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Abbey Alone

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The game is dangerous, but Abbey is careful. She would never cross the line with an employee, no matter their obvious attraction toward each other. Yet, despite her precautions, will her cavorting and carousing lead Abbey down a path her heart isn’t ready for?


She had just closed a deal with a client that would open up a whole new market for her: the self-made female mogul, no billionaire sugar daddies required.

In her canary yellow blouse and skinny black tie, Abbey reclined in the cushioned desk chair in front of the bay window in her executive suite. She finally allowed herself to acknowledge that the meticulous strategies she had executed over the past decade were paying off.

But she had no one to share her success with, not in the way she wanted to, not at the moment. At the end of her long, fruitful day, she wanted to share herself emotionally and physically with a friend she could trust.

Sure, Jed would be in her arms and in her bed in less than a fortnight. Though until that time, Abbey’s longtime partner would be incommunicado. A curse of his thriving political consulting firm, when an election was near and the race was tight, Jed was glued to his candidate’s side, hoofing along on the campaign trail, boots on the ground.

Far, far away from Abbey.

She was invariably proud of her man, win or lose. His passion for getting the best lawmaker elected to office stirred a fire inside her. And, if past were prelude, once the results rolled in, Abbey and Jed’s coital celebration would be explosive, regardless of who was named the victor.

However, that blowout was at least ten days away, and Abbey yearned to revel in her own commercial triumph immediately, preferably with a sweaty romp with her so-called lifemate.

Yet she hadn’t heard from Jed in 48 hours, aside from a text message that consisted of one Slightly Smiling Face emoji and one yellow thumbs up. He couldn’t even be bothered to change the color of the thumb to match either his pale skin or her medium brown tone? It was like he didn’t know her at all.

There was a knock at her door.

By this point on a Tuesday night, the rest of her team had usually departed, including her assistant Doug. So who was dawdling in the hallway? On the screen of the laptop perched on her desk, Abbey clicked the video monitor tab.

This was a pleasant, not entirely unexpected surprise.

“Come in.”

Will walked through her door, looking as dapper in his business casual togs as he did in a tuxedo. “Congratulations, boss lady.”

Abbey smiled. “You’ve heard the good news?”

“Yeah, the polls have Jed’s dude up by five points.”

Abbey frowned. “My news. About me, Will.”

“Did something happen?”

Abbey rested her forehead on her palms. “Never mind.”

Will moved closer. “Are you in trouble, Abbey?”

She swirled her finger in the air. “Opposite of that. More clients, eventually some coming your way, if you have the bandwidth.”

“I’ll have to think about that.”

“You’re not quitting on me now, are you?”

“Not today, anyway,” he simpered as he pushed a leather armchair next to his boss.

Abbey watched him take a seat. She tried not to notice how cute he looked with his white collared shirt peeking out of his black sweater. “Did you come in here for a promotion? Name your terms.”

“I saw the light was on, and you abhor working late.”

She pointed at Will’s dimples. “I don’t like it, but I do it nonetheless, particularly on days when I feel lonely.”

“You’re not alone. You have me.”

“There’s a difference between lonely and alone.”

“What is it?”

Abbey scrunched her face. “I… should have an answer for that,” she chuckled. “I’m feeling a little better now.”

“I tend to have that effect on powerful rokettube women.”

“You’re a powerful man.”

“Am I?”

She regarded his open face, his dark brown eyes focused on hers. Though she preferred to deny it, Abbey felt the mutual attraction, the respect for each other’s souls, minds, and clearly their bodies. During a surprise exhibitionist/voyeuristic encounter that Jed had set up-if only to fulfill one of his own fantasies-Will had previously expressed his appreciation, his carnal desire for Abbey’s curves.

Yet Abbey couldn’t bring herself to vocalize her thoughts on his sumptuous form, her hankering to lick Will from his toes to his head, milking the precum from his rod before sharing his seed with a soft kiss on his pink lips.

It’s not like she thought about touching his arm every time they had a conversation, but pulled her hand back when she got too close.

It’s not like hearing Will’s voice in the mornings when he came in to work brightened her day.

It’s not like she unnecessarily reviewed the video recordings of his first dates with his clients more than once, examining the way he seduced the women in their secured room, guiding them to the bed while letting them take charge, driving his companion to the brink of orgasm before Will even unzipped his pants.

“Abbey. Abbey?” Will waved his hand in front of her open, drooling mouth.

“Hey!” With a deep breath, Abbey convinced herself she was fine.

“You look hungry.”



She glanced at the clock on her screen. “I haven’t eaten yet. I should go home and have dinner.”

“What are you cooking?”

“Whatever fits in my microwave.”

Will slid his flat hand in a slicing motion across his neck. “Unacceptable. Let’s order something from the diner downstairs before you head home.”

“You mean that IHOP knockoff?” Abbey was skeptical.

“It serves real food, cooked without nuclear fusion. It’s open 24 hours, and you require sustenance. And your assistant orders your lunch from there once a week because he likes to flirt with the delivery guy.”

“Doug, you devious snickerdoodle.”

“My five-year plan? Am I interviewing for yet another job at your company?”

Abbey picked up an onion ring from the communal bowl. “Yes and no. I do want to learn where you would like steer your career. I also want see if your next five years are more exciting than mine.”

“You first,” Will said from the other side of their two-person booth in the half-full diner.

“Expand the business, so we can serve new clientele. I’m sure that there are women who earn less than seven figures a year who would also like professional male companionship on a regular basis. How can we make that make sense?”

“Maybe a vacation package? Instead of once a month, once a year? A special retreat that you host with your top suitors-“

“e.g. you, Will?”

“For example,” he agreed, “along with others. You could invite a select group of women who are six figures going on seven figures. What if your retreat gave them the motivation to make the leap in their careers?”

“Nothing like a good dicking to help you relax and refocus.” Abbey blushed, recalling she wasn’t in her office anymore. “I can’t take myself anywhere in public anymore. Email me that idea later.”

“Will do.” Will waited for Abbey to volunteer more, but she kept eating. “That’s your entire five years, just business? No personal?”

“I’m mulling over the personal. You go.”

“Okay, business: A desk in the front office.” Will examined his boss’s countenance before he continued. “Doing strategy, sales forecasting, working with my mind more than my body.”

“We can make that happen in less than five years. Would you like to meet tomorrow morning, hash out the asyalı porno details?”


“Great, go on.”

“That moves up my personal plans then.”

Abbey paused before biting into the slice of syrupy pancake on her fork. “Oh?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love my job.”


“Working out in the field, escorting two or three women a week, makes it tough to build a relationship and eventually a family, unless you already have one to begin with.”

“You’re right.” Abbey averted her eyes. “So… you’re not seeing anyone at the moment? Outside of clients?”

Will cocked his head to draw her gaze back to him. “I am currently and completely unattached.”

“Still searching for the right woman? Or man? Or whomever?”

He swallowed a bite of Eggs Benedict. “The search has ended.”

“You’ve found them?”

He took another bite. “Mmhmm.”

“But you’re not with them?”

“Nope. They are unavailable.”

Abbey was struck by this declaration. “Unavailable to you? You?”

“You’re being kind of loud.”

She leaned in and hissed, “Have they lost control of all of their senses? What living, breathing human being is immune to your charms?”

Will ate his hash browns.

Abbey crossed her arms. “They have no idea what they are missing.”

With his knife and fork poised over his avocado, he made another slice. “How’s Jed?”


“How does he fit into your plan?”

She cast an instinctive glance at the quiet phone in her leather purse. “I’m… we’re… one of us will have to make a choice.”

Will speared his green chunk. “Choose wisely.”

“You should have let me pay.”


“We talked about work. I can write it off.”

Will opened the door to the parking garage. “You can get the next one, friend.”

“Thanks, friend.” Abbey walked to the reserved spot that house her hybrid SUV. “You were correct. About dinner. I needed that.” She clicked open the driver’s side.

“I am acquainted with your needs.” He watched her toss her belongings on the passenger seat.

She sat and looked up at her employee standing next to the car. “You are an asset to the company. You’re a pal and a confidante.” Abbey permitted her palm to land on Will’s forearm.

He placed his hand on top of hers. “You are a living, breathing human being.”

“I don’t get…” She took a sharp inhale as his fingers caressed her knuckles.

He remained silent and carried on with his machinations.

She slowly lifted her hand.

He laced his fingers with hers.

Abbey longed to tug Will into the vehicle, climb into the backseat, run her fingers underneath his black pullover, and personally examine every ridge of his muscular back.

Instead, she croaked, “Will…”

He turned their grasp into a proper handshake. “I will see you at the office tomorrow.”

She relaxed. “Good idea.” Once he released her, Abbey fumbled for her keys and started the car.

He shut her door.

She rolled down her window.

Will stepped back so she could pull out. “Call me when you are ready.”

Once she had arrived at her spacious condo, Abbey deposited her shoes in the foyer. After such a deliciously perplexing night, she headed straight to bed.

But first, she had a phone call to make. She rested her full bottom on the mattress, curled her socked feet on her blanket, and pressed the speed dial button.

With every ring, Abbey felt her heart race. She considered hanging up but didn’t want his phone notify him of a missed call.

She got his voicemail, hesitated, then acquiesced to leaving a message. “Hey. I miss you.”

Abbey set the device on the nightstand and rested her head on her pillow, more tired azeri porno than she had realized.

On Wednesday, Abbey woke up happy, and she didn’t know why. She stretched her arms, pushed off the blanket, and realized she had fallen asleep in the clothes she had worn on Tuesday.

She tasted the syrup stuck to corner of her mouth.

Oh yeah.

Lying prone with her dark hair in tangles, Abbey lingered in bed, remembering the events of the previous night, wondering how a pancake dinner left her feeling delighted, licking her lips as she recalled that it was her companion that served her with more pleasure than the meal.

Not literally.

The last time she had seen Will was after he insisted upon walking her to her car. He wouldn’t leave until she drove off, waving at her in her rearview mirror. She imagined he would have escorted Abbey to her front door if she had let him.

She continued imagining what else Will would do if she would let him.

Abbey checked her bedside clock. She was always the first one in the office, to the chagrin of her assistant. During his first month, Doug had tried to beat her to his desk every morning. She caught on and silently challenged him to a competition, each of them arriving incrementally earlier each day. Their duel ended on a Friday afternoon with both of them sound asleep at their respective desks. While they slumbered, the rest of their team wrote shaving cream pleas on the back of Abbey and Doug’s chairs that read, “GO HOME,” and “STOP THE MADNESS”. The following Saturday morning, the two competitors woke up cranky, got the message, and vowed never to discuss the incident again.

Hence, if Abbey rolled in a little later this morning, it would please at least two people.

Her mind wandered back to Will. The way he occasionally regarded her with a mischievous grin. The amorous glint in his eye during that stunt Jed had contrived the other day.

Abbey loosened her skinny tie. She unbuttoned her yellow blouse.

She reminisced on how Will had eagerly disrobed in front of her while she had been riding Jed’s cock in front of him, her bra cups pulled down exposing her bosom.

Now lying in bed with her shirt open, Abbey pulled down her bra cups, exposing her large breasts in a similar fashion, her tie caught in the middle of her bounteous cleavage, her nut brown nipples out to play. As her fingertips found her areolas, giving them a gentle rub, the sensations made her lower lips quiver. Under the covers, Abbey quickly removed her pants, then her damp panties, and relocated her left hand to her clit, smearing the juice oozing from her slit to her pink nub.

Her right hand dwelled on her exquisite tits, that was a direct quote. No, Will had called Abbey exquisite and her tits luscious. Important distinction.

At the time of their curious encounter, Abbey had been too overwhelmed by the surprise of it all, the growing number of individuals pleasuring themselves in her executive suite, to comprehend the pheromone exchange that had taken place directly between Will and her. Squirming in the sheets, she rubbed her tits and her puss with determination, enraptured with the thought of him lusting after her, both of them frustrated by the forbidden nature of their connection, desperate to touch each other more deeply, but unable to-

Abbey trembled as her fingers strummed her body to an operatic climax, singing out in the key of middle C. She squeezed her thighs together, trapping her digits inside of her walls, milking the last spasms from her depths.

Sated, Abbey remembered that she had called someone last night and left a message. She took her hand off her titty, unlocked her phone, and found a single text: “Good morning” followed by a smiling sun emoji.

That was it?

She scrambled out of her cocoon to check her email, her voicemail, and her television for any breaking news preventing outside communication from reaching her.


Agitated, she typed a reply: “Jed, we need to talk.”

Ten seconds later, the phone rang.

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