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She Got Man’d Up

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I’m a quiet, shy woman who is lucky enough to find a man who really gets me. Chris loves my long straight hair and pudgy body. We live together and are very happy.

Chris was working a little late, so I was to meet him at the office, and then we’d go out for dinner.

I got myself presentable and left to meet him. It wasn’t a far walk and it was a beautiful evening so I enjoyed the fresh air.

As I was getting close to the building, from behind me someone clamps a hand over my mouth and I was ushered into a waiting car. Another man was in the driver’s seat and we drove off. I was blindfolded, tape put over my mouth, and my hands tied so I couldn’t run away. I don’t know how long we drove as no one was talking, it was quiet. We finally pull in somewhere and come to a stop. Doors open and I’m pulled out of the car and walked into a building and down some stairs.

I detect strange odors that I can’t quite place. I’m really getting scared now. Finally, someone comes in and tells the men to release me. They untie my hands, un-tape my mouth, and when the blindfold comes off, I’m facing a blank wall. I still don’t know where I am. The two men who abducted me leave. An older man, good looking, distinguished even, spoke.

“Sorry, miss, but we had to be sure you’d go with them. I am Frank and this is Jesse.”

He points to a man a few feet away. He’s younger and cute.

“Your boyfriend has arranged with us to give you our special treatment. He will be here later to pick you up.”

Now I’m more curious than afraid. Chris has never made such elaborate plans before. I’m a bit suspicious, but curiosity gets the better of me, so I went along with it.

“We are going to blindfold you again and bring you to your seat.”

So I do as I’m told, and am seated in a strange feeling chair. Before they take off the blindfold, Jesse speaks close to my ear. “We are going to place your arms in restraints. Please do not struggle. It would not go well for you.”

I can’t imagine what’s going on, but I allow them to strap my arms to the armrests. I may be in trouble here, but I’d be in more trouble if I don’t do as they say. I don’t know where I am and have no quick get-away strategy. I feel a cape placed around me. Then they take the blindfold off.

As my eyes adjust to the light, they slowly turn the chair so I can see the other wall. Oh my God! I’m in a barber shop! I’m confused so I look at the two of them and ask,

“What’s going on here? Why am I here? What are you going to do to me?”

Jesse speaks again in a calm voice. “We are barbers who specialize in unique services. Your boyfriend wants us to, in his words, butch you up. I will leave it to your imagination as to what that means.”

My mind is racing. Why would Chris want to do this to me? What will they do to me? I can’t say anything; my mouth just gapes open, incredulous.

“Before we start, do you have any questions?” asks Frank.

I’m so shaken I can’t think. My voice is weak, “No.”

Jesse chimes in, “Do you want us to tell you what is happening or just do it?”

“Tell me. No, wait, don’t tell me. I’m scared enough; I don’t want to think about what you’re about to do. Just do it.”

Now, I love my long hair that I’ve been growing for years. I can’t believe Chris would have it cut off. He loves to have me naked with just my hair hanging down, covering me Lady Godiva style. I hope they don’t take too much of it off.

Jesse stands behind me and pulls his hands through my hair. “Such a beautiful mane. It’s such a shame to cut it all off.”

“No, not all of it!” I yell.

“Yes, all of it. We are butching you up, remember.”

“But I didn’t ask for this. You’re forcing me! It’s like rape!”

“No, your boyfriend has requested it. For whatever reason, he wants you to be mannish. If you want to be angry, direct it at him”

My shoulders slump in defeat. I’m not getting out of this. Fighting it would be useless. I can’t move anyway.

Jesse takes a comb and scissors and starts cutting off long lengths of my hair. With each snip, I cringe. I can feel the weight of my hair lifting. I never noticed how heavy it was. Good… find a silver lining to think on.

With my hair just short enough, Jesse puts down the scissors and comb. He walks over to Frank and they whisper a second or two. Frank walks over and picks up the biggest florya escort damn clippers I’ve ever seen. I start to freak out.

“What is that for?” I ask.

Frank grins at me. “You don’t want to know, remember?”

Frank clicks it on and I hear the buzzing. It looks like monster teeth, just waiting to eat up my hair. I can’t believe this is happening! I start to struggle against the restraints, hoping for a miracle.

I whip my head back and forth so they can’t get a grip on me, all the while I’m screaming “No, no, you can’t do this to me! Leave me alone! Stop!”

They let me fight against odds for a few minutes, and then Jesse stands in front of me and pulls my head down. “You can’t fight this,” he whispers.

The instinct is still very strong to fight as I feel the first touch of the clippers. Even though I knew it was a waste of energy, I couldn’t help myself… I twisted and turned, trying to get away. I don’t want this! Stop! But Jesse has my head in a vise grip and I can’t get away from it.

Frank starts on one side, sliding the clippers from the bottom of my neck to the top of my head. I blink back tears with each pass. Hair falls across my back as tears fall from my face. Chris… why? Why do this terrible thing to me?

The vibrations are breaking through the curtain of my fright and anger. He’s moving to the center. My neck is very sensitive to the touch. Sometimes even clothing bothers me. The clippers buzz and my body involuntarily comes alive. I feel the buzzing on my skin, establishing a link to my core. I try to fight it. This is wrong! I shouldn’t like this! Frank continues clipping the back of my head, and I continue to enjoy the feeling, and I relax into it.

With enough off the back, Jesse moves to the back of me to hold my head and Frank clips me from the front, taking the top of my hair off. Hair slides down my face and onto the cape. I feel the air on my head with each pass of the clippers. He leaves a little on the top. I’m supposed to be butch, not bald. He takes a brush and brushes the hair off my face. That’s considerate of him, considering. I think that that is done, now what.

But I was wrong. Jesse and Frank switch places again. I hear Frank fiddling with the clippers, and then I hear the click and the buzz. Isn’t all my hair off? Jesse holds my head and Frank puts the clippers to my neck.

Jesse asks,”6Zero?” and Frank says yes.

What does that mean? I wonder. The clippers make a pass up the side and I can feel the blade closer to my head. The buzzing is more intense. So is the pleasure I feel. The more passes from bottom to top, the more pleasure is sent to my core. Frank keeps going over and over my neck. I can’t believe there’s any hair is left.

By now, my body is not my own. Another pass of the clippers and I can’t help it… a moan escapes and I squirm. I feel the clipper is deeper, more pressure, and it feels so good. A few passes with the new pressure and my skin is getting warm. It’s starting to hurt a little. Another pass; a little more pain. I’m getting so turned on it’s hard to sit still.

Jesse is still holding my head but he notices I’m squirming in the chair. A signal passes between them because all of a sudden the pressure really deepens and the pain increases. The clippers are getting hot and he presses harder as he goes up my neck and I moan loudly. Frank goes over and over and over my neck until I think I’ll go mad with the pain and the pleasure it brings. A few more passes, more wonderful pain, and then suddenly it’s over.

They whisk away all the hair and take the cape off and shake it. My neck hurts with such a magnificent pain, and my core is throbbing with need for release. I’ve turned to jelly.

I thought they would take the arm restraints off, but they didn’t, only loosened them up a little so they could move me. They tilted back the chair, and pulled something from the bottom of the chair out to each side. My god, stirrups! It didn’t take much guessing as to what was next.

They slid me down easily, as I left a wet spot, and as they did, my skirt rode up even higher and exposed my hairy pussy. As Chris likes me to ‘forget’ my underwear, there wasn’t any to interfere with the proceedings.

Once I’m in place, they tighten the arm restraints and restrain my legs again too. A gyno exam is humiliating enough, but this? I’m cihangir escort sure I turn beet red. Jesse is the scissor man and he takes snippets of hair off my nether region. His hands have a light touch, and he notices that I’m already wet and smiles.

Frank then moves in with the clippers again. They are still hot and once they touch my pussy, I get even wetter. The hot vibrations and the buzzing and clipping and clipping and buzzing make me cum again. I start humping those clippers. I want to fuck those clippers! Then all too soon, it’s over. When I’m all shorn, Jesse gently rubs oil on me to relieve any discomfort, but it only intensifies the need to fuck.

Well, no head hair, no pussy hair. I must be all butched up now. Maybe I can go home now?

Wrong. While in this position, they raise the chair about a foot more off the floor. Frank stands in front of me. He slowly undoes his belt, then his pants. As he pulls down his underwear, his cock springs out at full staff. Not too thick, but my god, so long! I’m already wet and oiled, so he just slides right in. Jesse is by my side and plays with my breasts and sucks my tits. To have sex with two men was always a secret fantasy, but I’m in disbelief that Chris okayed this.

As Frank pumps his cock, he winks and says, “Your boyfriend agreed to this in lieu of payment.”

Frank, being older, really knows what he’s doing and we get a good rhythm going. I cum while Jesse sucks on my tits. It adds to the sensations of my already pulsating body. I realize I enjoy being restrained as well, another new thing for me. Frank works into a frenzy and is pumping fast and furious and we both cum together. Sex with a bare pussy is so strange and wonderful. Sensations are heightened to an nth degree. While Frank puts himself back together, I figured it was Jesse’s turn, but he had something else in mind.

This time they do untie my arms and legs, but Jesse keeps a strong hold on me, not that I could stand anyway. Frank again adjusts the chair by reversing the stirrups. Jesse places me front side down on the chair and secures my arms while Frank secures my legs. I’m in a modified doggy position and I think I know what’s next. I can hear Jesse unzipping and taking off his pants. His cock nestles in my folds and I can feel the huge mushroom head. He wasn’t gentle. He slams in all at once. Even though I was wet with cum, it hurt. He starts moving in and out rapidly, pounding hard.

Being in this position he was soon hitting my G spot and I came in a gush of liquid. Jesse may not have the finesse that Frank does, but he makes up for it in stamina. He pumps and he pounds again and again. I must’ve cum five times before he does. Feeling his balls on my bare pussy is such a turn on. Jesse pulls out and puts himself back together while I just lay there, exhausted and so in tune with my body, even though it betrayed me.

Frank unties me and helps me to stand. My legs don’t work. He sits me down and gets a soft, damp cloth to wipe me off. Older men… so considerate.

Jesse goes out of the room and comes back with some clothes.

“We are now going to dress you butch style.”

Frank has some things in his hands as well. I assume I’m going to be dressed as a man. Well, I was mostly correct.

Frank takes a strip of bandages and binds my breasts so they are as flat as a child. With my nipples so sensitive it sort of hurts, pleasantly so. He then puts a man’s shirt on me and buttons it up. Meanwhile, Jesse lifts my feet and puts socks on each foot. I thought underwear would be next but they have something else to put on me first. OMG! A strap-on dildo! It tickles my newly bare pubes. They have to angle it up to put underwear on me… men’s underwear. Next come trousers, shoes, and a jacket. They step back and look me over.

“Fine job” Frank says.

I just stand there not knowing what to do. As good, as sore, as my body feels, I also feel humiliated after what has just happened.

I hear a door open and close, then a male voice call out, “Frank, Jesse. Is she ready?”

Frank says “Yes, come on in.”

I’m all nervous and scared about how Chris will react. A man comes around the corner and we both stare at each other. It’s not Chris! This man’s mouth is open in surprise when he sees me.

“That’s not her! That’s not my girlfriend!”

I turn to look mecidiyeköy escort at Frank and Jesse and they are just as surprised at the mistake. They apologize profusely to me, explaining that they relied on new guys to pick me up and they mistook me for this man’s girlfriend.

“How could you? Didn’t you tell them her name? They never spoke to me or asked my name!” I yell at the two barbers standing there.

The man walks over to me and apologizes as well. He says his name is Jack and to make up for the mistake he would take me home and explain all this to my boyfriend. He seems nice so I tell him okay. I glare at Frank and Jesse. I was really angry even though this was an experience I never would have had if not for the mistake, and my feelings on the subject are a source of confusion and vexation in my head. I turn to follow Jack out the door,

Jack has his car parked right by the door I was brought in. We get in and leave the drive-way. I turn to look at the building, and discover I was in the basement of their barber shop, The James Brothers Barbers. How fitting… Frank and Jesse James, old West outlaws, rebels. We are silent as we drive down the road.

After a while, Jack looks over at me and tells me I look hot. “I’m fine.” I reply.

He says, “No, hot as in yummy.”

I just say thanks. I wasn’t ready to talk. Jack seems to know where he needs to go to get me home. Good thing, I have no idea where I am. As we drive for a long while, I close my eyes, totally worn out, and worn down. I doze off for a few minutes and I wake up when the engine stops.

“Are we here?” I ask.

“No, just a rest stop.”

Oh, okay. He tells me to get out of the car and stretch my legs. I do, the fresh air feels good, but the slacks are irritating my pubes. While I’m standing in front of the car, Jack strides over behind me. He puts his arms around me and grabs the squashed mounds of my boobs. That action irritates my tits and sends that hot message to my core. He pulls down my pants and underwear, and quickly bends me over the hood of the car.

He rams his cock into me and starts pounding. Oh the feeling of the hot metal hood on my mound and his hot cock inside me has me coming instantly. I’m sprawled across the hood and the heat travels through the bandages and my boobs react to the heat and pressure, and turn into hard, throbbing buds. The strap-on dildo is making noise so Jack slides it around and off the strap and sticks it in my butt hole, and fucks me with that too. I’m so turned on that I don’t mind butt fucking and back into it.

“You are so hot, Lady Butch!”

He rams into me again and again and we both cum. I can’t believe what a slut this whole thing has turned me into. I’d never do anything like this as the old me.

We come to our senses and quickly tidy up before anyone sees us. We get back in the car and drive off, not talking, not looking at each other. About 30 minutes later we pull up in front of my house, Chris’ home. How will he take this? Did he wonder where I was? We walk up to the door and Chris opens it. He saw us pull up. Jack is in front of me and apologizes to Chris, saying a mistake was made and he was very sorry. He adds, with a wink, that he hopes that Chris enjoys the outcome, then turns, smiles at me, and walks away.

Chris is just standing there, staring at me. He looks shocked and mad. He finally pulls me inside and closes the door. He’s still staring at me. I don’t know what to say to him.

“What did they do to you?” he says in his controlled angry voice.

“They butched me up.”

“What does that mean?”

“Obviously, men’s haircut, binding breasts, and pussy shave.”

Chris walks toward me and I back up. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Do you want me to lie?” He keeps coming at me and I keep backing up, until I hit the back of the couch.


“Not at first, but thinking that you wanted it I didn’t fight.”

“So, you did like it.” I turn beet red. He knows me too well, but he doesn’t need to know how much I did enjoy it.

“Anything else?”

“Yes, they put me in a strap-on dildo.”

“So, do you like being a man?”

I look at my feet. “I don’t know.”

Chris suddenly grabs me, turns me around and bends me over the couch. He roughly pulls down the slacks and underwear and rams his cock into me. He takes the dildo and shoves it into my mouth to suck on, and plays with my tits through the rough bandages. The pain is so exquisite and I’m so turned on, all I want to do is fuck! We have sex every which way. I’ve never been so sore. I’ve never been so satisfied.

Afterwards, as we lay in bed, Chris says, “So, how are ol’ Frank and Jesse anyway?”

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