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Ending the Slow Burn Ch. 02

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His eyes, they caught me in a trap as I crested wave after wave of orgasm. His mouth felt like permanent attachment to my core and I ground into is face with abandon as I locked into his gaze and fed him every last drop of my climax.

I had wanted this so much, for so long. Months of hunching into myself in the darkness of a cold side of the bed while my ex lay a foot from me, snoring in desertion. Dreams of being worshiped and cherished by the face before me. So much pleasure I wanted to ladle on him, and yet, as I came, I knew that the only way for me to be sated was to have him in me.

Plans, I had had so many plans for what I wanted to do to him if given the chance. Visions of wresting his dick from his jeans and swallowing his head just to watch his face change. Tasting every last square inch of his body with my tongue. The very thought of him and actually having him had driven me to honestly say things I never would have voiced before.

“Baby, I want to suck you off, but I need you in me now.” Never had I said anything truer. Something inside me felt like it was going to shatter if I didn’t have him filling me out and soon. There was a palpable ache in the pit of me that could only be cured by him sliding home..

He laid me upon the bed and I watched with a lustful aura, he was going to give me exactly what I was asking for. I felt like a sacrifice on a pyre, waiting for the flames to consume me as he tore his clothes from himself, fighting his belt and shirt buttons along the way and throwing them aside like they were traitorous enemies of the state.

His approach was that of predator to prey, and with a shocking gentleness, he reached to my face and caressed it with a shaking hand. He pulled me into a kiss, soft and savoring, as he shifted himself between my legs, and I felt the length of him resting on my lips. Never had I hated having that barrier before. There was too much skin between him and where he needed to be and I felt myself moan slightly as they parted an increment and some part of the sensitive inner folds met his shaft.

He backed away and used a hand to open my thigh, pushing my leg away so I was exposed. A finger ran along the junction between my inner and outer labia. My abs crunched in response. My swollen sex was wide open and exposed with it’s bright pink wetness shining and crying for attention. His eyes as he moved Beylikdüzü Yabancı Escort his stroke from the outer circle to the inner rim of my hole shone with reverence and joy, especially once he saw my hole respond by contracting.

My pussy was calling out for him, and he was taking his time teasing me as he took himself in hand and allowed the head of his penis to rub against me. Slow and infuriatingly lazy swipes up and down the length of my sex, with attention paid to both the top of the line where my clit was, and the bottom where my canal lay wanting and weeping.

Panting in heightened lust, I threw my head back and tried to get my brain to work on timing, because I couldn’t handle the teasing any more. I breathed in and measured his movement as I rolled my hips, and on his last downward stroke his head popped in.

The surprise on his face with the rush of sensation caused him to look up from his work and lock eyes with me. I thought for sure I was going to come right then. I felt a tear run down my cheek for how perfect that feeling was. Yet, he was so close to home. I had felt terrified at the size of him before, my ex was nowhere near that large. Now, I needed nothing more than to have him deep inside me, and I didn’t care if he tore me to shreds in the process.

“I love you,” he breathed just before he drove himself home. I cried out as he slid in, as every nerve along his path shouted in joy. I could accommodate him. I was so full, and slightly pained, but in a delicious manner that still allowed for me to contract around him and allow my pussy to love on him with every pulse. I couldn’t move my hips like I wanted to, as some part of my brain wanted to stay in this moment, pulsing on him and just enjoying him buried to the hilt in me.

Something primal was stirring though, as my hips began to betray the quiet and rock against him. I needed him deeper, swimming in me. I needed to be washed by him internally with his seed and scent. My panting deepens as I grind into him, and a grunt escapes him. My inner animal leaps for joy and demands I make him make that sound again.

He starts to rock in rhythm with me, shaking as if trying to control something. I lay my head back from watching his piston in my sleeve and the tasty view of my swollen clit against a horizon of stretched lips gripping onto Beylikdüzü Yaşlı Escort a wet penis pumping in and out of me. A line of cream along our joining betraying the depths of wetness he his driving into out of sight.

I lick my lips, my throat is dry and yet I still manage a grunt with every stroke, So perfect, can’t deny it. I would do anything this man asks and ask for more as long as I get this dick. I know this instant that nothing is gonna satisfy me like this does. I am a wanton creature, without any control or sense of self-preservation.

His hand presses into my shoulder, his fingers gripping into my collar bone as he works his hips against mine. Each bottom out brings a sound from us both, and we can’t stop watching each other as it happens. There’s some sort of self-feeding cycle of lust that deepens with everytime we catch each other watching what is going on.

I’m enraptured with watching him sliding in and out of me, I find myself locked into the moment and starting to come. I’m slightly disappointed as I want him to come with me, but I lock into his eyes and cry out as more of my cum washes over his staff and he smiles lasciviously. I start to worry as the cresting falls away that I’m not enough for him. Why hasn’t he come yet?

I roll my hips away, working myself out of one orgasm, but feel betrayed by the need that still lays within me. How could I need more? I’ve come three times so far. But there it is, humming a sensuous song about force and power, sexual battle. As my tunnel contracts, pulling along a stubborn stiff prick, his raspy voice reaches my ears.

“What do you need baby? What do you want?”

“More,” I choke out around a dry and swollen throat.

With speed that scares me, he spins me around so I’m on my stomach and plows into me from behind. His hand aside my throat, with the other on my hip, he pounds from behind. The assault inside is heavenly, every small muscle contracting to keep him buried that deep. I cry out hard and come fast as I push back against him. My face buries into the covers while I quake under his continued slowing strokes.

I’ve evened out again, and now all I want is to feel him give in finally. I shift the angle of my hips and it does what I wanted, as his sudden grunt and change of speed said that it feels even better. My hunger rises again, Beylikdüzü Yeni Escort and I start to bite into the comforter as I let volume take my grunts.

He pauses, holding onto my hips and hissing through gritted teeth. I’m moaning into polyester fiber fill and praying to both pass out from the pleasure and pain, while simultaneously wishing to never leave this feeling.behind.

“When I come for the first time,” he says, “I want to be able to see your face.”

I can only whimper as he pulls away. So wrong, I need him in me. I roll over to see him sitting on his heels, rock hard dick swaying in front of me covered in my own cum. Sweat pearling on his forehead and chest. Instantly my own loss was overshadowed.

Service him, my inner slut cries.

I clamber around him, wrapping my legs on his waist and working to lower myself onto him without having to use my hands. Success, as I feel his head slide into my opening and work it’s way up to my cervix. Once again full, my thighs shake as I work into a bounce. He groans, and something inside flips. That beautiful sound again.

Snapping my hips, I push harder. I feel it again, that connection where every inch inside me is working together to cause friction for him. I can feel the slathering of my wetness and every millimeter of inner wall bearing down on him.

He looks into me and grabs me for a kiss. He pulls at my mouth hungrily and overloaded with sensation, I dig into his back with my nails tearing long weals in their path.

I can’t hold it anymore. This build has been too much and I need another climax. I look into his eyes in apology only to see that he is there as well.

“No worries my baby, let’s do this.”

He wants to come now, I want to make him come. I push harder, slamming into him and begging for him to join me as I get to the top of the mountain. He starts to groan and grips my hips with a fierceness that says he’s losing his control. He lifts and slams be back down onto him and I have to relent any control over the rhythm. Climax starts to take me, and I let go to the soft cries as I feel him start to pulse within me. Hot pools splashing inside me as his prick rocks with force.

“Mine, mine, mine.” he grunts with every passing spurt.

I pull his face up to mine as I feel myself drip onto him from our joined space.

“Yours, all yours, baby.”

I curl contentedly into the crook of his arm as he lays down. This is just the beginning, I know it now. I’m sated for the moment, but I can feel the thirst prowling in the background and I know it won’t be long before we’ll have to quench it. The start for us might have been a slow burn, but the fire it’s built will last a lifetime.

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