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Amy Stuck in an ENF Story Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are 18 or older.


A quick note about this story. I am heavy with some satire on the world of ENF writing in this story. I poke a lot of fun at the common themes, plots, and other common occurrences when it comes to the genre. I in no way mean offense. I merely am doing this for a few laughs. I myself being a writer fall into some of the cliche’s I bring up in this story, so I’m making fun of myself essentially half the time. By themselves a lot of this stuff I cover is stuff I love to read about, just that I think sometimes it needs to be done in a more original way sometime =P


Melisa was a modest girl. Eighteen years old and now in her senior year, she had gotten through most of high school being a bit shy. Although she was quite cute, she hid her beauty with conservative clothing.

“Hey wait a moment, what are you talking about?” Melisa said to the voice in the sky.

“Oh, I’m the writer of this story, Jappio. You are my character, Melisa.” Said I.

“Well what’s this crap about me being pretty but shy? Sounds cliché.” Melisa argued me.

“My story, I’ll write it as I like little girl,” I said. Obviously since I am the person writing it, I did have the power to control the whole thing. Actually thinking about it, her name isn’t Melisa, I think Amy will fit better.

“You can’t go changing my name! I don’t want to be Amy, I kind of liked Melisa!” Amy argued. “I said I don’t want to be Amy!”

Frankly, as the writer, I ignored her plea, as now her name was Amy. Now where was I…. Oh yeah!

Although Amy had been very shy, this only lead to one thing. Sexually she was repressed, and the allure of exposure always toyed in her mind.

“Stop it right there! What are you talking about? I do not have some weird exhibitionist kink. I mean I thought you said I was shy?” Amy argued again.

“This is how ENF stories work. The girl is some cute shy person who secretly enjoys exposure and embarrassing nudity and stuff.” I explained to the now blushing girl. She obviously was embarrassed I knew her secret.

“This isn’t fair you know. I didn’t even mean to blush. I can talk about untrue sexual things about me without embarrassment. Also I have no ENF secret. I don’t even know what ENF is!” Amy said in a flustered tone. “I am not flustered!”

“As far as I see it Amy, I am the writer, and what I say goes,” I told her. It was also silly of her to say what she said, she knew what ENF was, it stood for Embarrassed Naked Female. She knew also about this sexual kink, she after all had it.

“Great, now I suddenly know all this stuff about ENF. I better not have forgotten my chemical table for the test later today, just so your little perverted stuff could fit in my head!” She whined. Yet the ringing bell whisked her off to class, no more time to argue with me. “Real smooth Mr. or Mrs. Narrator, just avoid our argument by sending me off to class. I’ll get you yet!”

Her cute bottom wiggled as she walked in her tight fitting jeans. “Pervert” she mumbled as she walked along. Her sweater hugged her top, it also showed off a good amount of the shape of her lovely breast. “Again, you are a pervert. Stop bringing attention to those areas. I demand a little respect. Actually, I thought you said I was a shy girl, why would I be wearing this stuff?” Amy said with her annoying logic.

“I decided I wanted to describe your body well and put you in a hot outfit. I suppose I do need a reason.” That’s when Amy remembered. Although she blushed at the thought of being in those clothes, all her other clothes needed washing.

“Yes, because a shy girl would rather be extra revealing rather than just re-wearing something.” Amy said in a sarcastic tone.

Arriving in class, “Again, jumping the story to avoid our conversations when you’re losing!” She thought loudly to herself. “Great, you can read my mind too!”

“Also put thoughts in it too,” I gloated, her mind marveling at how powerful I really am.

Class was going along in an uninteresting çekmeköy escort way. Amy’s mind wandered to something a little naughtier. Her panties weren’t too comfortable. The idea of being without them was beginning to exciter her a little. She quickly made her way to the bathroom, and hiding in a stall, she took her pants down.

“Ok this is a little ridiculous now, wouldn’t you say?” Amy said, but to no avail. She couldn’t help herself. She was even brave enough to kick her pants off her feet, just making her feel more naked.

“Oh wait, your not going to…” Amy began to say as she brought her hands up to her stomach. She slowly moved her hands down to her panties. “You seriously aren’t going to say it. I mean I shouldn’t know about this, but because of you inserting all that ENF stuff, I know what you’re going to say.” Amy’s hand couldn’t be stopped by her thoughts anymore. She felt out of control at this point, she wouldn’t rest till she did this. “That line is far to clichéd, I suggest you stop!” She then hooked her thumbs into her panties! “You are one lame writer! That line has to be the most common line in any story!”

We know Amy’s claim of me being lame was a lie, I mean I am an awesome writer! She now had her panties pushed down her legs. Her bottom popped out in back, jiggling just slightly. Her… “Hmmm…”

“What’s the hold up all of a sudden?” Amy asked panties in mid-tug.

“I don’t know what your pubic hair should be like. If you’re bare, it’s a little more sexy and leaves you more vulnerable. However, having some there is also cute, and would leave the future of the story to allow for a shaving scene.” I told my main character.

“I can’t believe you!” She said in a huff. However I had decided at this point. After her hesitation, “I didn’t hesitate, you couldn’t make up your mind!” she finally got the panties pushed down and pooled around her feet “Another over-used line.” Her pubic hair now showed. She kept it neat, but her brown strands still showed quite well.

“God, why am I blushing, you didn’t even write that in!” said the cute girl who was now bottomless. Only her socks remained clad below the hem of sweater. “I can’t just stay here like this. I need to get dressed and back to class before I miss something important.” Yet something kept her where she was. She knew she wanted more right then. She knew she wanted to take more off. “Damn you!”

She pulled the bottom of her sweater up and off. She now had on her button up blouse. Not missing a beat she began to unbutton and remove it. Now with only the pink bra that matched the panties earlier, did she stop to think. “Just get it over with, I know you’re going to make me do it, and I need to go back to class eventually.” Obvious now that she liked getting naked, she began to unfasten her bra. She even let out a groan showing that I was right about liking it. “That’s not why I groaned! It’s because you twisted my meaning!”

Ignoring that little exchange of ours, Amy’s bra now joined with the other clothes. In only her socks, Amy sat down on the toilet seat real quick. She had to gather her nerves. “No, I have to think of a way to convince you to stop with this little game of yours. Being a star of your erotic tale I can tell probably isn’t going to give me much free time to do school work and stuff.” She said with a sigh. However she couldn’t deny she liked this. Even now her nipples were pointing out hard. “Oh great. Now comes in that usual arousal that goes with the whole ENF thing. The story is no fun if the girl isn’t enjoying it, right?” said the smart-alecky girl.

Getting up, Amy had to do something. Sure she was nervous just being naked in the stall, only being exposed to the readers “That’s right, there are people who read this filth!” Amy seemed to have forgotten that she too reads this type of stuff. Amy fought back the urge to touch herself. “Ok, even if I’m trying to be rational about this, I’d probably still blush at you mentioning something like that!” She stood up and walked to the stall door. She gripped it tight, cevizli escort thinking if she dared.

“Shouldn’t goose bumps be covering my skin by now?” Amy was right. She couldn’t help but notice that her body began to be covered by goose bumps, or should I call them goose pimples? “Does it really matter?” She said. Obviously in a hurry, she wanted to embrace the risk of being naked outside of the stall. Who knew if anyone was waiting for her. “Regardless, I know your sending me out there anyways!”

Taking her steps out, she was soon exposed to the whole room. Luckily for her, no one was there to witness her. “Know you, it won’t be long till someone sees me in this silly story. Also before you even say it, I’m going to go look at myself in a mirror.” The girl in her heightened senses must have had picked up future seeing as a skill, because she looked herself over in the mirror at the sinks. “I don’t have to see the future to be able to guess what you’re going to do.”

Her reflection showed a cute naked girl. She was now bare from her head down to the tips of her socks. Her skin was, “smooth” the girl interrupted. Her nipples were, “hard” the annoying girl interrupted again. Her breast were “firm”, her muscles “toned from swimming”, her legs “long and sexy.”

“STOP THAT!” I shouted to the girl giggling, the one not taking my wonderful tale seriously.

“Sorry, but it’s just all too obvious is all.”

Obviously she needed to learn just how serious and exciting this story can be. She also was going to learn why she shouldn’t mock a genius writer like myself. Her eyes fixated on the door in the room. This whole time she only feared it as a potential entrance for people to catch her. Now the thought flooded her mind that it could be also a potential exit! She walked over to the door, and held on tight to the handle.

“If I compliment you for that surprisingly well written part about the entrance/exit thing, would you not have me go naked streaking in my school yet?” The girl pleaded with me.

Having second thoughts, she turned around, and headed back to the stall. “Oh thank heavens.” She sighed. She then opened the door to the stall, bent down, and removed her socks from her toes. Her head toned and she stared at the door. “Spoke too soon I guess.” She signed, realizing her fate.

Amy’s feet slapped against the tile floor, “Oh come one, could you at least go back to being a little more original.” The unwise girl complained. Now she was set on not returning to her clothes till she was out that door at least once. “Me and my big mouth,” she complained.

She was incredibly nervous. She was again holding the handle to the door. She didn’t know at all if anyone might be out there. She brought her free arm up to cross it over her breast. Even with no guarantee of a person being there, she couldn’t help but cover up still. “Here I was expecting the full classic pose first,” were the last words from the girl before she left the bathroom.

Out in the hall, her naked head popped out, followed by her whole body. No one was around at the time, everyone in class now. Amy now quickly placed her other hand between her legs, completing that pose she oh so loved to read about. To think she was doing it now out of pure instinct. “Instinct my ass, you’re making me do it! So could we please go back inside? I don’t want this ending up where someone sees me, blackmails me, and then I’m on some desk in a room, masturbating to the class as their slave!”

“I was considering that for the plot actually. It would be quite fun. I bet you’d love it too. You’d be plenty wet before that entire performance.” I explained.

“I’d only like it because you’d write it in. Heck, in those kind of stories I usually doubt that the girls truly enjoy those type of scenarios, their always crying or something. Also I’m sure you’d do it just like the other writers, ignore the chances of a teacher stopping it; ignore the chance that a normal, well-natured person would stop it; and,” before the rude girl could continue to criticize my line erenköy escort of fiction writing, someone suddenly turned the corner down the hall. Busy with a nose in a book, they had yet to see our naked heroine.

“Ok, if you have me slip back inside before they see me, I’ll try to be a little nicer.” The girl bargained. Figuring I could always just go back and change this part of the story, Amy did indeed slip her way back into the bathroom.

“Now that I think about, I’ve been a little too accepting of this. How many times now have you gone back to change the past scenes already?” she asked.

“Oh seven or so times already. Originally when you walked out of the stall, you still had a shirt and panties on. You weren’t the nicest though and I did a few edits and your attitude is better now.” I warned her. She obviously was going to be at this point a little nicer to me.

Having to get back to class, Amy quickly dressed. She made sure to hide her panties in her backpack, along with her sweater and bra. She really wanted to push herself today. “Yes, because sudden personality changes like this are totally common.” She said.

“It’s all because of repression.” I argued.

“Cause no one has ever used that defense.” Amy said rolling her eyes. Before this argument could continue, she was again sitting in class. She was all too aware though of her state of undress now. Her bare bottom in direct contact with the seat she was sitting on due to her short skirt, “Wait a second. I was wearing jeans earlier!” Amy said to herself as she realized she was merely fantasizing. She couldn’t help but picture herself in a short skirt and no panties in class. “Smooth cover pal, don’t tell me later you’re going to throw in a dream sequence as an excuse to do some crazy over the top scene,” she thought to herself.

Her jeans were sagging in a back a bit. A gap let a cool breeze from the air conditioned remind her of her lack of panties. The cold room didn’t help her hide her bra-less state either. Her nipples “pressed against her shirt, like diamonds or something, right?” Obviously the rude girl liked interrupting, almost as much as she did this risky game of hers. She wanted more exposure. “Already ahead of you. I can guess what’s next.” She thought as she reached down to her shirt, undoing two buttons. Now the shirt was open above her breast, cleavage beginning to show.

Luckily before she got too carried away, class ended and it was time for lunch. “Thank goodness. At least you do know how to keep a story slowed down.”

On her way out of class, her friend… “Quick, give me the name of one of your friends.” I asked Amy.

“Well I suppose if I can at least have a say for once, let’s go with ‘Katie'” Amy told me.

Katie approached Amy as they were leaving from class. “Wow girl, what’s gotten into you? What’s with the outfit?” Katie said looking over the blushing Amy.

“Oh nothing. Just wearing it.” Amy said, regretting a little her choice of outfit.

“No way! You went to the bathroom, took off your sweater, and I know I saw you unbutton those buttons from your shirt!” Katie said in a quiet, but excited whisper.

“Dear god, I think I know what you’re doing.” Amy thought to herself. “I know exactly what you writers do when you get two girls into a story, especially when they are friends.” Before Amy could even begin to try and ruin my plot twist with Katie, Amy had to stop and think in general about her friend.

The two had always been so close since younger grades. Although Katie wasn’t quiet as shy as Amy, the two still were insuperable at times. Katie always tried to push Amy a little, and Amy would occasionally give in.

“Uh, that was just… umm… it was hot.” Amy tried to reason.

“No way. You might try to hide it, but that shirt is just betraying you. Either it’s cold, or there is something more to this.” Katie said, starting to grin. She had been referring to the bumps in the shirt where her nipples were.

“I suppose with you writing, there is no way to trick her.” Amy thought to herself

“You might as well get it over with and just start telling her. The faster it happens, the faster I get this story finished.” Obviously that’s all it took from me to convince Amy to pull Katie into the privacy of the bathroom to explain some stuff. “Make this good.”

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