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Bad Mother Ch. 02

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Caution: Contains BDSM and incest.

Thanks for all the gratifying comments and constructive suggestions from Chapter 1. Much appreciated!


Matthew had already stripped, tawsed and face-fucked his rude and thoughtless, but now penitent mother, Janice, for arriving late at his high school graduation, and starting a long-term punishment for her years of breaking bad. He’d tortured her tits, clamped and chained her nipples and pussy lips, plugged her ass and cum all over her bound body. It had been the first in a series of harsh disciplines inflicted on the sexpot MILF, due to years of her being a bad mother. She’d become his complete submissive with astounding speed.

He hoped that he’d been severe enough with her, that he’d fulfilled her ravenous appetite for submission and sex. He was still studying BDSM whenever he had a chance, but was unsure if dominating and punishing a mother had different rules and techniques. He realized he was a naturally talented Dom, but but that he was still a novice. He wondered how far and how fast he could go. Much of the time, he was simply acting on instinct.

He didn’t know that, despite her long tawdry history of incestuous BDSM with her father, brother and uncle, in spite of her years as a slave to Matt’s father and his friends, and notwithstanding Matt’s inexperience, he was still the sexiest, most exciting, most natural, most creative and most satisfying Dom she’d ever had.

So far his mother had done everything he’d ordered. She’d accepted his video cameras without a word of protest. And considering that she was the hottest MILF in town, with the most jaw-dropping, red-hot body, their new roles as master and slave were beyond belief.

He didn’t understand how a MILF, who could have any guy she wanted, was instead subbing to her son, and was also a cum, pain and anal slut – a submissive with the most amazing body he’d ever seen who acquiesced to every kind of discipline and punishment, with a seemingly limitless capacity for humiliation, pain, sucking and fucking. Janice had never been so fulfilled.

A couple of evenings after their first bondage scene, Matt stood in the doorway of Janice’s bedroom, bare-chested, holding a camera and tripod, staring at her reflection. The multiple frosted lights surrounding the mirror softly illuminating her satiny skin. She was sitting at her make-up table, awaiting her dominating teenage son. Matt positioned the tripod and turned on the camera.

She wore a translucent black baby doll and matching panties that both looked lovely on her tanned skin. The fabric was so sheer he could easily see the heavy 34Cs mounding the gauzy fabric, her large dusky aureola and enormous nipples and the curves of her tight ass. He stared at the perfect tits and firm ass cheeks, the latest whip, crop or cane marks barely visible. She saw that he was beginning to get hard inside his thin pajama pants.

Matt entered her room and stood behind her, mentally reviewing the details of this new session. “I brought you an Ice Cream.” This was the name he’d given to the beverage Janice drank before one of their sessions. He placed a large glass of chilled vodka on her vanity table, opened a glass container that had just been microwaved, and poured a generous stream of his steaming semen into the iced alcohol. The spunk made a hissing noise. Dutifully, the submissive mother who got hot from humiliation took a hefty, sloppy swig of the disgusting concoction, the hot jizz heating her lips till the icy vodka cooled them. Without looking in the mirror, she knew that her big lips were now thickly coated with cum, which she was forbidden from licking or wiping off. She stared defiantly into the mirror at her son’s eyes.

He’d immediately established many rules for her. Naturally, since she was so absentminded, she forgot some of them and willfully ignored any others. of course, her bad attitude only increased the frequency and severity of her punishments, as well as the number of new demands and constraints that Matt issued, such as not licking her lips.

Janice was becoming excited by Matt’s close proximity, his thighs now pressing against her back, his dick jerking against her spine as his cock hardened. He leaned over her, placing a black penis gag on the table. “What am I being punished for tonight?” she asked sarcastically, fat üvey kız kardeş porno drops of spunk dropping from her greasy lips onto her bare thighs and thinly covered tits. She knew that she’d be made to suffer for her impudent tone, but as usual, couldn’t control herself.

“Does it matter?” he asked, as he fastened her black leather collar around her neck. They stared at her reflection in the mirror, both amazed that she was submissively sitting there in front of her son, already stained with cum, her heavy tits heaving under the flimsy baby doll. She might as well be nude.

“I guess not,” she admitted hoarsely, for she knew that years worth of her infractions had accumulated into a practically endless list of bad single parenting, for which she would be harshly punished. And deservedly so. She needed to be trained into becoming a respectful, responsible, reliable, timely, perfect mother.

Who better to administer her punishments and training than her hot 18-year-old son? Matt was a natural dominant, as if being a master was inherent in the genes he’d acquired from her former husband and the male members of her family. He took to bondage and discipline faster than she’d ever imagined possible. And he had a gorgeous, toned hardbody. Popular in school, he was a great kid who had endured years of bad behavior from his sultry, teasing, sexpot MILF mother.

Matt opened the plug at the base of the penis gag and filled the reservoir with the hot cream, replaced the plug, pushed the artificial cock between her cum-stained lips, and buckled the strap behind her head. As Janice adjusted to the weighty penis, she bit on the shaft. A trickle of saliva and semen emerged from a corner of her mouth and dripped onto her tit. He pulled another camera from his pocket and shot her reflection.

She could never have imagined what was happening at the moment. Sitting like this was more than dream come true. She was completely at the mercy of her powerful, commanding son: collared, as good as nude, literally dripping with his cum, her pussy freshly shaved, and no doubt about to suck his cock and have at least two and maybe all three of her openings filled with big dildos and thick cock. What more could a mother want?

“Stick two fingers into your cunt.” She complied as Matt fastened a cloverleaf clamp upside down to each nipple, so instead of hanging down they faced upward. She’d worn plenty of nipple clamps, but never before positioned upside down like now. He attached a chain to the right clamp and clipped it to the D-ring in the right side of her collar, repeating the process with her left nipple clamp and the left D-ring. She gasped through her gag as her tits and nipples were stretched upward, a first for her.

“Fuck yourself on your fingers.” As she pushed aside the panties and began pumping into her pussy, she added a thick thumb, caressing the clit that was as oversized as her dusky nipples. Matt began punishing the sensitive undersides of her upraised tits with a short crop, thwacking the heavy globes until the bottoms were well striated. Then he set in on the sides and tops. Squirming and writhing, she came quickly and easily, a flood of jizz escaping her gagged mouth as she bit deeply into the fake cock lodged between her big lips. He snapped several images.

“Lie on the bench.” Reluctantly, the slut pulled out her fingers, swung her left leg over the bench and lay on her back, her head hanging upside down off the end, while Matt repositioned the video camera. Pushing her panties aside for a moment, Matt tried to push a tiny black rubber band over her swollen clit, but the band was too small to fit her big stalk. He took a larger rubber band, pushed it down to the base of her engorged nub, pushed a thin leather shoelace under the rubber band, unstrapped the penis gag from her head and pulled the plastic cock from her cum-plastered lips.

Since he hadn’t given her permission to swallow, her mouth was still full of jism from the penis gag. It was uncomfortable since the pool of spunk was held in the roof of her mouth, now inverted. Not surprisingly, strands of cum leaked from both corners, down her cheeks and into her black glossy hair. Matt enjoyed the unusual sight of the spunk running from her mouth into her short hair.

Without removing his pajama xnxx porno pants, he face-fucked her cum-filled mouth while pulling and jerking the shoelace with one hand as he cropped her belly with the other. When he forced his cock in all the way, more of the cum already in her mouth seeped out, sliding across her bulging cheeks and entering the hair on her head.

Although she’d been a pain and cum slut since eighteen, nobody had ever aroused her clit with a rubber band and shoelace, and Janice quickly came. Matt considered unloading on her welted tits and striped belly, but shot into her mouth instead. When he’d finished squirting, he pulled Janice back to a sitting position, her legs still spread wide, sitting astride the bench. She was frantic, barely able to contain his cumload plus the residue from the penis gag. “You can swallow.” There was such a huge amount that she swallowed several times, savoring the rich thick hotness of his latest discharge. Matt sat himself down, astraddle the bench, facing his submissive and slightly stunned mother.

On her vanity table was a set of two black bottles: a unique skin lotion, featuring bullet-shaped or phallic tops, with the diameter of sizable dicks, made of soft, flexible plastic, but marketed as lotion for women who were too shy or embarrassed to buy an actual dildo. In the ads, there was no doubt about their potential for self-pleasure. One design was eight inches tall and the other six. The contents were off-white with a pale lemon tint, the exact color of semen, and the lotion was the identical consistency as cum. Even the scent was faintly – but unmistakably – redolent of semen. It was marketed as an exclusively nighttime lotion.

Matt picked up the big bottle, aimed it at the top of his mother’s cleavage, and squeezed hard. The contents shot out and hit her above one of her tits. He leaned forward, reached out to pull the top of her baby doll away from chest, as far as the nipple clamps would allow, and waited till the gobs of yellowish goo slid down onto her tit. He shot another load from the bottle above her other tit. When that wad slid down, he released the baby doll and the elastic snapped it back onto her chest, startling her and slightly stinging.

Matt had two black 3-inch wide leather velcro straps, which he’d lined with the coarsest grade of sandpaper. He wrapped them tightly around her gooey tits, still on top of the baby doll. Janice winced from the grating of the sandpaper against her raw wet tit flesh, which Matt had abused only minutes earlier. He liked the sodden baby doll sticking to her velcroed tits. Somehow it made her look more disheveled, more slutty, more debased, more humiliated.

Immediately, he mashed the palms of his hands into her tits, pressing the baby doll fabric hard into the spreading gunk and therefore also twisting the nipple clamps. The result was a humiliating, soggy mess, but it succeeded in exciting her. Her nipples were begging for attention. Matt pushed up the bottom of the baby doll, squirted a third spurt onto her naked belly, yanked the top of her panties off her skin, and they both watched the lotion slither down around her clit, which was still bound with the rubber band and tethered with the leather shoelace. The stream flowed into her gaping slit, the heavy lips spread open by the extreme width of her legs astraddle the bench. He placed his hand against the fabric and roughly spread the lotion all around her vulva, shoving three fingers between her pussy lips until the thin, stretched panties ripped apart, a long vertical tear exposing her cunt.

He stood, walked to his room, returned a moment later, relocated the tripod and video camera, and resumed his position on the bench. “Lean back.” She reclined onto her arms, which made her pussy more accessible. Using a cuticle scissor on her vanity table, Matt lengthened the tear in the panties by cutting a vertical slit up the center. The fabric still clung stickily to her wet, aroused labia. He pulled the material aside, tearing it even more. Since her pussy lips were so slick from the skin lotion, he grabbed one labia with his whole hand, stretched it toward him, and applied a big chrome binder clip, the kind that is four inches long and has a round hole in the middle. She yelled as the strong clip sank into her swollen flesh. After clamping zenci porno the matching binder clip to her other lip, Matt threaded the lengthy clit shoelace through both holes. Now he could control all three clamped and bound areas of her vulva.

She looked amazing, so turned on, breathing so strongly that her chest went up and down, the bound and greased tits pushing against the tautly straining material of the baby doll, the shiny silver chain pulling fiercely against the metal nipple clamps and leading to her collar, accompanied by the gleaming labia clamps. The top of her torso showed the black leather collar, complemented by the bottom of her torso, the black leather shoelace imprisoning her clit and snaking through the binders on her cunt lips. Her eyes were heavily lidded. He took a number of photos.

He placed the big bottle’s top between her pussy lips, pulled the clit tether till it was taut, looked into her eyes and simultaneously shoved the eight-incher all the way into her cunt as he yanked hard on the shoelace. Predictably, she came, screaming and bouncing wildly on the bench, the pistoning of her hips repeatedly stretching her cunt lips and clit to unprecedented lengths.

While Matt waited for the frantic contortions from her cum to slow down, he took the smaller bottle from the table, held it upright and gently squeezed so the fake spunk oozed out of the opening and flowed down the bullet-shaped top, coating it thickly. He knew she was dazedly watching the process as he lubed the 6-inch plastic bottle. She leaned back even more on her elbows, lifted her hips, and he forced the shaft into her anal ring until all of the 3-inch bullet head was inside her. After a moment, he shoved in the remainder of the shaft. She groaned, doubly penetrated. He photographer her with the still camera.

Since both his hands would be busy, Matt put her shoelace tether in his mouth and clamped down on the leather. He alternately pulled and pushed the two dildos all the way in and almost all the way out, stretching his head as far back as possible so the tether clamped in his teeth would strain her nipples, clit and cunt lips to their utmost extremes. After a dozen ins and outs with the black cocks, Janice yelled and could no longer support her torso on her elbows. They slipped out and she fell onto her back, yanking the tether from Matt’s mouth, the debased mother twisting and writhing in another frenzy of cumming.

Matt removed the pussy clamps, yanked out the dildo from between her labia but left the other bottle in her ass, leaned forward, carefully placed his cock between the hugely swollen labia and fucked her hard, soon shooting into her cunt. When he pulled out, he immediately flipped her over, pulled up her hips so she was on hands and knees, removed the anal dildo, noting the clit tether hanging down, and fucked her ass, which took his dick easily.

Once he’d cum for a third time (but his first in her ass), he started to pull out his dick. She was such an anal slut that she tried to prevent him from withdrawing, inching backward so his cock would remain embedded in her chute. But Matt’s cock was sore and he wanted out. He pulled hard on her nipple tethers, in the direction away from his body. She yelled, but due to her stretched aching nipples, couldn’t move backward any more to keep his cock inside her, so Matt was able to get his dick out of her grasping ass.

Janice was so ecstatic that she was almost delirious. Now her son had fucked all of her openings, stopping at nothing to degrade her. In an exhausted stupor, she collapsed face down on the bench, the nipple clamps twisting her sorely abused buds. Matt photographed her, including the cum dribbling from her cunt, ass and slack mouth.

He turned her over and took more shots: her whipped tits bound in the velcro straps; the clamped and tethered nipples; her bound and tethered clit; plus the ripped baby doll drenched with lotion, sweat and cum. Finally, he took off the two nipple clamps and the rubber band and shoelace at her clit. She thrashed about from the pain as the blood returned to her clit and nipples, gritting her teeth and groaning. He left her there in a twisted heap, still collared. The vanity table, bench and floor were littered with the sex toys, her freshly marked tits still jutting upward from the black bands at the base of her tits, capped by the huge, severely bruised nipples.

I guess I’ll just have to buy her another baby doll, Matt thought as he turned off the video camera and left the room, smiling to himself. Then he typed a text message to his best friend: his cousin, Alex, including several of the more amazing photos.

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