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Trevor stood in front of the mirror and closely examined his face… he didn’t shave as per Beth’s request, but he made sure that he was sparkling clean and smelling good, and he tightened the belt that held the terry cloth robe covering him as he walked away.

He stepped from the warm bathroom and paced slowly across the hardwood floor of the hallway to the living room. He stepped onto the carpet and down into the recessed area in front of the fireplace, stretching out leisurely on the camel-colored sectional sofa that wrapped cozily around the room soaking up the fire’s warmth as he waited excitedly for Beth’s arrival. She had promised him something special since it was the start of his vacation.

He heard the bell sound and glanced out the sliding glass doors at the side of the room to see that it was indeed Beth’s car in the drive.

He opened the door slowly and leaned against it in what he thought was a sexy GQ kind of pose, and then gave an embarrassed laugh and straightened up when he realized she wasn’t alone. Beth’s throaty chuckle ran along his nerve endings and the scent of her tickled his nostrils as she brushed past with a friend in tow.

“Trevor, this is Suzy. She came over to help me with your surprise,” her voice tinkled with laughter as she indicated the redhead beside her.

He took a moment to examine the redheaded Suzy and he nodded his approval. She was petite with a tiny waist and small high breasts that pressed out against her tight pink sweater, and softly rounded hips that filled her jeans tightly. She was a small package of dynamite if the long auburn curls and sparkling sherry-colored eyes were anything to go by.

He glanced over at Beth and her dancing blue eyes smiled up into his as she tossed her blonde curls back and pointed at the package she carried in her hand.

He glanced down the length of her full curves to see that she carried what looked like a large tackle box. He glanced up questioningly and she giggled as she leaned up to kiss his lips quickly and fiercely.

“C’mon Big Boy! ” she said as she tugged his robe belt and pulled him back toward the living room.

“Suzy get the stereo on,” Beth pointed toward the wall unit as she turned the lights down.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” She asked as she set the tackle box down and urged him down onto the sectional, straddling his hips with her legs as she slid onto his lap.

“I sure am, Baby,” he said as his hands cupped her ass through her jeans and he leaned close to nibble at her neck where he knew she was particularly sensitive. She gasped and pulled back.

“This is for you… but at my pace,” she said as she slid off of him and stood in front of him so that all he could see was her. He heard cabinet doors in the kitchen and then the sound of running water and glanced questioningly up at Beth.

She just smiled and moved her hands to the bottom of her tight sheer white blouse, her long red nails glinting in the firelight. She pulled it upwards slowly, teasingly and exposed the sheer white lace bra that did little to cover her perky dusky colored nipples. She did a little shimmy as she reached to undo her jeans. And slid her hands inside and down her hips, easing the denim down to her ankles, and then gracefully stepped out of them bending over to pick them up so that her ass faced up toward him, causing him to feel some arousal stirring under the robe on his lap. bahis siteleri

From the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Suzy easing down the stairs into the room with a bowl of water in her hand. She bent to place it on the table near where he sat and as she stood up she winked at him and cupped Beth’s full left tit in her hand squeezing the nipple until it hardened . She chuckled at Beth’s gasp and turned to grin at Trevor.

By now he was almost fully hard and he leaned back appreciatively as Suzy leaned down to untie his robe and peel it back, helping him to slide it from his arms. When it lay beneath him, she winked at him again and leaned down to slide her tongue across his right nipple before straightening and standing beside Beth.

Beth slipped her arm around Suzy’s shoulders and laughed softly as she took in the puzzled, but aroused look in Trevor’s brown eyes.

“You told me your fantasy was to be with two women, and Beth is my neighbor. We talked about it when the topic came up in conversation and she was kind of interested in both of us, so I invited her to help me,” Beth explained as she stroked Suzy’s hair back from her face,” Isn’t she a cutie, Trevor?”

Both women giggled as he groaned and his eyes closed seductively, ” Dammit Beth, you are going to be the death of me!”

Beth reached down and took the hem of Suzy’s sweater in her hands and pulled it up to expose the tiny brown nipples of her tits.

She tossed the sweater to the side, and ran her hands down over the smooth flesh of Suzy’s nipples and squeezed the tiny mounds firmly in her hands as she spoke over her shoulder, ” What do you think Trevor, are they enough for us?” and she bent to run her tongue lightly over each one as Suzy and Trevor groaned in unison.

“What?” Beth chuckled as she turned to Trevor.

Suzy shrugged out of her jeans until she stood wearing only a tiny black thong that clung tightly to her ass as she wet her hands and smoothed them over Trevor’s face. Beth took out a razor from her tackle box and placed it beside the water while she squirted Suzy’s hands full of shaving cream. Suzy gazed deeply into Trevor’s eyes as she caressed the foam into his skin and beard. She moved to one side of him on the sofa and Beth came to the other side with the razor and a towel.. she firmly pressed the razor to his neck and scraped upward, smiling at the satisfying sound of the scrape of the beard giving way to smooth skin.

He closed his eyes at the warmth of the breasts pressing against him on both sides and swallowed before opening his eyes to see Suzy leaning across him to take Beth’s face in her hands and kissing her passionately, her tongue sliding into Beth’s mouth. It turned him on completely and he was instantly hard. Beth pulled back and smiled at him as she licked her lips and washed the last of the foam from his face.

He started to get up , but they both moved to push him back down and Beth grabbed the back of his head to pull his mouth into hers and kiss him deeply, slipping her tongue along his dueling with him as he squeezed her tits rhythmically feeling the scrape of the lace against his palms.

She slid down to her knees and leaned over to kiss Suzy’s closest thigh as she lightly slapped her ass and said, “C’mon down and help me here.”

Beth leaned down and took his cock in her hands licking it all over while she cupped his balls canlı bahis siteleri in her hand and squeezed them gently. Suzy moved to wet him down and Beth shook the can of shaving cream up spraying him with it liberally and massaging it into the hair on his balls and surrounding his cock..

He held his breath as Suzy leaned over to lick his navel and flick her tongue across his cockhead, while Beth shaved the intimate hair from his body until he could feel the air brushing his exposed skin.

They tugged at his legs and hips until they pulled him to the edge and his hips were hanging off the edge allowing access to his entire sensitive are.

He groaned loudly when he felt a tongue slide across his asshole and begin rimming it while Suzy’s mouth slid down his cock, her tiny lips encasing him tightly. She only took him halfway, but her tongue danced around his length as she pumped in and out, on top of the tongue dancing in and out of his asshole, nearly lifted him from the sofa in ecstasy.

He only caught glimpses of Beth’s blonde locks between his thighs, but he also saw her hand slipping back and forth between Suzy’s legs. He was surprised that his conservative Beth would go to such lengths to please him, but he was in such a state of arousal that he didn’t dare wonder at it right then.

Beth moved from beneath him and straddled his chest, pulling the white lace of her thong to the side and pressing her wet slit so that it danced above his mouth and a drop of her juices dropped onto his outstretched tongue.

He reached up and grasped her hips grinding them onto his lips and teeth as he circled her clit and nibbled it firmly as her juices flowed and coated his lips and chin.

He felt her scream rumble through her as she grasped the back of the sofa and pressed her dripping snatch down onto his face. When he felt the orgasm slamming through her, he felt himself nearing his.

Beth climbed off and moved down to lick his balls as Suzy finished him off, he felt his load shoot out and saw it spray onto both of their waiting lips. The sight stimulated him so that he came more than he had thought he could.

Beth sat back and watched as Suzy licked him clean. When he lay back replete and clean, Suzy leaned over and unfastened Beth’s lace bra, letting her large breasts spill onto her chest freely. Suzy looked at Beth questioningly and seeing the answer she sought in her face, she put her mouth to the left nipple sucking fiercely so that it pulled her breast out and it hung suspended between Suzy’s mouth and the chest wall. Beth dug her nails in the auburn curls and arched her neck back groaning her pleasure.

Suzy reached a hand down and slid a finger under the lace along Beth’s wet slit. Beth gasped and moaned, “yes.. oh yes… I want you to taste me” as she pressed Suzy’s head down her body. Suzy obliged and pushed Beth down onto her belly on the sofa. She dragged the sodden panties from Beth and then slid hers down and tossed them aside allowing Trevor to see that while Beth’s pussy lips were bare as always, Suzy had a full red bush that matched her long curls.

Trevor felt his prick stir again at the sight of the two women in such an intimate position. Suzy pressed Beth’s legs farther apart and spread her lips to delve her tongue along the wet exposed clit and then down along the inner lips that were swollen and visibly aroused. He caught güvenilir bahis sight of Beth digging her nails into the cushions as her hips rose and fell rhythmically against Suzy’s talented tongue and the finger that was rimming her little brown hole.

He began to pump his cock lightly as Beth’s face reddened and her scream broke loose as she convulsed with her second orgasm. When her body relaxed again she moved against Suzy’s mouth and in an unspoken agreement, they moved to the carpet near Trevor’s feet and into a 69 position.

He pumped speedily as he saw his Beth’s tongue slide into the red bush covering Suzy’s dripping pussy. The aroma of sex teased his nostrils and he worked his cock as he watched fingers and tongues spreading the slits that were rightly his.

As the groans began to build, he watched closely as the writing bodies convulsed on each other. He moved into more of a sitting position and grinned as he saw them move to embrace.. and kiss their mingled juices on their cheeks and lips. Suzy massaged Beth’s nipples and they hardened again.

Trevor stepped up behind Beth and gently caressed her shoulders, his cock bouncing against her spine. She turned and took him in her mouth her wet cheeks sliding against his thighs as she gazed deeply into his eyes. He buried his hands in her hair and as her talented mouth moved in its familiar rhythm along his cock as he heard Suzy move to rest on the sofa behind him.

He pulled back and helped Beth up then leaned down to kiss her deeply. He squeezed her breasts and began to twist her nipples between his fingers as he tasted the mingled juices of the women on her lips. He slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass lifting her slightly so that his cock rested between her wet bare lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her legs to wrap around his waist.

He turned and placed her on the sofa so he could spread her legs wide at her sides and then placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He looked into her hooded eyes and slid deeply into her wet passage.

He slid slowly back out and then plunged fully into her releasing a groan from both their throats. Suzy moved around and leaned over the back of the sofa so that her mouth was within easy reach of his mouth.

She reached back and pulled her lips apart and he pressed his mouth to her, sucking the sweet nectar from her as he drilled Beth with deep full strokes, feeling her tight cunt pressed tightly around his hard cock with each stroke. He could feel the wetness increasing around his cock and he felt Suzy flood her juice onto his mouth as she screamed his name and nearly fell from the sofa.

He began to rock harder and deeper into Beth and Suzy moved from in front of him as he closed his eyes at the sheer goodness of it all. He jerked slightly when he felt the tongue flick across his cock where it entered Beth and then the finger wrapped around his balls and he saw Beth’s eyes darken as Suzy fingered her clit for her.

A red haze glazed his eyes and he collapsed onto Beth filling her with his hot boy juice so that it overflowed and spilled onto Suzy’s waiting tongue. As the steamy cum shot into her tight hole, Beth let loose with a climax that out did them all as she screamed and dug her nails into his back, leaving small gashes for him to remember her.

He kissed her forehead and fell to the side watching as Suzy licked them both clean. She moved up beside him and he closed his arm around her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Baby, did you like your surprise?” Beth asked as she cuddled into him.

He chuckled softly, and whispered,” oh it was bearable, but next time. I want to do the shaving… for you guys.”

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