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Daughters of Darwin Ch. 03

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Clothed Female

The weekend went by really, really fast.

Mark didn’t get to do the long walks he had had in mind when he had left his apartment early Saturday, but he got plenty of exercise anyway. Tanya and Stephanie both made sure of that. In their presence, Mark somehow felt extra motivated. He hadn’t fucked that much since that one last weekend of summer vacation back in high school, and he seemed to be less drained now than he had been back then. If he could remember correctly.

Stephanie shared Tanya’s voracious appetite, not just sexually but also regarding food. When they weren’t sleeping (be it with or without him), they were constantly eating, in Stephanie’s case, or gulping down protein shakes, in Tanya’s case. It had been a mild turnoff to him at first until Tanya had covered herself in various kind of food and invited him to “dig in”. After that, he could no longer deny the sexiness inherent in the consumption of food.

Tanya had denied him a taste of her swelling tits, though, explaining that “these belong to our daughter”, and Mark had accepted that, reluctantly. At least Stephanie didn’t mind him sucking her nipples. She was very responsive to having her boobs caressed and seemed to be able to get close to a climax just from that, and she lost a bit of her dominant attitude when Mark focused his attention on them, so he did that often during the weekend.

Eventually, though, Sunday evening came, and if Mark didn’t want to miss work the next day, he had to leave.

“So, can I meet you again next weekend?” he asked Stephanie who had accompanied him to the door.

“Sure you can,” Stephanie said, “though Tanya won’t be here. I will, though, and also someone else from our family. So if you don’t mind making a few new acquaintances…?”

Mark grinned. “More people like you two? Hell, yeah! I…” He stopped as he realized something. “Tanya — she’s going to…”

Stephanie nodded. “She’ll have her daughter somewhere around next weekend.”

“Oh,” Mark said, looking at his shoes. “I thought maybe I could be there too.”

“Did Tanya invite you?”


“Then you know the answer.”

Mark looked up. “I didn’t ask her, though,” he said. “Maybe I’ll just go back in and…”

He turned back to the mansion, but Stephanie barred his way with her arm and shook her head. “That’s not how we do it,” she said. “Rule four.”

“Your daughters are yours,” Mark nodded, “I know, but…”

“It’ll be easier for you if you’re not there when she’s born.” Stephanie was back to her calm, no-nonsense personality. “You’re going to have less personal attachment. Trust me. That helps a lot later on.”

Mark raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean,” he asked, “later on?”

“When she’s older,” Stephanie explained. “The less you think of her as ‘my little girl’ and the more you think of her as ‘Tanya’s daughter’, the easier it will be to accept what will happen.”

“Well, what WILL happen?” Mark wanted to know.

Stephanie’s face was expressionless. “She’ll grow up”, she said. “She’ll be a young woman, like her mother. And she’s going to fuck men and have children of her own. And she can’t have a daddy standing around somewhere, worrying that what she does may not be the best for her.”

Mark sighed. “Sheesh, you’re really into long-term planning,” he said. “She isn’t even born and you’re already thinking of the day when she’ll be all grown up.”

“That’s the way it is,” Stephanie replied with a cryptic look in her eyes. “Children grow up. Girls become women. And there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Over the course of the next few days, Mark started to do a bit of research. The rules Stephanie had given him maybe forbade him to ask questions, but there had been nothing in there telling him he couldn’t try to get a few answers by himself. He had pretty much nothing on her or Tanya, not even a last name, but at least he had the mansion where they lived — Stephanie had called it the “safe house” — and he was pretty certain there were a few clues attached to that place. He only had to find them.

His job in marketing left him plenty of time to do things at his own pace, so he found out the mansion’s address to send a request for information to the local registry of deeds and find out the owner. To his surprise, even getting the correct address was more difficult than he had thought — all online maps he checked had only large blank spots where the forest surrounding the mansion had been, and the road leading through it didn’t even have a name. Only through the GPS coordinates had he been able to eventually determine where exactly he had spent his last weekend.

When the owner information arrived on Wednesday, Mark was quite disappointed. The “safe house” belonged to a Patricia Harland, which didn’t ring a bell, and there was no contact address given other than an attorney’s office in Boston, MA. The mansion had looked like a few million bucks, so that wasn’t much of a surprise, but Mark had thought that the name behind it would be a little more prestigious than Escort bayan that. Unless…

Another few hours of online search eventually gave him half a lead. Apparently, there was one Patricia Harland who had been married to some Kuwaiti billionaire named Hassim Al-Foraih. Al-Foraih had died about ten years ago, childless, and there was no mention of what had become of his wife after that, but if she had inherited at least a small fraction of his fortune, that could have been an explanation for her owning a place like the mansion. If she now lived by her maiden name again, that would have explained the entry in the registry of deeds.

Still, Mark didn’t see how knowing this would take him any closer to understanding what these women were. He had a name now, maybe even the right name, and a bit of a history behind it, but where would he go from here? Try to contact this Patricia Harland? And tell her what? That he wanted to find out more about the women who now lived in a mansion she owned, and why they were able to do things normal women weren’t?

Mark decided to contact a few friends of his over the next few days, friends in the news business who had better access to information than he did. Maybe they would be able to dig up a little more than he had been able to. Maybe he’d meet them on Friday evening, after work, sitting down for a beer or two and then asking them for help on his research — without explaining too much, of course. Tanya and Stephanie trusted him, and he wasn’t intending to break that trust. He was just… curious. Yes, curious was the right word, and no one could blame him for that.

It was Thursday when he had come to that decision, and when he returned home from work that evening, he immediately sat down at his computer to dig out his friends’ contact information. He hadn’t talked to them in years and their numbers weren’t even in his current phone, but he was certain they wouldn’t mind meeting him.

Just as he was about to write down the first phone number, his doorbell rang.

Mark looked up in surprise. He wasn’t expecting anyone, or anything, for that matter. No packages, and he didn’t have much contact with his neighbors on the same floor, so there was little reason why they would come over. Strange. Had he forgotten something?

He stood up, walked over to the door and pressed the button on the intercom. “Yes?”

“Can I please come in?” a voice on the other side of the door said.

Now that was strange. Mark lived on the eighth floor. Apparently, someone had let themselves into the house, without ringing his bell from the outside. Not that it was impossible, but it maybe did say something about the intentions of that person. Just to be on the safe side, Mark decided to peek through the peephole in his door.

A cop stood on the other side of the door. A female cop.

“What the…” Mark couldn’t have a police officer standing in front of his apartment — if his neighbors found out about this, they would gossip about that for weeks! He quickly opened the door a few inches. “What is it, officer?”

The cop nodded to him. “My name’s Holly,” she said. “Can I please come in?”

“What is this about, officer?” Mark kept the door as it was, setting a foot behind it to make sure it couldn’t be opened any further than that. “Is there a problem?”

“There is a problem,” the cop agreed, “but none that we can discuss out here.”

“And I can’t let you in,” Mark insisted, “unless you show me proper identification and give me a reason. I know my rights. What’s your name, officer?”

To his surprise, the cop smiled. “My name’s Holly,” she said again, “and I’m not here as an officer right now.”


“I’m here as one of Tanya’s family.”

“You…” Mark’s eyes widened in surprise, and he studied the woman’s face more closely. Her skin was pale and freckled and a strand of copper-red hair peeked out under her police hat with the badge on it. “But you’re a cop.”

“I work as a cop,” Holly said, “but right now, I’m not doing cop business. I’m doing family business. So, please — the door?”

Mark still wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but he nodded and allowed Holly into his apartment. As she walked in, she took off her hat and put it on a hook. Mark could see her hair was an almost metallic shade of copper-red in which the reflections of the lights in the room shone. She wore it in a short ponytail, though this seemed to have been done out of practicality and not for fashion reasons. Compared to Stephanie and Tanya, she looked a few years older, maybe about Mark’s age — late twenties.

“So,” Mark said, closing the door behind her, “what is this about?”

“Family business,” Holly repeated, looking around the room. “Your place is beautiful. Marketing pays well, doesn’t it?”

Mark didn’t answer, he was still wondering what Holly was doing there, though he was starting to get an idea. “You’re invoking rule five, right?”

“Rule what?” Holly turned around with a confused look on her face.

“Rule five,” Mark repeated. Bayan escort “Stephanie said that if any of you asks me to, I have to…”

“Oh, THAT!” Holly laughed. “No, Mark, no, I definitely didn’t think of that. The rules — of course. Please forgive me for making that impression. I’m still quite new to the rules thing.”

Mark raised an eyebrow. “You are? I thought you all are a part of one big whole, and that the rules are a part of it.”

“They are a part of it now,” Holly nodded, “but that’s only since Stephanie invented them last weekend.”


“Before, there was no reason to have those rules,” Holly grinned. “Before you came, there was no man who knew of us.”

Mark’s eyes widened. “So you’re saying, Stephanie…”

“Made the rules up on the spot. And later told us about them. And about you.” The amused expression on her face remained unchanged. “And you thought these were some ancient, traditional rules we lived by, didn’t you?”

“Pretty much, yes.” Mark managed to pull off a wry smile. “Alright, so it’s not the rules. What is it, then?”

The amusement on Holly’s face faded. “It’s something Stephanie didn’t mention so far,” she said. “You may want to be careful about snooping around in Patricia’s private life.”



“You mean…” Mark suddenly realized what she was getting at. “Patricia Harland?”

Holly nodded.

“Whoa,” Mark said and took a step backwards. “You… I was only… How did you find out?”

“We have our ways,” Holly said. Her tone was neutral, but Mark couldn’t help noticing that the words themselves could have easily been meant as a threat. What was she up to?

Mark had to find out. “So, what do you want from me now?”

“Nothing,” Holly replied, her tone as calm and neutral as before. “I want you to know that we know what you have been doing so far. That is all.”

“And you want me to stop doing it,” Mark said.

Holly shook her head. “That’s not what I said, and that’s not what I meant. What you do is entirely up to you, as long as you’re not breaking the rules Stephanie set up for you.”

“And Patricia…”

“Patricia’s not a part of the rules,” Holly said. “But if you keep on doing what you’ve been doing — well, you may just break one of those rules. Inadvertently, but still breaking them.”

Mark squinted his eyes. “Which one?”

“The most important one. The one about not telling anybody about us.”

“Rule one?”

Holly nodded. “Yeah, I think it was rule one.”

Mark thought about that for a moment. “So I am on the right track,” he said. “Patricia Harland is a part of your secrets.”

“She is,” Holly confirmed to him. “She’s even more than that. Patricia is the first of us.”

“The woman who…” Mark was stunned. “And you’re — you’re just telling me this?”

Again, Holly nodded. “I am.”


“So that you stop investigating.” Holly walked closer towards him. “So that you stop bringing any further attention to her.”

Mark blinked, unsure what she meant. “Attention?”

“In order to help us,” Holly said, “Patricia needs her privacy more than anything. She needs to be able to conduct her business undisturbed. She’s handling delicate matters. And someone asking too many questions about her might give other people the idea to ask their own questions — and that could put everything at risk.”

“Hm.” Mark thought about that for a moment. “So, what is Patricia’s business?”

“I can’t tell you.” Holly took another step towards him and was now standing right before him. “It’s to the benefit of all of us, though, and also to your benefit.”

“Says you.” Mark turned away from her. “You’re basically telling me to trust you, and Patricia, but like Tanya and Stephanie, you’re giving me little reason to. They forbid me to ask you any questions, but when I try to find a few answers of my own, you show up and tell me that I should stop doing that too.”

Behind him, he could hear Holly take a deep breath. “So what is it you’re hoping to find out?” she asked.

“What the deal is with you,” Mark answered. “You’re… different from normal women, and Tanya says that’s just evolution at work, but you’re doing what you can to keep it secret, and to be honest, I see no reason why you would. Yeah, it’s amazing that you can give birth to children nine times faster than any other woman, but — that can’t be all there is to it, or you wouldn’t be that careful about it. Am I right?”

Holly didn’t answer. Instead, she put a hand on his right arm. “We’re the good guys,” she said. “All we’re doing serves only to protect ourselves.”

Mark turned towards her. “Funny words coming from a cop,” he said. “Isn’t your motto ‘To serve and to protect’? Since when did it become ‘To serve and to protect ourselves’?”

Holly wrinkled her nose. “Would you have preferred me to show up here as a cop, flashing my badge, kicking down your door and telling you to keep your nose out of Patricia’s business while I tase you?”

“Um…” Escort Mark suddenly wasn’t feeling so confident any more. “You couldn’t have just done that, could you?”

“Mark,” Holly said, looking at him intensely, “I consider you one of us. Stephanie made the rules so that you could be one of us. When I say we’re protecting ourselves that means we’re also protecting you. And I know you have no reason to believe me when I say that, but your best protection at the moment is not knowing any more about us than you need to.”

Mark looked into her dark-green eyes and he didn’t see anything in there but clarity and sincerity. “You mean it,” he said. “You honestly believe what you’re saying.”

“I do.”

“Still…” Mark shook his head. “To just trust you like this — you’re asking for a lot, you know that?”

Holly slowly nodded and took his hand. “I can’t tell you any more than you already know,” she said, “but if there is anything else I can do for you — or we can do for you — to show you that we consider you dear to us, please, tell me.”

“Like what?”

“If you need money, for example, that can be easily arranged. Or…” Holly put Mark’s hand on her belly, smiling at him. “If you’d like me to give you a child too, I wouldn’t mind that either.”

“Um…” Mark felt a little uncomfortable. “Isn’t that… problematic? With your job, I mean.”

“I’d have to take a bit of a vacation,” Holly smiled, “but that wouldn’t be much of a problem. I’d only be gone for a few weeks — my overtime alone could cover that.” She moved his hand over her belly a little. “You seem to be into baby-making, if I understood Tanya right.”

Damn that Tanya — why would she tell the others about that? Not that she was wrong — Mark could feel his cock harden at this very minute just from talking about the subject — but it just didn’t feel right that she would reveal his intimate secrets when he wasn’t supposed to reveal hers. Still, the idea itself…

“You could just demand I give you a baby,” Mark said. “Why ask me whether I want to?”

“You said you didn’t know whether you could trust us,” Holly replied, still smiling at him. “Let’s consider this the first step of establishing trust. I’m amending the rules.”

Mark raised an eyebrow in mild disbelief. “Amending the rules?”

“Yeah. Rule five.” She moved closer, huddling against him. “So far, it only applies to you. From now on, it also applies to us.”


“When you want to impregnate one of us, we can’t refuse either.”

Mark’s expression of disbelief didn’t change. “And you can just decide that, for all of you?”

“I just did,” Holly smiled. “So what do you say — do you want to make a baby with me?”

Instead of answering, Mark pulled her close, looked at her and returned her smile. Holly put her arms around his neck and ran her hands over his shoulders.

“Where’s your bedroom?” she asked.


It was much less complicated to undress someone in a police uniform than Mark had thought it would be.

The belt had been the only difficult part. Once that had been taken care of, it was simply undoing a tie, unbuttoning a shirt and opening the button and zipper of her pants, and the woman underneath the police officer would become visible.

In Holly’s case, that woman was surprisingly small and slender — Mark thought she had looked somewhat bigger in her uniform, but that was probably what police uniforms were supposed to do. Holly was about Tanya’s height, though not of her build. Where Tanya had feminine curves, she had muscles, starting with the six-pack underneath her sports bra and ending with the well-defined calves of someone who regularly worked out her legs.

“Like what you’re seeing?” Holly smiled as she stepped out of her pants.

“You look badass,” Mark said. “Like someone who’s at the gym regularly. Hard to believe you’re pregnant several times a year.”

Holly laughed. “Oh, you’ve got that wrong. I’m not pregnant that often. In fact, it’s been a few years since I’ve had my last daughter.”

“Oh? But I thought you…”

“Not all of us are the same,” Holly explained as she turned around and bowed, giving Mark a good look of her small, firm butt. “Some of us devote our lives to having as many daughters as we can. Tanya certainly does, for example. But most of us lead perfectly normal, inconspicuous lives.” She slowly circled her hips before Mark. “And that has its perks as well.”

Mark grinned. “Yeah, I can see that,” he said, moved forward and put his hands on Holly’s butt. It felt every bit as firm as it looked. As he ran his fingers up her back, he could feel the play of her muscles underneath her skin. Slowly, he stepped behind her and pressed his crotch against her. She rubbed her butt against his hardening cock, coaxing it into rising even faster.

Eventually Holly rose, allowing Mark to take her into his arms. As he ran his hands over her breasts, she turned her head and allowed him to kiss her, then she reached back and undid her bra. Mark slid it off her shoulders then took her breasts into his hands and gently squeezed them. They definitely felt like A-cups and were as firm as Tanya’s. Her nipples felt even harder between his fingers. He could feel them press against his palms.

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