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My Cougar Aunt

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I woke up in a hotel bed after my brother’s wedding not really knowing if I was in my own room. Several family members from both sides rented rooms at the reception venue at a discounted rate so we didn’t have to worry about drinking and driving late at night. I got rip-roaring drunk the night before and was almost afraid to turn over in bed. I knew I might have done something I would regret later. I laid there for a few moments and could feel the presence of another person laying next to me. I gathered up my courage and turned around.

What I saw will be embedded in my brain for a lifetime. In the bed next to me was my Aunt Carol, naked, as was I. As I began to awaken, the events of last night were slowly coming back to me. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my twenty-two years but this one was at the top of the list. There was no talking my way out of this fiasco.

It all started on the Friday before the ceremony at the pre-wedding family dinner. I was my brother Don’s best man and he told me he was going to try and fix me up with his wife Sandy’s maid of honor, her sister Barb. Barb was a little older than me but single and sexy as all hell. She was a brunette, average height and weight but she had a gorgeous, round ass that filled out her black leggings and her tits were at least 36c’s if not bigger. She was only in town for the weekend and I was hoping for a quick wedding hookup.

My brother told me, “Sandy said her sister likes to have a good time. I hope things work out for you Rick.”

“She’s one fine looking woman Donny, I hope I can get some of that fine pussy too.”

I have dark hair, dark eyes and women have told me that I’m attractive. I’m 6’2″ with an athletic body from working out so I thought I had a shot at getting Barb into my bed if I played my cards right. I couldn’t be too obvious or too anxious but I planned to turn on the charm and reel her in with my boyish smile.

It was a small wedding party, only two of us standing up and only some close friends and family invited. My dad was the oldest of a larger family of four boys and his baby sister, Carol. My grandparents had Carol late in life and from what I heard, her birth wasn’t planned. My aunt was known to be kind of wild. My grandparents were worn down by raising four rambunctious boys and by the time my aunt was a teenager, they were simply worn out. She was the only girl too so she got away with a lot more than her older brothers ever did.

The family gossip was that my aunt was a “free spirit” which meant she was wild as a teenager and it continued throughout her life. Now in her mid 40’s, never married, the rumor was that she was a cougar who liked the company of younger men. Her plus one backed out at the last minute so she attended the wedding by herself.

When my Aunt Carol arrived at the dinner, she was fashionably late and made a grand entrance seeing she was used to being the center of attention. Even though she was more than twice my age, I have to admit she looked pretty good for a woman her age. She’s a petite lady, about 5’3″, with brownish-red hair, blue eyes, and a trim figure. She was wearing a short jean skirt with a low cut camisole top that showed off her 34b cleavage. My father rolled his eyes when he saw her and my mom gave her a look of disgust for wearing clothing she believed was for a much younger woman.

My mother had warned the bride’s family about her sister-in-law but Carol knew she was a good looking, middle-aged woman and she planned to enjoy herself for as long as she could. She was a natural flirt and got some people mad by toying with their husbands or boyfriends. Apparently, she had been known around town as the reason a few marriages ended because she slept with various married men. A lot of women were happy when she moved out of town to take a lucrative job. There is no doubt she was the black sheep of the family. I always got along great with my Aunt Carol and she would flirt with me sometimes too. I think she did it because she knew it would piss off my mom. I played along for those same reasons, besides, everyone likes a compliment and to feel they are attractive. It was all in good fun but now that I was a little older, she got more bold in her flirtations. When we were together at family functions, she never failed to give my ass a squeeze when no one was looking and I may have given hers a gentle touch too from time to time.

When she saw me, she came over and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and said, “Why Ricky, you are such a handsome young man.”

All through dinner Aunt Carol kept making eye contact with me while I was trying to talk to Barb, trying to set things up for the next night when I would make my move to try and have sex with her. We’d be together most of the day celebrating, partying, drinking and dancing. My aunt was flirting with all of the men there, most of them were married, and their wives kept a watchful eye on their husbands to make sure they weren’t tempted Escort bayan by my aunt, the known seductress.

The wedding day was crazy. My brother and I got dressed in our tuxes together, exchanged some stories of our younger days when we got into trouble, sometimes getting caught, sometimes escaping detection. We joked about how great it would be if Barb and I liked each other and we could end up getting married to sisters. I made sure I had the wedding ring and got him to the church on time.

When I first saw Barb in her bridesmaid gown, my thoughts went immediately to wondering what she was like in bed. The gown was tight and low cut that accentuated her fine female attributes. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage but tried my best not to stare. The gown had a high cut slit in front that showed off plenty of her long legs and just a hint of her meaty thighs when she walked. Damn, she was hot.

After the ceremony, all the nerves were gone and it was time to begin the celebration. We shared champagne with my brother and his new bride in the limousine before we took pictures and drank even more on the way to the reception at a fancy downtown hotel. It was one of the happiest days of my brother’s life and I was thrilled to be able to share it with him. We were going to have a damn good time.

After the formalities of giving an embarrassing speech about my brother, dinner and the cutting of the wedding cake, it was time for him to throw the garter belt and for Sandy to throw the bouquet. My brother had a plan to toss the garter to me which worked out perfectly as I wrestled a few other guys for it. I’m 6’2″ with a decent, athletic build so he made sure to throw it high enough where I would be able to get it before the other single men.

Things didn’t work out so well for Sandy who had a similar plan for her sister to catch the bouquet. My Aunt Carol stepped in front of Barb, leaped and snatched it just before Barb could catch it. Sandy and Barb seemed like they were both a little upset that my aunt disrupted their plans. I was disappointed too because I wanted to have the pleasure of sliding the garter up Barbs’s legs. Now, I had the embarrassing task of doing this traditional ceremony with my older aunt. The crowd got a good laugh out of it though and we got ready for the next move.

The DJ brought out a chair for my aunt to sit on. She was wearing a very short, low cut, V-neck, little black dress. When she sat down, her dress rode up her legs to show off her bare skin above the black stockings she was wearing. I have to admit she looked darn good but she was still my aunt and there was a crowd of people watching and making fun of us seeing I was her nephew.

I got down on one knee as the DJ put on some sexy music. I looked up at my aunt’s legs and from my vantage point, I noticed I could see right up her dress to her black lace panties which I assumed were a thong. As I began to move the garter past my aunt’s black heels, her legs parted slightly and she lifted her leg. I could see through the sheer lace of her panties that her pussy was cleanly shaven. I felt the soft texture of the nylon fabric of her stockings as I began to slowly slide the garter higher up towards her knee.

Just then the DJ announced, “The higher you place the garter on her leg, the more years of good luck the married couple will have.”

I heard people in the crowd yelling, “Higher,” and “You want them to have good luck don’t you?”

Aunt Carol looked down and me and quietly said, “Don’t be shy Ricky. It’s okay.”

By this time, I already had a few drinks in me and I didn’t want people thinking I was scared, so I slowly kept pushing the garter past my aunt’s knee on my way towards her thigh. I thought she was going to stop me when I got past her stocking top to her bare thigh but she just sat there with a smile on her face. I pulled the garter up her thigh until my finger brushed across her panties. The crowd cheered wildly when I stopped and the men’s eyes were wide after getting a good show of Aunt Carol’s legs and a peek at her panties. When I stood up, I noticed my mom glaring at me. It was that familiar glare from when I was a kid and had done something to piss her off.

My instinct was to freeze for a moment but then I thought, “I’m twenty-two, I’m at my brother’s wedding, it was all in good fun and fuck it, I’m going to have a good time and not worry about what my mother thinks.”

My brother patted me on the back and handed me a shot. After he had his first dance with his new wife and the mother/son, father/daughter dances, it was time to celebrate and celebrate we did. We drank and danced the night away. I stayed close to Barb and tried to dance with her as much as I could. I watched those marvelous tits bouncing as we danced to the fast songs and felt them brushing up against my chest when we slow danced. Things were working out just as I had planned. I saw my aunt dancing with a couple of guys but it was a small wedding so the Bayan escort prospects for her weren’t all that good but I didn’t care. It was almost time for me to close the deal with Barb.

Before I could seal the deal, I got called out to take more pictures with the family, stopped at the men’s room and got another drink from the bar. When I got back, Barb was dancing with another guy. I tried to move in but she seemed to like him better. Damn it, I got frozen out in just a few short minutes. I was pissed and went over to the bar where I scanned the crowd for another woman I could bring up to my hotel room later. There really weren’t any other women that seemed worth it and I ended up having a drink with my aunt at the bar. She noticed I struck out and tried to console me saying she wasn’t going to get lucky either.

The DJ announced it was the last song so I accepted my aunt’s invitation to do a slow dance with her to end the night. I had a lot to drink and as we danced I couldn’t help but try to peek down her dress at her small tits. I think she knew what I was doing but never made an attempt to stop me either. She looked up at me with her blue eyes and I have to admit she looked pretty good for a woman in her 40’s. I thought it was a shame some guy her age wouldn’t get a chance to fuck her that night.

When the song ended, she said to me, “It’s still early; do you want to have a drink at the hotel bar with me? Maybe we’ll both find someone there.”

“Sure, why not Aunt Carol. I’ve got nothing else going on.”

Over the next couple of hours, my aunt and I had several drinks and got shit faced drunk. It was kind of fun to hear about some of her wild times when she was younger and drove my family crazy with some of the boys she would hang out with that didn’t meet with their approval and how they didn’t like the fact that she hung out with younger guys now. She said she enjoys sex and young guys have more stamina than old men as she called them. Besides, women reach their sexual peak later in life than men so they were a good match for each other.

I shared some stories of my younger sexual conquests and some things I did that pissed off my parents. Sharing stories helped bring us closer together and felt a bond building between us. While we were drinking, she made sure she gave me some good looks at her legs, up her skirt and down her dress. She had nice, little, pert tits with hard nipples. I had to remind myself that she was my aunt but what guy isn’t going to look at a naked pair of tits or up a ladies dress when given the opportunity? It’s not like I was going to make a move on her or anything, even though the thought did cross my mind. I quickly dismissed it though, knowing it would be scandalous if anyone found out. It just wasn’t an option. Despite her flirtations, she probably wouldn’t do it either.

After a couple of hours, we were both pretty drunk and she asked me to help her to her room. Being the gentleman that I am, I never gave it a second thought. We both stumbled over to the elevator and staggered into the small compartment. The elevator started with a sudden jerk and my aunt fell into my arms. I accidentally grabbed her boobs when I caught her and she simply looked up at me and smiled. We both staggered down the hallway to her room where she fumbled with the key to get in. Once inside, she fell backward onto the bed, her legs parted and her sheer panties exposed.

She then told me, “Hey Ricky, check out the mini-bar and make us both a nightcap.”

It sounded like a good idea at the time. I took a couple of small bottles of whiskey and mixed it with some ginger ale and served us both drinks in little plastic cups. I watched as she took off her shoes, parting her legs in a very unladylike manner, giving me a full view of her stockings, bare thighs and sheer underwear but she was too drunk to care. I’m still a young stud and enjoyed the eyeful of her carelessly laying on the bed. She told me how much her feet hurt and asked me to give her a foot rub.

I was drunk, feeling a little frisky and let her place her feet in my lap as I gently massaged her nylon covered feet while enjoying the sight up her dress. I was enjoying the feeling of the soft nylon fabric and touching her heels, soles of her feet and toes underneath. Even though I’m her nephew, I’m also a horny college senior and had to control the wicked thoughts going through my mind. Yes, we were both drunk but it really seemed like my aunt was coming on to me. My dick started to stir in my pants so I made an excuse of wanting to make another drink so I could stop her foot massage. If I continued there was no doubt it would lead to a full blown hard-on so I had to distract myself.

I made us both another drink and clicked glasses as a cheer towards what was turning out to be a nephew/aunt bonding moment. I didn’t realize the bonding was only beginning. My aunt excused herself to go to the bathroom and to get comfortable. While I was waiting for her to return, Escort I was looking out her window at the city skyline when I heard the bathroom door open. When I turned around I saw that my Aunt Carol had taken off her dress and was standing near the bed topless, wearing only her sheer lace thong and black stockings. Things were really heating up. She again told me how handsome I was and how good I looked in my tuxedo.

At first, I was scared and nervous. I mean, holy shit, my aunt, who was twice my age was now half-naked in her hotel room making an obvious offer of having sex with her. I almost ran out of her room but I was frozen in place. I couldn’t take my eyes off her pert titties and her slender figure.

Aunt Carol did a slow turn, giving me the opportunity to scan her entire body, especially her nice ass and asked, “Not bad for a middle-aged woman, don’t you think?”

I stammered a response, “Um, uh, wow. You look great.”

As my aunt began to approach me I got scared. My dick was telling me to do one thing and my brain was telling me another.

My aunt came right up to me, rubbing her tits against my chest and her hand stroking my growing erection through my pants and said, “Seeing we both struck out tonight, maybe we could have a little fun ourselves.”

She continued to rub me through my pants and began to kiss my neck and rub her other hand over my chest while I tried to stop her, “No, Aunt Carol, we can’t do this. I’m your nephew.”

“I know, that’s what makes it even more exciting.”

I told her to stop, that we couldn’t do this but she got down on her knees and began to unbuckle my pants and lower my zipper. I again told her to stop but she continued on to pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Freed from the confines of my pants, my erection bobbed in front of her face. I guess I could have been more forceful in my pleas to stop but I was so horny by this time, my dick took control of my thoughts.

When she saw my dick she started to stroke and kiss it, telling me, “Um, you have such a lovely cock Ricky. Let me see what I can do to help you out tonight.”

She then began to lick my dick and I half-heartedly pleaded with her to stop while also placing one hand on the back of her head as she began to give me a slow, sensuous blow job. I looked down at my aunt’s head bobbing on my dick and decided to relax and enjoy it. What young guy can refuse a blow job? I told myself I wasn’t going to let it go any further than that; a blow job was as far as I’d let this go.

I began to moan in pleasure as her lips surrounded my dick, sucking me and swirling her tongue around it. My aunt was giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had and there is no way I was going to stop her now. Holy shit, could she suck a dick. I then held the back of her head and began to face fuck her which she seemed to also enjoy. I was afraid I was about to cum so I pulled her head off my dick. She looked up at me with a look of disappointment. I then had her stand up. She had a curious look on her face and a broad smile broke out when I picked her up and carried her over to the bed, gently laying her down.

It may have been the alcohol or being extremely horny by then but it was then that I figured since I already crossed this line, I might as well go the distance. Aunt Carol stared at me with a look of lust in her eyes as I began to quickly strip off my clothes before approaching the bed. I was a determined young man and I was with a woman that was offering to have sex with me, well then, I was going to give it to her good.

She looked me up and down and said, “I will always love the sight of a naked young man in my bed.”

Without saying a word, I began to tug at her thong. She lifted her hips so I could get them off. My aunt was now naked in her hotel room bed, except for her stockings. She spread her legs in a silent invitation to me. I was so fucking horny by that time, I never stopped to consider the consequences that I may face if anyone ever found out what I was about to do to my aunt. I climbed between her legs, slipped my dick into her and began to fuck her hard as she wrapped her legs around my waist while she lifted her hips in rhythm to my thrusts. I looked down at her beautiful face and saw a look of lustful pleasure as I pounded her pussy. I played with her tiny tits as I fucked her hard and fast.

When I felt my orgasm approaching, I decided not to cum in her pussy out of fear of getting her pregnant so I withdrew from her and straddled her chest to feed her my hard cock. She expertly used her lips and tongue to bring me to a raging orgasm and I flooded her mouth with my cum. She swallowed every last drop and sucked me dry.

I told her, “Hot damn, you sure know how to fuck.”

She replied, “You’re not so bad yourself. Now it’s your turn to get me off Ricky.”

I smiled at my aunt and began to kiss and nibble on her neck, then making my way down to lick, suck and play with her tits and nipples. I really enjoy sucking on a woman’s tits so I took my time and she seemed to enjoy it too. When I felt her gently pushing on the top of my head, I knew exactly what she wanted me to do so I began to kiss and lick my way down her petite body.

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