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Easter Vacation

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It’s Easter weekend, and I’ve decided to visit my friends and family in Georgia. I think to myself that it might be a great idea to bring my girlfriend, Raina, with me. Let me describe her to you. She’s about 5’4″ tall and weighs about 120 lbs, with black hair that’s average length for a girl. She has the perfect set of breasts that I’ve ever seen. They’re full and perky. Not too big, not too small. Perfect. She also has an amazing ass that is the perfect shape and size. She has the body of a goddess with the face of an angel. Anyway, back to the story. She agreed to come with me.

We leave the Thursday before Easter at about noon, arriving in my little hometown in Georgia at about 3 PM. The first thing we do is go to my house to surprise my family. I text my friend Christie to tell her to meet us at Wal-Mart, which is the hang-out spot in our small town. We meet Christie at about 5 PM. I’ve told Raina and Christie all about each other. Both being bi, they couldn’t wait to meet. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen when they met. Christie is about two inches taller than Raina, but with the same perfect body and “come fuck me” face.

The first time they saw each other, I saw the lust flash in their eyes. They would’ve started fucking right there in the parking lot had I not come between them. I suggested we take this to a more private setting. They agree, so we go to Christie’s place. Once safely inside the privacy of Christie’s apartment, their hands are all over each other. I don’t stop them this time, cause I’d been wanting to see this for months.

Clothes are flying everywhere. Moans are heard in between kisses. This is getting me horny, so I remove my clothes and take a seat to enjoy the show. Christie, being the taller one, has a slight advantage of force over Raina. So Christie throws Raina to the couch and pounces between her legs. Christie kisses Raina forcefully. I can see their tongues dancing in the other’s mouth. Christie starts biting Raina’s neck, which makes Raina moan loudly.

Christie kisses her way down Raina’s body, stopping at each breast for a quick lick and nibble before making her way to Raina’s very tight, wet little pussy. As Christie gets closer and closer to Raina’s pussy, Raina’s breaths quicken. When Christie’s tongue finally touches Raina’s super sensitive clit, Raina catches her breath, then lets it out as a loud moan. I can’t see exactly what Christie is doing, but judging by Raina’s reactions, she’s licking Raina’s pussy with reckless abandon.

I Beylikdüzü Anal Escort get up to get a closer look. I walk to right beside Raina. She sees me. Then she sees my cock standing at attention right in front of her. She can’t resist. She grabs it and pulls it into her mouth. I moan at the sudden pleasure. I reach down and twist and pinch her nipples. Which makes her moan around my cock. Feeling those vibrations makes the blowjob that much more intense and pleasurable. I reach over with my right hand and smack Christie’s ass hard. She stops what she’s doing, looks at me and says, “Don’t just stand there. Get behind me and fuck me while I eat your girlfriend’s pussy!” She didn’t have to tell me twice.

I remove my cock from Raina’s mouth, and walk over behind Christie. I grab my cock in my hand and aim it at Christie’s pussy. It slides in easily because of how wet she’s become. Her pussy feels so fucking good around my cock. I relish the feeling before I start pulling out and pushing in. I start slow, just to tease her. Then after she bucks her hips back at me, I grab her hips and start pounding her pussy with all of my force. I keep a steady rythym, but ram hard and deep. She’s now moaning into Raina’s pussy, causing Raina to moan louder. Raina screams that she’s cumming. Then I feel Christie’s pussy clamp around my cock as she cums at the same time. It’s too soon for me, so I just keep pounding.

After both of them come down from their climax, I pull out of Christie. I tell them both to move, then I sit on the couch. I grab Raina and pull her onto my lap. She guides my cock into her hot velvet smooth box. She begins to rock back and forth, but I stop her for the moment. I tell Christie to stand on the couch, with her legs spread on either side of me, and her pussy in my face. She complies. I see fresh juices running down her leg. I lick them up quickly. Then I grab her ass, and pull her pussy to my face. My mouth clamping over her pussy, with my lips wrapping around her swollen clit. Raina takes this as the sign to ride me. She begins to rock back and forth, fucking herself with my dick. I grab one of Raina’s hands and guide it to Christie’s pussy. Raina understands what I’m trying to do, and continues from there. She slides one finger into Christie’s now dripping pussy. With me sucking and nibbling her slit, and Raina finger fucking her pussy, it’s no time at all before Christie is overcome with another powerful orgasm. This one shakes Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort her body and weakens her legs, almost buckling her knees.

I let Christie down onto the couch, then push Raina off of me. I tell her to go to her bag and get her lube, and the dildo she brought. While she’s gone, Christie cleans Raina’s juices off my cock. I then pull her to me to taste. Damn it tastes good. Raina returns with the lube and hands it to me. I hand it to Christie and tell her to rub a small amount all over my dick. She does so, covering it thoroughly. I tell Raina to turn around and slide my lubed up cock into her asshole. I tell Christie to help guide, as both Raina and I are at a bad angle to see it. Christie guides my cock to Raina’s asshole, and when Raina feels the head of my dick at the entrance to her asshole, she slowly lowers herself down. I let Raina slide all the way down onto my cock. Then we stop for a moment or so. As soon as Raina feels comfortable, she slowly pulls up, then slowly sits back down. She does this for a minute or so, allowing her asshole to accustom itself to my dick. I grab her hips and pull her up faster, and pull her down harder. I slowly increase my speed and force. I start to thrust my hips up everytime I pull her down, to increase the force and pleasure.

I tell Christie to take the dildo and slide it into Raina’s pussy. I stop my thrusting for a moment to allow her to do this. With my cock in her ass, and the dildo in her pussy, Raina’s holes are definitely being stretched. I instruct Christie to push the dildo into Raina’s pussy everytime I pull my cock out of her asshole. This way, Raina always has something inside her. Christie and I continue our ravaging of Raina’s body for several minutes before Raina exclaims that she’s cumming. She cums harder than ever before. This time squirting all over Christie’s face and body. Seeing Christie covered in Raina’s juices like that is too much for me. With no time to pull out, I shoot my cum into Raina’s asshole.

After about thirty seconds of rest I tell Raina to clean my cock off for Christie. She nods her head, climbs off my dick, lies down beside me and takes my cock into her mouth. Her tongue feels so good. I look over and see my cum leaking out of her ass. I tell Christie she might wanna clean that up before it stains. She agrees, then walks over and licks it up. After licking all the cum off the couch, she turns her attention to Raina’s asshole. She licks and sucks Beylikdüzü Elit Escort the cum out of her asshole. My cock quickly jumps back to full hardness after seeing that.

I stand up, grab each of their hands, and lead them into Christie’s bathroom. I let go of their hands, and start the water. After getting it to a nice hot temperature, I plug the drain and let the tub fill up. I turn around, and see the two kissing and fondling each other. I walk to them, grab each of their asses and pull their bodies to mine. I feel the warmth and wetness of their pussies against my legs, and my cock is erect between them. They look at it, look at each other, then smile deviously. They both fall to their knees at the same time. Christie takes the head of my cock into her mouth, while Raina runs her tongue along the shaft. Then they switch. I pull Christie up, and into a kiss while Raina takes my whole cock into her mouth. I reach down and tease Christie’s slit, then slowly slide one finger inside. Which makes her moan into my mouth.

I turn my head and notice that the tub is almost full, so I turn the water off and step into the tub. After submersing myself momentarily to wet my whole body, I tell the girls to join me. They do as they’re told, being the obedient slaves they are. I grab Christie first and pull her onto my cock. The hot water only intensifying the heat and wetness of her pussy. I then to sit on my face, facing Christie. She slowly steps into the tub. And after she gets her footing, lowers her pussy to my face. The smell reaching my nose long before her pussy reaches my mouth. Christie starts riding my dick. Quickly going up and down on it. She then leans back, bracing herself with her hands on the bottom of the tub, and thrusts her hips up and down. Fucking my cock with her pussy. It feels so damn good. I reach out and rub her clit with my thumb. I reach up and pinch and twist Raina’s nipples and I suck her clit and tongue fuck her pussy. Both girls are moaning loudly at this point. Raina screams that she’s about to cum. I start nibbling her clit and pinching her nipple harder. She screams as her orgasm crashes over her body. Her body trembles from head to foot as it rolls through her body.

I then tell her to lean down and lick Christie’s pussy as I continue to lick hers. With my dick in her pussy, and Raina licking her clit, Christie’s orgasm soon crashes through her body. Making her scream the same way Raina did. Their screams, along with Christie’s pussy tightening around my cock, becomes too much for me and I unload into Christie’s pussy. She’s not too happy about that, until Raina starts sucking and licking the cum out. After Raina finishes cleaning out Christie’s pussy, she turns her attention to my dick. Cleaning it of Christie’s juices. It’s not long before my cock is at attention once again…

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