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Mommy’s Lover Boy

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I’d like to start off by saying that this is a true story. The events here took place when I was 18 years old. Tell me what you think after you read it.

When I was 18, my mother walked in on me masturbating. I yelled and tried to cover myself, but she had already left the room. She yelled “sorry” through the door, and I could hear her going down stairs. I just lay there for a few minutes, sweat beading on my forehead, and my thick penis wilting in my hand. I couldn’t believe it! My mother had actually seen me jerking off! I had heard stories in school of boys getting caught by their sisters and friends, but never their mother… embarrassing!

Later that day, mom told me she was going out to get some Chinese food for dinner. Dad wouldn’t be home for the next week or so, because he was out of town on business. Whenever he had to leave, mom hated cooking food for just the two of us, so there was a lot of take-out and pizza. I knew she wouldn’t be gone too long, so I had to hurry. Since my first erection, I had thought my mother was the sexiest woman I had seen. She was 5’6″, about 120 pounds, and had red hair. Her tits weren’t very large (about a B-cup), but they were perfect, with large pink nipples that stood out against her pale, freckled skin.

I had seen her naked many times before. We live in a very open-minded household, and comfort is more important than “accepted” behavior. Pretty much every day, I could see her going from the shower to her bedroom, either totally naked, or wearing a flimsy towel. I tried to hide myself when she walked through, just to get a look at her trimmed red bush and tight, hard ass. Her freckles ran down her shoulders, all the way to the top of her ass. I would watch from the closet across the hall, pulling at my growing erections.

Anyway, after she left to get the food, I ran to her room and opened her panty drawer. She loved to wear thong panties, and I pulled out a pair. They were white and satin, and felt so smooth. bonus veren siteler I pulled down my shorts and underwear and began rubbing her panties against my penis. In no time at all, I had an erection. After only a couple of minutes of rubbing, I came on her panties. What the hell was i supposed to do now? I couldn’t just put them back in her drawer. So, without really thinking, I put them in the hamper and left quickly.

About thirty minutes later, mom came home. We sat in the living room, watching TV and eating. I didn’t look at her very much, and I’m pretty sure I was blushing. After we finished eating, she cleaned up and said she was going to take a shower. My breath caught in my chest, and I nervously said I was going to my room to read. She went upstairs, with me right behind her, and went into her bedroom, me into mine.

After I was sure she was out of sight, I crept into the closet across from the bathroom. A minute later she came out of her room, which was only one door down from he bathroom. As I expected, she was totally naked, carrying her clean clothes by her side. She walked past the closet, then stopped. My heart skipped. What if she saw me in here? What would I say? I ducked down behind some boxes and tried to cover my face. She slid the closet door open and reached in for a towel off the top shelf. When she did, a small box fell off the shelf and bounced behind her. She turned around, her ass to me, and bent over to pick up the box. Right there, not one foot from my face, was my mother’s perfect bent-over ass. I could see her pussy lips as she bent down. While it may have only been a second, it felt like an hour. My erection was instant, and for the first time I came in my pants.

Obviously not suspecting anything, she stood, turned around, put the box back on the shelf and closed the door. I sat perfectly still, listening. When I heard the bathroom door close, I slid the closet door open just a inch or so. This gave bahis me a perfect view of the bathroom door. Gaining more confidence, I slid the closet door completely open and crept up to the bathroom door. Out house is pretty old, so we had large keyholes in all the doors. I peeked through the keyhole and saw my mother looking at herself in the mirror. She put her hands on her hips and turned from side to side, obviously admiring what she saw. Again, I had an erection. As I watched, she got into the shower. I started jerking off slowly, wanting it to last longer this time. After a few minutes, I heard her turn off the water and slide the shower door open. As I watched through the keyhole, she toweled off. Her glistening wet body looked so perfect to me, and I came again.

Quickly, I ran into my room and shut the door. After a minute or so, I heard a knock on my door. “Sweety, can I come in?”, my mother called through the door. “Sure”, I said, not looking up from my comic book. The door opened, and there stood my mother, wearing only a thin bath robe. She was smiling as she walked towards me, and let the bath robe fall open. She was wearing only a pair of white satin panties. Oh, shit, I thought! Those were the panties I put in the hamper! She saw the surprise on my face and smiled wider. “I know what you’ve been doing with my panties, young man,” she said sitting down on the end of my bed, her breasts exposed, her nipples hard. I couldn’t speak. All I could manage was a small croaking sound. “It’s okay, hon…I don’t mind. I think it’s very complimentary that a young man finds me attractive.”

She stood up and let the robe drop to the floor. Her breasts were so perfect and perky. “I found these panties in the hamper, and saw the stain on them.” She ran her hand over them provocatively. “Mom,” I stuttered, “I’m sorry…I didn’t think you would find them….””I told you, sweety, I don’t mind. I think it’s sexy that you came on my panties.” Her smile was huge, deneme bonusu her eyes hypnotizing. She bent towards me, and pushed me on my back on the bed. I was paralyzed with wonder. She hooked her thumbs in the panties and slid them down her legs, letting them drop to the floor. Her fiery red pubes were only inches from me, and I noticed a glistening around her inner thighs.

She didn’t say a word as she grabbed my shorts and pulled them off along with my underwear. She stood still for a moment, looking at my limp cock. Then she reached down and slid her fingers around its base. As she slowy began jerking me, she lay down beside me and kissed me. Not a normal motherly kiss, but a deep lover’s kiss, her tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. She took my hands and put them on her breasts. I could feel her nipples harden even more as I massaged them. At this point I had another erection. She stopped jerking me off, and slid down my chest, kissing me lightly. She stopped just above my engorged member, then licked the head. I shuttered, loving this. Then she engulfed my cock with her mouth, sliding up and down with gentle speed. In only a few seconds I came again. She swallowed every drop, sucking madly at my cock, trying to milk every little bit of come out that she could.

She smiled as she sat up, wiping the corners of her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she hummed, “tasty”. Then she got up, pulled her robe on and left. I was speechless. Did that just happen? I slowly pulled my clothes back on and went down stairs. Mom was sitting on the couch watching TV. I sat down beside her. “Sweety,” she said,” you can never tell your father about what happened. I loved it, and I think you did, too, and if you say anything it won’t ever happen again.” I nodded an answer, and just sat there.

The following weeks, every night dad was away on business, we had sex. Each time got more involved than the last, until we were spending the entire night fucking. This went on until I went away to college. Still now, though, on occasion, I’ll visit and she’ll find a reason for dad to leave for a while, and we’ll have sex. I found out at an early age that love has no boundaries. Not even family members are exempt from love. This has guided me every day of my life.

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