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Mrs. Martin Ch. 07

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Ch. VII: Judy Submits

“How was that, master?” asked Judy as a drop of Tom’s cum ran down her chin.

“Great, and if you are going to call me master I will have to put my mark on you,” Tom replied. “Susan, go get my shaving cream and razor from my bathroom. Mom lay on the floor and spread your legs.”

“Yes, master,” the women replied in unison.

Judy lay on the bathroom rug with her legs spread when Susan returned. She was full of anticipation, as she knew she was about to have all the hair on her love box removed. She was excited to see how it would feel. She had trimmed her mound before during the summer so she could wear a swimming suit but never removed all the hair.

Tom lathered his mom’s pubic region with shaving cream. Then he slowly started dragging the razor over it. He had to keep rinsing the razor but he watched as the dark hair disappeared from around Judy’s pussy.

Judy’s stimulation started to grow, as Tom would hold her lips and slide the razor around her sensitive region. Then he lightly brushed his hand over her exposed clit and she let out a moan.

Tom finished with the razor and rinsed it out. Then he took a wash cloth and wet it in the warm water. He started to rub Judy’s now bald pubic area with the wet warm washcloth.

The washcloth felt fantastic against her skin, but when Tom placed it in the bottom of her slit and rubbed up, she lost it. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh Ggggaaaaaawwwwwwwwdd, don’t stop.” Then Tom rubbed the cloth over her clit and the sensation started Judy’s body tremble in pleasure. “Tommmm FFFFUUUCCCKKK mmmeeeeeeeeee” she cried.

Tom knelt over Judy and positioned the head of his now rigid cock at her opening. Then he started to slowly push in.

“Yessss,” Judy screamed as that massive organ spread her for the second time. Tom began to rock in and out as Judy’s legs wrapped around his hips. The pressure of being filled so completely caused her to rock violently as another wave sweep over her.

Tom felt his mom’s pussy tighten around his dick as she rocked back and forth. He felt the pressure shoot down his organ and explode inside her. Once again he collapsed on top of her while he caught his breath. “That had to be the experience of his life,” he thought as he rolled off of Judy.

Judy lay on the floor the soft bathroom rug under her, a total wreck of sensation and emotion. She felt love and warmth but in the back of her mind she knew it was her son that brought those feelings to her. She felt satisfied like she never had before, but regret at how she had reached that satisfaction. She sensed Tom stand up and heard him say, “lick me clean.”

Judy looked up with one eye and saw Susan kneeling beside Escort bayan her head with Tom’s dick in her mouth.

Susan tasted Judy’s juices and Tom’s sperm mixed on his dick as it slid in and out of her mouth. The she felt it start to grow in her mouth. She couldn’t believe that he was getting hard again. She sucked harder, as that warm sensation started to return between her legs.

When Tom felt his dick was hard again he pulled it from Susan’s mouth. Then he stepped behind her and said, “stand-up and bend over holding onto the sink.” Tom moved up behind her and position himself to enter her love slot. Then he pushed pass the wet lips and deep into her.

“Oooooooooohh Yessssss,” Susan moaned as Tom filled her up. She started to gyrate her hips as he reached around and started to rub her clit.

When she opened her eyes Judy was watching a sex show from a whole new angle. She could see this dick going in and out of the pussy and this beautiful set of breast hanging down. She raised up and took one of the nipples in her mouth.

It was Susan’s turn to have the sensation of being over come by the shock waves. She would have collapsed but Tom was holding her up with his large tool planted deep inside of her. She stood there exhausted from the first orgasm. Then fires in her body started to stimulate her again. The in and out motion of his large organ filling her completely and the rubbing of her clit was getting her going again.

Her pussy tightened on his dick for the second time and Tom felt the pressure building within him. The stream fired through him and filled Susan as the fire in her reached an exploding point for a second time.

Tom pulled out of Susan and she collapsed to the floor next to Judy. “Good,” Judy questioned as she stared into Susan’s face.

“Uuuh Huhhhh” was all Susan could say as she lay there catching her breath and waiting for the nerve endings in her body to stop tingling.

Tom announced he was going to take a shower and left. When Tom stepped out of the shower it was almost noon. He wrapped a towel around his waist and looked down the hall he could see both women still naked in the kitchen fixing some lunch. He was really beginning to like this set-up. He headed down the hall to the kitchen.

“Tom, could you go out to my car and get that bag of groceries I bought at on my way to work yesterday,” Judy asked.

Suddenly Judy felt a strong hand slip between her legs and grab her bald love mound. “What did you say?” questioned Tom.

“Could you go out… ” Judy stopped and looked up at Tom. He had an evil smile on his face as he looked down to her. “I’m sorry, master.”

“Susan, would you say five swats would Bayan escort remind this one of her place and how she is to address me.” Said Tom not even paying attention to Judy whom was pleading.

“I think ten would be more appropriate, and she should count, of course, master,” replied Susan.

“Come along now Mommy,” said Tom as he released his grip from between her legs. Quickly grabbing her wrist and pulling her towards the couch.

“No Tom, I mean no master, I mean please noooooo” cried Judy as she was pulled down across Tom’s legs. She could not believe this was happening to her.

“Now you count the swats with ‘one master'” said Tom as he held her down across his bare legs feeling the underside of her breast rub the hair on his thigh. He started to rub the full buns stretched out fully by Susan holding Judy’s legs down.

“Nooooo!” cried Judy as Tom’s hand landed on her right cheek.

“I’m waiting,” replied Tom

Judy could feel Tom’s dick start to grow, poking her in her side. She wiggled and tried to get free, as she squirmed she felt Tom” hand come down hard on her left cheek. She gave in and screamed out “two master”.

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear one,” Tom answered back.

“Ok, one and two master,” she knew she was losing this game real fast.

“No, No, No,” said Tom, “if you don’t count it when it happens you don’t get to count it. Now what are you suppose to say?”

“One master,” Judy weakly muttered, giving in to him.

After five Susan could no longer hold Judy’s legs as she was kicking hard with each slap. By eight Judy was crying hard more at the humiliation but also at the pain. By this time Tom had slowed the pace down and would rub the cheek each time he hit it. Finally Judy uttered “Ten Massssterrrr.”

Tom did not let her up but held her down with one arm. She could feel his full erection poking her. Then he let his hand slide off of her bun and down between her legs. Judy was suddenly aware of the warmth in her loins. A new sense of excitement started to sweep through her body as Tom rubbed the furrow between her legs. She had a strong desire to feel that large organ between her legs and cried out, “Fuck me master, please fuck me!”

Tom’s response was to pull her legs apart while she lay on his lap and look at Susan and say, “Lick this for her.”

Susan dropped to her knees and started to ream Judy’s aching lips. Tom took his middle finger that was soaked from the juices flowing out of Judy and rubbed Judy’s little dark hole. Suddenly he pushed it in; he pushed as far as he could. Judy jerked with pain, but at the same time Susan latched on to Judy’s clit and sucked hard. Waves of pleasure swept over Escort her body. Judy jerked and twisted so hard she fell of Tom’s lap and landed on the floor.

Tom stood up and grabbed Judy’s hand pulling her to her feet. Her legs were weak from the excitement her body had gone through, so she quite happy when Tom laid her over the arm of the couch. Tom then started to massage her clit and ran several fingers of his other hand in and out of her anus. She was in such ecstasy that she was not even aware of Tom telling Susan to do something.

Susan quickly left the room and returned a jar of Vaseline. Tom told her to rub it on his dick. Tom pulled all of his fingers out of Judy’s rear end and stuck them in the Vaseline. Judy groaned as Tom then stuck his fingers back in her backside hole again. Judy winced a little as the gooey stuffed from Tom’s fingers filled her backside. Little of this mattered to Judy, who was enjoying Tom’s other hand playing with her clit. Suddenly she felt Susan’s hands spread her ass as far as was possible. Tom pulled his fingers out and quickly shoved the tip of his dick into her virgin dark hole.

“Nooooooooo!” screamed Judy as she experienced the pressure against her specter for the first time. She tried to wiggle free but it was no use. The firm hold Tom had on her was not going to allow her to be free.

Susan was down kneeling beside Judy saying, “Relax, relax, it will feel great when you get use to it.”

Judy felt her specter muscle give up the fight and Tom’s large member fill her backside completely. Tom rested his hands on Judy’s hips and Susan started to rub Judy’s clit. The pain in her rear as Tom slowly started to work in and out of her, and the excitement of Susan rubbing her clit and kissing her neck was enough to drive her crazy.

It only took a few seconds for Tom to reach a climax in the tight warmth of his mother’s ass. He had taken his time going in but the pressure compelled him to drive all the way into Judy and he did just as he exploded.

Judy let out with a scream as Tom pushed in deep and filled her bowels with warm fluid. Tom pulled out of her and she collapsed on the arm of the couch.

Tom looked down at the woman draped over the arm of the couch and said, “when you want me to do something, you say something like ‘master, could you go to the store for me, please.’ Now I am going to wash up and put some cloths on, have a list of things you want from the store ready and I will go to the store. When I get back I’ll cut the grass while you two clean this house. After all the chores are done I will decide if you are allowed to put on any cloths, in the mean time you are to stay naked. Understand”

“Yes, master,” the women replied although Judy’s was just barely above a whisper.

Tom went to the bathroom and then to his room to dress. Susan helped Judy stand up and walk to a bathroom where she emptied her bowels.

To Be Continued…

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