected some medals and trophies.

After a few hours, I finally see his farm on the other side of the river. I take the small wooden bridge and then park my car in the alleyway. Just as I’m getting out of the car, I see my mother’s friend walking out of the stable. “Hi! I’m William.” Oh, yes of course. Come in, I’m Sam. You can bring your stuff inside the house, my wife will show you to your room.” When I enter the house, I see his wife in the kitchen, probably fixing dinner. After the usual pleasantries, she shows me to my room and tells me to be back down in twenty minutes, dinner will be served.

As I unpack, I look outside to the vast plains around the house and the forest at the other end of them. Then, just below my window, I see a girl slowly riding a great black horse. She’s absolutely amazing! Long blond hair without the trace of curls, a beautiful face and the body that goes with it. I can’t see much of it though, she’s completely dressed. But I can see that under those long jeans and shirt, she probably hides something equally amazing. I suddenly realize that my summer here will probably be more fun than I expected.

During supper, with Kathy sitting beside me, Sam explains to me what my work will be like. My summer will probably be fun, but it also will be really hard physically. I don’t really care at the moment, I only think about Kathy with whom I’m already beginning to become friends. I was afraid that she might be a classic dumb blond, but she’s not at all. She only lives here during summer, the rest of the time she lives in the city, studying for her biology degree. When we start talking about college and our futures, Sam and Thelma are somewhat pushed out of the conversation. Laughs make their way through the previously shy talks, and quickly relax the tensed atmosphere. When we finish our meals, Kathy gets up, takes my hand and guides me upstairs.

While we were climbing up the stairs, she asks me to show her the music I was talking about during dinner. Her room is just across the hall from mine and when I open my door, she stops and tells me that she’ll go change her clothes to something more comfortable. I feel shivers run up and down my spine when she says that. It’s probably nothing like I hope it is, but the way she said it leaves a sweet doubt in my head. After taking the CD out of my bag, I put it on the bed and take my portable CD player out as well. Then, from across her room, she asks me if I would like her to bring her own sound system. “Of course, I only have a small portable system.” “I’m coming in just a minute.” When she enters my room seconds later, I think to myself that she could’ve chosen another word than coming, but anyway…

What she now wears is not utterly sexy, but it has it’s definite charm; old and loose boxers with and equally loose tank top. Her long legs are nude and my eyes can’t help but to literally lick a stare up their length. Their golden skin, probably from the three past weeks under the sun, their sexy shape and the way she walks are getting me quite stimulated. Sitting down on the bed with me, she looks at the CD and confirms that she never heard about the group. She then gets up and places the stereo on my wooden desk and bends down to plug it. Suddenly, the tank top that was completely covering her breasts is now floating away from them, revealing an ample amount of white and creamy skin. When she kneels down completely, the side of her top opens even more to totally expose her right breast. It’s simply beautiful. She has full breasts but they stand firmly, bobbing up and down just enough to make my light-headed. Before getting up, she turns her head towards me and sees my eyes glued to her breasts before I have the time to react. As she gets up, she pulls her top higher a bit, completely hiding her breasts. She looks really shy; “I’m sorry, I’m usually alone here with my parents so…” “Don’t be sorry, my god, you’re beautiful. You gave me a gift right there and you don’t realize it.” She seems to feel better and looks at me, but the following few silent seconds are quite tense. Nobody knows what to say or do.

Kathy then breaks the silence by saying; “And anyway, what does it change in my or your life if you saw my breasts or not?” “…it changes that I know that you’re even more beautiful than I thought.” After giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, she thanks me for the compliments and takes the CD from my hands. She puts illegal bahis it in and presses the “play” button before sitting back on the bed with me. After about fifteen minutes of listening to that soft Irish music, she asks me if she can rest her head on my shoulder. When she does, she also wraps her arm around mine and lets our fingers brush against one another. We talk and talk, finding common interests easily and simply having fun with each other. She talks to me about a lake in the forest, about 15 minutes from the house. I’m anxious to see it because we can swim in it during the hot summer days. I get up to change the CD about an hour later. I put on another of my favorite and come back to the bed.

This time she’s sitting against the wall, her legs extended out towards the rest of the room. When I sit down, she notices that I hesitate before finding a position. With only a few signs, she invites me to lay down and put my head on her thigh. When I feel her burning skin against me neck, I close my eyes for a few seconds. She then puts her hand on my chest and when I look up at her, I see that she closed her eyes too, listening to the music. I take this golden opportunity to look at her breasts, only inches away from my wanting eyes. She then bends forwards and grabs a pillow, but doing so, she presses one of her breasts against my nose. Pulling back quickly, she says once more that she’s sorry. “Stop saying that. You didn’t hurt me, quite the contrary. You simply gave me a sample of what only your boyfriend can really taste. ” “I don’t have any boyfriend, haven’t had one for nearly a year.” She says that in a low tone, looking directly at me. I don’t know exactly why she does it but I feel like she’s about to say even more. “I can’t help but to say that I’m sorry because…” After a silence, she goes on; “…because I’m doing it deliberately. I’m teasing you William. No man has caressed me since I broke up with my last boyfriend, and I can’t help but to feel all those funny things towards you. ” “Funny?” “Yes, really funny, know what I mean?” I don’t know quite how to answer, it’s the first time a girl speaks to me that way. I’m totally caught off guard, but I like it a lot. While she talked, she had her hand in my hair and now her fingers are the only things that keeps us from a total silence. I then ask; “Why me, I bet that there are a lot of guys who would kill to have you. ” “Think what you want, but for now, I want you. You’re so sweet, so honest and right now my body wants yours.” Her voice turned to a loud whisper for the last few words.

Slowly, I turn my head towards her belly and, with my shivering fingers, I lift her top a few inches. After seeing her skin shining faintly, I kiss her softly. Tracing a fine line across her belly, I sometime open my mouth and lick her honey-like skin. I hear her breathe responding to my kisses and feel her hands guiding my head while caressing my hair. She softly tells me; “Don’t get your hopes to high, I don’t know how far I’ll let you go tonight.” I don’t care, I don’t know how far I can go myself without going into sensual shock! Sliding one of her hands from my head to her belly, she slowly pushes her top up, revealing more and more of her delicious skin. The minutes are long but the feelings are incredible. When I feel her hand stopping, I notice that it’s around her left breast. I go on kissing my way up, just below her finger while her breathing still speeds up. When her fingers reveal the beginning of the underside of her breast, I close my eyes and taste the beauty before me. Licking the curve under the precious weight of her flesh, I taste her delicate flavor; sexy and summer-like. I can clearly taste summer on the skin under her breast.

She then pushes my chin down and guides my kisses down to her belly. When my cheek brushes against her boxer’s elastic waistband, I wait for her next delightful offer. Slipping her thumb behind the elastic she slowly, so ever slowly, pulls her boxer down. My lips explore like in a dream the whiter regions of her skin, feeling the subtly increasing temperature. Her heavy breathing turn into quiet moans, barely audible sounds of a hidden heaven. Suddenly, my lips brush across a few of her pubic hairs. When I take one between my lips and gently pull it, she takes a deep breath and let the air out through a long moan. A few seconds later, my lips plant their kisses completely on the top of her blond bush, loosing themselves in pleasure.

“That’s enough for tonight William.” The nervous shaking in her voice tells me what I wanted to know. She’s quite aroused and the summer’s just beginning. When she gets up to go to her room, I stop her and get up too. She stands just before me, and when I open my arms just a bit, she moves to me and puts her arms around me. After feeling my own arms around her back, she starts to gently kiss my neck. A few seconds later she slides her mouth around my chin and teasingly brushes her lips against mine. When she gently licks my lower lip with her tongue, I can’t control myself any longer and give her a real kiss. In merely seconds, the strange “first kiss” feeling is forgotten and transformed into pure passion. casino siteleri Our tongues entwined without either of us holding back and my hands start to roam all over her back. Her body comes alive with the kiss and she pushes her hips against mine, clearly feeling my hard cock. I let a small moan reach her ears when she starts rotating her hips up and down to massage my cock.

Slowly I slip my hands down to the small of her back and feel my fingers touching her boxers. When I decide to wait a bit longer before going down to her buttocks, I feel one of her arm reaching around to my hand and push it down. When I lower my second hand and push her ass up in my hands, she breaks the kiss in a moan and moves her mouth to my ear. Feeling and hearing her hard breathing against my ear, I shiver when she starts to caress it with her tongue. Taking a short pause, she tells me, panting with excitation; “Slip your finger inside, I want to feel your skin against my ass.” Reaching down to her nude thighs, I move back up under the loose boxers and squeeze them together between her buttocks. Cupping them in my warm hands, I push her up and feel her hip massage even better. Her whole body’s hot but her buttocks are burning.

Without any warnings, she pulls my tee shirt over my head and throws it to the floor. Then she raises her top over her breasts and wraps her arms around me again. When she pulls me back close to her, I feel once again an incredible heat from her breasts. Soft yet firm, they spread lightly on my chest and cover me with their sweet femininity. Then, bending her knees, she lets them move down from my chest to my belly, giving me a long taste of their incredible tenderness.

Again without warnings, she pulls back and brings her top down. Looking at me with a smile; “Are you planning to go to the lake tonight?” Really puzzled, I answer; “I don’t know, why?” “If you do, maybe you’ll see me, I go there each night, I love to feel the water all around my nude body…” And then, with a sensual look, she turns around and leaves my room. Letting myself fall back on the bed, I look at the clock to see that it’s already past ten o’clock. Night has already covered the day with its dark cloak, so I guess I have no time to waist. After putting back my tee shirt, I grab one of the large wool blankets on the floor in the closet and head downstairs. Sam and Thelma are sitting in the living room, listening to TV. I tell them that I’m going for a walk.

After about ten minutes, I reach the other side of the field and enter the forest. Kathy was right about the path; it’s clearly visible under the moonlight, I can’t loose my way. I finally reach the small lake and spread the blanket in a small recess of the sandy rim. On each side of the blanket are dense bushes and I can clearly see the entire lake from this point. It’s so perfect I have the feeling that this spot was cut out just for a blanket. Anyway, I lay down on my back and wait, looking at the lake. I’m still very hard from Kathy’s caresses and start to massage my cock through my jeans cut-offs. After ten minutes, with no signs of Kathy anywhere, I unbutton my jeans and slip them out, putting them just beside me. Then, pushing my boxers down a bit, I grab my cock with my other hand and start pumping hard. With long and slow strokes, I know I can go on long enough to wait for Kathy without exploding. Pulling my other hand back up to my cock, I gently wrap it around my balls and massage them. After rubbing the pre-cum all over the head of my cock, I make an “o” with my index and thumb. Sliding it around my head, I slowly pump it up and down in short strokes, each one of them bringing me closer to climax.

She suddenly appears on the sand, wearing a white bikini and holding a large beach towel in her hand. After laying it down on the sand near the waterline, she puts her hands behind her back and unhooks her bikini top. Still pumping my cock slowly, I raise myself on an elbow, looking at the amazing display of charm in front of me. Slowly, she walks in the water until it reaches her upper thighs. She then slips her hands down on her belly and it seems like she’s going to take her bottom off too. It only hangs with a small knot, where the strings come together on the side of her waist. But I can only see her from behind and it seems that she’s simply caressing herself through or under her bikini. After a few silent minutes, her legs begin to shake and faint moans reach my ears. She quickly pulls her hands up while taking in a sharp breath. She doesn’t seem to have reached a climax, but she sure came very near. Turning her head around, she looks at me and says; “What are you waiting for? I’m waiting for you.” Pulling my boxers completely down, I get up and walk towards her. I step in the water while throwing my tee shirt and walk behind her.

When I put my hands around her hips and press my hard cock against her spandex-clad buttocks, she moans and put her hands on her own hips and grabs her bikini. Pulling it up, she makes the thin string disappear between her fleshy buttocks, letting my cock nestle its way between them. Then, with her hands behind my waist, she pulls poker siteleri me closer to her, rubbing her ass sideways to caress me. When she starts to push her ass up and down against me, it’s my turn to feel my knees weakening. From her gyrating hips to her belly, my hands make their way higher on her smooth skin. I slow down to a painful progression hen my fingers reach the delicate underside of her breasts. As my fingers spread all over her breasts, she moves slowly forwards, pulling me with her. When the waterline nearly reaches her breasts, she stops and slips off her hands from my hips.

Fondling her nipples between my fingers, I cup her breasts with a passionate strength, heaving them up through my massage. As I playfully lick her ear, I suddenly feel her bikini slipping off. My cock now finds itself being trapped between her buttocks, without anything blocking it. When she starts to move her hips up and down again, I can feel her delicate skin rubbing directly on me, with her buttocks on my upper thighs and my cock between them. With her hips gyrating, she slowly bends down, putting her hands on a big rock I hadn’t seen before. It looks like a long table carved in the stone. It’s perfectly flat on top and the smooth edges go down in the water. Letting my hands move back down, I caress the curves of her buttocks, hips and, reaching around, I lightly brush the hairy limits of her blonde bush. While she moves her ass up more than down, I feel the head of my cock slipping lower and lower to the warm recesses of her pussy. When the heat of her slit grazes the tip of my cock, I gently push forward, making my way between her lips. I reach her hole and feel it’s warmth beginning to engulfing me.

With a long, slow and uninterrupted stroke, I fill her pussy with my cock, pushing soft moans from both our mouths. As her muscles stretch effortlessly to let me slither inside her, I feel them clamping around my cock as to pull me in deeper. When I feel her buttocks pressed against my upper thigh, I pull back on her hips to reach a little farther in her depths. I stay that deep for a few seconds, before pulling back slowly. Even before getting nearly halfway out, I push back in harder this time, feeling her pussy muscles stretch once more. After pulling nearly completely out, I push back inside, then out, letting finally the rhythm guide my movements. I use her hips to pull me in each time, hitting her ass with each thrust.

I feel my feet digging in the lake’s bottom, the soft sand giving way under my repetitive motions. But as I get deeper, Kathy bends back up to get closer to me. It only takes a few minutes before she presses her back against my chest, pulling her arms over her head and behind mine. Turning her head to the side, she shows me the incredible effects I have on her. Her mouth lets out breathing moans and her eyes are expression quite clearly what she feels. I let one of my hands reach up once more to her breasts, cupping one of them fiercely. Through her heavy breathing, she asks me to pull harder on her breasts, which I do with pleasure. I feel her nipple being crushed under my finger, but the unmistakable goose bumps al over her breasts are proof enough; she’s ecstatic! When I slide my other hand from her hip to her bush and go on lower to cup her whole mound, she moans out her approval loudly. Now guiding her hips with this well-snuggled hand, I can give longer thrusts and bring both of us nearer to that precious climax.

But when I press her clit harder, I feel her whole body shivering and her pussy squeezing my cock. Wild moans fill the otherwise silent forest while she bends back down to her rock, putting one of her hands to her clit. With my own hands back on her hips, I push and pull her hips as hard as I can, while rotating my cock around in her pussy. I have never seen a girl having an orgasm this strong. It simply doesn’t stop! She seems locked in the strongest part of the climax, unable and unwilling to get over it. Now I have to hold her hips not to fall out of her because she moves too much. Through her cries of pleasure, she moans; “Oh God!… it’s so good it hurts.” Slowly she moves closer to the rock and lifts a knee over it. Then the other knee follows and she asks me to continue to fuck her. The edge of the rock is exactly at the right height and while she’s squatted down and has her knees spread pretty widely, her pussy is nearly touching down on the rock.

Now she’s not as wild as she was, but it’s still apparent that her afterglow is still burning strongly. When she says; “Now it’s your turn…” I nearly faint. I don’t know how or why, but I realize that I’m still far away from my climax. Pleased with this strange situation, I pump harder in her dripping wet pussy. Slowly, she starts to turn around my cock. On her side for a few seconds, she then turns around even more to lie on her back on the rock. I never left her pussy, I simply let her turn slowly. Since the rock is only a few inches above the water, her legs are down in it. But when she lifts them to wrap the around my waist and pull me closer to her, I’m filled with intense sensations. Bending forward, I place my hands on the rock near her breasts and let all my wild desires guide my cock. As I see her breasts heaving up and down and her head twisting madly around, drowned in the sensations, I fuck her even harder. It’s now my turn to moan loudly as I feel her pussy pulling me, sucking me deeper with each strokes.

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