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Our Mother

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Our mother was never a great beauty. Now that she had reached 54, there was only one way to go, but she had a great heart. Our time back at the childhood ranch couldn’t have been better, we’d been working helping out the few employees in the fields, getting good wholesome food and loving the peace of it all. It had been great to be back home!

A month or so into our break away from the world, with only two day trips off the farm to the small town nearby, we are starting to feel pretty wanton for some of life’s pleasures that you can’t get in this isolation… Yeah, we’ve checked out some of the late night programming, but that didn’t exactly help much.

Jude and I (my name is Lew, by the way) have always been open with one another, in the sense that we always had our joint collection of magazines, and we talked about our experiences and so on. This is how we’ve been raised up, unlike many of the other farm boys we knew. We agree we’ve been here for too long without women, but we’ve both been through our separate sweet-turned-sour love stories recently, and don’t want any real relationships at this point. And we’re both uninterested in casual affairs, believe it or not. Last night, though, we talked about taking the weekend off and going out… meeting a couple of girls, you know…

The weekend’s two days away though, so tonight we’re left alone at the ranch, yet again. It’s been a busy, but good day. We’ve continued work on building the new silo, it’s going just as planned. Mom took good care of us, as she always does, so loving and charming in her simple ways. She’s put on some weight over the years that hasn’t come off, but she’s so full of passion, I always say if she was skinnier she wouldn’t be touching the ground—she would be jumping around all the time.

So tonight, after she said goodnight, Jude and I came into the TV room again for a little entertainment, kind of filled with anticipation thinking about the coming weekend. tuzla escort We made ourselves comfortable in the huge armchairs, and Jude flicked the TV on. We had a choice of “blue” satellite channels and settled for one that had an amateur-looking film on, two guys doing one chick, really enjoying it. We’re watching this thing, and I for one know my dick is starting to grow rapidly in size, but I don’t mind. I know I won’t look at Jude and he won’t look at me, so we’re cool—the porn on the screen is much more interesting!

Oh, no! I don’t believe it, mom is here—and Jude hasn’t noticed. “Jude, hey man!” I motion to him to change the channel. He’s looking puzzled, but gets it when I say “Sorry, mom,” and immediately flicks to some other program. “What are you guys doing? Leave it on, I was beginning to like it!” she says, walking towards the couch. She sits on it, and continues “I guess you’ve gone without for too long now, huh?”

I’m left pretty speechless, and so is my brother. I manage to say, “Sorry if we’ve offended you by watching this stuff mom…” and before I can finish by telling her that we really had thought she was upstairs, she goes “Boys, don’t worry! I know you have plans to fix the situation soon… otherwise I would have offered to help myself. I can’t stand to see you suffer, and besides you’re not children anymore so I don’t have to worry about messing your heads up. I know I’m not the hottest thing in the world, but I love both of you and after all, you only need to get off—don’t you?”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Speechless, I’m almost as surprised to hear Jude talking: “Mom… I’ve been wanting to do this since like… forever! You mean it?” “Yeah I mean it, I’d love to help you and have fun in the process. Why not? If either of you wants to butt out, no problem, but I will take care of you both with great pleasure!…”

I remember the times when my bro would talk to me about how he is in awe of mom’s pendik escort big tits, and to be honest I used to love to think about them too—and used to try to touch them every chance I got, hugging her or just being next to her. “OK,” I mutter, and by the look of Jude he doesn’t need to say anything: his eyes are shining too brightly to mean anything but desire for what’s about to happen!

My gaze is drawn towards mother, who is lifting up her nightgown. She’s naked underneath, and looking… well, looking her age, more or less, but those tits are INCREDIBLE. Humongous, juicy, and she’s wearing her pearl necklace, I don’t really know why, but it helps. She looks real good to me, that’s all I know!

“You too, c’mon, off with your clothes!” she says to my brother and me.

We take off our clothes, and Jude’s dick is hard, mine is still a bit soft with surprise, but she takes care of that. She’s summoning us both to the couch and tells us to stand on either side, so she can see us up close. She says she wants to lick our dicks, and would we like that? Duh…

I feel mine starting to rise, just walking towards her, and as soon as she touches it with her tongue and hand, it springs to attention. I see she’s turned on too, her nipples are getting harder as she’s licking the underside of my cock. My bro can’t wait and is rubbing himself. “Good boy,” she utters, in between licking my dick and taking mouthfuls of my balls, and sucking on them. “Good boy, Jude, keep that up, soon I’ll take you in my mouth too and then I want you to spurt your cum, OK?”

“Yeah mom, yeah, yeaaah,” he says rubbing harder. I tell her I want to fuck her, and she replies: “Doggy style.” I have no objections! She tells Jude to sit down on the couch and as I’m fucking her she sucks him. She tells us to fuck her pussy and fuck her mouth and make her cum. I grab her ass and pound real hard, she loves it and from Jude’s moans I think she’s doing a great job aydınlı escort on him. She’s moaning, and groaning too, and dribbling spit all over his dick. He asks her if we could swap places, and she agrees. Now he’s the one pounding at her cunt, with her on her back, sucking my cock deep this time. I love it, I ask her if she likes the taste and she says she always tastes herself. She wants to lick my dick clean of all her juices. We fuck her like that for a while, then I move back to her cunt, but this time I want to taste it too. I put my finger inside, while she’s sucking my brother off. He’s gone, he can’t take it anymore and spills it all over her mouth. She’s amazing, she tries to swallow everything, and says she loves it!

My fingers are still in her pussy while she’s licking the cum off her lips, and I tell her I’m not too far, if she’ll let me in her pussy one more time I’ll blow my wad too. She asks that I let her suck me off, and I pound at her cunt just a few hard, long times and move to cum in her mouth. She’s spread her legs and her tits are hanging heavy to either side of her chest. Her nipples are hard, and looking at them I rub myself into her mouth. I want to cum so bad, to touch her with my sperm, to send it deep into her bowels, I tell her to swallow everything when I cum —she reassures me that she will, and she’s waiting with her mouth open, her legs open, her tits in a “V” on either side… It’s too much, and I let it go, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight HUGE spasms, eight big globs of while cum spewing into her mouth, so much that some of it ends up on her chin, and as my hand is still holding my purple prick, she uses her finger to push the last two wads that landed on her chin, into her mouth. I am in awe of the hard orgasm I just had, and of this amazing woman… I have to say it… “Thank you, mom!… I loved it… I love you…” She slurps her finger, and mocks me: “Thank you, thank you… I should be thanking you! You’re the ones who’ve given me these wonderful wads of cum in my stomach. I love you guys!”

“But mom… you didn’t get to cum yet!” notices my brother. “The night is young, boys… Unless you’re too satisfied?”

I think not.

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