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Dabbling with a Leash

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I was a bit nervous as I pulled into the driveway. This was it. Pixie’s house, my friend from the internet. I was on the road, and just happened to be staying nearby in a big city, so we had arranged to meet up and hit the town. I had suggested driving into the big city and perusing the nightlife there. I got out of the rental car and stretched catlike, then proceeded to the door and knocked. Pixie answered and I smothered her instantly in big hugs and even was so bold as to steal a kiss. I had already told her I didn’t have a lot of time, so to be ready. She was so beautiful, even more petite than me. I wasn’t used to girls who were actually smaller than me… but she wasn’t that much smaller. She said introductions to her family, then quickly to goodbyes so we could spend the afternoon and night in the big city.

We talked about hobbies we had in common and life as we drove into the city, when I got an idea. I decided to take her to a mall and go outfit shopping. We had talked along the way about how fun it would be to go dancing, so we would need striking sexy outfits to make it all the more fun. At the mall we hit several shops, and of course, being the perverts we are, ended up at Victoria’s Secret. I found a tight little black dress and begged her to try it on. I purposely chose one that was a couple sizes too small, so it would show off all her beautiful curves. She laughed and went and put it on. She came out a couple minutes later with a big grin. The hem of the dress barely covered her cute little ass and clung to her pert little breasts. I was getting excited watching her as she posed playfully. She couldn’t bend over, without flashing her naughty bits, but that was my intent. We would be dancing anyways, as long as she was conscious as she moved or dropped anything, she’d be okay.

She wasn’t sure, but with a puppy dog eyes and pouted lip, I convinced her it was perfect for the night. For me, she picked out a tight mini skirt, with no longer of a hem then the dress I picked for her. She added to it a black lace bra and a sheer blouse to go over it. I changed into the outfit and stepped out, twirling slowly for her. She smiled her approval and I could feel her eyes on me. I rather enjoyed that too. Giggling we took the tags to the register and I paid for them there, so we could wear them out. I lost count of the heads we turned as we walked arm in arm back to the car. The sun was setting, so we decided to get something to eat, then start clubbing.

Dinner was fun, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, nor her me. But we kept things to idle chatter and then left to go find a disco. As we started driving into towards downtown, I reach over to the glove box for the surprise I had for her. I pulled out a black leather collar, with rhinestones on it, and a clip on leash. Her eyes met mine as I grinned devilishly, yet playfully handing her the collar. I new she was into bondage and even though it wasn’t really my scene, I thought it might be fun to dabble with it a bit. If for istanbul escort no other reason than to get her a bit excited.

“You said you’d be my slave…” She took the collar with a laugh, then winking at me, she put it on. I was getting very excited, but wasn’t sure how she felt, so I decided to be forthright, and test my new mistress-hood. “Good. Now, I want you to massage yourself.” I commanded playfully.

“Here? In the car?” She asked, laughing, unsure if I was just joking. I laughed too, in case she wanted to play it off as a joke, but I also really wanted to watch her do it. I nodded, grinning uncontrollably as I looked back and forth from the road, back to her beautiful face. She was blushing, but suddenly scooted down into her seat, parting her legs, so that one knee was resting on my thigh, the other up against the inside of her door. There wasn’t enough dress to keep her covered in that maneuver and her beautiful little pussy came into sight and the gleam of her hood ring. It took all of my will to keep at least half my attention on the road. Her hand drifted down as she continued to blush and watch me. She moved her slender fingers down between her folds, massaging herself as I drove.

I swear I almost hit the car in front of me twenty times as I tried to watch her as much as I could. She continued on, as a good submissive does, until told to stop. Her hips were gyrating and grinding her pussy against her fingers as the pleasure sparking through her became more and more intense. At one point we pulled up next to an old man. Pixie’s dress strap had fallen off her shoulder and slid to her elbow at some point, and the shuddering of her body had popped one of her beautiful little breasts loose. The old man just stared and I fixed him a cool glance, letting him know he was allowed to look, but by my will only. The light turned green and I sped off, keeping the other cars out of distance where possible. We were nearing the club when Pixie came, and came hard. I reached over as her orgasm erupted through her and used my own fingers to massage her clit to intensify her orgasm.

I parked the car and leaned over, kissing her deeply, and sucking her sweet nectar from my fingers. I was getting wet myself, but I really wanted to dance with her. Laughing, we got out, straightened our dresses and I placed the leash on her. She laughed, but didn’t resist at all, then we went into the techno club. She followed directly behind me as I lead her inside. You can image the looks we got. Not only did two hot girls just walk in, but our dresses were made to kill and thrill, and the leash just drove the guys nuts. Guys kept coming up to us, asking to buy us drinks, wanting to dance, talk, anything, just to be with us, but we shined them on, politely, but clear enough that we were here for each other, not to find guys.

We found a table, ordered drinks and laughed and laughed at people’s reactions. A heavy techno beat came on, so I tugged at the leash. Pixie smiled and stood escort bayan and I unhooked the leash, so she didn’t get accidentally strangled on the dance floor. We denied a few more guys, and even a couple girls as we made our way onto the floor, and started dancing. I loved watching her move and I slipped a hand to her waist. We danced very close for quite awhile and then I turned her around. Pressing up against her back, we gyrated in time with the music as my thigh slipped between her legs. I could feel the warmth and moistness of her pussy sliding against my smooth thigh. Her dress covered just enough, that no one watching could get a peep show. My hands slid about her hips and tummy as we moved to the music. I could feel her getting wetter and she turned around to face me once more. She moved close, pressing up against me, as her arms slipped over my shoulders. My nipples were poking out, rock hard with excitement, as were hers. We moved even closer, letting our breasts brush against one another’s. My thigh was slipping between her legs, and hers between mine. Her warm smooth thigh against my pussy was driving me insane, and I could feel her sweet wetness on thigh as well. The hems of our dresses met and covered us just barely enough, while still allowing us full pussy to thigh contact.

We danced like this off and on several times through the night, much to the excitement of many onlookers, but after many drinks, I couldn’t take anymore. I had already gotten a room for the night and the hotel wasn’t that far away. So I grabbed the leash and put it back on her and lead her back out to the car. We laughed and joked about all the reaction we had received, but my mind was on her pussy, I needed it so badly. I told her I was taking her back to my hotel if she didn’t mind. She simply nodded, both of us blushing, but laughing too.

We drove to my hotel and tried to be quiet as we giggled along the way to my room. I opened the door for her and the closed the door behind us as she moved into the center of the main room. I couldn’t wait any longer and stepped up behind her, my hands sliding up the back of her thighs, pushing her tight dress up over her hips. I admired her beautiful ass as my hands continued around front and upward, pushing the dress up allowing my hands to smooth over her breasts. Then up more to pull her dress up and off completely, tossing it aside to the floor. I pressed up against her, letting my hands and fingers fondle her breasts as my lips moved to kiss the back of her neck. I could hear her purring softly as her hands reached back to cup my ass, pulling me tighter against her beautiful nude form.

I stepped forward, pushing her towards the bed, then turned her around at its edge, cupping her beautiful face in my hands and kissing her sweet lips deeply. We made out for a while, just standing there and then I pushed her to sit down on the bed. I whispered to her. “Get it wet for me…” She obeyed, parting her legs as I stepped back. Her long slender fingers Kurtköy escort toyed her pussy softly and slowly as she watched me undress. I slipped out of the blouse, then bra and finally the mini skirt. Both of us kicked off our platform shoes and I knelt before her. My hands glided along the inside of her thighs, dragging the back of my fingernails lightly towards her pussy. Then leaning forward I chased one hand with kisses until I reached center. With a playful wink up at her as she watched me, I kissed her sweet little pussy fully, letting my tongue French kiss her sweetness, tasting her fully now. She was delicious.

She purred her excitement as her fingers slowly raked through my hair as my tongue flickered along her length and delving deep into her tightness. One of my hands caressed her thigh, as my tongue slid up to slip circles around and across her hood ring, making it dance across her clit. My other hand moved up to slowly ease two fingers into her. Slowly I began to pump them in and out of her warm wet pussy, as my tongue flickered all over her clit. I could feel her breathing intensify and her body began to tremble. I kept at this until the light tremble became a violent shudder, mixed with moaning gasps as she came on my mouth and fingers. I lapped up all her sweet nectar, loving her taste and scent. As her orgasm subsided, I began kissing from her pussy, up to her navel as my hands slid up over her breasts. I rose slightly, moving up and pushing her back further onto the bed, until I was laying on top of her and could kiss her sweet lips deeply. We made out for a while longer, as our hands explored one another. I stopped and moved towards the head of the bed away from her and turned to face her. I parted my legs and patted my pussy with a playful grin.

“You’ve been a naughty little girl.” She laughed, and I did too. Talking like that seemed silly, but it was also fun. “But you’ve earned your prize my slave.”

“Yes my mistress.” She replied with a grin. I patted my pussy again and she began to crawl on all fours towards me, until she could lay between my legs and began kissing along my thigh. I purred my delight and watched her as she kissed closer and closer to my wet pussy. Finally she closed her mouth over my wetness, kissing it deeply and lashing at it with her tongue. I mewed in delight as she began fucking me with her tongue. She added a finger after a few, and then another as I drew nearer to the edge with each flicker of her wonderful tongue. With increasing intensity, she fucked my pussy, until my body erupted in spasms, coming hard against her face and fingers. She licked my pussy clean as the orgasm subsided and as I had done, kissed her way back up to my lips. We laid back, on our sides, facing one another and made out again for awhile, fingering each other and bringing each other to several more orgasms through the night. Eventually we collapsed in each other’s arms and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, we woke an hour before checkout, so we went at it again. We checked out and I drove her back home, laughing about the night and how we’d tell everyone at the forum we met at, how our night went. Sadly I had to get on with my trip, but was very glad I took the time to stop in and see my sweet Pixie.

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