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A Death Wish Fulfilled

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The last four years had be a mix of terrible anguish and ecstatic joy. Each October 30th a melancholy settled on me as I remembered that day. This time was no exception. The grief ate in my stomach with gnawing pain. My mother knew how hard this was for me and she had dad pickup up the kids the day before. Where did he say they were going? Oh yeah, I numbly recalled . . . the circus. The kids felt it too. But they were young and they did not dwell on the memory the way I did. That was fine by me, I wanted them to remember happy days not tragic ones.

Rachel also knew how hard it was for me. I heard her come in softly and lay down gently behind me. I could feel her warmth; I could smell that berry scented shampoo she used in her long brown hair. “I love you she whispered.” We lay quietly for a few minutes then she said “Do you need to talk about it?” I shook my head no. Do you want me here with you or do you need space?”

I thought a moment and said “No, stay. I am so glad to have you. I always have been. We both know nothing will ever stop the pain I feel but you have been so good, so incredible.” I turned and took her in my arms. “I would not have wished it but it brought me you and I do love you deeply.” I ran my fingers over her back. I pulled her close. I felt her beautiful, full breasts push against me. I felt my dick grow hard. “Is this ok” I asked knowing she could feel me.

She whispered “Jesse, I am here for you in anyway you want. I know you will never forget and the pain will never really be gone. But if anything I can do helps then know that I am completely yours in every way.” I knew she was right and it did feel so good to just be with her. I slipped my hand inside her pants and gave her ass a squeeze. She smiled. “Is that a yes.” She asked?

I nodded. We began to undress each other. sikiş izle “God, damn I love your tits.” I said.

“You know that I don’t like it when you swear.” She said as she reached for my cock. I inhaled sharply as she wrapped her fingers around me. “Do you like the feel of it?” I asked.

“It so big. You are nearly too big to fit.” She said as she stroked it.

“It’s only seven inches that’s hardly a world record.” I said.

“Well it is the only one I have ever touched and it fits in here perfectly” She said as she guided me to her soft pussy and rubbed my tip against her clint. She breathed faster and deeper.

I bent my head down and licked her nipples. She yelped with pleasure. I looked up and smiled. I said “These would set a world record.”

“Just keep kissing them and you can think whatever you want.” We shifted with out a sound and in a single motion she mounted me and wrapped her sweet wet pussy around my entire cock. I grabbed her by the hips and pumped her up and down. I came quickly. To quickly perhaps but she was so damn hot and we both knew we were far from done. She slowly rocked herself and I knew she would cum hard if she kept rubbing her clint at he base of my shaft like that. I pulled her close. For a long time we continued to hold each other.

“Why did you do it that first time?” I asked. I was still deep inside her and it made my question intimate in every way imaginable.

“Do you really want to know? She asked

“Yes. Tell me everything. Tell me how I came to be so richly blessed.”

“Fine. I guess you deserve to know.” She thought a moment and went on. “I didn’t really realize how attractive I found you. I always found you a true friend but only as a friend. When your wife Jennifer got sick I didn’t hesitate about staying at your place to brazzers help care for her. Then one day near the end Jennifer sent you to buy milk and called me into her room. ‘I have a gift for you.’ She had said. We have a lot of life insurance money and I want some of it to go to you.” Rachel had a tear in her eye as she remembered. “I told her I did not want the money. I just would not feel right taking it. Then she said ‘Will help Jesse care for the kids?’ I told her I would. What she said next surprised me. She said ‘Jesse will take this hard will you care for him too?’ Without understanding what she intended I agreed. All three of us had become the best of friends and there is nothing I wanted more then to help you. Then she said something that shocked me. She said ‘Will you marry Jesse? When I die will you allow the friendship you have grow into love? And if he loves you and if he asks will you agree to marry him after I die?’ I tried to believe that she would not die but my medical training assured that I knew she would.” As Rachel said all this I was suspired to learn this conversation had occurred, but I was not angry. It sunk in then that Jennifer’s dieing wish was for my happiness. The tears were now in my eyes as Rachel continued. “After two days of thinking about it I agreed. I told her I would. The rest of the story you already know.”

Learning this made me love Rachel more then ever. I kissed her and asked “Will you tell me one more thing? Will you tell me why you made love to me that first time? Will you tell me how it felt for you?

Rachel spoke into my ear in almost a whisper. “I was a virgin, Jesse. When Jennifer asked me to marry you it sent my head spinning I had never even had a boyfriend for more then just a date or two. I was pretty sheltered I guess. Growing up my parents fake taxi porno were strict and I just never got serious with anybody. What happened between us before Jennifer died was all a part of Jennifer’s plan. She had us share two bottles of wine so we were pretty tipsy and then asked us both for a back rub. We agreed. And then she said we should trade and so we each gave each other back rubs. Then we dozed off all in the big queen bed. When I woke up I realized that she was mostly undressed and giving you a hand job. Embarrassed I was getting up to leave when Jennifer firmly said ‘stay.’ I laid back down. Jennifer reached over you and took my hand and guided it to your dick. I think she knew it was my first time touching one. Slowly we became more and more intimate until all three of us were undressed and you were touching me. I will never forget the way Jennifer said ‘Be gentle to her Jesse’ then she guided your cock into my virgin pussy. It was truly wonderful feeling as I felt you fill me. I could barely catch my breath as you gave me long smooth strokes. We came together and I remember the throb of your dick as your cum pumped deep inside me. When I was done I watched as Jennifer mounted you and made you cum again. We all feel asleep wrapped around each other that night. The next morning Jennifer whispered ‘thank you’ as I dressed and left the room. We never talked about it but each of us knew that an unbreakable bond of love and trust had formed.”

“That was incredible Rachel.” I said empathically. “I always wondered what that night felt like for you. Thank you for telling me”


It has now been three more years since Rachel and I had that incredibly intimate conversation. I live a busy life with a full teaching schedule at the college and the kids in numerous sports and other activities but nonetheless not a day goes by that I don’t thank God that I have been so blessed. I have been loved by not one but two women. I hope there is a heaven so that I can spend eternity with my two soul mates.

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