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A Tempting Time to Come

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This is my first story, and I will add more. Give your feedback please! It’s all true, but names have been changed.


I laid in bed watching Netflix. He wasn’t going to come over. I had asked. And he said no. But all I could think about was him. It was the last night before I had to leave. It was our last chance for one last adventure. Wasn’t there anyway I could talk him into it?

I jump up and walk across our dorm room over to my roommate, “why won’t he come?! It’s the last chance we have. Doesn’t he know that?”

“You know what? Let’s make him have to come over. He won’t be able to resist!” Amy says as she sits up in bed.

That might work I think to myself. God, I wanted him so bad I would do anything it took. “What do you have in mind?” I inquired.

“Well, if we send him a picture he just can’t resist, then he will have to come running.”

Now, I didn’t know exactly what to say. I had never explicitly done something with only Amy before. Yeah, feriköy escort she’s been around and witnessed quite a lot, even partaken in some of Henry and I’s crazy accounts. But never just the two of us. “Oh what the hell, if it’ll get him to come over, let’s send him something he can’t resist!” I say, considering to myself that I trust Amy enough.

“Perfect!” She says, as we begin to get ready, we strip out of our clothes and underwear and grab our special outfits. Mine consisted of a fishnet design, covering my entire body with built in underwear and bra, although it didn’t cover much. The thin fabric over my breasts sits at just the right spot, covering my nipples from sight, and displaying the underside of my breast.

Amy had an outfit similar to mine, however it was a tube dress of black fishnet material. Underneath she wore a lacy black push-up bra, and black thong.

I scoot over to my desk and sit in front of my mirror, gathering gülbağ escort my long dark hair into a high ponytail which I fasten with a long red ribbon. Next, I apply my regular makeup, with the addition of dark black winged eyeliner, enhancing my golden flecked green eyes. Lastly comes the tube of bright red lip stick. I look over, and see Amy is doing the same.

“So how should we do it this time?” She asks at last.

I pull out our bag of goodies, and grab 3 ropes, an arm sleeve, and Saran Wrap. I grab the post on the corner of my bed which extends above my head. “Well, let’s start here.” I say with a wink.

Amy walks over, and roughly grabs my arms, and I can tell she is as excited as I am. She forces my arms into the arm sleeve, so tight I can barely move my arms at all. She spins me around so my back is on the post, and says with a sly look in her eye, “I think I’ll do it like this”. And looks rope though the arm sleeve, and over the top of kağıthane escort the post onto the first notch. I’m forced to bend my arms at the elbow, and go on my tiptoes, as my arms are raised above my head. I have to admit to myself, I am enjoying this more than I thought I would. And Henry wasn’t even here yet.

Next, she takes one of the ropes, and loops it under my breasts, making them even more pronounced that they were before. She “accidentally” brushes against my nipples many times while tying my torso to the post, looping the rope between my breasts and over them as well. I can’t help it as I feel my nipples harden under my thin fabric. I know she can tell. They become more and more sensitive with every brush, and I have to control myself to keep from groaning.

Next, she takes my left leg, and bends it up at the knee, takes the second rope, and ties my ankle to the base of my bed. I know it looks awkward, and I’m having a hard time standing on the tiptoes of my one leg. But that is her point. Lastly, she grabs the Saran Wrap, and forms a gag of some sorts. She stuffs it in my mouth, and wraps it around my head before I have a chance to protest.

Quickly, she grabs my phone, says “Smile!” snaps a few pictures, and then said “sent! Now let’s see if that gets him over here.”

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