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My Sisters, Mom, and Me Ch. 01

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Chapter 01 – The Loan

It had been a profitable summer. Michael, now 18, had managed to save over ten thousand from his summer work. He would be a freshman next month at the Community College and this would allow him more time for school and less time having to work. His parents, Bren and Michelle, were away until next Thursday afternoon. It was Friday night, and he was sitting next to the back yard pool enjoying a beer when his sister Whit, short for Whitney, joined him.

“Whatcha doin?”

“Chilling with a beer. How about you?” he asked.

“Hoping you’ll offer me one.”

“Fridge in my room. Help yourself.”

“Can Brit have one too?”


“You’re the best!”

She kissed his cheek and ran back inside. To where her twin, 19-year-old, sister Brittney was waiting.

“Verdict?” Brit asked.

“He’s in a good mood. We can both have a beer. I think now is as good a time to ask as we’re ever gonna get.”


“Sex appeal sells. Oh yeah.” Whit replied.

They ran upstairs and put on their bikinis then stood together in front of a full-length mirror. They were knockouts. Both were 5’8″, brunette, stacked, and beautiful.

“If we can’t pull this off, Mike’s gotta be gay,” Brit said smiling.

“Oh, he’s not gay. We both know a half dozen girls he’s nailed with that big wanker of his.”

“Do you think it’s really as big as the rumors?”

“Not likely, but I do suspect it’s bigger than average,” Whit replied.

“Hopefully, we’ll find out pretty soon.”

“Hopefully,” Whit said.

They both grabbed a beer and went out to the pool. Each grabbed a lounge chair and pulled it up facing their brother making a very distinct effort to parade around doing so. They moved almost as if their arrival had been staged for an audience. It had. Mike had watched their every move.

“Thanks for the beer,” Brit told him.

“No problem. To what do I owe the honor of my beautiful, bikini clad, sisters joining me?”

“Just getting a little sun,” Brit replied.

“Uh huh, it seven in the evening. Not much sun this time of day. Wanna try again?”

“We’re gonna swim too,” Whit said.

“With makeup on and no towels? I doubt it.”

Both girls grinned.

“We need a favor.” Brit replied.

“Wouldn’t it have been easier just to say that in the first place?” Both blushed. “With you putting on the bikinis and sitting this close it must be a big favor.”

“It’s really important,” Brit said.

“I’m listening,” he replied with a smile.

“We need a thousand dollars,” Whit said.

“Each,” Brit added.


“Books, school supplies and clothes mostly,” Whit told him.

“You didn’t save anything this summer?” Both girls shook their heads. “I didn’t hear borrow in your request either, did I?”

“We don’t want to borrow it. We want to make a trade,” Brit said.

Mike chuckled. “A trade? Neither of you have anything I’d want that’s worth a thousand bucks. Sorry.”

“I think we do. We’re each hot. Wouldn’t you agree?” Whit asked.

“I can’t argue that.”

“Together we’re really hot, right?” Brit asked.

“I agree there too. You’re a joy to behold. Your point?”

“We’ll trade hand jobs and blow jobs for the money.”

“That would be a lot of hand jobs and blow jobs.”

“We figure ten each,” Brit replied.

Mike started laughing. “Ten dollars each isn’t a bad price.”

“A hundred dollars each. Ten hand jobs or blow jobs each. Twenty total.” Whit said.

“There are a couple of flaws in your offer. First, I can get them most anytime I want on a date. Which is rarely more than about thirty bucks. Second, hand jobs and blow jobs have dramatically different values. Third, there’s no way to insure either of you would keep your end of the deal. It’s not like I could sue you in small claims court.”

“Tell you what, you come up with a price list for services. The three of us can negotiate that,” Whit said.

“We know we can trust you. Before you give us any money, we give you a two girl BJ. You video it. If we don’t make regular repayments, you post it online.” Brit offered.

They knew as well as Mike did that he’d never post it or share it with anyone.

“Are you offering anything besides hand and mouth?” he asked.

“That could also be negotiated,” Whit answered.

“Payment on demand or scheduled?”

“Which would you prefer?” Brit asked.

“Both, I think. Let me think this over. We might be able to work something out. Let’s get back together tomorrow afternoon. I’ll have a price list we can negotiate from by then. If we come to an agreement, we can make that video you suggested. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” both replied.

“Can I ask a question?” Brit asked.

“Fire away,” he replied.

“Can we see what we’ll be servicing?” Brit asked.

“Does it matter?”

“It could depending on the service,” Whit replied.

Mike stood and pulled down his shorts. His nine-incher stared them square in the face. Both girls just stared.


“That’s huge,” Brit gasped.

“It’s amazing!” Whit replied.

Mike Alanya Ukraynalı Escort pulled up his shorts. “Think you can handle it?”

“It’ll take a bit of practice but, yeah, we can,” Whit said.

“Was that fully hard?” Brit asked.

“Not quite. It gets bigger around. Let’s meet at one tomorrow, okay?”

They nodded.


Mike went back inside and got on his computer. He made a list of sex acts for his sisters then put a monetary value behind each as starting point for negotiations. He intentionally started low knowing that the twins would never agree to the figures he came up with. He made a very comprehensive list.


Mike went to the bank and withdrew $2000 in $100 bills and put $1000 in each of two envelopes. At one, on Saturday, they met again at poolside. They rarely dressed alike but today they wore matching white bikinis. With their dark tans they really looked hot. They even brought towels this time. Mike had thought ahead too, and had made a pitcher of strawberry margaritas, their favorite. Their chase lounges were where they had left them the evening before. The twins took their seats in front of him, intentionally keeping their legs a bit apart. Mike served each a drink.

“What did you come up with, not so little brother?” Brit asked.

He handed them each a printout. “Let the negotiations begin,” he said with a smile.

The girls began looking it over. Neither looked happy.

“Excuse us, we need to talk this over privately for a few minutes,” Whit said.

They walked to the far end of the pool where he couldn’t hear them. He watched. At times, the discussion seemed heated. They talked for about fifteen minutes before coming back to their seats.

“First off, Brit and I don’t do each other,” Whit told him.

“I didn’t say you did or had to. It’s just another option,” Mike replied.

“Then indicate on your copy that you can’t make us,” Whit advised him.

Mike made a change in the on-demand area of the list. They looked it over and both nodded.

“Next, the numbers are BS. They all need to be tripled,” Brit told him.

“That isn’t going to happen. Try again,” he replied.

They looked at each other then walked back to the other end of the pool for a few minutes to talk it over. They returned to their seats and this time had their knees up and apart giving their brother a full view of their bikini covered crotches.

“Double the fees for service,” Whit said.

“Agreed,” he replied.

“So, let’s say one of us started with a hand job then gave you a tit fuck and finished with a blow job, that totals $90?” Brit asked.

“Yes, but only if I cum during each,” he replied.

“What if we both gave you a BJ? Do we each get $40?” Whit asked him.

“You do. And if you cum swap you each get an additional $5.”

“I don’t know about the videos,” Brit said.

“Except for the insurance video they’re optional,” he replied.

“I don’t want that stored on your phone. You have to bury it somewhere on your hard drive,” Brit instructed.

“Agreed. I’ll bury it very deep in an encrypted folder. No one will see it but the three of us.”

“Same with any other videos?” Whit asked.

“Yes. Are you both on the pill?” he asked.

“We are,” replied Brit. “What about when we’re on our periods?”

“Not being a red wings fan, I won’t be eating you but otherwise it doesn’t bother me. I’ll leave that decision to you.”

“I have another idea,” Whit said. “Let’s say one or both of us fix you up with a friend. You take her out and get laid. Shouldn’t we get a rebate for that?”

Mike chuckled. “You fix me up, but I still have to seduce her. No way. Let’s say I’m sitting here at the pool and you bring over some hottie that wants my cock right then. Yeah, that would be worth a finder’s fee of 25 bucks.”

“But if she fucks you?” Whit asked.

“Still $25 regardless. It’s a finder’s fee.”

“How about if we bring in another girl for a threesome with you?” Brit inquired.

“The other girls aren’t part of our deal. You would get $100 just like our list says. That’s assuming its full service. You get paid for the service you render. They get nothing. Any other questions?”

“It’s not like I don’t trust you but who’s keeping tallies?”

“I’ve already done a spreadsheet on my laptop. Everything will be itemized and available for your review just like a bank statement.”

“So, when do we start?” Whit asked.

“We do the video today as we discussed. I’ll give you each the money afterward. The repayment can begin tomorrow. We all three have to agree to any changes to our agreement after the money changes hands.”

“What if we want out of the agreement?” Brit asked.

“Pay the outstanding balance, interest free, and you’re free and clear,” he replied.

“I agree,” Brit said.

“Me too,” replied Whit.

“I’m going to run inside and update the agreement. What day would you like your weekly on?”

“Tuesday,” Brit said.

“Thursday for me,” Whit replied.

“Anything else?” he asked. Alanya Üniversiteli Escort Both shook their heads. “Enjoy the margaritas. I’ll be back in a few minutes. You can review the updates then we do the video.”

“Show us the cash before the video,” Brit said.

“No problem.”

Mike went to his room and updated everything. Then printed out two copies. One for each of his sisters. He picked up their envelopes with the cash and his video camera and went back to the pool. Mike gave each a copy to look over. It read.

Price List

For Mike – all items must end with his orgasm

Hand Job – $20

Foot job – $20

Tit fuck – $20

Blow job – $40

69 – $50

Vaginal $50

Anal $50

Threesome – full – $100 each

For the girls

Masturbation $20

Masturbation with toy $30

Strap on $30

Oral to sister $40

Add ons – must be combined with another service unless marked.

Massage – 1 hour – $50

Rimming $5

Pussy to mouth $5

Ass to mouth $5

Cum swap (mouth to mouth) $5 each

Cream pie eating from sister $10

Video – $30 (Must be original. No repeats)

Finder’s fee – $25 – does not require other service.


Scheduled – once weekly

On demand – add $10 – Mike picks service (except girl/girl)



Other requirements

Services are to be performed nude when possible.

Must earn minimum $50 per week or $50 in interest will be added unless ill or away for extended period.

Sister may fill in at no penalty.

Failing to fulfill obligations for two consecutive weeks all fees will be reduced by 50% for the next month for the offender.

Failing to fulfill obligations for one month will void contract and insurance video will be posted.

To payoff account simply pay the outstanding balance.

“Are we in agreement?” he asked.

“Yes,” Whit replied.

“We are,” agreed Brit.

He handed each their envelope. “Count it, please. After the video is finished it’s yours.” They both counted their money. “All there?” They nodded. “Lay it on the table until we’re done.” Both did as instructed. “The video is my insurance you’ll keep the agreement. We’ll start with you together and dressed as you are. One or both of you explain what the agreement is about, then undress each other. I’ll join you and you undress me followed by an amazing two girl video of my blowjob. The video ends when I cum and it’s all been swallowed. Fair enough?”

Both nodded. He had them stand with the pool in the background and began filming.

“Hi, this is Brit.”

“And I’m Whit. Our brother, Mike, gave us each a thousand dollars.”

“We’ve both agreed to pay it back with our bodies,” Brit said.

“This video is our insurance to him that we’ll pay it back as we agreed,” Whit added.

“If we fail to meet our obligations, we’ve both agreed to let Mike, our brother, post it online,” Brit said.

Whit untied Brit’s bikini top and removed it then Brit removed her sister’s top. Mike got hard instantly. He had gotten glimpses of each but had not seen them together on full display since they were little. The girls turned to face each other and at the same time pulled the strings that held the bikini bottoms in place. When they fell to the floor, they turned their backs to him and wiggled their butts then slowly turned back to him giving him a full-frontal view of their shaved pussies and bodies. Mike was in heaven as he used the zoom to get closeups of each. He paused the camera and positioned it on the table, aiming it carefully then restarted it. The girls waved him over then faced him toward the camera. Each gave him a loving open mouth kiss before kneeling in front of him. Together they pulled down his trunks showing his hard cock to the camera. They each turned and kissed it at the same time.

“This is Mike’s cock,” Brit said.

“We’re going to have lots of fun with it,” Whit replied.

Mike walked over and picked up the camera and paused it again. He sat back in a chair as his sisters dropped their towels to kneel between his legs. He turned the camera to his face and began the recording.

“This is Mike. Let the games begin,” he said grinning.

He turned the camera toward his sisters who were kneeling between his legs. Both were smiling at his cock. They each licked the side from the base to the tip where their tongues met licking off the pre-cum. Whit took his cock in her hand and pointed it toward her sister. Brit put her mouth over the entire head then raised up smiling. Whit did the same thing but went a little farther down. They took turns with each going a little farther than the other. Whit had about six inches in her mouth.

“Has anyone ever swallowed the whole thing?” Brit asked.

“Not so far,” Mike replied.

Whit pulled off. “Watch and learn ladies,” Whit said to the camera as Brit worked her way to the base using only her mouth. Mike was ready to explode as she stayed there about fifteen seconds before pulling all the way off. Alanya Vip Escort Whit did the same thing swallowing it all. Neither had gagged. Mike’s first shot came just as Whit pulled back to the head. Both girls used their tongues to catch his load right from the tip. Both were getting it in their mouth and on their faces. He came more than he had ever cum. The twins faced the camera and opened their mouths showing what they had managed to collect. Their faces were both splattered. They faced each other and kissed swapping the load then licked the remaining cum from each other’s faces. They turned back to the camera then swallowed and showed their open mouths as proof.

“I think you liked that, little brother,” Whit said.

“I know I did,” Brit added.

“That was like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” he replied.

Brit and Whit licked the tip together.

“Til next time,” Brit said. Then turned and kissed her sister again.

Mike stopped the recording. “Holy fuck!” he said. “I take it you’ve given a blow job together before.”

“After our talk yesterday, we went to the sex shop and picked up a dildo about your size. Then with the help of we practiced and rehearsed. Otherwise, no, we’ve never done one together,” Whit said.

“That was only the second one either of us has ever given,” Brit added.

“Mike, there’s something else you should know.” Whit said.

“We’re both virgins,” Brit added.

“Oh, bullshit. Prove it.”

The girls laid back in the loungers and spread their legs.

“Look for yourself,” Whit said.

One at a time, Mike spread their labia and looked at their wet pussies. Both hymens were intact.

“Jesus,” he said.

“Mike, when mom was telling us about things, she told us about her first time and what a lousy experience it was. Whit and I talked it over and agreed we wanted it to be a beautiful experience with someone who knew what they were doing.”

“And someone we love and trust,” Whit added. “That’s you on all counts, little brother. We both want you to be our first and we want all three of us there when it happens.”

Mike picked up the two envelopes. “Hand me your contracts for a minute.” They each held the papers to him. As he took them, he gave them their envelope. “You’re both giving me something that can never be given back. I love you both.” Mike tore up the contracts. “Don’t you two have shopping to do?”

“Mike, we don’t want out of the contracts,” Brit said.

“Maybe not, but I do. If we continue from here on, I want it to be because we want to, not because we have a contract. I’ll delete the video in a few minutes.”

“Like hell you will. I want a copy first,” Whit said.

“Me to. And the one where you pop our cherries,” Brit said.

“Mike, all either of us has ever done is a couple of hand jobs and now a blow job. Your cum was the first we’ve ever tasted. We’ve both been touched on the outside…,” Whit said.

“Nothing inside. We’ve never been eaten or taken it in the butt. We want you to do it all and we want it on video as a memento for all of us,” Brit added.

“We’ve got one more weekend before school. Mom and Dad have agreed for the three of us to have the cabin to ourselves from Thursday night through Tuesday morning. Just you, me, and Brit. We want to use that time to experience everything just with you.”

“Mom and Dad don’t know about this do they?” Mike asked.

“Dad’s clueless other than we’re going,” Brit replied.

“Mom knows everything. Who do you think taught us how to give the blow job, deep throat and put on the show?” Whit asked.

“Mom did that?”

“She did. She also wants to see the video you took today. I promised to email it to her.” Brit replied.

“No way,” he said.

Whit laughed. “When we showed her the dildo and explained that it was the same size you are, I thought she was going to cum in her pants.”

“She’s never seen one that size. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she didn’t show up on Sunday after Dad leaves for his conference to get some of it,” Brit said, grinning.

“You’d like that too. We’ve seen you checking her out,” Whit said.

“You can’t even be in the same room with her without getting a boner. And just FYI, she’s picked up on it,” Brit chuckled.

Mike blushed. “God, that’s embarrassing.”

“Gimme a break. Mom’s a MILF to the nth degree. How many times have you beat off thinking about her?” Whit asked.

“More than I have thinking about the two of you. And that’s a lot.”

“Well, no more. You have both of us to keep you happy now with our mouths until you break us in then you’ll have six holes, four hands, feet and boobs,” Brit said.

“When Mom joins in, you’ll have even more,” Whit added.

Mike’s cock was raging hard.

“Ready to go again, I see,” Brit laughed then whispered to her sister. Whit ran inside and returned a minute later with her phone. “We’re going to make another video just for Mom.”

She handed him the phone which she had already setup to record video.

“Start with our faces first then follow us to your cock as we go.” Whit said.

He aimed the camera and began recording.

“Mom, this video is private, so you need to be alone when you watch it. You have about ten seconds to pause before it starts,” Brit said. She waited before restarting. “He tore up the contracts just like you said he would. We made the first video and will e-mail it to you later.”

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