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I’ve been horny for too long now. I can’t wait, I can’t pretend anymore. I’m getting the cock I deserve.

You’re lying on the couch with nothing but a blanket on. I’ve given you signs that I was ready for your cock for days. I’ve laid with my naked, tight, tan body right next to you but nothing has come of it. I’m pent up. I walk over with the intention of producing mind blowing orgasms on both our parts.

Without a word, I take your attention as I straddle you and look deep into your eyes. You know what I want. We begin making out, the feeling of your tongue on mine sends a rush of pleasure to my pussy.

The anticipation is killing me.

As I grind my body against yours I can feel your cock betting harder. Good. My heart is pounding as we begin to get more passionate, you run your hands down my back and grab my firm but plump ass, hard. Another tingle of desire.

I can’t take it anymore. I grab your cock, look you in the eyes and say “I want to fuck you.”

You smile and grant my wish. You put both of your hands in my hair and pull me back. We lock eyes. I know what you want. You push on one of my hips making me go to the ground on my knees. I willingly open my mouth and wait like a good girl for your cock.

You take my head and fill my otele gelen escort mouth with your dick. I’ve been waiting for this. As my mouth begins to get more wet, so does my pussy. I take my hand and wrap it around your shaft while cupping your balls. I begin to pump and you throw your head back in pleasure. I love making you feel like this. With each stroke, our desire for each other builds.

My eyes are closed enjoying the pure sensation of your thick cock in my mouth when suddenly a hard smack flew across my face and an unintentional moan flew out of me. “Fuck… yes” I let out.

This sparks something. Then, a quick animalistic crave comes over me and you. I open my eyes in time for you to give me another smack. My hand slides down to my dripping pussy. I let out another moan.

My face feels warm and sensitive but I want more. You sensed my desire. SMACK. Another. A giggle comes out this time and I lock eyes with you as if to say thank you through my stares.

I think you sensed this. You grab me by my shoulders and pull me up and pull my pants an underwear down. You slap my ass a few times before shoving me back down to your dick. You grab my head again and this time begin to fuck my mouth hard. I gag. mecidiyeköy escort

You pull me back and kiss me then send me to your hard dick again. I go as deep as I can and then gag again. You again, pull my head back and kiss me passionately. This happens every time I gag. The intense switch between sweet and dominant makes me want you even more. God, I just want to be fucked.

You sit down and pull my head with you. I grab your dick and begin stroking and licking. I get this sensation over me that I want more. I look at you and say “I want to find a vibrator.”

You look at me half taken aback, half devilish and respond “Oh?”

“I want to touch myself and suck your dick, baby.” I whimper out while begging to rub my pussy.

I complete smile fills your face and you order “Go get the vibrator.”

We make our way into the bedroom as I grab the vibrator from the bathroom. You lay down and I kneel on the side of the bed. “Come here” I smirk, eyeing your hard dick just wanting it in my mouth again. I kneel with my legs open, propped up on my toes, your cock in one hand the vibrator in the other.

I begin deep throating the second I get a chance to while imagining you ramming your dick into my dripping wet cunt. I press the vibrator türkmen escort to my clit and I begin to drip. I can’t wait. I don’t want to wait anymore. “Can you please fuck me?” I plead, looking up at you. All you do is smile, making me plead again “Please, can you fuck me?” I ask again.

You stand up, lifting me up with you. You turn me around and throw my head into the bed, leaving my ass in the air. Without hesitation, you slam your cock into me. I moan out in pleasure “FUCK, thank you!” I feel you going in and out of my dripping pussy. I just want more. You go harder.

My eyes roll back, “Yessss, you feel so fucking good. Your cock is so hard, baby!” I want to tell you how much you please me.

“Fuck you feel good. That little cunt is so tight.” you tell me. I can’t see you but I can feel you. Your raging hard cock, your grunts of pleasure, your hands gripping my thighs going harder with every pump.

Every inch of my body and pussy is radiating ecstasy, god I want to cum. I yell out “This is your pussy baby. Fuck me hard.” This makes you get harder and go faster which I didn’t think was possible.

“Fuck your pussy baby, no one else can, this is your fucking pussy” I say over and over, almost getting lightheaded.

This sends you spiraling. “I’m going to cum” You state. My eyes widen as I say “oh yea? Cum for me baby, I want you to cum.”

You pull your dick out and explode all over my big ass. You slap your dick on me to let me know you’re finished. I immediately fall all the way onto the bed and let out a final sigh of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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